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Bridget Liszewski, Kat Jetson, and Valerie Anne take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

Episode 12: A Pound of Cheese and Dixie Chicks Transcript

Apr 16, 2019

Join the Feminist Thrilljoys as we talk about an 80s romp, a Canadian classic, and a spooky new show.

These transcripts would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of our amazing listeners. Huge thanks once again to Liz for helping us out on this episode! Find her on twitter at @Earpnado.

Feminist Thrilljoys – Episode 12 – A Pound of Cheese and Dixie Chicks


BL = Bridget Liszewski

KJ = Kat Jetson

VA = Valerie Anne

/ indicates that two or more people are talking at the same time

VA: Welcome to Feminist Thrilljoys, a podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about the feminist-y things they love.  I’m one of your hosts, Valerie Anne.

BL: I’m Bridget Liszewski.

KJ: And I’m Kat Jetson.

BL: Yay! [laughter]

KJ: Hello.

VA: We’re finally together again.

KJ: I didn’t have my notes open for this recording, and I was freaking out.  I was like do I go second or third when we say names? [laughter]  I didn’t want to be wrong.

BL: I almost checked before we did the intro, like everyone knows when they’re doing names right?  And I was like oh no, Kat has…we’ve done this already, we know this. [laughter]

KJ: Nope.  Nope, nope, nope.

VA: I kind of wish you had messed it up.  It’s been awhile since we fumbled the opening. 

KJ: Do you want to clap for old times sake?

BL: One, two, three [two clapping noises] [laughter]

KJ: I don’t know if anyone did that on time.

BL: We definitely did not. [laughter] It’s been a long time since we recorded, it feels like at least.  It’s almost like two months.

KJ: We’ve only done one since Wynonna Earp.  You know Wynonna Earp just ended.  Not the entirety, just the season.  Yeah, so we only did My Favorite Murder last time when we all were in agreeance.

BL: I didn’t have to do homework, so that was nice. 

KJ: Thanks for the ticket.  Did I say this already, last episode when we were recording?  Thanks for your ticket, Valerie, to go see them live.

VA: No problem.

BL: You hadn’t went, so how was it?

KJ: Oh, it was great.  It was so great.  It’s crazy, clearly nothing is scripted.  They just get out there and wing it.  They did two very old timey ones that, I don’t know…we had such a great time.  It was hard to get into the city.  It’s always an ordeal to get into the city, but it was worth it.

BL: Yay!

VA: This past weekend I was talking to someone, and they were like you keep getting me hooked on new podcasts.  First Buffering and now My Favorite Murder, and I was like it’s just to distract you from the fact that we only record like once every other month.  Filling you up with other podcasts so you’ll be patient for our next one.

BL: We should be a little better now that Wynonna is done.  I feel like I was the one most resistant to record during Wynonna.  I just felt very overwhelmed this season trying to keep up with everything, so.

VA: There was a lot going on this summer.  It was hard.

BL: So I blame myself, mostly. [laughter] But it’s done now.  I am sad that it’s over.  I miss looking forward to it every week.  But I’m also enjoying the break of not full time Earping for a little bit. 

KJ: It’s funny because the time when you’re at your most busy writing about it, all the writers and actors are like [sigh] this is our time to just relax.  And when you’re done they’re like oh, we start again.  So, yeah. 

BL: But we did get to Earp last weekend.  Valerie Anne and I did.  We went to Earpapalooza.  That was in Minneapolis.  We got to see Krystal there, so Kat wasn’t there but Krystal was there and she had a vender table.

KJ: So it’s basically like I’m there.  But it’s like a tall, kinder version.  Also a more artistic version.  She’s an extension.

BL: I barely got to see her because I was just busy with other stuff.  I just felt like I kept running past her booth and yelling Krystal!  [laughter]  We got to talk for like five minutes I feel like, and we spent the whole time talking about our dogs.  [laughter]  During the con, Valerie and I worked as handlers.  I was Emily Andras’ handler.  Every time someone, I think I told you this Kat, they would bring up Krystal’s…Krystal did a really awesome print of Emily Andras, and people kept bringing it up to get it signed.  And every time they would I would be like “oh my God, Krystal!” and I would yell in their face.  They would be like, woah. [laughter]

VA: I did the same thing.  I was Kat Barrell’s handler and every time I’d be like Krystal!  To the point where at one point Kat was like “is it Scary Krystal?” and I was like “yeah!”.  And then when Krystal came through our line to get something signed, I was like “This is Scary Krystal!” [laughter]

KJ: She got that signed for me, which was so sweet.  I don’t ever…I got one photo op from the cons I’ve been to.  The only person that I get something signed…and I don’t mean to, but that artist Ratscape, his name is Arne.  He keeps doing these, every season these pictures of her as hot sauce.  He did one for every season.  So I have them all signed by her, which is so great.  So she was getting that signed for me, which was really sweet.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.  I have one framed and it looks really awesome, but I don’t think that I can have three photos…three very large posters of Kat Barrell as Officer Haught in our house.  We don’t really have room for that.  It’s just being supportive of the artist and the actor.

BL: Ratscape did all of the art for Earpapalooza.  He did a bunch of the…I think he did drawings of each of the people.  Yeah his stuff is awesome.

VA: That Earpapalooza poster came through our line a lot.  It was very cool looking.

KJ: He’s such a cool guy too, so.

BL: He did a really cool Doc Holliday one too.  I know Docstache, she’s one of the big fans of Wynonna Earp, she loves Tim Rozon, she put it on a jean jacket and it looks really cool. 

KJ: She had one of his other ones too, the how do you like my moustache now?  It’s the guitar one right?  That’s really cool.

BL: She also had a sweatshirt with Krystal’s Doc sketch that had Bulshar in his hat.  She put that on a hooded sweatshirt, so it was really cool too.  She was wearing that at Earpapalooza too.

KJ: That’s amazing, I wish I saw that.  That was really cool.

BL: I think she tweeted some photos of it.  If you look on her feed.

KJ: I will.  I will, I will.

BL: We had a really great time at Earpapalooza.  I think the organizers did an amazing job.  I think it was a lot of Wynonna Earp fans first con.  We had a lot of people come through the line who said they had never been to a con before.  I think it was a great one for people that had never been, which was really cool.  I got to meet a lot of new Earpers through this con, which I really liked.

VA: I loved handling and I loved seeing things from the other side of the con, but I also loved that I was just kind of like when I was doing the autograph line I was sitting in one place meeting Earper after Earper.  I was like this is great, I love meeting Earpers.  Also then just watching them walk away from the table after talking to Kat, just so happy, was very joyful for me.

KJ: That is great, isn’t it?  Everyone is just so thrilled by this moment. 

VA: So happy.  It was very cool to watch.

BL: We do have to say we missed Deb, our editor.  She was supposed to go but she wasn’t able to go at the last minute.  We were really looking forward to finally getting to meet our little Thrilljoy angel that does all of our editing, in person.  So we missed you, Deb.

VA: We did.

KJ: I missed you Deb, and I wasn’t even there.  Maybe we could’ve had a con, just her and I.  Just sitting around.  We should’ve just Skyped.

BL: But I don’t think the Earp cons are going anywhere, so hopefully Deb can get to another one next year.

KJ: What do they have planned?  They have Earp Expo right?

BL: That’s in New Orleans in June.  I don’t think they’ve announced officially, but I think everyone is hoping EHCon and Earpapalooza happen again, which would be in August and October.  But I don’t think either of them have officially announced.  I think there’s the UK one that’s happening again in September. 

KJ: OK.  I hope that they really do get the Dollywood one. [laughter] I would be so down for that.

BL: Someone said…now, I’m not putting…don’t anyone believe me on this. 

KJ: OK, just say stuff.

BL: No one hold me to this if it doesn’t happen.  I thought I heard someone say that Earpapalooza wants to be like Lollapalooza and have it in different cities every year, maybe.  So it might not be in Minneapolis next year if they have it, it might be somewhere else.  So that could be the Dollywood one. [laughter]

VA: That’d be cool.  I think the reason it was a lot of people’s first con was because they’re from the Midwest so it was easier for them to get to.  Instead of having to go to one of the coasts, it was just a little bit easier for some people to get to than the bigger New York or San Diego…so that would be cool if it just kind of moved around so more and more people could have access to it.

BL: Again, I have no idea where heard that.  No one hold me to it.

KJ: Bridget’s like I have a great idea, I’m just going to throw it out there. [laughter]  Hoping that it catches with the Earpapalooza people.

BL: So yeah, Valerie and I had a different perspective at this con since we were handlers.  It was really awesome.  It was so cool too because I love Emily Andras, and I said this to you guys off air, but it was just so great to see Earpers really appreciate Emily.  I think they get how amazing she is.  And partially just coming from a place where I’m friends with her.  It’s so great when your friend gets the accolades and love they deserve.  A lot of times I was like aww, thank you Earpers for getting how great she is.  That was really fun to watch, being at her table.

