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Bridget Liszewski, Kat Jetson, and Valerie Anne take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

Bonus Episode 1 - ClexaCon Review Transcript

Jun 12, 2018

In our first bonus episode, we sat down to record what we thought was going to be a mini-episode but ended up being a full-sized bonus episode brimming with FEELINGS about ClexaCon, the multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies that took place in Las Vegas on April 5-9th, 2018.

These transcripts would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of our amazing listeners. Huge thanks once again to Liz for helping us out on this episode! Find her on twitter at @Earpnado.


Feminist Thrilljoys – Bonus Episode 1 – ClexaCon Review


BL = Bridget Liszewski

KJ = Kat Jetson

VA = Valerie Anne

/ indicates that two or more people are talking at the same time

VA: Welcome to Feminist Thrilljoys, a podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about the feminist-y things they love.  I’m one of your hosts, Valerie Anne.

BL: I’m Bridget Liszewski.

KJ: And I’m Kat Jetson.  Hello.

BL: Hello.

VA: And this is our ClexaCon mini episode. 

KJ: Yay!  Mini.  I hope it’s mini like…I like all my foods to be mini, like mini cupcakes, mini cookies, mini.  Mini things I just feel better about eating lots of mini things than I do about American sized foods.  That’s all. [laughter]

VA: That feels right.

KJ: Like Buncha Crunch.  Or anything that’s mini.  Mini sized candy.

VA: Yeah, like the snack sized. Yeah.

KJ: Yeah, so this is [singing] Snack Attack, Feminist Thrilljoys. [laughter]

BL: We’re gonna try to be brief.  That’s a note for myself/

KJ: /Lookit, I want to comment on that.

BL: Yeah, that’s a note for myself. [laughter]

KJ: Bridget’s husband Matt has called us out and just been like, “Yeah, right”.  And I am determined to win this little bet.  Even though he hasn’t bet any money or whatever.  I just want to be like “Look Matt/

BL: We did it/

KJ: /I like you after I’ve met you for five minutes, but look, we’re gonna do it.”

BL: Well I think we all wanted to do something for ClexaCon, and then with Kat’s move, and I was supposed to go to Toronto today, but like all the Canadians I know were like DO NOT come to Toronto today. [laughter] The icepocalypse is coming, it’s horrible.  They’re like, they’ve used the term historic, so I was like OK, all the Canadians are afraid, I’m not gonna go.  So then, you guys were nice enough.  I was like let’s record something, cause I just wanted to record something about ClexaCon really bad, so I’m glad we’re able to do this.

KJ: Right.

VA: I also like that Bridget’s note is we’re keeping it brief, and Bridget’s second note is an outline of the entire ClexaCon schedule.  [laughter] I love you Bridget.

BL: I don’t want to forget anything that I did.  I did so many great things, I’d feel bad if I shortchanged something.

KJ: That’s great, I’m gonna just live vicariously through Bridget’s outline, so.

BL: OK.  Although we did get to all be together multiple times at ClexaCon, which was nice, but…

VA: It was very nice.

BL: We were kind of separate from you Kat on a lot of stuff, so you might’ve saw stuff that we didn’t see.  Valerie and I were together a lot. 

KJ: I mean I saw my girlfriend. [laughter]  If I wasn’t with you, if you didn’t see me, I was likely with her.

VA: Having brunch.

KJ: Brunch, yeah. [laughter]  The first time we saw each other was the first night, and we saw each other in line, as one does, just waiting for badges.  There’s like a badge pickup party on, what was that?  Was that Friday?

BL: Thursday night.  I didn’t have that on the outline.  Look, I didn’t even have Thursday on the outline, that’s why we’re all thrown off.  [laughter]

KJ: Woahhh.  I remembered it because…can you please remind me of Sally from Fangirl Shirts, her wife’s name? Laura?

BL: Yes.

VA: Laura, yes.

KJ: Laura.  It’s a…it’s a special day because Laura made us these Feminist Thrilljoys bracelets, matching bracelets, with three lightning bolts on them.  The colors of our little logo…

VA: It was the best thing anyone’s ever given me.

BL: It was the nicest, most unexpected, just lovely from her heart gift.  We were like freaking out.

VA: Yeah.  We were not calm. [laughter]

KJ: You should see.  I’m packing to move across country.  It’s such an undertaking, but that little bracelet I have out.  It’s laid out on my desk so perfectly.  That is coming with me on the drive.  That’s not getting packed with all the other stuff.  There’s very few things coming with me on this drive except for a dog, a girlfriend, and some like, luggage.  But that bracelet was so special.

VA: It was so special.

KJ: A special shout out for the special gift.  So thank you, Laura.

BL: Laura’s actually making a whole bunch of cool bracelets like that for Fangirl Shirts for different shows and stuff.  I know they had them at their booth at ClexaCon, I don’t know yet if you can buy them on their website or not.

KJ: Oh.  Fangirl wrists. I like it. [laughter]

BL: I guess before, we should back up and just say, in case anyone doesn’t know, what ClexaCon is.  Maybe say what it was. 

