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Bridget Liszewski, Kat Jetson, and Valerie Anne take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

Episode 11: Our Favorite Murder Transcript

Jan 24, 2019

Join the Feminist Thrilljoys as we all go in on one topic and chat about My Favorite Murder - find out what we love about the podcast, Karen and Georgia, and the Murderino community.

These transcripts would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of our amazing listeners. Huge thanks once again to Liz for helping us out on this episode! Find her on twitter at @Earpnado.

Feminist Thrilljoys – Episode 11 – Our Favorite Murder


BL = Bridget Liszewski

KJ = Kat Jetson

VA = Valerie Anne

/ indicates that two or more people are talking at the same time

VA: Welcome to Feminist Thrilljoys, a podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about the feminist-y things they love.  I’m one of your hosts, Valerie Anne.

BL: I’m Bridget Liszewski.

KJ: And I’m Kathleen Beisick Jetson.

BL & VA: Ooooooo.

KJ: It’s legal now, so I thought I’d say it.

VA: Awwww.

KJ: I know it’s legal now because I went to like every state government everything to take care of that name change, and threw all my money at everybody to change that name. [laughter]

VA: I didn’t know your full name was Kathleen, that’s why I called you Katifornia earlier or whatever I called you on Twitter. [laughter]  I didn’t want to just assume it was anything that sometimes is short for Kat.  Good to know.

KJ: It used to be Kathleen Mary Margaret.  That was my middle name and I dropped all that, and I was like I’m out.  Peace out with those middle names. [laughter]

BL: That sounds very Catholic. 

KJ: It sure was.  It was twelve years of Catholic school.

BL: Kathleen Mary Margaret, wow.

KJ: Yeah, wild.

BL: It’s like Sister Act. [laughter]  That’s all I could think of.  I don’t know.  Even though I went to Notre Dame and everything, all I thought of was Sister Act right away.

VA: Sister Mary Roberts was the best.  Just saying.

BL: So. [laughter]

KJ: So, yeah.

VA: Anyway.  Newsy notesy.

KJ: OK, we talked about this one second before we hit record here, and I don’t think anyone had anything to say.  But I needed to talk about Gillian Anderson’s clothing line. [laughter].

VA: Go on, friend.  Please tell us all about it.

BL: I did see that, and the first thing I thought was about you Kat, so there you go.  You’re linked in my mind.

KJ: Bringin it right back to episode whatever…two.  I think that was two, the second one.  Where I talked about Gillian Anderson, The Fall, whatever.  So yeah, she has a new clothing line.  And strangely enough…not strangely enough, but she said it was kind of inspired by the character she played in the television show The Fall, Stella Gibson.  When I first saw the photos and the clothes I was like oh God she looks like Stella Gibson, also like Tilda Swinton, and also just so hot. [laughter]  There were a lot of things going on.  They just keep releasing photos of her in these clothes and I’m like oh my God.

BL: What is the line?  The company?

KJ: Um….. [squeal of uncertainty]

BL: You’re like damnit Bridget, who cares?

KJ: Winser.  It’s Winser something/

VA: /Pop quiz.

BL: She doesn’t even have red hair in them. 

KJ: I understand that. [laughter]  But…she doesn’t have red hair in The Fall either.  She doesn’t have red hair hardly in anything except for X-Files, honestly.  But, she just looks amazing.  All of her clothes have just bold color stripe…like one single stripe.  Or they’re like, blazery.   I’m into it.  I mean I can’t afford some probably $450 cashmere sweater, but sure.

VA: But you can look at them.  [laughter]

KJ: I did look at them. [laughter]  So, yay Gillian Anderson.  I love that…X-Files when it was going on, I’m sure both of them had some attention, but I felt like…what’s his fuckin face…David Duchovny was just like…everyone was just like David Duchovny, David Duchovny.  Gillian Anderson has kind of quietly been working, you know, consistently.  And churning out some pretty great roles.  Memorable.

VA: Mhmm, she’s very talented.

BL: He had some personal issue too, so.

KJ: She did?

BL: No, he did.

KJ: Oh yes, I know about that.  Let’s not talk about that.

VA: Did you hear how defensive she got about that? [imitating KJ] She’s an angel, what do you mean?  [laughter]

BL: I know. [laughter]  No, I love her.  I loved The Fall.  I loved all of that.  Keep going. [laughter]

KJ: I mean I think that’s pretty newsy notesy.  If I talk any more it’ll be a topic. 

VA: The only other thing I had for newsy notesy was to check in on how you guys are feeling on Wynonna Earp?  It’s been a few weeks since we recorded, a few episodes passed, we’re a little over halfway through the season…

KJ: I think it feels like we’re even more than halfway through the season because the last two episodes are airing back to back, so it’s going to be done in a month.

VA: [Grunt of frustration and dread in anticipation of impending Earp-withdrawal]

KJ: I know. I know!

BL: In some ways I’m like OK, I’ll kind of have my life back because I feel like I’m so in Earp mode right now.  I’m so busy with stuff for that and I think I’m not watching hardly anything else except Wynonna.  I watch the Wynonna Earp episode like six times every week [laughter] and then I watch Killjoys and that’s it.  That’s all I’m watching right now, so…not that I’m complaining. Yeah, I’m sad.  I’m kind of sad they’re doing the last two episodes on one night.

VA: Yeah, that’s such an interesting choice, but whatever.

KJ: Most other…oh my God…why can’t I think of what they’re called.  Television outlets, whatever.

BL: Networks. [laughter]

KJ: They stretch that shit out.  They would just be like come back next year for the last episode of Wynonna Earp season three. 

BL: I think it’s because Killjoys only has ten episodes, so that will be done the week before with it’s finale.  So then they would’ve have two weeks of just Wynonna at nine o’clock.  So I think that’s why they’re doing it.

KJ: I mean I think I’ve shouted enough about how much I loved 307.  Literally my favorite episode of Wynonna, possibly of television.

VA: It was definitely my favorite of this season so far.  It might have been my favorite of the series so far.  It was so good.  It was so, so good.