VA: I also have a new found respect for them doing these cons because the schedule is grueling.  Often Kat and Dom had the longest autograph lines and they would sometimes work through breaks to make sure they got to the end of it, and stuff like that.  They must’ve been exhausted.  I was exhausted by the end and I wasn’t doing nearly as much as they were.  They seemed so genuinely happy to do it.  I just have a new…I had so much respect for all of them, everyone involved in the show already, but I just have even more now.  It was very impressive. 

KJ: You’re putting yourself out there.  For eight hours, nine hours.  I don’t know how many hours they’re doing that, do you know?  It’s hard to keep conversation going and make people feel…it’s not hard, I’m not trying to say that like that.

BL: I think it is hard.

VA: It is, it’s very draining.  They have to give so much of their energy away.  And I do think they get some back.  They do enjoy it.  It’s just a lot.  And it’s so long, and it’s three days in a row.  It’s a lot.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: I’m sorry, I interrupted you.  You were going to say something else about Emily, I think.

KJ: Yeah.  There was a panel, and I don’t remember which panel this was on, but I caught a two minute snippet of it.  It didn’t have anything to do really with Wynonna Earp.  It was just Emily.  She just beared her heart, and was just talking about how important it was to just be here and that we need you.  I started crying at my desk at work.  I didn’t expect it.  I only had two minutes, a little break.  I was like I’ll watch this video because I want to take in something of the con.  That’s while people are so in love with Emily.  She’s just a person who genuinely cares.  It felt really good, also weird to cry.

BL: No, you segued right into a note that I wanted to talk about.  I did want to talk about that panel.  It was the Ladies of Purgatory panel.  It was with Emily, Dom, Kat, and Megan Follows.  Valerie, you watched it live.  I had left.  I was like I’m going to call my kids.  It was one of the only times I had a break. I left, I knew they were recording all the panels.  I was like I’ll watch it later.  Then everybody was like this is the best panel ever.  Then I was like stupid kids, I had to call and I missed it. [laughter]  But, yeah.

VA: I was backstage watching it and getting all emotional. You came back and were like “hey!”, and I was like “No!” [laughter].  “I’m having feelings, get away from me”.

BL: I actually wrote down the quote she had said.  She just said “I don’t know any woman who thinks that they’re enough, but we are all enough.  Everybody is struggling, everybody has guilty, Mommy guilt, everybody doesn’t think that they’re doing enough.  And I don’t know, but the fact that you’re here and you stay means the world to me”.  That was the clip that I think was going around the internet too.  She just went on to say it’s a really tough time with whatever your politics may be, you have every right to be here and fight and that we’re all kind of in this together.  We’re going to be enough and we shouldn’t give up.  I was getting chills and tears as well watching it.  The part about you never think you’re enough, I think I feel that way a lot.  I definitely have Mommy guilt.  Why am I at a con at Minneapolis for this show when I’ve been to like four this year, instead of doing some trip with my kids?  I think Kat, we talked about this a lot during the Wynonna Earp season, you were always like Bridget you’re writing so much.  And I was always like yeah, but I think I could be doing more.  There’s these people who I haven’t talked to or I haven’t talked to this director.  I felt guilty constantly about it.  That’s on a much smaller scale, but I feel that way a lot.  Instead of focusing on everything that we have accomplished and all the good stuff we do do, I constantly think about what I haven’t done yet or still could be doing.

VA: For sure. 

KJ: I thought I was going to watch a little funny two minute clip from Emily, honestly.  I was like she’s always really funny, I can’t wait to see this.  Then I was like uhhh.

BL: I think in true Emily fashion then she was like “quick, somebody make a joke about boobs!” [laughter]  So she tried.

KJ: Do you want to just talk very quickly…well maybe not quickly…the Wynonna Earp Spirit Day campaign?

BL: Oh yeah.  I want to say too, one more thing on Earpapalooza.  I did meet Mo Ryan at the first ClexaCon, but it was very quickly at a bar that was super crowded.  At Earpapalooza I finally got to say hi to Mo Ryan and talk to her.  It was just super amazing.  It was even more amazing because she’s this journalist that’s at the forefront of taking down Me Too in Hollywood right now.  Then she was at this Wynonna Earp con and fangirling over Randy Nedley and getting photo ops with Randy Nedley. It was just the coolest thing.  I’ve struggled with how professional should I be, how into the fandom should I get?  It was really awesome to see Mo Ryan fangirling out and everything at Earpapalooza.  Thank you Mo, it was super awesome to finally get to meet in person and talk to you.

VA: Yeah, she was very cool.  I enjoyed talking to her as well.  Very rad.

BL: And her husband is super nice.  Got to meet him.  And I got to give her some prosecco for after her panel, so I felt like I had accomplished…we said as Earpers, Mo Ryan should always drink free and get all the free tacos.  So I felt like I had accomplished my Earper duty.

KJ: For all the money I don’t make writing, if someone just fed me in tacos I would be OK.  I wouldn’t complain about anything. [laughter] Seriously, if I submit something and they’re just like well we have no money, but we’ve got tacos.  I’d be like that’s fine. [laughter] Also not getting paid is something I’m accustomed to as well, so that’s fine too.  But really, if you care, send tacos.

BL: At least I think Mo Ryan, she better be getting paid a lot for all the awesome stuff that she’s doing.

KJ: Yeah. And if not, let’s revolt.

BL: Seriously.  But yes, so the Spirit Day campaign.  Sorry, I had to fangirl over Mo Ryan a little bit.  The Spirit Day campaign.  So far, as we’re recording, Wynonna Earp fans have raised over $22,500 for GLAAD’s Spirit Day.

VA: So wild.

BL: Which is all about standing up for LGBTQ youth and taking a stand against bullying.  I think we’ve had 700 donors too.  So it’s just unreal. [laughter]

KJ: I was talking to Krystal about this and I was saying this time last year when Spirit Day campaign, I was kind of new to this fandom and online and whatnot, I remember it was that day when the tally kept going up and up.  You saw the support.  I really felt like I was part of something so special just by watching other people do such amazing things.  Charging for…I can’t think of what I’m trying to say.  Go Earpers!

BL: It was so many people being like yeah, here. 

KJ: It was beautiful.  It was really beautiful.  A dollar donation.  People were like I just want to have my name part of this.  I just want to know I gave a little something.  It’s amazing.  Wynonna Earp fandom is responsible for half of all of donations or something.  For ALL Spirit Day donations.

BL: Yeah, it’s unreal.  Last year I think we set it up super late.  We were like maybe we’ll make like $3,000.  We set our goal at $1,500.  The writers ended up getting involved and we earned like $12,000.  So this year I was like we’re going to do it again.  Kevin and Bonnie and I…I remember I was like let’s set the goal for $5,000.  Kevin was like oh, I don’t know.  Bonnie and I were like let’s go big, come on.  We really didn’t think we were going to get anywhere close to $12,000 again just because we had done a campaign around the season three premiere for some women’s rights causes, and there’s been other campaigns throughout the fandom throughout the year.  I was like I just don’t think we’re gonna get everybody to do a ton.  If we can do $5,000 or whatever that would be awesome.  We had some cool prizes.  I was like we’ll probably get over $5,000 but I didn’t think we’d get to $12,000.  And then we got to $15,000 in less than 24 hours.  It was insane.

KJ: I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I could not stop thinking about it.

BL: Everybody was like this is the total, we’re at this…I didn’t even have to check the page because everybody on Twitter was watching it together, it was like we were doing this thing together.  It was so cool.

VA: To Kat’s point earlier, I just looked it up.  Wynonna Earp has $22,000 so far, and the whole campaign overall has $39,000 right now.  Earpers are really carrying the Spirit Day campaign.  It’s so amazing.

BL: As soon as the campaign started…Seven24, the people that make Wynonna Earp, gave us some amazing prizes to give away.  Really cool posters from set and little Nicole Haught sheriff buttons.  All these really cool things.  As soon as the campaign started, Kat you were one of the first people, and then other people jumped on board…reaching out.  Some of the cons, like Earpapalooza donated this huge banner that Dominique signed.  Earp Expo was like we’ll give away a pass to the con.  People kept reaching out to add in more and more donations.  Prize giveaways as well, which was really awesome.  We kind of got to the point where we were telling people, we were getting some really cool items at the end, and were kind of telling people to save them almost because we’ve gotten so many cool ones and we just know this fandom’s gonna not stop doing good.  We’re like save this for something else, we think it’ll be really cool.  We even had a writer who is not associated with Wynonna Earp, Rachel Langer, she writes for several Canadian TV dramas.  She reached out and was like I know I’m not part of Wynonna Earp but I really want to be involved and you guys are really touching me, she offered to give notes on scripts and stuff.  It was just crazy. 