KJ: Yeah.

BL: It was a convention that was held in Las Vegas from April 5th-9th, and it was all at the Tropicana Hotel there.  It was a multi-fandom even for LGBTQ women and allies. They were basically bringing together fans and content creators to celebrate positive representation for LGBTQ women in the media.

KJ: Do you know how many years this has gone on?

VA: This is the second one.  And they’ve doubled in size since last year. Bridget and I went last year and it was like much, much bigger this year.  It increased very quickly.  Which is very cool.

KJ: Was it the same venue?

VA: No, it was also in Las Vegas, but it was at Bally’s last year.  It was all kind of in one room.  That was kind of like sectioned off into littler rooms.  It was much, much smaller space-wise and attendee-wise.

BL: Yeah, you could just stroll into whatever you wanted to go to last year.  This year they had lines that were just wrapping around all over the place.

VA: The vendor hall was much bigger too, which was very cool.

KJ: Yeah.  It felt to me…I’ve been to only Comic-Con and DragonCon, but it felt like it was on the verge of heading toward even bigger next year.  Yeah.  So great for them.  And it felt…I won’t get into how it made me feel quite yet.  But, let’s go.  [laughter]

BL: So the first night we all quickly, we arrived on Thursday and we got to see each other quick.  The badge pickup party was kind of crazy, but I think all three of us got like special…we got to cut thankfully cause we all had press badges.  I heard someone said that that nightclub where they were having the party was expecting like 300 people, and like 1200 plus people showed up. [laughter]

VA: I can’t even imagine what it was like for the people who stayed inside.  We went in and out as fast as humanly possible, and it still took us like an hour.  So I can’t imagine what it was like to be just trying to dance and have this huge line of queers walking by. [laughter]

KJ: I waited in line.  I waited in line fully.  I was with friends that didn’t have badges…or they had badges, but not special badges.  I feel like an asshole just saying that, whatever.  You know what I’m saying.  So I hung out with them.  I also danced on a go-go box apparently, and I was sober, so.  [laughter]

VA: That’s amazing.

KJ: You’re welcome/

BL: /I think we got out of there as fast as we could. [laughter]  So that was the first night.  The first thing I did on Friday morning, which you guys didn’t do [laughter]

VA: Woah, woah, woah, shade!

KJ: Take it easy, take it easy.

BL: Was our friends at Fangirl Shirts, they organized a fun run that was for the True Colors Fund to help end LGBTQ homelessness.  I think we had like over 100 people there.  It was at 7:30 in the morning, so it was a little rough to get up.  But it was only the first day of the con, so we were all kind of pumped to go.  We ran from the hotel to the Las Vegas sign was about like halfway.  There was a lot of walkers too.  It was really nice, it was very low key and chill.  We all stopped halfway at the Las Vegas sign, we got pictures and did like a big group picture and then ran back.  It was really nice.  Sally and Rebecca from Fangirl Shirts did an awesome job organizing that.  It was a nice thing to kick off the con with, I felt like.  They ended up raising like over $4,000, so it was really cool.

VA: That’s amazing.

KJ: That is typical of so many of these positive fandoms.  Oh, we’re gonna do this thing, and also we’re donating money.  I love it.  It’s…c’mon.  C’mon. [laughter]

VA: Exactly.

BL: Every con I went to with Sally she tries to get me to run in the morning with her, and I refuse, so she kept joking “I organized this whole run so you would finally run with me at a con” [laughter]

VA: It worked.

KJ: That’s love.  7:30 am in Vegas is…

BL: It was beautiful though.

KJ: Very few people must see that view.

VA: I slept in and I helped Nic with her Valkyrie cosplay.  That’s what I did that morning.

BL: I think they might look into doing future runs at future cons.  If they do, I say get up and do it because it was a lot of fun and it was very cool.  And then you don’t feel as guilty for drinking all weekend. [laughter]

KJ: Or do you? [laughter]

BL: So, that was the first thing.  And then Valerie and I, the first panel that we went to of the whole con I think was actually again Fangirl Shirts were on a panel about queer lady business.  They were on a similar panel last year, it was really good.  I forget.  One of the other panelists was Christin Baker that runs Tello Films, and she is amazing.  And very entertaining to watch on a panel.

VA: The head of Tagg Magazine too was there.  That was very cool.

BL: Eboné Bell.

VA: Yeah.  That was a really interesting panel, I really liked it.  Even though, they talked about taxes a lot and I was still very entertained. [laughter]

KJ: Make you feel a little anxiety if you haven’t filled out your taxes yet.  [laughter]  Just a reminder.

BL: But yeah, that’s always a really good panel.  Super interesting.  That was the first thing we went to.

KJ: OK, I feel bad because I really am looking at this list.  But go on, go on with your rad selves because I didn’t do any of the stuff this day.  [laughter]  One thing I did, but go on.