BL: I liked it a lot. [laughter]  I liked it a lot.  I’m not ready to say it’s one of my favorites.  [laughter]  It was definitely up there.  I thought it was very, very good.  But I thought Jolene, the episode two before that, was probably one of my favorite of the series.  There’s definitely been some super strong ones this season.

VA: Oh, you know what?  That’s what I was thinking.  I was thinking 307 was Jolene.  Jolene is my favorite episode of this season.  Which one was 307?  Oh, that one…that was one of the most fun episodes of the series, for sure.  But Jolene was one of the most powerful episodes of the series.  Those are my two favorite of the season.  But Jolene was very, very impactful to me personally.

KJ: I like that it was surprising, because…well actually so was Jolene.  Because it was totally bonkers, right?  But then soooo much feeling.  Like so much feeling behind it.  Same with this one, it was not bonkers, it was just funny.  Like laugh out loud funny, and then the end, you’re just like stopppppp. [laughter]

BL: Yeah, then it hit you in the feelings.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: It did all the things that Wynonna Earp does best, right?  It put two characters together whose relationship isn’t the forefront of the show, but highlighted it in a really new and special way.  Wynonna and Nicole are just…they’re funny but there was a lot of heart behind what was going on.  There’s a giant gnome man, and you’re laughing.  I literally did a spit take at one point the first time I watched.  Then by the end I was like it’s raining on my face, what’s happening. 

KJ: Yeah, yeah.

VA: So they did a little bit of everything.  Even Doc and Mama together was so surprisingly powerful. 

KJ: Mhmm, I agree.

BL: I love Megan Follows as Mama Earp so much.

VA: Yeah, she’s so good.

KJ: The crazy thing is, every time you say Megan [pronounced Meegan], I’m like that’s crazy.  It’s just M-E-G, right?

BL: It’s just like Megan, but it’s pronounced Meegan.  I don’t know.

VA: It’s so funny too, because I didn’t watch Anne of Green Gables, and I know that that is a character flaw of mine…

BL: It’s partially my fault because I haven’t mailed it to you yet [laughter] like I keep saying I’m going to.

VA: It’s OK, I still have your X Company I haven’t finished.  But I knew Megan Follows from that show Reign, which was an interesting show.  I really liked the first season, but her character was batshit crazy.  Totally unhinged, and she did it so well.  And obviously Mama Earp is her own kind of unhinged, but it’s a much more subtle unhinged.  On Reign she was just like tearing through the castle ripping down lives, it was insane.  She’s so quiet and subtly also batshit, but it’s really really amazing to see these two hugely different characters, but with the same face. [laughter] It’s like a very similar…playing crazy is not easy.  Playing someone who is totally off the rails and it’s not something you can like, put in a box, like oh they have this trait, this trait, this trait.  It’s kind of like a feeling, the way they carry themselves.  She just does the kind of like unhinged thing very well, in different ways.

KJ: I would be terrified of, I mean I would be terrified of acting full stop, but acting that part.  I would be so afraid of being laughable.  Like you’re saying, that fine line of just being kind of like you’re a caricature of whatever, but…yeah.  So yeah, that’s how we all feel about Wynonna Earp.

BL: We all still love it, we’re all still in. [laughter]

KJ: It’s aight.

BL: It’s still taking over all of our lives.

VA: Even if Waverly Earp wasn’t a literal angel, she would always be my angel.  The end.

BL: I just keep thinking that I’ll sleep after the season. Just keep going, keep doing all the work for the show because it’ll be over in like a month and then I’ll be sad.  Then I’ll be like oh, all my writing inspiration’s gone.

KJ: Aww.

BL: I’m trying to just…sleep when I’m dead. [laughter]

KJ: Wow, Bridget.

VA: Hashtag live tired.  Bridget’s motto. [laughter]

KJ: Stay sexy, don’t get murdered.

VA: Oh, wait!  You’re jumping the gun!

KJ: I know, I thought I’d get us into our topic.

VA: Go for it, take us there Kat.

BL: She’s being the moderator this one.

KJ: Well, we’re talking about My Favorite Murder podcast.  All three of us, this is our shared topic.

VA: Yeah!

KJ: We had one other one, which was Wynonna Earp, that we all watch and love.  We all talked about that.  This is a little bit different in that I just started listening.  I’m on episode eleven right now, and I think there’s 137 or something? [laughter]

VA: Eleven?!  I’m surprised, you were the one who brought this up.  You were like can we do My Favorite Murder, right? 

KJ: Yes, it was my idea.

VA: I definitely thought you were more than eleven in.  I mean, I understand.  I was sold also within the first episode, but.  Amazing.

KJ: I’ll tell you…what happened was…I mean I guess I’m talking like these women talk…I guess we should talk about the podcast first, right?

BL: Yes.

KJ: I apologize.

BL: That’s OK.

VA: I want to hear how you found it too.  I mean, what they always say is it’s a podcast about true crime but it’s also a comedy podcast.  So if you’re not into laughing about true crime, goodbye.

BL: It’s two women, and they take turns re-telling a murder to the other one every week, and it goes off into all kinds of different tangents and stuff too.  But yeah, it’s kind of comedy.

KJ: I don’t know, you know obviously I’m not well ahead, I’m not up to the point that they’re at right now.

BL: I always like to be safely like, ten episodes behind.  I’m always like what if I have an impromptu road trip and I’m gonna need like five episodes?  So I’m always like safely ten episodes behind where they are at live.

VA: I try to hoard a few episodes, but I’m right now I’m only five behind.  I think three main episodes and two minisodes.  So it’s a little stressful, I’m getting a little too close because I never want to be out of them either, but I can’t stop listening to it, it’s so good.

BL: But you’re on episode eleven, Kat, and I think there’s like 130.  Almost 140, plus they have a regular episode every week plus a minisode. 