KJ: I have chills right now.  It’s such a good feeling.  I guess I brought it up because it is still going.  Spirit Day was a couple of days ago but the campaign’s going for another ten days or something.  Maybe if this is out by then, you’ll certainly see the tagging on Twitter and stuff.  If it is, take a look.  Maybe give a dollar.

BL: It blew our minds.  I was having to write updates. I was like I don’t even know what to say, this is amazing.  It was so nuts.  Thank you, Earpers.

KJ: Seriously.  Thank you for just making…it was just a day in my life and it felt so amazing. I remember it so specifically the year before.  I don’t know.  Totally sappy, but I felt incredible that day, only because everybody was coming together.  It just meant something to me.  Just touched me.  Obviously it means something to GLAAD as well. [laughter]

BL: They’ve been in touch and they’re blown away.

KJ: Yay!  Was this our newsy notesy bit, by the way.

VA: Yeah, we’re not even done yet. [laughter]

KJ: The last 40 minutes was newsy notesy.

VA: We had a lot to catch up on.

BL: We still have like three more bullet points for newsy notesy. [laughter]

VA: My next one is very short.  I just wanted to mention, so elections are coming up.  I listen to a podcast called Hysteria and they introduced me to this website.  It’s from, I’m pretty sure it’s by the people who do Pod Save America, it’s called Vote Save America.  It’s a website that gives you a sample ballot for your local elections.  It gives you information about where each person stands on the issues and stuff like that.  It’s just a very clean, easy way to be an informed voter.  I found it very helpful.

KJ: That’s amazing.  I love that.  I used to have a friend in LA who put together an Excel spreadsheet.  No opinions, just this is where this person stands on bulleted topics.  So, that’ll be really helpful to me.

VA: It’s all just kind of like direct quotes from the person on the issues.  It’s not biased in any way, it’s just-

KJ: Information.

VA: Yeah.  It’s just all the information.  I don’t think they finished…New York’s didn’t have the questions on it, so I had to look those up separately.  They’ve been starting to add for certain states the questions on the ballots too.  It just was a very helpful way to be an informed voter.  Everyone should vote.  Vote, vote vote.

KJ: It’s so important, think about how much time it takes you to do some research, considering the ramifications, or just the length of time that anyone is in office.

BL: Right.  That’s what I think…I naively was like you elect this person as president and yeah we have all these other people, but what do they really…I naively never paid attention, but now with the recent everything with all the votes with the Supreme Court and everything.  You see how important it is to make sure.

KJ: It trickles down.

VA: We’ve got to fix it from the roots up.

KJ: And also please do check if you’re registered to vote.  I mentioned this on Twitter, but when I moved here to Connecticut, I registered when I went and got my new license.  I had a receipt, like you’re registered to vote.  Then on the day, it was just a local election here, I went to go and they’re like you’re not registered.  I had like 25 minutes, I had to go all the way across town.  I had my receipt that said I was.  I got re-registered and I ran back and I got to vote like two minutes before the polls closed.  But I was insistent.  I was determined.  I had my receipt and I was not in there.  I don’t mean to be conspiracy theorist or whatever.  It was creepy, especially considering what’s going on right now.  Please just check.  It takes a second to check. That’s it.

VA: I put the next one on selfishly because I was excited.  Buffy Earpers is starting back up soon.  And I only know this because I was the guest on the first set of episodes.

KJ: Yay!  It was so fun to have you there, Valerie.

VA: It was fun to be there.  I feel like we overwhelmed Kevin a little bit [laughter] but he’s a good sport about it.

KJ: He was as quiet as he had ever been.  [laughter]

BL: I will say I think you guys recorded that the night that was Spirit Day, and Kevin got off the recording…I had left him a bunch of DM’s about Spirit Day, and he was like I’m really exhausted I think I’m going to have to look at this in the morning. [laughter]  I was like OK.

VA: We wore him out.

BL: Yeah, I think so.

VA: I just shouted about Faith for two hours in his ear, and he was like I need to go someplace quiet. [laughter] He was a good sport.  He kept being like no, I’m just going to sit back and listen to you shout about Faith.  I was like OK, here we go.

KJ: He did let you have it.  I mean, that’s what you were there for.  I knew that you were going to be on our podcast like episode three of us recording.  I was like I can’t wait for twelve more episodes until Valerie’s here.

VA: Yeah, Kevin DM’d me.  I don’t even know if an episode had been released yet when he first DM’d me and was like do you have any seasons or episodes anything that you’d be interested in guesting on?  I was like FAITH! [laughter]  So it was very fun.  I had a lot of fun doing it, so hopefully people enjoy hearing me shout about Faith. 

KJ: They will.  I did.

BL: If nothing else, Kat did. [laughter]  Kevin’s on the fence.  [laughter]  Just kidding.  We love you Kevin.

KJ: I’m gonna have to get to this tomorrow.  That’s incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that.  He’ll just power through everything.  He’ll just respond, links and history of things.  Just, tomorrow.

BL: I mean it was a lot.  It was about a lot of stuff.

VA: Then the last thing on our list.  Breaking news, as we were recording.  Iddstar.  Is that how you say that?  Iddstar?

KJ: Yeah, that’s just her little secret handle.

VA: Does the Earper doodles, has been doing Inktober, has a new Earper doodle every day.  Today’s was Kat and Krystal and Joey.

BL: Yay!

KJ: I actually just took a minute to look at it.  I love that…I hope that Joey is the main takeaway from this. 

BL: It was for me.

VA: You guys are even doing your signature pose.

BL: I love you guys, but I went right to Joey. [laughter]

KJ: As you should.  Maybe I could bring Joey to a con.  That’s such a great idea.  I love that everyone’s little Twitter icon now, if you got doodle’d by Iddstar Vic, I hope that everyone’s little icon is just her doodles.  She didn’t plan for everyone to do that, but everyone that’s been doodled, now it’s their new little thing.  It’s so cute.

BL: I told her, I was like I think it’s so cool because…I don’t know, it’s just such a way to give back to the fandom too.  I’m seeing people I’ve never met or even interacted with and I’m following along to see and learn about who they are and stuff.  I think it’s just really cool.  It has to be taking up a lot of her time to do one every day.  So thanks Vic, I think it’s really cool and an awesome addition to the fandom.

KJ: She’s very sweet because she will ask beforehand. She won’t just do it, she’s like can I have your permission?  Like you said it is a great way, it just shows you how interested we are in these people that are now our friends.  Or maybe they’re not our friends yet.  They feel like friends.  I think it was the same with Monica’s EarperView.  When you get to know all the Earpers.  So cool.

BL: That’s what’s cool about the Earper cons too.  It’s like we all go because we love the cast and the show, but most of the fun is getting to see each other and meet other Earpers.

KJ: That is 100% true.

BL: I mean it’s a nice bonus to look over and see Tim Rozon standing there.  I won’t lie. [laughter]

VA: I mean, I didn’t hate having to spend the whole weekend with Kat and Dom. [laughter]

KJ: But lookit, is that Callie? [laughter]

VA: Yeah, exactly.

BL: Is that the Dani Fucking Cutout? [laughter]

VA: The Nics and everyone brought Dani Fucking Cutout through Kat’s line with someone…I don’t even remember who it was that was actually getting the autograph.  Her little speech bubble said I’m here for Valerie.  I was like don’t let Kat see this, go away. [laughter]  But it was very sweet, it was very cute.

KJ: Did any of the cast get a picture with the cutout outside of the group shot?

VA: I don’t know.

KJ: I didn’t know if anyone commented on the fact that literally she was there as a cutout.

BL: My friend Cat Zimm kept getting mad that I was more excited to see the Dani Kind cutout than to see her.  But I was like I stand by it! Sorry, Cat.  I love you too.

KJ: Only for two days.  Otherwise you’re excited to see her.

BL: Anyways, so we’re finally done with newsy notesy.  Half hour later.

KJ: One more thing.

BL: Oh no.

KJ: This is so quick.  Just because one of the topics I covered was Garbage and Shirley Manson.  And last night I got to see them again, I’ve seen them a bunch.  It was actually being filmed for future use for something.  I guess just gonna be released somehow.  Every time I see Garbage, Shirley Manson just reiterates how important she is in my life.

BL: I saw that on Instagram this morning that you went.  I was like aww.  I felt extra happy since we had talked about how much it meant to you.  I was extra happy that you got to go.

KJ: It was so good.  Yeah. She’s a voice.  She’s got a voice and a voice.  I love that she doesn’t always know what to say.  She just kind of rambles up there, she’s very self aware.  I don’t know.  Exactly what I’m doing right now, is kind of what she does live.

BL: Because it’s genuine and it’s not some rehearsed speech that she’s giving.  She’s trying to speak from her heart.