VA: The next thing I guess we did according to Bridget’s lovely list here…all the days blurred together for me.  So for me it was just like one long really fun party, so I trust that this was Friday.  The Lost Girl cast panel, which had a bunch of the cast on it, and Emily Andras.  Which, I really liked watching her talk about Lost Girl because I haven’t ever seen her…I’ve never watched a Lost Girl panel that she was on.  I’ve seen a ton that she’s done for Wynonna Earp.  So for me it was very cool to see her kind of with them, and kind of fitting in with that vibe that I already knew the cast had, cause I had seen the cast themselves on panels, so that was really fun.

BL: Yeah, I thought that was interesting as well cause I’ve seen Zoie Palmer and Rachel Skarsten on a lot of panels, but I haven’t really seen Anna Silk that much.  It was just funny because we all know how Bo is from Lost Girl, so to see Anna Silk who is very like reserved, and she seems calm.  I mean what did they call her, like a sexy puppy or something? [laughter]  So it was just funny to watch her in relation to Zoie and Rachel, because they’re really crazy.

VA: Yeah, Zoie Palmer is always a riot.  Like I can’t get over how easy her dry humor is.  She’ll just drop one word out of nowhere, and has everyone dying laughing.  She’s so good, her timing is impeccable.

BL: And that’s where they announced that Anna Silk is going to be on Wynonna Earp this season as well, which was exciting.

VA: Mhmm, and her character was named after Kevin.

BL: Yeah, our friend Kevin.

VA: From Tales of the Black Badge

BL: And Buffy Earpers

KJ: Woah, woah woah woah woah.

BL: You don’t…Kat? [laughter]

KJ: Woah.  Woah woah woah.

BL: Breaking news here for Kat Jetson.

KJ: Yeah.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

BL: So Anna Silk announced that she was going to be on Wynonna Earp.

KJ: I love that you’re saying it slower. [laughter]  Sooooo.

BL: She filmed one day she said, so far.  Yeah, and she said she was playing a character named Kevin. We were all like ohh, oh.  I didn’t even make the connection.  I don’t think Kevin made the connection/

VA: /I didn’t either/

BL: /and then Emily had said to me yeah, after Kevin Bachelder.  And I was like [gasp] he’s gotta be dying!  And then later he said he didn’t realize it at first either, but he started getting all these tweets.  Then he was like oh my God!  Emily has confirmed to multiple people that she’s naming Anna Silk’s character after Kevin. 

KJ: Wow.

VA: That’s amazing.  And Bonnie jokes that the truck’s name is Bonnie. [laughter]

KJ: My goodness.  Wow.  OK. 

VA: And also that’s where the running joke of the rest of the con happened because, about brunch, because someone asked where they thought Bo and Lauren would be now.  And Anna Silk was like “I think that they would be having brunch”.  And Zoie Palmer was like “Is that what they’re calling it now?”.  And then she was like “Are you serious, in this crowd of people, you’re going to say brunch of all things?”, and so then she made it dirty instantly, Zoie Palmer.  And for the rest of the con people kept just really upping that game and talking about brunch.

KJ: Yeah.  See, what you’re saying.  One word.  Ha-ha-ha.

VA: So good.

BL: But yeah, that was a really good panel.  I feel like the Lost Girl cast is really similar to the Wynonna Earp cast.  They all get along really well, and they’re just like really fun and laid back. They were really into the work that they were doing. It was cool.  So then, we had, did you go to this one at least Kat, the Wynonna Earp panel?

KJ: No, I couldn’t.  I couldn’t get in, we couldn’t get in.

BL: Yeah, they had the Wynonna Earp cast panel then that night, which I moderated.

VA: Yeah you did!

BL: And everyone just kept saying – the line is huge, the line is huge!  And then they put me back…I just wanted to go into the room to see where I was supposed to go for the green room, and they just like left me back there.  And it was like 45 minutes before.  And I was like [gasp] I’m not sitting back here by myself and panicking for 45 minutes. [laughter]  They just kept saying the line is so big, and I just was like oh God.  I just was getting more and more nervous, so I ended up leaving [laughter] and going I think and hanging out in the line or something with some of our friends because it was making me very nervous.  We ended up having the panel, and was like packed house.  I think they said that room fit like 900, and they had people on the floor and everything, so it was probably like over a thousand.

VA: And they capped it.  They turned people away too, so yeah there was definitely like tons and tons of people who wanted to go that.

KJ: Next up, Hall H.

BL: Yeah.  It was pretty crazy.  When I was up on the stage, thankfully it was that whole thing where you can’t really see back into the back because of the lights.  So Valerie was sitting right in the front row, and I just kept staring at Valerie, and I kept staring at Allison Baker from IDW, because she was like on the floor trying to take pictures.  I was like, if I ask something or mess something up, Allison’s going to give me the nooo, or don’t talk about this.  So I just kept looking at those two, and I was OK.

VA: I also was watching Allison Baker.  She was taking pictures, but she kept like ninja rolling across to get to another position.  It was very entertaining for me.  But yeah, I kept trying to give Bridget really encouraging smiles.