VA: So they’re on 137, their main podcast.  The minisodes is up to 86 right now.  So whatever that math is together, that’s how many episodes, minus eleven is what you have left. [laughter]

KJ: What I think…I do have to just say what attracted me to it.  I started listening to this true crime podcast, I can’t even remember what the name was.  I’d always been embarrassingly interested.  I didn’t want anyone to think…this is what they talk about, this is the thing they talk about.  This is how they got together.  These two people that separately loved true crime and talking about it.  Talking about murder I guess.  And everyone else is like get out.  And then they met at a Halloween party or something, and I don’t know how exactly it happened.  But they talked forever.  They were kins or something.  They found their person.

VA: It’s like when you bring up like, oh did you hear about this murder [laughter] and everyone’s face goes blank.  But then I think it was Georgia who said it, she saw Karen’s face light up and she was like aha!  I found one.  I can imagine it so well in my mind.  I would never be brave enough to be the one mentioning the murder, but I would definitely be the one that would be like ummm tell me more.

BL: It’s kind of like with Wynonna Earp.  I don’t normally bring it up because on the surface it sounds like this crazy show.  There’s a demon killing gun slinger and she’s the great-great granddaughter of Wyatt Earp.  So I don’t sometimes bring it up, and then if you find out that someone else watches it you’re like [excited Earper gasp] YES!

VA: My people!

BL: Yeah, so that’s kind of how they were, I guess, over true crime.  It’s hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.  We should just say that too.

KJ: Their names are kind of difficult to say, so I’m glad you said that.

BL: And forever I couldn’t figure out who was who when they were talking, but now it’s so clear to me.  At some point it just like, clicks, and you’re like OK I know exactly who they are now.

VA: I don’t remember ever not knowing who they were.  But I remember people saying that, being like I can’t tell them apart/

BL: /I definitely didn’t know.

VA: They sounded so different to me.  Now, especially.  I could hear their voice in a crowd and be like…Georgia?

KJ: Maybe I need to watch a live video.

BL: I just got it, after awhile it just like clicked.  And now I can’t imagine ever not knowing which one it was.  But I definitely was like that early on.

VA: They have such different vocal patterns and ticks and just topics of…you’ll figure it out.

BL: I don’t even know how I came…I think I just heard that…I was like Kat, I really liked different true crime podcasts.  Someone was like I love My Favorite Murder you should try it.  But Kat, Valerie and I had mentioned it to you awhile ago and you hadn’t listened to it.  I’m curious why you finally…

KJ: I’ll tell you what the point was.  So I was listening to this podcast, I was maybe like five or six episodes in.  They were an hour long, and it was so dry.  It was just this dude and this woman who were like [mocking boring as fuck podcasters] Pam isn’t a psychologist or whatever, but she loves true crime.  I was just like oh God.  I was telling a friend of mine when I met her for dinner, I was telling her I was like I want to listen to something true crime.  She was like listen to My Favorite Murder.  I’m like my friends told me about that, I should.  She’s like, listen.  They come to each episode with a list of things that they fucked up on.  [laughter]

VA: That’s true.  Corrections Corner.

KJ: I’m not there yet.  So that was what sold me.

VA: Corrections Corner is what sold you on My Favorite Murder[laughter]

KJ: I was like I gotta listen to this.  It’s heavy, there’s so much information.  You know when someone asks you, well what happened?  Was the mother in court or whatever?  I love that one of them is like…I don’t know, but let’s get to the other part.  I love that there’s such a reality there.  You can have interest, but not know every fucking thing.

BL: Yeah, it’s like they don’t make any pretenses ever about being an expert.  And they often say how they’re probably making up half the shit that they’re talking about.  I mean you have to do a fair amount of research.  They always joke that they have to do a book report every week for every episode.  Which is sometimes how I feel on this.  [laughter]  So I can relate.  But I also like that they don’t spend too much time or worry about getting everything crystal clear, one hundred percent correct. 

VA: Right, because for them it’s not…what they like about true crime isn’t the facts and the dates and the biology.  It’s the story of it.

KJ: Mhmm, and how it affects them.

VA: Right.  They’re just telling each other stories.  They’re telling each other how they felt when they first heard the story, the things that they’re theorizing about the story, the things that they read that they found interesting.  Which I think is way more engaging than hearing a dude drone on about the facts and what the detectives said about this and what date this happened and the time of death and stuff like that.

KJ: I do love that they…it’s truly a podcast that is about murder, but there’s so much personal stuff that I’m getting so wrapped up in their peopleness.  The way they are.  Also they’re both LA people so so many things they talk about I know, I know I know.  So that is like a little added touch because you know I lived in LA for twenty years.  They were talking about one thing, like I went to an ATM on La Brea.  It was sort of like tucked away…I know exactly which one they were talking about and how terrifying it is to go to that ATM.  So I love that. 

VA: I don’t know how soon…so I don’t know if you’ve gotten to it Kat.  They talk a lot about their own history and their own mental health issues, and their own struggles with depression or addiction.  They’re so open about it.  They’ll make jokes about it, but they’ll also talk about it genuinely.  They’ll talk about like, at one point Georgia and her mom sort of have a falling out.  She’s just very open about talking about it.  It’s just really refreshing.  There’s just such a huge stigma on things like depression and anxiety, and they’re just so open about both.  Talking about their therapists.  They joke.  They talk about their therapists as if it’s like another member of their family.  They’re very open about going to therapy.  They go to therapy together because they’re friends who have to work together.  It’s just really refreshing to hear them talk about it like it’s the most normal thing in the world, because it is.  So many of us have these things.  It’s really refreshing.

BL: Yeah, it’s something I’m seeing with my parents or older generations about just how much they don’t want to talk about mental health, or that they think about going on medication is awful no matter what.  Like I don’t care what, I’m not going on medication.  So yeah, to hear them talk so openly about what they’ve been through and like Valerie said not only going to therapy but that it’s not bad to go to therapy and to get help.  I don’t know, I’m totally agreeing with everything that Valerie said.  I do think it’s such an unexpected important part of the podcast that they are both like that.  Or even that you know, Karen had battles with alcoholism that she can’t drink anymore.  Or Georgia had an eating disorder and she’s very open about that as well.