KJ: This was a brief tour they were doing where they were celebrating the release of Version 2.0, which is their second album.  They did this maybe five or six years ago for their first album, it was called 20 Years Queer.  This one was twenty years since release.  It was cool because they were playing songs that they had possibly never done live.  They were even playing b sides that were related or came out during the album’s release, so you got to hear some pretty rare songs live.  And they did the James Bond theme song which…so good.  Live!  They did it live!

BL: I actually know that one. [laughter]

KJ: I didn’t realize…I thought they wrote it but it was written for them.  But, anyhow.  It was great.  Garbage.  Shirley Manson.  We can go now. [laughter]

BL: I was listening, I was excited for you.  Dixie Chicks are recording a new album too, just FYI everyone.  I’m excitedly following along their really cryptic Instagram posts.

VA: Get ready to go to your local grocery stores and get those tickets. [laughter]

KJ: Pound of cheese and Dixie Chicks.

BL: I’m ready.  Sounds like a dream day. [laughter]  That’s going to be the episode title, even though it has nothing to do…I’m writing it down.  [laughter] 

KJ: Do not even ask us what the episode title is going to be.  I know you send us a little message like what do you think the title should be?  That’s it.

BL: No, it’s this.  I know already.  Alright.  So you’re first Kat.

KJ: Oh God, now I feel like I’m not ready.  But I am ready.  I feel like I either cover music that’s pretty current or some random thirty years ago obscure movie, because I don’t watch television apparently.

BL: That’s OK.

KJ: OK, so what I’m covering or talking about is Just One of the Guys.  It’s a movie from 1985.  I guess if you were one of those people that had HBO, one of the first HBO people…HBO did this thing where, I don’t know how they got it, but they got the rights to like five or six movies a month and they would just play them on repeat endlessly.  That’s how HBO started.  It was kind of like a joke everyone knows.  There’s this movie our friend Kevin loves and he talks about, its called Night of the Comet.  That was one of those movies.  Those totally weird little obscure movies that no one saw in the theater but everyone saw on HBO.  Just One of the Guys was one of those movies that not many people saw I think in the theater.  It’s kind of your typical teenage high school.  There’s nerds, there’s bullies, there’s whatever…but this one, you know, obviously spoke to me and had a twist.  I kind of wanted to do this thing where I…I watch the trailer, and I was like trailers from the early 80’s are so preposterous [laughter] they’re almost better than the movies.  I literally just transcribed the trailer, and I’m going to read it to you now.  I’m going to do all of the parts.  I’m going to do the actor parts, and I’m going to do the voiceover parts.

VA: I’m SO excited right now.

BL: I was going to say what is this movie about?  But now we’ll know.

VA: We’re going to find out.  It’s going to be amazing.  I’m going to settle in, buckle up.  I’m ready.

KJ: You’ll know when it changes voices, I think. [laughter]  [Voiceover:] Terry’s a girl who wanted to be taken seriously.  [Terry:] I am going to be a reporter.  [Voiceover:] But her body kept getting in the way.  [Presumably some creepy older dude:] You’re a pretty girl, you could be a model.  [Terry:] Sometimes I just wish I were a guy.  [Presumably some teenage boy:] No you don’t, the male body needs sex at all times.  It’s a living hell.  [laughter]

BL: I’m trying not to laugh.

VA: OK.  OK, OK.

KJ: [Voiceover:] So to prove to the men in her life that she has a mind, Terry decided to try life as a guy.  [Terry:] How do I look? [Some dude:] Dashing.  [Terry:] My zipper’s open. [Dude:] That was the dashing part. [Random girl] What a fox. Dresses like Elvis Costello, looks like the Karate Kid.  I’m gonna get him. [Teenage boy:] Today’s woman has the freedom to be just as sick and perverted as us guys.  [Voiceover:] She learned their secrets and dated their women.  [Terry, pretending to be a guy:] I got this one rule, I never go out with girls who say bitchin. [Voiceover:] Now the question is, can a girl tell the boy she loves he’s not the man he thinks she is? [laughter]

VA: What?  The copy writing at the end there needed some work.  That sounds bonkers.

BL: So she dresses up as a guy.

VA: It’s She’s the Man.

KJ: Yes, that’s exactly it.  It was redone as She’s the Man.  Strangely enough it was also based on, loosely based on a Shakespeare play.  Twelfth Night.

VA: Oh, so one of the guys is also…it’s literally the Twelfth Night/She’s the Man format?

KJ: Yes.

VA: Oh.  Great.

KJ: This came out like I said in ’85.  Actually one of my favorite comments from that video, it was on YouTube, the trailer – and by favorite I mean ridiculous – “She looks like a really hot guy.  I would date her, I’m not lesbo.”  So that tells you everything.

BL: Oh my God.

VA: Yikes.

KJ: So basically it’s high school, this girl’s name is Terry, played by Joyce Hyser…I don’t think she was in too much more.  She was in some videos in the 80’s.  She was in a Dan Hartman video.  For some reason I think she dated Bruce Springsteen for awhile, but anyhow, that’s not important.  She’s beautiful and she’s popular, total 80’s teen movie girl.  But she wanted to be a writer.  Her school had this…it was like a contest.  The best two articles written from her school and another school in the same town would both go to The Sun Tribune.  You’d get an internship or whatever.  Hers wasn’t chosen.  Basically the teacher said something like the other guys were better.  She was like “I am going to be a reporter”.  She goes home all depressed or whatever and decides to submit it as a guy and go to another school.  She’s like I’m gonna do this.  So it’s actually quite comedic and also she is really hot as a guy. [laughter] I mean like, super hot.  As a girl I’m like [groan] you know, it’s 80’s hairspray.  But so hot.  I swear me seeing this movie at 14 or whatever, it was…I was like oh God.  It was very confusing for me.  It’s great because her character as a guy…she was so cool and wanted and popular as a girl in her other school.  In this one she’s like new girl, but she’s kind of…what’s the word I’m looking for…anyhow, whatever.  I’ll get to more of it.  Her teacher did say you could be a model or something.  That was just like ugh, what a jerk.  Don’t say that teacher, right? 

BL: I’m like where do you even watch this now. [laughter]  Is it on Netflix or anything?

KJ: It’s not on Netflix.  I wanted to rewatch it and now I just own it.  It was like rent it for $5 or own it for $12.  So I decided to own it.  So she goes to school, she’s only there for a brief time.  She kind of starts calling for this guy.  She also does have a boyfriend who’s like the college guy dating the high school girl.  It’s this comedy of she can’t see him and she’s trying to be secretive.  She keeps being dressed as the guy for school and then she has a date with her boyfriend, coming home and putting all together as a girl.  I don’t know, it’s pretty great.  It’s funny.  So she starts falling for this guy at her new school.

BL: Where she’s the guy.

KJ: Where she’s the guy.  She tries to make him cooler because he’s kind of nerdy or whatever, so he could get a girlfriend to take to the prom.  It’s shenanigans, you know what I’m saying.

VA: Chaos ensues.

KJ: This other girl at the new school is like, he’s totally hot, dresses like Elvis Costello and looks like Karate Kid. That’s Sherilyn Fenn, by the way.  You know, from Twin Peaks.  It’s 19 year old Sherilyn Fenn, it’s pretty amazing.

BL: I’m looking and the guy from The Karate Kid is in it.  Not Ralph Macchio, not Ralp Macchio.

KJ: Yeah.  Zabka.

VA: They make a Karate Kid reference and there’s a kid from The Karate Kid in it?

KJ: They specifically did that.  I guess Terry, boy Terry, was fashioned after the Karate Kid.  So in the middle of all this, there’s lots of turmoil.  She’s confused, she’s falling for this guy in the school.  She’s got this boyfriend that’s a total douche.  The guy that she likes ends up dating the popular girl in school and going to the prom.  She’s kind of heart broken.  So whatever, she gets to the point where she can’t do it anymore.  Then she’s at the prom and she’s wearing a tux and amazing. [laughter]  I know this sounds crazy.  Then she flashes the guy that she likes.  She’s like I’m a girl.  He’s like woah, are those what I think they are?

VA: Oh God.

KJ: So all of this turmoil, basically she ends up writing this article and submitting it. She gets chosen and she gets her internship at The Sun Tribune.  Sometimes I don’t know, I talk about stuff and I’m like it’s in my head and I know it and I’m so excited about it.  And then I give someone who has no idea what this movie is about information or why it’s like, you know feminist or whatever…[laughter] For me there was a lot of things wrong with it.  It’s an 80’s movie, there’s a joke about a transvestite.  I’m like OK, you don’t want it to be there but that’s kind of what you expect from an 80’s movie when you rewatch something from that time.  You’re like [groan] and you cringe.  It just kind of called out those gender roles and your expectations for women and men are so different.  They just assumed she wants to be a model, but she really wants to be an actual reporter.  It was an interesting way of getting her story.  I guess it was just proving a point that guys kind of usually are chosen just because-

BL: They’re guys.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: It’s OK.  If it gives you joy, I like hearing about it.  I saw that it has a woman director, which is exciting.