BL: You did a wonderful job/

VA: /Because she looked a little nervous at first when she got up there/

BL: /I was.  Well usually, whenever I moderated, they always sat me right by Emily.  And so we’ll sit and talk.  We’ll talk during the panel, where do we want to go next or whatever.  They put her way at the opposite end of me.  I was like you’re putting my security blanket way down there. [laughter]

VA: Well you did a great job.  I thought it was a really great panel, it’s very obvious that you made everyone up there very comfortable, and you asked some great questions.

BL: Thank you.  I told them they did a really good job of giving us like no information about season three. [laughter]

VA: It’s true. They did successfully not give us any information.

BL: We know it’s going to make the straightest show out there look gay, or something.  I forget what Emily said. It’s going to be even gayer in season three.  That’s about it.  And that Anna Silk’s playing Kevin. So that’s all we know.

KJ: Also, people were so concerned about, I know this was not talked about in this panel, but…no need to worry about Nicole and Waverly.  She was like everyone calm down.

VA: Yeah, they mentioned on the panel that they kind of start out the season where they’re kind of settled into their relationship so you get to see them doing just kind of cute things together.  So they’re just kind of established girlfriends, and then they’re also doing all the Purgatory things they do.  So that should be interesting, to see them work alongside each other.

BL: Yeah, so.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: So that was fun.  And then I could actually relax when that was done. [laughter]  But then we three were lucky enough to be invited to a dinner that night by SYFY and IDW.  So we got to go to dinner with Dominique, Kat Barrell, and Emily Andras to some restaurant at the MGM.  I don’t know, it was delicious.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: Yeah.  That was amazing/

BL: /We got to go and just like, hangout.  Yeah, it was really nice. 

VA: I still can’t believe that it happened.  It was so wonderful.

KJ: It was adorable to look over at Valerie just smiling because she was sitting across from Dominique, and she was like [imitating fangirling over Dominique] Hi, hi.

VA: [suddenly speaking faster] We had a really great conversation, I just had a really great time talking to her and everyone keeps making fun of me for enjoying our conversation so much.

BL: I’m not making fun of you, I kept looking at you like oh, I’m so glad Valerie’s having such a good time. [laughter]

VA: I was!  I felt like Dominique and I had a lot in common.  I wasn’t expecting it.  I was expecting to be nervous the entire time.  I was expecting to like, feel like I was trying to impress them the whole time.  But Dominique has a very calming presence, and as soon as she’s talking to you, it’s like oh.  I am having a conversation with her.  All the awkwardness is gone.  She’s just so easy to talk to.  So instantly I was more relaxed.  And then I had Emily on one side of me just cracking jokes left and right.  It was a really nice dinner, and it was nice to be able to like look at these people in the face and say thank you for what you do, and then just enjoy a night with them.  And also, with you guys.  You guys made me also feel very comfortable, because I’m obviously comfortable with you.  So having you there felt very cool to share this awesome experience I was having. 

KJ: I love on your side of the table, you were thanking them for all they do.  And I was talking to Kat Barrell about dogs and the gloriousness of foam beds. I forgot to thank her. [laughter]

VA: It was funny because Dom and I were having a serious conversation about representation and blah blah blah, and then we both shoved a dumpling in our mouth and it was too hot, and then it was all downhill from there.  We were just laughing.  I remember at one point Kat I think you looked over and were like are you guys OK?  What’s wrong with you?  Cause we were just like laughing with dumplings in our mouths.  [laughter]  Then after that, there was no more serious conversation, and it was all just fun from there.

BL: Don’t worry Kat, Emily Andras and I were just picking out drinks based on their names at the other end of the table, so we were not having a serious conversation either.  [laughter]

KJ: Yeah, yeah.  Also, Dominique was talking about her Start the Wave initiative.  She got a chance to discuss that.  I caught a little bit of that.  It was so nice to look over at her and see the joy that she felt about this initiative.  Even Kat, so supportive.  She was like Dominique could tell you more about this. She was so excited for her as well.  If you don’t know, you could just follow Dominique’s initiative Start the Wave on Twitter, and it’s also on Instagram.

VA: Yeah, it’s a very cool thing she’s doing, and she’s very excited about it.  Her enthusiasm is quite contagious.

KJ: She’s already bubbly.  She just got bubbly-er-er. [laughter] I mean that in a nice way, not like, I’m not putting her down.  No.  Never.  I would never put her down, she’s lovely.

VA: Yeah, but thank you to everyone who invited us to that.  That was a very, very, very cool experience.  Also that’s where Allison Baker gave me the hot tip that the more alcohol you drink the less likely you are to get sick after a con.  So Bridget and I had beer for lunch every day after that.  [laughter] I feel great.

BL: It is working so far, so thank you Allison. 

KJ: Right.  And then after that we all met up at this one place, this one sort of bar in our hotel.  I felt like that was the meeting place for everybody.

VA: Yeah, I kept calling it our Shorty’s.  Cause we all just defaulted back there every night.

KJ: We did!  We did.  That was super fun to see a lot of our friends that we’ve met online that we got to meet in person for the first time, some of us.  Some of us that we’ve already been hanging out with, just to hang out. 