KJ: I’m catching on to all of those things that they’re talking about.  The fact that I’m laughing with them about it is kind of cathartic.  One of the things, I can’t remember who said it, I apologize.  She was like don’t take diet pills and lose thirty pounds in a month.  The other one was laughing, and she was like no really, I lost thirty pounds in a month.  Then talk about when they were doing every drug in the universe.  I don’t know, it’s just…you’re laughing with them. It feels freeing to laugh about something that has such a stigma attached to it.  All of it.  Murder, alcoholism, drug abuse, being terrified to be a woman walking to your car.  All of it.  It feels like therapy listening to them.  Not like I’m just listening to a podcast about murder.

VA: Now I can’t remember one hundred percent for sure, but I think that it’s the reason that I listen to podcasts at all.  I read on the train, and I listened to music when I walked.  I was like when do you want me to listen to podcasts, I don’t have time for that!

BL: True, she did yell that at me. [laughter]

VA: And so my friend was like instead of music while you’re walking, you listen to music at work. So when you’re walking to work just try it.  And I was like [angrily] what podcasts do you want me to listen to? [laughter] I think it was somebody at work because I was talking about…I’ve always loved shows like Criminal Minds.  Give me more murder.  Let’s talk about it.  I was always fascinated by it.  Someone just said the name.  They were like oh I think you would like this podcast, it’s called My Favorite Murder.  I was like yes, I would love to know what other people’s favorite murders are.  That sounds amazing.  And then it just ended up being so much more than I expected.  It was so funny.  I’m so interested in these stories.  I don’t know what it is.  I loved watching Criminal Minds.  I don’t know if it’s like I want to know the most about it so that it doesn’t happen to me, or if it’s like…I don’t know why I’ve just always been really fascinated in these stories.  I’m also very empathetic, so I get weighed down by stories very easily.  So the way that they present them, it’s in a way that I can still get the story without getting any of the trauma of it.

BL: Yeah/

KJ: /Right.

BL: Yeah I’m always shocked because I do really bad since I’ve had kids with anything that’s with kids.  Even when they’re telling stories on here about kids…there’s a few that are really, really bad.  I’ve gotten upset by those.  But I’m always amazed for the most part how I can even listen when they’re telling stories about things that happen to kids.  I won’t get…I’m banned from watching Criminal Minds since I had kids.  [laughter]  Matt won’t let me watch it anymore because after we had kids and I started watching it, there was this one episode where it began with the guy was standing over the crib.  I don’t know, but Matt was like you’re not allowed to watch Criminal Minds anymore.  But I was the same way, I was always obsessed with Law and Order.  I watched every single Law and Order I could get.  From a very young age.  But then you try to tell people…they’re like what podcasts do you listen to?  And I’m like [gasp] My Favorite Murder.  And they’re like what?  You’re like yeah, but no it’s really, really funny guys.  And then they look at you even weirder. [laughter]

VA: For sure.  They don’t sensationalize the horribleness of it.  They also don’t minimize the horribleness.  They have this really good balance of like, I’m sharing this story to you as a friend because I think it’s an interesting story but oh my God it’s so fucked up but without being like I want to tell this to you in a way that will give you nightmares.  Like Criminal Minds is out to give you nightmares, whereas they are just out to tell you an interesting story because the horribleness of humanity is fascinating.

KJ: And I love that their reactions to each other’s storytelling is so genuine.  They don’t have the most proper, correct thing to say.  Mostly it’s just like fuck.  Shit.  [laughter] Fuck.

VA: My favorite is when Georgia interrupts to guess something about Karen’s story.  She’s just totally wrong.  Karen’s like no, let me tell the story! [laughter]  You can tell that they do genuinely care about each other.  So it does just feel like you get to overhear some friends talking.

BL: Or even when they do mess up…we’ve talked about they’ll say that they’re wrong.  But they do try to be better.  I know they took some flack in the early episodes about talking about how they talked about prostitutes, and now they always make sure to call them sex workers.  Or they’ll first say she was a mother and sex worker before going in and saying she’s a prostitute or whatever.  They took a lot of flack too about how they were talking about sociopaths and psychopaths…I mean I still don’t know the difference.  I don’t know if they do still either.

KJ: That’s exactly what I was going to bring up too Bridget.  I would be so terrified to take on this subject, because I would say the wrong stuff and I’d feel so bad because I never want to offend or hurt anybody or dismiss what someone is going through.  But psychopath or sociopath?  I don’t know any of those differences.  That sounds like…whatever it’s gonna sound like.  Same thing.

VA: And to your point Bridget, they have Correction Corner, which is never about oh we got this date wrong.  They don’t give a fuck.  It’s not that they don’t care when they’re wrong about literally everything.  Like yeah, they always say sex worker now.  For cultural and sensitive topics, and phrases that are hurtful, they want to change those.  And they do, and they have.  They’re very open about…they did a whole podcast episode about, I think it was the Native American women in…

BL: Canada?

VA: Oh yeah, the native people in Canada.  The women.  There was a documentary on it.  So they did an episode about that.  Highlighting these stories that don’t get told enough.

BL: Coincidentally, there is very good CBC podcast called Missing & Murdered that is by a woman that is a very like newsy podcast, but that’s also a very…I recommend.

KJ: Well they love recommending podcasts and television shows during their podcast.

BL: I actually listened to Someone Knows Something because they were talking about it.  Which is also a CBC podcast.  It’s really, really good.  We’re being very much like them, being a podcast talking about another podcast.

VA: Do you guys remember the first true crime story that got you kind of hooked?  Or that fascinated you when you were younger?

[thinking noises]

VA: I mean, I’ll start with mine because I know mine.  That’s why I asked.  Well, JonBenét Ramsey.  When she died, she was six and I was nine.  My brother was four or five.  I was blonde and I was always being done up for dance recitals and whatever.

BL: You were, I’ve seen those photos.

VA: Even now, I’ll show people those photos and they’re like um, OK JonBenét. [laughter] 

BL: They are!

VA: So there was this girl on the TV every night at dinner that looked like me that got murdered and no one knew how.  I hadn’t even really grasped that kids could die.  The only experience with death I had at that point at nine was my grandmother died because she was very old and sick.  I didn’t have any experience with people younger than grandparents dying.