KJ: Lisa Gottlieb, yeah.  She didn’t do much.

BL: You’re like, that was it.

KJ: I think she did The Blues Brothers too.  There was a 30 year reunion thing that they did in LA, obviously three years ago.

BL: For this movie?

KJ: Mhmm.  It was great to hear them all talk.  I didn’t get to watch all of it, but it was fun.  I just loved the movie.  I liked it because she didn’t want to just be the girlfriend or something else.  She wanted to be something more.  As someone who does write and someone that does think that girls that look like boys are really hot, it really spoke to me.  [laughter] 

VA: That took a turn that I wasn’t expecting, but I liked it. [laughter]

BL: Why was that turn not expected?  We should know by now. [laughter]

VA: No, you’re right.  That was on me. [laughter] I thought it was going to be who writes in a male dominated profess – nope, nope.  [laughter]  Got it.

KJ: That’s my topic.  I’ve actually wanted, which is weird, because I don’t know that I’m a very good writer when it comes to expressing my feelings in a way that is sort of meaningful.  I just have it all in my head and it feels all big and I get so excited…the only thing I’ve ever wanted to write about in my life as offering it up, will someone please let me write about something, is this movie.  For some reason.  I threw out a random email to Autostraddle and I’m like can I just write about this for Autostraddle.  It was radio silence, which is fine.

VA: They probably thought it was a joke.  You’re like this 1985 movie. [laughter] They were probably like this is spam, right?  I don’t know.

KJ: It’s fine.  I got to do it on Feminist Thrilljoys, sloppily.  It’s always meant something to me.  I can’t believe it was made, honestly.  I can’t believe it was made.  It was actually done well, I thought.  Joyce Hyser, the woman who played the lead, she was on the line very well.  She went back and forth really well.  It was cute and fun.

VA: Based on the pictures I just looked up it looks like she looked better, more believable, as a guy than Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man[laughter]  Who just looked like a girl in a weird wig.

KJ: It looked like Hannah Montana or something in a weird way.  And oh, I wanted to comment.  Also what is kind of my dream is that they remake this movie.  They remake it legit.  And don’t fuck it up with a transvestite dig, is to have Kristen Stewart as the lead and the headline to be the pen is mightier.  The penis mightier.  [laughter] It was a thing from SNL.  Do you remember, the Jeapordy?

VA: Yes, no, I remember. [laughter]

KJ: [imitating Sean Connery, like sort of] The penis mightier.  It was Sean Connery.  And he [Alex Trebek] is like “that’s the pen is mightier”. 

BL: Kat has this whole thing worked out in her head of these articles. She’s writing about this movie and remake.

VA: I feel like she’s writing the remake.  I don’t know, that’s what it feels like.

KJ: Thanks for letting me do this. [laughter]

BL: Crowdfunding. She’s going to crowdfund and make the remake.

KJ: If you’ve seen the picture now you know that Kristen Stewart would totally pull that off.

BL: Guys, everbody start tweeting at Kristen Stewart for Kat.  [laughter]

KJ: The remake of Just One of the Guys.  And Sherilyn Fenn could still be in it if she wants.  Sherilyn Fenn can do anything.  OK well cool, thanks.  That’s it. [laughter]

BL: Awww, I love it.  You’re allowed to love it.

KJ: Thanks.  I do. [laughter]  I can take that off the scroll.  My list…I was going to do something else.  I’m going to do it next time, but it required so much information and research.  And I didn’t feel like it. [laughter]  So Just One of the Guys.

BL: So instead you guys are getting Just One of the Guys.

KJ: So many other things-

BL: You always keep us on our toes Kat.

KJ: There’s so many other things that are so much more on paper feministy, and really strongly feministy.  And I went with the, you know, sort of weaker one.  But not for me.  For me it means something.  I’ll get to Sigourney Weaver in Aliens later.

BL: [gasp] I have her on my dead sea scroll too and I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it justice.  I know.  I have her and Linda Hamilton are on mine.

KJ: Yes.  OK, let’s do that one together.

BL: OK yeah.  One day.

KJ: I’m all done. [laughter]

VA: Is it my turn?

KJ: Who decided who is next?

VA: I think that I did.


VA: Mine is a little darker and I thought that Bridget should be last.

KJ: OK.  You’re following my total slapstick junk 80’s movie.

BL: My mom’s gonna be like Bridget, what was Kat talking about?

KJ: Oh God.  I’m sorry.

BL: I love it.  If you felt empowered and whatever out of it, then who cares.

KJ: I did.  I literally did.

BL: You’re allowed to feel like that.

VA: This is about the feministy things WE love.  Not about on paper feministy things.

KJ: [excited whispering] You’re right.  I feel so much better.

BL: Yeah, we’re not judging you,


VA: OK, my topic is the new Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House.  Which I started on Monday night and I finished by like Thursday because I was obsessed and I couldn’t watch anything else.  I watched it every night until it was over.  It was one of the best series I’ve ever seen start to finish.

KJ: Woah.  Woah.

VA: It felt like, for me honestly, it felt like a really long movie.  It almost doesn’t qualify as a TV show.  It’s such a different format.  It was like just a really long story.  I thought it was just really well done.  I love horror movies.  I’ve been watching them for so long that I feel like I’m half desensitized to them.  Nothing is scary to me anymore.  They always end up being funny to me.  I’m like this is ridiculous, I don’t know.  I realized part of the problem is when you have an hour and a half to explain the whole lore of the ghost or the demon or whatever, you don’t have a lot of room left to make people care about your characters, so they’re just kind of puppets to get ghost murdered.  But with the show they had more time, so you found yourself really caring about all of the characters.  It’s about this family.  It’s five kids and two parents, a mom and a dad.  It’s about their lives and how they were affected growing up in a haunted house.  It was partially sitting there stressed out that something was going to jump out at you but it was partially crying because the siblings were fighting.  I thought it was so well done on the story and character development front that I almost wouldn’t have cared if the ghosts were ridiculous, even though they weren’t.  Some of them were very creepy.  And also the ghosts themselves had stories.  I don’t know, I thought it was really well done.  I wanted to highlight the women in the show because they’re awesome and I think very well developed.  I think a lot of times in horror the women are someone who’s running upstairs and screaming-

KJ: Yes.

VA: Making poor choices or being victimized because they’re alone.  All they are is the main character’s girlfriend or the sexy co-ed.

KJ: It’s like the dog.  They end up dying.  The dog always ends up dying, the girl always ends up dying.

VA: And even the final girl, it’s like she just happened to escape by surviving.  She didn’t do anything, she just got lucky.  Over and over we see the same empty characters that either immediately are murdered because they did something dumb or happened to survive because they did one less dumb thing than everyone else. [laughter]

KJ: Can I ask you a question?

VA: Sure.

KJ: Is this based…is this current or is this some older timey thing?  I have no idea, I just know everyone’s talking about it.

VA: The show just was released last week.

BL: It takes place in the present.

VA: It takes place in the present day.  It’s based on a book that I’m going to talk about that was written in 1959.  But I’ll talk about that in a minute.

BL: It’s on her outline.  Haha.

VA: It’s on my outline, yes.

KJ: I didn’t look at her outline.

VA: Of the siblings, there’s five siblings – two boys and three girls.  You see them as kids and as adults.  As adults they’re more than just, like I said those shells…they had these really in depth lives.  Shirley is played by Elizabeth Reaser, who is on Grey’s Anatomy among other things.  She runs a funeral home, and she’s a mother, and she is a husband, and she-

BL: No.

VA: What?

BL: She has a husband.

VA: Did I not say that?

KJ and BL: You said she is a husband.

KJ: She’s both a husband and a mother.  Be whatever you want girl.  [laughter]

VA: She has a husband.  She’s not just like I’m a housewife, whatever.  She helps run the funeral home.  She has this relationship with her siblings.  She feels like she has to be the oldest because the oldest is the boy Steven and he’s kind of useless.  She is kind of no nonsense.  Her siblings always talked about this haunted house and she kind of wouldn’t hear it. And then there’s Theo, who is the middle child.  She is played by Kate Siegel who I really love.  She’s great.  She also happens to play a lesbian in this, but it’s not why I love her. [laughter]  That’s not the only thing she is, which is also rare, especially in a horror movie.  She has a lot of middle child feelings.  She’s a child psychologist who is afraid of her own feelings which is ironic and complicated.  Then there’s the youngest, Nell, who’s played by Victoria Pedretti, who I looked up and aside from one short film doesn’t really have any other credits besides this.  Which I find astounding because she was so good.  Every time her lip quivered I was sobbing.  She was very emotionally powerful.  She’s the one that kind of always was haunted and no one would ever listen to her when she was trying to explain things but she kept saying it anyways.  She was kind of the heart of the family.  She wanted everyone to be together all of the time and hated when everyone fought and wanted everyone to listen to each other.  She was very cool.  The mother was played by Carla Gugino.  G-u-g-i-n-o.  I don’t know how you say that.  She also wasn’t even just a mother.  She was an architect or building designer.  I don’t know, I don’t know what those jobs mean. [laughter]  She was drawing blueprints for her husband.  I don’t know what the names of those careers are.  Building drawer! [laughter] 

KJ: Architect.