BL: The thing that’s always surprising is like…you talk to these people online all the time, a lot of them.  And you’re like I feel like I know them, whatever.  You always worry it’s going to be weird when you actually meet in person.  It never has been yet with Earpers.  It’s just like everybody just picks up like we’re all friends forever. 

KJ: Mhmm.  It does feel very natural.  It does not feel for one moment that we have not ever met.  There’s something really special about that.

VA: I agree.

KJ: Yeah.  Felt good.  Felt good.  Felt…comfortable.  And that’s pretty rare to feel comfortable with a lot of people.  Especially, I’m speaking personally, it’s hard for me to feel comfortable with a lot of people all at once, so.  Yay!

VA: Yay, indeed.

BL:. So that was Friday.  I feel like Matt’s gonna win this bet.  [laughter]

KJ: I just looked at the time!  I just looked at the time.  [laughter]

BL: We haven’t even gotten to like, my feelings yet.  It’s OK.  [laughter]

KJ: Clearly, you don’t need to write anything, we just need Bridget to bullet point, and we can piggy back on her points.

BL: Yes.  So Saturday morning, Valerie and I started the day.  We went to the One Day at a Time panel, which they basically had us crying almost like from the beginning.  ClexaCon had really good fan videos before each of the main panels, so the One Day at a Time one that they did, I think like all of us were crying.

VA: It was rude, frankly.  [laughter] Good morning!  Here are some tears.  Great.

BL: Yeah, it was only 10 am, and we were all crying.  [laughter] But it was a really good panel.  It had the co-showrunners, Mike Royce and Gloria Calderon Kellett, and then it had Isabella Gomez who plays Elena.

VA: I still can’t get over how well-spoken Isabella Gomez is.  She was so charming and so intelligent and just so much fun to watch.  I kept asking Bridget, how is this infant so eloquent?  How old is she?  [laughter] She’s 20 years old, but you know, don’t underestimate kids, you know?  She was so good.

BL: It was so good too because they really talked about…cause you know that show does so much with queer storylines, they have the veteran storyline, they do all the Latina representation, and they were just talking about the personal places that the stories came from.  Obviously Gloria’s family is…I think, did she say they were from Cuba as well?  That might be wrong.  And then Mike Royce’s daughter was coming out to him.  She was in college and she was coming out right at the same time as they were writing the stuff in the first season.  He was saying how important it was to him to get the storyline right because he wanted to do it for his daughter.  It was just really, it was very emotional.

VA: Yeah, it was great.  It was a great panel.

BL: And Valerie had made fun of me before the con because I was like I really want to meet or say hi to Mike Royce.  And she was like OK, he’s like a straight white guy.  Cause I was like he made this show that I loved years ago called Enlisted, it was a comedy on Fox on Friday nights.  It was about three brothers…and she was like OK, Bridget, you’re talking about a straight white guy with a show with three white guys, you’re not selling  me here. [laughter]

VA: I was not sold.  [laughter]  I was like you do you Bridget, but I don’t know/

BL: /I was like no, he’s really great. 

VA: But then I saw him talk on this panel, and he was very…he even said, was it him that said the more woke I am the more asleep I feel, or something like that?  He was like, he’s aware of his privilege and very, very willing to learn and listen.  He spoke about that in a very cool way.  So I was sold after that.

KJ: Whoever said that, if he said that or someone else…I feel, actually the same way and that was something I was going to talk about later on.  You know, an hour into our podcast, but sure.  [laughter]

BL: Yeah he said something that as they realized, like the more that they learn….cause they were talking about introducing the non-binary character and stuff, and they were just saying the more that they learn that they realize that there is that they have to learn.  So, yeah, but I cornered him after one of the other panels and I was like I’m Bridget I used to love you on Enlisted, and he remembered me.  So that was like one of the highlights of my con.  [laughter]  Said hi to Mike Royce and he actually remembered who I was.  [laughter] So that panel was awesome.  And then I left.  This is where Valerie and I actually split up.

VA: It was hard.

BL: It was.  [laughter] Valerie went to the…what panel was it, Legends of Tomorrow, right?

VA: I don’t remember if that one was Legends, or if that was the LGBTQ actress panel.  I think it was the LGBTQ actress…oh yeah, Legends wasn’t until Sunday because Caity was only there that one day.  Yeah, so you left.  I stayed for the LGBTQ actress in the media panel.  That was also very cool.  It was about being out in the industry and how that had affected the roles that they’ve gotten and the way that they’ve been treated.  They all had such different experiences, but also some similar ones.  It was very cool to watch.  I got to meet Steph Beatriz briefly and Nicole Pacent in the back room, in the press room.  In the backroom, I just met them in a back room somewhere.  [laughter]  I got to meet them briefly in the press room.  They were very nice, and that was a very cool experience.

BL: Yeah, I heard that panel was really good.  A lot of people mentioned that one. 

VA: Yup.  Cried.  It was fine, I was just crying at every panel that day apparently.