KJ: That’s so creepy that the one that you remember is like, something that was so familiar to you.  Agewise and lookswise. 

VA: Yeah.  It was all anyone talked about for so long.  It felt like so long.  I was nine, it could’ve been a week.  It was right around Christmas time.  It was the first time I was like oh, the world is bigger than I was previously aware.

BL: I definitely remember that when I was young.  My mom gets People magazine every week and I remember feeling like a weirdo because I always wanted to read the true crime stories in People that they talked about/

KJ: /When People talked about people.

BL: Yeah.  My mom was like why…she would be annoyed and be like why do they include these in here.  I’d be like all about them. [laughter] 

KJ: Little Bridget.  Sneaking off to read two glossy pages about murder.

BL: Along with the sexiest man alive issue, Kat.  C’mon.

KJ: Unless Emily Andras is on the cover.  I don’t want to know about it.

BL: Or Gillian Anderson. [laughter] 

KJ: I can’t even answer that question.  I can’t even think of a murder right now.

BL: I’m going blank.  I’m sure I have a better one.

VA: Yeah, I didn’t know if everyone did.

BL: You didn’t tell us there would be a quiz. [laughter] 

VA: I’m gonna have another question for you later and now I’m nervous.  I felt bad that you had to moderate the last episode.  So I tried to come up with topics of discussion so that you weren’t the only one carrying this.  Also I’m literally obsessed with My Favorite Murder.  There was a point where…if it wasn’t one of my literally first podcast I ever listened to it was one of the first three.  So for awhile I didn’t really have that many episodes of anything to go through, so I was just listening to My Favorite Murder.  After a little while I was like I don’t think I can listen to twenty of these in a row.  I think I need to break it up a little bit.  Only because I started late, I had a backlog.

BL: That’s how I was.  For a while I was like yeah I can burn through them, and then I was like I need to find something else. 

VA: I mean, my podcasts still are like the weirdest collection of podcasts.  It’s funny, I’ve been listening to it for so long now, I don’t even think about it when I’m like listen to this podcast My Favorite Murder because I assume everyone’s heard of it.  So to your point, when you say that people look at you like you’re crazy.

BL :Well Kat, have you even gotten into the minisodes or the hometown murders?/

KJ: /Nothing.

BL: Yeah because eventually they start asking people to send in, which become the mini episodes, which they say are their favorite ones to do because they don’t have to do any homework and they just read emails of people sending in.  At first it starts out as their hometown murder.  So something that happened where the viewers lived or whatever, and they got some really interesting stories.  But now it’s basically send me any weird ass story that you can think of.  So those are always a lot of fun. 

KJ: They have brought some of them up in the beginning episodes.

BL: They start making them into their own little half hour eps.

VA: They sort of do one at the end of every episode in the beginning I think, right.  Or they have their literal friends call in and do voicemails?

KJ: Sure yeah.  Or their husband. 

VA: Yeah.  It started with local, and then it was like oh or if you have any weird things you found in the walls.  Or if you have any sink hole stories.

BL: Yeah, it’s just anything they’re interested in and want to hear about. First responders.

VA: The one I just listened to was all like, you found someone had a secret life you didn’t know about.  They don’t necessarily have to be murders anymore.  But it’s really fun.  It’s fun because neither one of them knows the story ahead of time, so it’s like they’re both kind of reacting to it at the same time.

BL: Except Steven.  Steven knows it. You haven’t even met Steven yet have you Kat?

KJ: No.

VA: Oh yeah, he didn’t get on for a few months I think.  You know how we shout to Deb a lot?  It’s like that, but Steven’s in the room with them.  So he can shout back if he wants to.  But he doesn’t too often, but he’s like his own character.  He doesn’t participate in the podcast until they’re like Steven! 

KJ: Come here.

VA: He’s their producer and editor.

BL: Steven and all the pets.

VA: Have you met Elvis?

KJ: She literally just asked…one of them just asked the other one isn’t my cat beautiful? [laughter] 

BL: Georgia has cats and Karen has dogs.

VA: At the end, she eventually at the end of the episodes…Georgia has at this point three cats.  I think back then only two.  One of them is Elvis.  He’s a Siamese cat.  At the end if she goes do you want a cookie?  He meows on command! [laughter] 

BL: That’s how they end.  Also I always think it’s hilarious that Karen has a female dog named George.  That makes me laugh every time.

VA: I love it.  I love it so much. 

KJ: By the way thank you Valerie for selling me your ticket.

BL: Oh, are you going live?

VA: Yeah, Nic and I were going to see My Favorite Murder Live, but then this other nerdy thing that we like came…it’s a whole other thing.  I probably actually do a topic on it eventually.  But it’s called Critical Role.  They’re doing a live show that night.  My thinking was, they never come to the east coast.  They’re always in LA and doing all those shows there.  They haven’t come to New York Comic Con in years.  I know that the My Favorite Murder girls just wrote a book, so I imagine they’ll do a book tour soon.  I just felt like I’d have more chances to see them.  But anyways, long story short…after much emotional deliberating, we were like I guess we should sell our My Favorite Murder tickets.  And I was like no, what we should do is sell them specifically to Kat and Krystal.

KJ: Which is crazy because Krystal listens to two podcasts.  Our podcast, which is so sweet, and I just got her to start listening to this one.  And I called her up right before this, and the Skype ring terrified her.  She was like oh my God you gave me a heart attack because she was listening to the podcast during a really intense part.  It was the girl in the water tank thing that happened around the block from where I lived in hotel.

VA: Oohhh yea the hotel/

BL: /Ohh I do vaguely, yeah I remember that one.

KJ: She was in there for like two weeks and then the water started tasting gross because she was in there dead.

VA: Is that the one that they have the elevator video of her?

KJ: Yeah/

BL: /Yeah, yeah I remember that.

VA: That was super wild.

BL: I went to the live show in Cleveland in February with Matt and we had a blast.

VA: I do definitely want to go. We were so upset when we found out it was the same night.  But we have friends coming in from out of town that wanted to go to this other show too.  It was a whole thing.  It was very emotional.

KJ: It went to a good couple.  We’re gonna have a great time.