BL: Architect, yeah.  She was designing the plans of the house.

VA: Yeah.  So her and her husband, they were a duo.  They would flip houses and stuff.

BL: They were before Chip and Joanna.  Flipping houses.

VA: But yeah, so that was always really interesting.  Annabeth Gish was in it.

KJ: [clearly excited by this] AWW!

BL: I was waiting for Kat.  I was waiting for Kat to discover that. [laughter]  She’s in. She’s sold.

KJ: I love Annabeth Gish.

VA: She’s great in it.  She plays one of the groundskeepers.  She’s very good.  The acting is all so good.  There’s a lot of like, monologues.  Sometimes when someone would start a monologue I’m like I don’t know if we have time for this guys, there’s stuff going on.  The acting was so powerful.  Also the fourth – nope – the sixth episode is done/

BL: /I haven’t got there yet.

VA: I’m not going to spoil any of the content/

BL: /OK good.

VA: But the directing of it.  There are four long takes.  The last ten minutes is the normal amount of takes.  The rest of the episode is done in four long takes, which they had to rehearse for like six weeks.  It’s like little plays.  They had to do little plays because it’s like watching a choreographed dance.

KJ: I love a long take.

BL: I liked that True Detective one.  Oh.

VA: Yeah.  Visually just so stunning.  It was really awesome.  The show…it’s not about the horror necessarily.  It’s about this family and their connection to each other.  It’s also metaphors about mental health and also literally about mental health.  I thought it was just really well done.  The creator of it, he also did the movie Hush, which is where I first learned about Kate Siegel.  That also is a horror movie, but it’s not sci-fi horror.  It’s just a thriller or slasher I guess? [indecisive noises]  I don’t know.

KJ: A little more gruesome than this.

VA: It’s not more gruesome, it’s just not ghosty.  I guess…is it thriller?  It’s like a psychological thriller.

BL: Yeah.

VA: It also flips the script on that helpless lady victimization.  It’s just very well done.  The show is based on the book, also called Haunting of Hill House, that was written in 1959 by Shirley Jackson.  This is definitely a different adaptation. There was a movie at one point, but this is definitely a different adaptation. So the sister named Shirley is actually named after the original author.  It’s kind of a nod back to her.  I pulled some interesting facts about her from a New Yorker article that I read called “The Haunted Mind of Shirley Jackson”. 

KJ: I’m ready. [laughter]

VA: I guess at the time she was not respected as a writer because she was a woman and she was writing ghost stories.  She was joking about herself being a witch.  She would talk about how hard it was to be a wife and a mother, and how hectic her life was.  It was the 30’s and 40’s and people were kind of really down on her about it.  Some critic called her Virginia Werewolf, they were just mocking her a lot.  But she didn’t care and she kept doing it.  One of the things she…she described her writing as she wanted to plumb the depths of the human condition, especially the psychic damage to which women are especially prone.  I think that this show really holds onto this.  Also I really liked these two sentences from the article that I’m going to read directly.  It says “Jackson’s adult life was ostensibly a rebellion against her mother and her mother’s values.  She became a writer, she grew fat, she married a Jewish intellectual, and ran a bohemian household in which she dyed the mashed potatoes green when she felt like it”. [laughter]  She sounds like a rad lady.  Her marriage was a fraught one, it was a very unhappy marriage.  She suffered from anxiety and depression herself.  She said “I wrote of neurosis and fear, and I think all my books laid end to end would be one long documentation of anxiety”, which I think is clear in this show also that kind of holds onto it’s mental health manifesting itself in different ways.  She eventually did leave her husband and in her journal was happier and she started writing a different kind of book that wasn’t about ghosts and anxiety.  It was about a woman that was on her own and having a great time.  It was a happy, funny novel but she died before she finished, which is very sad.  But her last journal entry read “I am the captain of my fate.  Laughter is possible.  Laughter is possible.  Laughter is possible”.  I think that she would’ve had her stamp of approval on the show if she could have because I think it really holds onto a lot of her ideals.

KJ: It’s like bonus.  You like the show and the creator of the content.

VA: Yeah.

KJ: Bridget, you do not like horror, right?

BL: Right.

KJ: I do not either.  Is this something that you’re into?

BL: So I told our friends this.  They were saying [imitating scared friends] I hate scary things. [normal voice] I just generally don’t like horror movies.  I’m not scare of them, I just don’t like it.  I’ve watched four and a half episodes of this.  I haven’t even gotten that scared.  There was one part in episode four where I got a little creeped out.  But mostly it’s just a compelling story about this family and what they’re going through and all the fucked up shit they have to deal with as adults and stuff because of things that happened in their childhood.  Which maybe was living in a haunted house but really could have been anything. 

VA: Yeah.

BL: So yeah, it’s mostly just a really good story about this family and really interesting, is what I like about it.  But my dog did decide last night to bark into random black hallways while I was watching it by myself.  [laughter] Which she like never barks, ever.  So I think she was playing a trick on me.  That got me a little creeped out.  Otherwise I haven’t found it super scary.

VA: One of the nights I was watching it was getting particularly intense and creepy, there was a storm brewing outside, and my bedroom window – where I can see from my bed where I was watching – there’s this tree, and the branches were just like…it was dark shadowy trees whipping against my building. [laughter] I was like calm down everybody!  There’s no need for this tapping on my window, tree!

BL: It’s a good story, and the cast is really good.  The kids are really good too even, the little kids that they have are not annoying and whatever.  They’re really good.

VA: The kids are very very talented.  All of the adults give really powerful performances.  It wasn’t just like oh I’m trying to scare you.  There were some things that did scare me, but it didn’t feel…there were no cheap scares.

BL: Or gory, unnecessarily.  I hate when people are like we’re gonna be super gory just to see how gory and disgusting we can be.

KJ: Right, yeah.

VA: Yeah, it’s not like that at all.  The story itself is really fascinating the way that it all kind of comes together.  I just thought it was really, really well done.

BL: I will say that I’m in four and a half episodes because the episodes are like an hour plus long.  That’s my only flaw.  It takes me forever to get through them.

VA: Yeah, it’s not like a 42 minute drama.  Each episode is a full hour.  They feel like little movies.  Also just the costuming and the set design was all beautiful.  It’s stunning.  It’s very dark and haunting.

KJ: I have a question.  I don’t know that anyone knows the answer to this.  When I hear about Netflix and the constant content that is so well done…where does Netflix get the money?  I don’t even know anyone that has a Netflix account.  I just know that I’m attached to someone’s Netflix account.

VA: Enough people have them.  Although there’s not really ads on Netflix.

KJ: No!  Where?  Where is the money coming from?

VA: They even joke in some of their commercials about how five people can share one Netflix account, or share your Netflix password or whatever.  But I don’t know.

KJ: OK.  That has nothing to do with what you were talking about, but.

BL: No because they’re giving Shonda Rhimes and people these huge deals too.

VA: I wonder if older shows…if some of the content on there paid to be on there.  Like if the company who owns Buffy/

KJ: /Friends or something/

VA: /Yeah, Friends is like I’ll pay you to put my content there so that…but then how do they get money back from it?  I don’t know.  I don’t know how it works.

KJ: Because nobody knows.

BL: Someone’s screaming at us right now that they know. [laughter]

VA: Oh yeah, somebody knows how it works.  I just never really thought about it.  I just knew that they made really good content, and they have a very big budget somehow for that content.

KJ: Because what you’re talking about, especially it being over an hour and looking so good, I just…they churn that stuff out constantly.

VA: At New York Comic Con they had a whole block called Netflix and Chills, which was all of their spooky content coming out.  They showed a clip from Haunting of Hill House, they showed the episode from Sabrina the Teenage Witch…nope, it’s not called that anymore/

BL: /The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina/

VA: /The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  They showed a clip from Umbrella Academy.  That doesn’t look as creepy, it’s just kind of a darker comedy type of situation.  So they have a ton of content coming out.  Dark Crystal.  So yeah, they’re doing great.  Whatever they’re doing, I wish they would keep it up.  Netflix original series have been on fire lately.  And movies.  So, that’s it.  That’s all I have to say about Haunting of Hill House.  Everyone go watch it.

BL: I second it.

KJ: OK.  Literally everybody on my feed is watching it.  And what a great time to release it, right?  October.

BL: It’s OK Kat.  If you start you’ll probably still finish before me.

VA: Honestly, when you said you were four and a half episodes in, I was shocked.