BL: All the feature panels on are ClexaCon’s YouTube channel too, if anyone wants to go and watch these, we should say.

KJ: I would like to say in the middle of all of this…many months ago, half a year ago or more.  More than half a year ago, when Bridget and I first met, one of the first things she asked me, she asked if I was going to ClexaCon.  I was like I don’t even know what that is.  She explained to me, and then I was like I don’t know, I can’t plan my life like that.  It was just a maybe, whatever.  And then as time got closer and closer I realized a lot of my online friends who are now my actual real friends were going, and you know I did it.  I just wanted to say I’m so thankful for Bridget for even bringing this up.  I think this is such an important, powerful con.  I feel so lucky, even though I didn’t participate in a lot of it.  I couldn’t get to a lot of stuff.  I don’t even watch that much TV, as everyone who listens to our podcast knows.  But I felt…I know we said we weren’t getting about feelings, but…

BL: Let em out.

KJ: I felt so safe, and so comfortable.  Everything just felt so natural and full of love, and yeah.  Thanks to Bridget for even saying the word ClexaCon, cause now that’s…half of my vocabulary now is ClexaCon, especially after this weekend.  And if you weren’t able to go this year for whatever reason, understood, you know it’s an expensive weekend.  Like Bridget said, so many of these panels are online, I hope that makes you feel something.  Like you’re part something because yeah, really special.

VA: It really is.  It’s a very, very special experience.

BL: I selfishly just wanted to hang out with you Kat.  [laughter]

KJ: Awww. You did.  For a little bit.  That’s not to make anyone feel bad about missing it, that’s not it.  I just wanted to say that it felt…if you’re thinking about it, if you’re considering it.  I felt so good for three days.

BL: Even if you’re like I don’t have anyone to go with, I would say still go.  I know the con has a lot of things they especially did this year for people who were coming by themselves, and had speed friending.  We kept reminiscing about this over the weekend, one of our really good friends Callie, is a Boston Earper and we met her at ClexaCon.  She came the first year by herself, didn’t know anyone, and we ended up meeting her at the Autostraddle meetup, and she’s like one of our best friends now.  If she wasn’t brave enough to come by her own and just do it, we would never be friends. 

VA: I remember when we first met her and she told us that she came by herself.  I was like damn, girl!  That’s amazing.  That’s so brave and bold, and I love it.  She has a really funny story about how she was afraid to approach a group of us.  She would wait until any one of us was alone and approach.  Stalking us like a lion waiting for a gazelle to come off the group.  [laughter]  And listening to her tell the story is very funny.  So that’s one tactic you could do to make new friends.  But, it worked out.  Cause like Bridget said she’s one of our closest friends.

KJ: What a tactic! [laughter]

VA: It’s so funny.

KJ: Very specific tactic.

VA: Yeah, I loved it.  It made me so happy that she had a whole plan for how to make new friends.  But it worked! 

BL: It did work.

VA: So, props to her for that.

BL: I talked to a lot of people this year that actually had said they came alone too, and they said they were having a great time and had met people and stuff, so multiple success stories about that.

VA: Especially because you’re standing in line so much, and you’re standing in line for something you both love so you already have this one automatic thing you have in common is this show you’re standing in line for.  So just talk to people, you know.

KJ: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

BL: But I left Valerie because I went to…they had a smaller panel about allies in the media that the Carmilla producer, Steph Ouaknine had put together.  She had two other journalists on it, August McLaughlin and Chloe Tse, I think that’s her name.  I’m sorry, probably mispronouncing it.  But then Gloria and Mike Royce from One Day at a Time came and sat on the panel as well.  But it was just really, really informative.  They were just talking about the need for allies to create spaces for queer voices and like, you know, just changing how we talk about things in stories.  It was very informative for me, I wanted to make sure to go to that one.  Steph put on a really good panel.  I actually met her, we had talked a little online.  I met her at the Fangirls shirts Fun Run because she was also doing a documentary, helping with a documentary about the con.  We had a good time, we’re both Lena Luthor lovers, so we had a good time fangirling over Lena.  [laughter]

VA: Yeah, I ran into her a bunch.  ClexaCon had this cool things where they blocked off two rows in the front side for press.  So that we could get good pictures and stuff.  I kept running into her there.  She’s so nice and funny.  She’s a very cool person.  I was glad that she was there. 

KJ: Yeah.  I watched her drink at a bar one night, and I was like [sadly] I would like to say hi to her, but I was like I didn’t want to bother her.  [laughter]

VA: Awww.

BL: That doesn’t sound creepy at all Kat, it’s OK.  [laughter]

KJ: No, I just wanted to be nice.

BL: [imitating a creeper Kat] I watched her drink at a bar.

KJ: [pretending to talk to Steph] Oooohh, thank you for Carmilla.  I wanted to just thank her for Carmilla.  You know I love Carmilla

BL: I know!  I would say next time definitely just tell her.  She was very lovely.  Our paths have crossed online a lot, and I interviewed her once but we had never met in person.  So it was really nice to just meet her in person.