VA: And also Critical Role will only ever go to New York, whereas My Favorite Murder will go to Boston, or they’ll go to other places that are easy enough for us to get to.  I’ll get to them someday.  You mark my words. 

BL: Yeah the live show is a lot of fun.  At first I remember thinking back like oh what’s the point of going to a live podcast.  But we had so much fun.  They were just like, really funny.  Georgia always talks about how she really likes vintage dresses and I feel like she’s very girly about some things and will talk about her clothes.  And then Karen came out at the live show and she was wearing this track suit.  She was like you’re welcome, I’m basically wearing nice pajamas for you guys.  I was like yes, thank you.

VA: Did they ever air the episode that you saw?

BL: I actually saw they just uploaded it.  It’s in the 130’s or something. 

VA: Oh, when did you go see it?

BL: We went in February, we went a long time ago.  I was wondering if they were ever going to upload our episode because part of the end of Karen’s I think it was, there was all these weird instances where they had seen the guy that was the murderer.  They thought he was in the background of this Netflix documentary.  They had all these visual things that were very shocking.  I was like well I don’t think they’ll ever release this because I don’t know how this will come through in the audio.

VA: Oh I just listened to that episode.  Last week.

BL: Yeah, it was in February.

VA: They don’t release all of them.  But I know they keep them on a backlog so they don’t have to record every week.  So if they can’t record they release just an old live show that has a good hometown.  I imagine some of the hometowns must be really uncomfortable.

BL: Yeah.  Ours was not great, but.

KJ: Can I tell you one of the first things I noticed about their podcasts…I don’t know if they continue to do this throughout, but one of the things that I genuinely love is that every episode so far they ask each other, do you want to go first?

BL: Oh yes.

KJ: Which is literally what we do.  I don’t know, do you want to go first.

VA: For awhile they have OK, we’ll just go back and forth…but then once they start doing the live shows they’re like well does the live show count that we did?  Who goes first now? [laughter]  Steven!  Who goes first?

KJ: It’s really cute.

VA: It’s very relatable.

KJ: It is very relatable.  I felt like they were really speaking to us, or we’re really speaking to them is more accurate, isn’t it?

VA: It’s why I call everything a corner.  Like when I joked that we had Wynonna Earp corner because they had Corrections Corner.  I feel like a lot of my podcast knowledge comes directly from them. 

BL: We just rip them off.  We just are ripping them off.

KJ: Well that’s not true because I have never…I just started listening./

BL: /I know. [laughter]

VA: It’s imitation via admiration, not ripping them off.

BL: I will say too, like I alluded to, they have this huge group of fans that call themselves Murderinos.  They used to have a huge Facebook group.  I think I was on there for awhile.  It was hundreds of thousands of people.  But it reminds me of Wynonna Earp because they’ll have meetups and a bunch of Murderinos will get together and have drinks.  But then they also are very much like Earpers too in that they will do something to benefit a cause.  So they’ll all meet up for drinks and then they’ll donate a portion of whatever.  Georgia and Karen are very involved in the End the Backlog charity that I think Mariska/

VA: /Mariska Hargitay/

BL: /Yeah.  It’s about going back and running a bunch of untested rape kits.  Georgia and Karen have been really outspoken about supporting that.  So Murderinos will get together and raise money for End the Backlog and stuff like that, which is just like really cool.  It’s the same thing with Wynonna Earp.  It’s like all these people have found this thing/

KJ: /Their people/

BL: /Yeah, and they’ve found their people.

VA: I’m in that Facebook group too and sometimes it’s just like oh hey guys, my daughter graduated high school today, and it’s like congratulations!  I’m like oh my God this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  They’re just like a little family.  They recently started something called the Murderino Fan Cult.  It’s just a membership type thing and you get some merch.  They’re gonna do some unboxing videos.  I just wanted to support them, so I just became a member/

KJ: /Gave them money/

VA: /But they send you a shirt that says Murderino on it and so I wore it one day and I just walked to the store and I had somebody literally high five me on the street.  She was like oh my God, Murderino!  She high fived me and the guy she had been standing with was like what the hell is a Murderino?  As I walked away.  We knew and we had this connection and high fived over murder.  [laughter] It was this instant like oh, we have this thing in common.

BL: I’ve had that happen to me because I have the toxic masculinity shirt from them, and I’ve had the same thing where people yell at me.  My dream is to though to be wearing my Dani Fucking Kind shirt one day and have someone yell that at me.  When I’m not at an Earper convention, but we’ll see if that happens. [laughter] But yes, I’ve had Murderinos yell at me on the street.  Like, at home.

VA: That shirt says toxic masculinity ruins the party again, right?

BL: Yeah.

VA: I love that one, I want that one too.

BL: Kat hasn’t gotten to that episode.  Kat you have so many episodes of good quotes to come.

KJ: I did go to their website and I saw all of their merch.  I read the New York Times article and the Rolling Stone one.  So I knew about the Murderinos and the meetups, and I knew about the toxic masculinity/

BL: /Fuck politeness/

KJ: /I didn’t know what it meant in context, but I know what it means.

BL: My favorite is fuck politeness.  That’s my favorite one.

VA: I like that one.  We joke a lot in Earper fandom, like you’re in a cult.  So sometimes people will be like you’re in a cult call your dad!  And Bridget and I always like our dads are in the cult! [laughter] Also I tell people to stay out of the forest all of the time, which is something that they’ve said but also because nature is scary.

BL: But its that whole thing with stay sexy, don’t get murdered and then fuck politeness where we are all taught as women to be these super well behaved people and polite, and even though if your instincts are telling you get the fuck out of this situation…sometimes we will be polite and get ourselves into these horrifying situations with these bad consequences.

KJ: Because you don’t want to hurt someone else, make them feel bad/

BL: /Yeah.  So they’re just like no, trust your gut and stay alert.  Who cares if somebody else is making you uncomfortable.  I think Valerie, one time you were like…I don’t know if you just DM’d us or something, our group of friends, and you were like guys I was walking home or something and someone was creeping me out-

VA: I was just going to tell that story, yea.