BL: OK, only because I completely neglected my kids yesterday.  They went to play somewhere.  Last night Matt went to watch football and took the kids to play with our neighbors too.  So somehow I miraculously had all this time yesterday and I was like everyone’s watching this, I’m going to watch.

VA: I was impressed, so keep it up.

BL: It won’t last. [laughter]

VA: The only thing that’s hard about Netflix series is the whole thing drops at once so no one is watching at the same time/

BL: /That’s what I hate/

VA: /And I don’t want to live tweet my feelings because I don’t want someone to spoil me on something.  Even when I did, I tweeted like halfway through and I was like no one spoil me but I’m really loving this.  Somebody tweeted at me and spoiled me on something, and I was like stop it!  I don’t like to tweet about it until I’m totally done.  But no one I knew had finished it yet, so I was like what do I do with all of my feelings.  I’m happy that all of my friends are starting to watch so I can shout at them about things that I loved.

BL: I always hate that about Netflix.

VA: It’s the only thing, yeah.

BL: No one’s ever ready to talk about it.  Or even all the articles about it will always drop right at the beginning, and then it’s like work to try to go find, even if you want to read about it.

KJ: Or you could just be like some Earpers are literally just watching it live together.  They’re text live watching it together.  It’s cute.

VA: By Earpers do you mean Noelle Carbone and Emily Andras because they are also doing that. [laughter]

KJ: No, I didn’t. [laughter]  It was different ones, but that’s crazy.

BL: The Wynonna Earp writers are doing that.

VA: It’s really good.  Everyone who watches it, feel free to slide into my dm’s and tell me all your feelings about it.

BL: No, but that’s what I like about Wynonna Earp is it happens and then we all have a week to freak out about it together and we’re all at the same spot.

VA: Yes.  Me too.

KJ: Mhmm.  It’s rare that you get to do that now.

BL: That’s not how it works any more.  People don’t watch things live.  It’s sad.  [laughter]  Alright, so I’m going old school like Kat for once. 

KJ: Yeah!

BL: I’m also in 1985 this week, Kat.

KJ: What?!

VA: Woah.  Didn’t get the memo. [laughter]

BL: You went real current, it’s OK.  My choice is inspired by the fact that Megan Follows was at Earpapalooza.  I got to sit at a table next to her for like three days.  I kept looking over at Megan Follows being like oh my God, we’re next to Anne of Green Gables.  I think at one point – so I’m doing Anne of Green Gables [laughter]…

KJ: I had no idea it was that old. 

BL: Yeah.  I’m not doing the book or anything like that.  I’m only doing the 1985 mini series that was on CBC and then it was on PBS I think in the US in 1986.  But it stars Megan Follows as Anne and was directed by Kevin Sullivan and was I guess originally made for the CBC in Canada.  So sorry book lovers, I’m not covering that.  But I think even Emily and I a couple times turned to each other and were like [whisper] “we’re sitting next to Megan Follows”.  Anne of Green Gables.  We both were dying.  I was like Emily, she was on your show.  She was like I know.  So that was really funny, because we were both in awe of Megan Follows.  I was like I’m going to finally do – because I’ve talked about it on here before – but I was like I’ll finally do Anne of Green Gables.  I think Kat said OK, you better do a good job because I really still think I would never like it. [laughter]

KJ: I just think it’s like…when I hear of it, just the title, everything it just seems like Little House on the Prairie and I fucking hated Little House on the Prairie.

BL: I am so 1000% with you.  I still look at it now and I’m astonished how much I love it.

VA: I didn’t like the book when I was little.  I had to read it for school, and I remember not liking it.  I actually tried to stop reading it and my mom was like no you have finish it.  I don’t remember why specifically.  I just remember really being annoyed by Anne and not liking it.  I don’t know.  I would be interested to see how I felt about it now.  But I’m interested also to hear about the show.

BL: I don’t know how I never heard of Anne of Green Gables when I was little.  Somehow I missed that.

KJ: Because you’re American and didn’t watch PBS.

BL: I guess!  But every little girl seems to know what Anne of Green Gables is and I just somehow didn’t.

VA: Oh, you had never even heard of the book?

BL: Not really.  I think eventually I knew of it as Megan Follows. I was like oh, that looks horrible I never want to watch that.

VA: Oh.

BL: I don’t know.  I guess I didn’t read enough when I was little.

KJ: What a glowing recommendation.  That looks horrible, I’m never going to watch that.

BL: It did!/

KJ:/You’re welcome, Megan. [laughter]

BL: It just looked like something I would hate.  So then I think Liz, our wonderful transcriber of our Feminist Thrilljoys episodes, had transcribed – and somehow Emily Andras got her hands on the fact that I said on an episode – that I had never seen Anne of Green Gables.  And she was like, appalled, that I had never seen it.  And Megan Follows was going to be on the next season of Wynonna Earp.  So she mailed me the DVD.  I told my girls that we had to – I’m sorry if you’ve heard this story before, because I’ve told it – but I was like we have to watch this.  My friend sent it to me.  We have to just try it.  My oldest daughter Annie and I were like we’re going to hate this so much.  And then it started and we were like yeah, we’re gonna hate it.  Somehow, it was like three hours later, and we were so into it and crying.  I don’t know.  It defies all logic that I like this show, but.  I did.  So I guess a lot of the information that I am gonna say, there’s a really great article that Joanna Robinson wrote for Vanity Fair about Anne of Green Gables and about how it shaped a whole generation with these feminist ideals and stuff.  So I took a lot of my stuff from her article, so I’ll put a link to that in our show notes.  But you guys should go read that too.  It has a lot of celebrities and people giving their thoughts about what they love about Anne of Green Gables.  But the mini series was based on the 1908 novel that was by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery.  It’s about this eleven year old orphan girl who is mistakenly sent to live with these two middle aged siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert.  They originally thought they were adopting a little boy to help them work on their farm.  They end up getting Anne.  Marilla is kind of really disappointed and wants to send her back, but Matthew is her brother and he’s just this very soft spoken and kind of shy man.  He takes a liking to Anne and they keep her.  So she starts to live with them in this fictional town of Avonlea, which is on Prince Edward Island in Canada.  And the scenery, as someone who loves Canada, Kat you might like that.  It’s got really great scenery.  I don’t know, that’s something we like from Wynonna Earp is that it’s actually shot in Calgary and it has these great whatever, so.  This is all on Prince Edward Island.  The mini series is actually four different films.  I think Megan Follows, I’m sorry, I know she’s in at least…well she must be in all of them.  Someone’s yelling at me.  Probably Cat Zimm.  [laughter]

KJ: I love that you said I don’t know, which is something I never hear Bridget say, but go on.

VA: This isn’t in your outline.

BL: I don’t because I haven’t watched them.  I started the second one, but we haven’t got through it yet. 

VA: Wait, so it’s…did you say movies?

BL: Well they were mini series is how they aired.  So the one I’m talking about is the first in the series of movies, but it’s like four and a half hours long because it aired on two different nights.

VA: Oh, gotcha. 

BL: We started watching it, and then we were so into it.  I remember I made us take a break for dinner and then we came back, and we stayed up until like 9:30.  I know that’s not late, but it is for my kids.  We were so engrossed in it that we finished it all in one night.  But anyway, so Anne is played by Megan.  I think she was 16 or 17 when she filmed it.  She’s just this girl that you know, she comes, and right away she clashes with the Cuthberts.  They have this really gossipy neighbor Rachel and she clashes with them, and then she clashes with the popular boy at school.  His name is Gilbert Blythe.  But then she also does get along with Matthew and they form this sweet bond.  She finds her best friend, this girl Diana Barry.  They say that they’re…she calls her her bosom friend. [laughter]  It all sounds ridiculous.

VA: Gal pal!

BL: There is this one scene where they’re at this dance and no one wants to dance with Anne and so she just dances with her best friend.  It was like we don’t need boys, whatever.  We got each other.  Yes, gal pals.  It’s not…[laughter] But so Anne really excels academically too.  She’s super smart. She’s got this way about her.  If you told me about her on paper, like she’s super positive all the time, I don’t know, I would be like she’s really annoying.  She sounds like she would be annoying.  But somehow the way that Megan plays her and the confidence that she has that she just is always going to be herself, unapologetically.  She never apologizes for herself.  I don’t know. It’s super endearing.  Megan Follows is just really, really good as Anne.  But anyway, like I said I thought I was going to hate it, but I didn’t.  Kat’s probably still going to think that she’s going to hate it, but you just have to watch it.  [laughter] I don’t know, maybe because I was older too…I don’t know, but my girls loved it as well.  They started calling each other kindred spirits and things like that after.

VA: Awww, no that’s too cute.