KJ: I will next time.  I won’t just watch her drink.  I was trying to be respectful.  You know sometimes you don’t want to bother someone, just like hey…

BL: I know, I’m just giving you crap.  [laughter]

KJ: Also I would like to bring up Saturday, this has nothing to do with a panel, but Saturday was the day I finally, one second, met Natasha Negovanlis. 

BL: Ohhh, what?

VA: Yay!

KJ: No, I just got a photo with her and Dominique.  It was a photo op.  It was me, my girlfriend, and another Earper that we just threw in there.  Just for fun. 

BL: That was the kung fu photo, right?

KJ: It was.  My brilliant idea, because I had one but then I nixed it.  Just one second before, I was like hey, can we all do kung fu?  They were just like…OK.  So, wooo!  I don’t really do those photo op things, I’ve only done one other one.  I just thought it was funny, I don’t know.

VA: It was a very cute photo, I liked it.

BL: It was.

KJ: Thanks.  Thanks for saying so.

VA: I somehow didn’t see Natasha at all the whole con.

BL: Yeah, I never saw the Carmilla girls.

VA: I saw Elise walk by me one time.  I was like oh, where’s Natasha?  I hadn’t seen them.  Which is very…usually I end up running into them at some point during a con, but. 

KJ: I saw them going into the elevator, but going into the wrong elevator.  [laughter] They seemed exhausted.   I mean everyone on these panels and all these people that showed up must be so exhausted, so I didn’t want to be you know, whatever.  Just let them be.  Just let them figure out how to get to their hotel room on their own. 

BL: Saturday, I felt like I went to panels all day.  People kept saying “I haven’t seen you!”, and I was like I feel like I’m super busy, but I don’t know with what.  I think we literally just sat in panels all day.  It was so great.  But because of that I think I missed some of our friends, Cat Zimm, Reese, and Emma.  They dressed up.  They did cosplay actually of Bonnie, Kevin, and I.  Bonnie and Kevin have the Whiskey & Doughnuts hangout after every Wynonna Earp, and we get onto these hangouts.  They dressed up as us.  I’ve never had anyone cosplay as me before, so that was hilarious.

KJ: Can you even.  Bridget. [laughter]

BL: And Reese was me, and he had my running hat and my earbuds that I run in.  And I saw him earlier, and he was wearing a Dani Fucking Kind shirt, and I didn’t even know.  I just saw him and was like Dani Fucking Kind!  The whole con any time I saw someone wearing a Dani Fucking Kind shirt, I just yelled at them.

VA: People yelled that at us too.  Whenever people walked by sometimes people would be like Feminist Thrilljoys!  Every once in awhile someone would just go Dani Fucking Kind!  Like it was our battle cry.  I loved it.

KJ: I loved it.

BL: There were so many Dani Fucking Kind shirts, it was amazing.

KJ: She was with us.

BL: But I saw Reese and I was just like oh, he’s wearing a Dani Kind shirt.  And here it was part of his cosplay as me, so it was hilarious.

KJ: I just…I’m blown away for you.

BL: I know.  And then I felt bad because I never saw them in person.  I saw the pictures and stuff, but I was in the panels all day.  So I feel bad.  It was amazing.  Cat Zimm was wearing a bald cap to be Kevin, it was hilarious. [laughter]

KJ: Cat was the one that was vacation Nedley, right?

VA: Yup.  [laughter]

BL: And on Sunday she was…sorry, go ahead.

VA: She was spa Rosita, so she had a bathrobe, she had some champagne.  She memorized the whole speech about if everything was perfect we wouldn’t have champagne.  No magic.  And she performed the speech to anyone who asked for it.  [laughter] Wonderful. 

BL: Yeah, we were with her when she went up to get her autograph from Tamara Duarte, and Tamara was like dying.  So it was funny.

KJ: Beautiful.

VA: And then Tamara wrote on her autograph ‘let’s hot tub’ or something.  Cat saw it, as she was like two feet away from the table and just screamed, and then we looked back and Tamara was just laughing hysterically at her.  It was so cute.  It was a very nice moment, I was glad we witnessed it.

BL: Yeah.  I will say, there was a lot of talk…cause I didn’t do autographs or photos…about I think they might’ve overbooked some of the times or whatever.  The thing that was so impressive was even on the last day, the Wynonna Earp girls had such a long line for autographs.  And they had been there the whole three days.  So like Caity Lotz and Chyler Leigh, I was like they’re only here one day, everyone was trying to get their autographs.  It just blew me away that people were still in these huge lines for Kat Barrell, and Dominique, and Emily, and Tamara on the last day.  I think it just shows how genuine they are, and the interactions that they give to fans that people are still…

KJ: And they refuse, like I’ve only waited in line once and I was with a friend to just watch an experience.  They refuse to just “hi” or “thanks”…they look up, they engage, they…so giving.  I mean Emily even tweeted about this, that they really gave so much.  Tamara is pregnant, so…very pregnant.  And for them to give so much, they really are.  What a fucking rad fandom.  But, go on.