BL: Go ahead.

VA: When you were talking about that it reminded me of that.  I’m polite to a fault for sure when it comes to strangers.  One time after I had started My Favorite Murder and was deep in the fuck politeness…I was walking home.  It was night and it was raining, and I was alone.  I was walking and this guy was sitting on the corner and he goes hey miss can I use your phone?  And I was like no, sorry.  And I kept walking.  I think before I started My Favorite Murder I would’ve felt bad and stopped.  He was like I’m meeting my friend and my phone is dead…and I was just like no, I can’t, sorry.  I kept walking.  As soon as I walked past him he was like yeah fuck you, whatever bitch.  I was like uhh, OK.  Sorry I’m not gonna stop on this rainy dark corner with this man I don’t know who claims he’s meeting a friend in a car.  Fuck politeness, it wasn’t worth the risk.  There are payphones still, I know they’re hard to find.

KJ: Go into a store.  Ask another dude.

VA: Right, it is 2018 you don’t need to ask a woman alone for their phone.  As a man who is bigger than I was. 

KJ: They don’t even think about it.  That’s the beauty of being a dude is that you literally don’t ever think that anybody could possibly be scared.

VA: Right.  They say all the time too…something I wish someone had told me when I was younger.  They always tell you don’t help a stranger find their lost dog, but they say an adult shouldn’t be asking a kid for help, period.  If an adult person is pulling over and asking you for directions.  No.  They do not need to ask a child for help.  That is one of those things that I will tell any child I know.  Adults do not need your help.  Strange adults do need your help.

BL: But that’s one of those things too I relate with them because I feel like they’re in my age range, so they always are talking about how in the 80’s we just let kids run wild [laughter] and doors were unlocked and all this stuff.  I’m always like dude, it was like that.  I can’t believe it.

KJ: It seriously was.

BL: So that’s the other thing I love with them is how much I can relate to their growing up stories.

VA: At one point they said something like the 80’s should be arrested for child negligence or something.  And I was like the 80’s should be arrested for child negligence. 

BL: They’re always talking about how they came home when they were like nine years old and they thought it was a treat to make Stouffer’s french bread pizza, and I’m like dude that was me.  I was a latchkey kid at four o’clock making pizza and thought I was so cool.

VA: Yeah, I was making boxed mac n cheese for my brother as soon as I was tall enough to reach the stove.  It was just me and him.

BL: And now I’m like…my kid goes down the street, ten houses down and I’m texting the parent like did they make it there OK?

KJ: Yeah.

VA: Did you guys ever hitch hike?

BL: No.

KJ: I was just going to say, I’m older, so the one that resonates with me is don’t hitch hike. [laughter]  Everyone hitch hiked in the 70’s.  I never would hitch hike.  It is soooo not my personality.  I was in my bedroom reading the liner notes of albums until I was like 19.  So, no.  I never did anything wrong.

BL: Yeah I think Karen is like your age and Georgia is a little bit older than me.

KJ: Did you?  There’s no way you did.  [laughter]

BL: I didn’t hitch hike.  No.  By the time I was growing up my parents were like no, hitch hiking is bad.

VA: By the time I was in elementary school stranger danger was in full force.  Although my mom’s joke was always I’m not really worried about you because if you get kidnapped you’ll talk so much that he’ll drop you off at the corner. [laughter]

KJ: Oh my God.  Nice, mom.

BL: Harsh. 

KJ: OK, so Annie.

VA: Wait! [laughter] Before we go!

BL: They’re being nice because I was like I need to keep this at like an hour, guys.

VA: Can I ask my last moderator question that I had?  So Kat, you’re not there yet…actually I don’t even know Bridget if you’re here yet because it’s fairly recent, but Karen and Georgia started doing at the end of every episode, they call it Fucking Hooray.  It’s just something, just anything that’s making you happy right now.  It can be as trivial as a TV show you’re watching or something bigger.  Just any little thing that made you happy today or recently.  Something that made you go fucking hooray!

BL: Yeah because they were always like we’re ending.  They would tell the stories and they’d be like so depressed.  They were like we have to end on something.  That was funny too, when they were trying to figure out what to name it.  It was supposed to be happy corner or something, they didn’t know.  They asked people to name it.  I loved when they were like someone sent in fucking hooray.  [laughter] I was like hell yeah.  So I have to think of what my fucking hooray?

VA: Yeah, just anything that makes you happy.  I can start again [laughter] because I’m unfairly asking you guys questions that I didn’t give you time…I actually almost DM’d you guys before this started to give you a heads up.  But I wanted you to genuinely think of something that made you happy.

KJ: I know something.  I’ll just say it, and it’s gonna be real quick. Crazy Rich Asians. 

BL: I need to see that.  I want to see that.

KJ: That was a thing that made me feel so much joy watching that this weekend.  I got to talk to a bunch of people about it and celebrate how…I got to share in the joy of how important it was for them, but also I just fucking loved it.

BL: I know, I need to see that.  I want to see that.

VA: Me too.

KJ: That’s mine.

VA: That’s awesome, perfect.

BL: I was going to be like Karen.  Karen is always like I watched this show, and it made me…she’s always like my fucking hooray every week is a TV show and I’m like hmmmm…can relate. [laughter]

VA: I know, I almost did that for mine.  But mine would’ve been depressing if I picked a TV show.  Because the only show I’m watching right now besides Wynonna Earp is Sharp Objects

BL: Oh, I finished that.  I just finished that.

VA: Oh, did you?  OK, because I need to DM…I can’t tweet about it because I’m afraid someone will tweet me a spoiler back, so I’m gonna just DM you all of my feelings about it.  Great.  Good talk. [laughter]  But anyways, my fucking hooray is dumb and personal, but this long weekend I spent totally purging and cleaning my room.  It was like, this year has been not great and so things got quite out of hand in my bedroom. [laughter]  It was basically just a mountain of clothes.  Just every clothing I owned was on my floor.