BL: Saying like, bosom friends.  The whole relationship with Gilbert who obviously you know he’s going to end up being this great love interest, but their first meeting is he’s making fun of her and she gets super angry and smashes this chalkboard over his head.  She’s allowed to be angry and have all this rage over what he’s doing to her.  It’s not looked down on.  It’s more like look, she’s standing up for herself and you’re allowed to stand up for yourself when people treat you poorly and you don’t have to take this kind of behavior just because this is this guy that’s supposed to be the super popular, good looking guy.  She also does that with the neighbor that lives next door who is this uppity rich lady who is trying to look down on her because she’s this little orphan girl.  It’s like she always is speaking with all this passion and emotion.  It ends up leading people to change their minds and their hearts about her and the way that they think.  It’s great to watch.

KJ: Is it a feminsty thing that you love?

BL: It’s very feministy.  She always uses these crazy big words, or she says things in ways that nobody else talks like that.  Her friends are even like Anne, what are you…no one speaks like this.  She doesn’t care.  She just keeps using the big words.  She doesn’t care that the girls in school are laughing about her.  She knows that she’s a little weird or peculiar, but she doesn’t get embarrassed about it, I don’t know.  She’s just like yeah, it’s OK to be a little odd.  I don’t care. 

KJ: I mean that’s my brand.

BL: Yeah, she just doesn’t care.  And one of the great things about her relationship with Gilbert is like in so many other things you would have him…oh she thinks she has to change and not be as smart because that’s how he’s going to like her is if she’s not so smart.  But one of the best things about him, he’s such a great character.  He loves that Anne is smart.  He loves that she’s better than him.  He roots for her.  They’re competing because they’re the smartest in school, and they’re competing for this prize that will get them into this prestigious school.  Instead of it being this weird competition or her thinking I have to not be my best, he’s the number one person rooting her on and saying you need to go for this, you should win it.  I don’t know.  It’s just really awesome.  I think I said before, knowing that Emily Andras loves this movie so much, I can see how a lot of these concepts – knowing that this is what she watched as a young girl – transferred into how she writes male characters and stuff like that today.  But yeah, I don’t know. 

KJ: You don’t need to know everything.

BL: I love it so much. It defies logic, but Kat I really think you should watch it.  I think Megan Follows will break you down. [laughter]

KJ: I mean she’s amazing in what I know of her from Wynonna Earp, so. 

BL: Somehow I got muted.

KJ: Oh, are you with us?

BL: Yes, I’m here.  I got too excited I guess. [laughter] But all of the characters are so good.  The siblings that adopt her…Matthew…I mean, I don’t know.  We had to pause, my girls.  We were just like we love him so much.  His relationship with Anne is so great  At one point there’s this scene where he gets her this item, I don’t want to spoil it, that she really, really wanted.  It’s just the sweetest, sweetest moment.  It was really cute too because I think at one point Annie was like all Matthews are good.  [awwwwws all around]  Because my husband’s name is Matt, it was so cute.

KJ: Sometimes you just need something good on your television.  Just all around inherently good.  It doesn’t have to have drama, it doesn’t have to have somebody hating somebody, somebody killing somebody.  I don’t know, it doesn’t need to be drama.  It could just be like what’s the purpose of it?  Good.

BL: There’s this one…her friend Diana has this aunt, maybe it was a cousin.  I forget, somehow she’s related.  It’s this old lady that is really super rich but she hates men.  Anne and Diana go to visit with her, and it’s just this cool old broad.  This lady totally gets Anne and they have this super great relationship.  It’s just this really cool sidebar that happens in the second half of the show, and it’s so fun.  It’s just like Anne gets along with this crazy old rich broad.  [laughter] I could’ve watched more of that. 

VA: I also love that it’s something that you and both of your girls all liked together.  They’re at an age where I feel like they’re probably very particular about what they’re watching and also probably not getting along all of the time with what they want to watch.  So it’s cool that all three of you liked it.

BL: Yeah, it was not YouTube, stupid YouTube things, so I was excited.

KJ: So the Cool Cookers gave it a thumbs up, so that’s all that matters.

BL: I was just texting all of our feelings to Emily as we were watching.  I was like she’s going to hate me.  She was like I’m flying, I’m not going to get any of your messages.  And then I realized that I had sent her like 500 messages about all of our feelings, and photos of us crying and all this stuff and I was like she’s going to think I’m insane.  It was just the most moving experience when we watched it.  It was something that we all did together.

KJ: I remember you messaging me about that.  It was legit.  You don’t have to keep saying you don’t know, you know.

BL: It still blows my mind though that I watched it.  There’s a new Anne with an E series that’s on Netflix.  I haven’t really watched it.  A lot of people I know that loved this Anne don’t like…so I’ve kind of been afraid to watch it.

VA: A lot of people that I know who loved the book also didn’t like this.  Who didn’t see the original series also didn’t like this Anne with an E.

BL: Even though I like a lot of the stuff they’re doing.  They have a female showrunner, they had an all female writers room for season two.  I know they’re trying to bring in modern day storylines.  I think they added more diverse characters of color this season, they added a LGBT storyline in season two I know.  I know they’re trying to update it, but again I remember starting that before I watched this one.  I was like ugh, I just like…watching these shows set in the 1800’s or whatever is just not my jam at all.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: I haven’t really tried that, but this one.  I don’t know.  Something about it.  Just gotta try it.  Just trust me.  I think you’ll like it. [laughter]  I know some other people that are Wynonna Earp fans went back and started this one, and they’d never seen it either.  Because Megan was going to be on Wynonna they watched it for the first time too, and I know they were really into it.

VA: Is that streaming anywhere?

BL: No, I tried to look it up.  I think you just have to get the DVD. 

VA: Cool.

BL: Too old, I guess. [laughter] Can’t even rent it, like Kat’s.

KJ: You mean it’s not…I mean I would love to see a 90 second trailer that I could read for us.  [laughter]

BL: Megan Follows is so good in it.  Megan Follows is amazing in it.  We have started the second one, which I have been told by my friend Cat Zimm, she likes the second one even more than the first.  So, I don’t know, I’ll have to see.  I have to watch that one.

KJ: I guess there will be an Anne of Green Gables cutout at the next Earper Con.

BL: It was though…and then Megan, sometimes her line wasn’t as long…I was like how are people…she’s like a legend.  I don’t know.  And she’s so humble and gracious now about it.  I feel like having all that success obviously people could’ve went wayward and kind of messed up.  You’ve seen people that have success really young turn out not so great.  I think she’s just the opposite of that.  She’s so humble.  She’s amazing.

VA: She kept coming down our end of the autograph hall just to give Dom and Kat a hug or a kiss on the cheek just to check in on them, it was very sweet.

BL: Anyway, trust me Kat. [laughter]

KJ: I do trust you, Bridget.

BL: I need to mail it.  I need to do the sisterhood of travelling pants with the DVD and just mail it to both of you.  You guys can mail it to each other then. [laughter]

KJ: That’s amazing.

BL: Because I’m done with it so you can have it.  But anyway, I’m done.  I didn’t go to long.

KJ: No, you went just the right amount.

BL: Alright, so I guess that’s it, right?

VA: Yeah, I think we’ve done it.

KJ: I had a great time.

BL: Me too.

VA: Me too.

KJ: Valerie needs to finish the other half of her bagel. [laughter]

BL: It’s lunchtime now.  We started this when it was breakfast.  We talked for like 45 minutes before hitting record, was the problem.

VA: And then our newsy notesy was 45 more minutes. [laughter]

KJ: Even My Favorite Murder.  They get done in 20 minutes before they start talking about a murder. [laughter]

BL: We’ll try to be more regular now that Wynonna Earp is done.

KJ: I hope so.  I love talking.  To you guys.  I didn’t mean talking period, I meant talking to you guys.  [laughter]  I do love talking too, but it usually just comes out a little sloppy out of my mouth.  The heart to mouth filter just doesn’t quite work. [laughter] I try. 

BL: You’re doing great.

KJ: Mkay.

BL: Just one of the guys. [laughter]  You’re always a surprise, Kat.  You’re always a surprise.

VA: Yup.

BL: I like it.

KJ: Well, I don’t think the Sigourney Weaver one will be a surprise.

BL: Sidenote, there’s a really great podcast where Michelle Lovretta talks about Aliens that I think I’ve tweeted about several times, but someone should go find that.  Whenever I talk about that I’m never going to talk about it as great as she does. [laughter]

KJ: Wait, Aliens?  The second one?

BL: Yes.

KJ: Mkay.

BL: That’s the one I want to talk about.  I like that one the best.  I actually saw that one first.

KJ: Krystal and I were talking about this, how crazy it is when you see that.  I saw it when it came out, and when you have no idea what you’re going to see.  Not when it came out, because that came out in like ’79 or something, the first one.  But when you see it not knowing anything about…there’s this whatever.  This alien that is terrifying that you never see really.  It’s just crazy.  Anyhow.  Let’s go.  Bye. [laughter]

BL: Take us out, Annie.

VA: Annie, save us from ourselves.

BL: Annie with an “ie” is gonna take us out.

VA: Aww, bye!

BL: Bye!

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