KJ: Every clothing I owned. [laughter]

VA: I just spent the three days of the long weekend…I went through every drawer, I went through every item of clothing.  I threw away so much.  I just cleaned and organized everything.  I’m not an organized person by nature, but just the fact that I can come home and just walk into my room, and there’s nothing to do.  [laughter]  I don’t have to do anything.  I don’t know.  It’s been too long since it’s been this clean and it feels very nice.

VA: That’s amazing.  I saw your Insta stories all weekend and I was just like get it.

BL: I was like get it, but also it was giving me anxiety.  [laughter]

VA: My friend Tiffany was like I’m very proud of you but also how did you live like this.  And I was like DEPRESSION IS REAL LEAVE ME ALONE! [laughter]  But I did it.

BL: That’s why I didn’t send you any messages.  I wasn’t trying to judge.  [laughter] 

VA: I mean I had some people be like it’s been 30 minutes, where’s my update?  So people were invested in my cleaning.  I’d get other messages like you just inspired me, I just threw an entire drawer of shit away.  I was like great, I’m doing my job.  It’s dumb and it’s little, but it’s something-

BL:  It does feel very nice when you clean sometimes and get rid of a lot of stuff.  I will say that.

VA: Especially because it’s something that I’ve known that I had to do for months, and I just haven’t been able to emotionally commit to it.  Like I’ve just been like I couldn’t do it.  So just getting over that emotional hurdle to even start it felt like a win, you know?

BL: Fuckin hooray.

VA: Fuckin hooray.  OK Bridget, you go and I’m gonna stop talking.

BL: I was going to say a TV show, but I don’t want to.  I might save my TV show topic anyway for something else.  For another episode so I won’t say it.  I guess I will say this last long weekend I got to go to Toronto, and I was asked by Space Channel, which was really cool, to moderate their panels at Fan Expo for my two favorite shows ever.  Killjoys and Wynonna Earp.  It was just really cool that – I mean I’m not even Canadian and Space Channel was like hey, why don’t you come to Toronto and do this for us, so it was just really cool.  The women that work at that network that I work with, their publicists, are all really awesome.  It was just really nice of them to put their trust in me.  I got to see some of my favorite people in TV like the all the Wynonna Earp cast.  [voice suddenly full of longing/nerding out] But then also I’ve talked about my love of Michelle Lovretta on Killjoys and she was there, and I got to just hang out with her for like two hours and it was just so cool.  I was like what is my life, that I’m doing this?

VA: You’re acting like it’s totally random.  But you’ve earned that respect, you’ve done so much work/

BL: /It is random!

VA: No, it’s not random.  It’s definitely, you’re lucky to be recognized for the hard work you do.  But you do so much work to champion these shows and shout out for the little guys because you know that they’re quality content.  I’m glad that you’re getting recognized for this awesome work you do.

BL: Thank you.

KJ: People genuinely, genuinely love you Bridget.  I mean this so sincerely.  I genuinely love you, but you are a really good person.  And if someone is lucky to have you in their lives, they are totally rewarded because you’re fucking rad.  So fucking hooray for me.  That’s my other fucking hooray.

VA: Bridget having you moderating these shows is so awesome because so often you go to cons and stuff and it’s people that have never seen the show moderating.  And it’s like ughh it’s so uncomfortable.  But you have such a good relationship with these people and also you genuinely love the shows, and it shows. 

BL: I do genuinely love them because they’re all such wonderful people, which is why I kind of got into covering Canadian TV and make it such a point to talk about them.  Because there are so many instances of people like the people that are on Wynonna Earp and Killjoys in Canadian TV.  Just really awesome people who are super talented and no one’s shouting about them.  So I’m always like I’ll shout about them. [laughter]

KJ: Bridget is.

VA: Fucking hooray.

BL: Fucking hooray.

KJ: Yay!

BL: Thank you guys/

VA: /You guys are also my fucking hooray.

BL: Yeah. [laughter]

VA: I love talking to you guys about things like My Favorite Murder. 

KJ: I love that we got to share a topic, so much.  And I love that we didn’t think we would really know what to talk about…and then we just did for forty five minutes on this subject. [laughter]

BL: I love this podcast.  Ours and theirs. [laughter]

KJ: Yes.  I’m so excited about seeing them live.  They are a good time.  I’m having a great time.

BL: Yeah because there’s something to be said for like…you know when you listen, whether it’s their minisode for thirty minutes or an hour and a half, you know it’s something that give you joy.  Even though they’re talking about murder.  I know this is something that’s going to give me joy.  That’s very much needed.

VA: For sure.

BL: Yay to Georgia and Karen.

VA: Yes!

BL: And Steven.

VA Steven!

KJ: I’ll get to him.

BL: You will get to him.  We’ll know because Kat will just DM us with Steven! [laughter]

VA: It’s funny because almost every male human in my family is named Steven.  Whether they were born into my family or married in, so it’s just really funny.  It’s like our family name.  Family holidays always had someone going Steven!  So it feels really extra special to me.

KJ: It feels like home.

VA: Yeah.  Just like you guys.

KJ: Alright, so we’re gonna let Bridget talk to Emily Andras now.

VA: Oooh.

BL: Yes, I have to go for an interview, sorry.

KJ: It’s alright.

VA: There are worse people to be left for.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: I said you guys could keep going without me.

VA: We would never!

KJ: No, no.  So I guess we’re gonna let…not I guess.  I know for a fact.  We’re gonna let Annie take us out.

BL: Since Kat doesn’t have Joey trained and I don’t have my dog Domer trained to bark us out like Elvis. [laughter]

KJ: No, my dog does not bark.

BL: Mine doesn’t either. 

KJ: Killing me.  Unless you’re murdering me and then recording it for a podcast.

BL: Oh, I know.  I always say someone could come in and murder us at 2 am and she would just be sitting on the couch.

KJ: Can I get you anything?

BL: What’s up?  Oh, you’re here.  OK.  [laughter]  That’s probably a Criminal Minds episode I’m not allowed to watch.  [laughter] 

VA: I know the last thing that we should say before we let Annie take us out.  Stay sexy.

VA, BL, KJ: And don’t get murdered.  [laughter]

VA: Goodbye!

BL: Goodbye!

KJ: Bye!

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[end podcast]