BL: No, I just wanted to call them out specifically.  I mean, we’re obviously biased for Wynonna Earp on this podcast.  It was just impressive again to see how amazing they were.  I mean we felt it all at the dinner we went to like Valerie was talking about.  I don’t think they know any other…they couldn’t not be genuine if they tried.  They’re just so lovely.  It was really cool to see even on the third day how long their lines were.

KJ: And even knowing that, it’s still surprising.  Do you know what I’m saying?

BL: Yeah.

KJ: Because this keeps getting bigger and bigger, and there’s more and more interest in the show, so.

BL: Well, and they’ve been to so many cons.  So you think, well these people have seen them multiple times already do they really want to wait in this line to talk to them again.  But they make that interaction so genuine that people want to make sure to see them again/

KJ: /The answer is yes.

BL: Mhmm.  That was just cool.

VA: Alright, we still have a day and a half left to get through.

KJ: Forty five minutes.

BL: You win, Matt.  You win.

VA: So next up was the Black Lightning panel.  It was not really a panel, it was just Nafessa Williams on stage, but it was awesome.  She was very fun to watch.  She’s super pumped about playing a bullet proof black lesbian superhero.  And I’m very pumped she’s playing a bullet proof black lesbian superhero. [laughter]

BL: Yes.

VA: So that was a very cool thing to watch.  She unfortunately also couldn’t spoil us on things, like if her girlfriend Grace is ever coming back.  She was very coy about answering our questions.  She just seemed like she was having a lot of fun, and I think this is one of…I don’t think she’s done that many cons yet for Thunder.  So it seemed like she was really having fun, so I hope she was.  And I hope she’ll come back because I think that character is very important.  And I think that that show is very fun and very different from the other CW shows, so I think it deserves it’s time in the spotlight.  Also I was with Nic when she met her, she went up to get an autograph.  She was standing on the other side of the table, so she didn’t even have to talk over the table at people.  She was just like getting up, getting selfies with people.  She was very nice.  She told Nic she smelled good.  She was very kind, and also very giving of herself during that time.

BL: Nic didn’t pass out?

VA: I was very proud of her.  She did not pass out.  Even though Nafessa is one of the most attractive people I’ve seen with my eyes.  She looks…like you’re looking at her, you’re standing a foot away from her, and you’re like is she somehow photoshopped right now. [laughter]  So beautiful. 

KJ: Real live photoshop.

VA: Yeah, I was like what kind of filter is she using on my eyeballs right now? [laughter]  She’s very beautiful.  [laughter]

KJ: Oh, that is the future, and you just laid it out for us.

BL: So then you went to…where was I?  I must’ve went to something at this time…but go on.

VA: I don’t know.  I only went to this briefly.  You were still in line.  I just ran into this one.  You were holding my bag.  [laughter]  Because/

KJ: /Wow.

VA: I really wanted to go to the Chyler Leigh panel, but the Root and Shaw Person of Interest reunion panel was right before it, so I asked one of the volunteers, who was very sweet, let me just kind of run into the press row and like sit there to take a few pictures and run back out.  But what I did see of that panel was great. Those two, Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi, have such great chemistry with each other.  They seem like they genuinely like each other.  So they were just having a lot of fun, just kind of goofing around.  It’s always nice when…same with Lost Girl, even Carmilla…it’s nice when shows have been over, and these actors could leave the characters behind and never go talk about them again and move on and want to move on, but they are showing up at these things cause they know that it’s important to the fans and they seem to genuinely enjoy it.

KJ: I think they sense the responsibility, and basically feed off of it, so yes.  Yes.  And people in this community are so dedicated, like you’ve got fans for life. 

VA: You sure do.

KJ: If you even just pretend to be gay.  If there’s like…they could be [gasp] they’re my favorite!  Because people are so starved for that representation and positivity, so when it’s done well, yeah, you’re going to have fans for life.  So why not revel in that?

BL: That’s what Chyler Leigh joked about that.  She didn’t know Alex was going to be gay, but she had said that she wore like a flannel one time in season one and everyone was like she’s gonna be gay! [laughter]

KJ: My people!

BL: She’s like I didn’t know it.  And they’re like, well we knew it. [laughter]

VA: And that’s a good transition, cause that was the next panel we went to, Chyler Leigh.  Again, it wasn’t really a panel, it was just her alone.  She is…I think of panels…Bridget are you laughing at me already? [laughter] I think of all the panels that we went to, I think that hers was my favorite panel.  She just was so/

BL: /It was very good.

VA: Alex Danvers is so important to her, and we are so important to her. And it’s very obvious.  She was crying, and I was crying, and she sang us a lullaby that she sings to her daughter.

BL: I cried.  I cried then.

VA: It was like a very transformative experience to watch Chyler Leigh talk about Alex Danvers for 45 minutes.

BL: And she was just so passionate.  She would get asked a very simple, brief question, and just the way that she really thought about how she wanted to answer it.  It was just so from her heart, her answers.  And she just like gave full in depth…you can tell, like you said, how important it is to her and the responsibility she feels in playing Alex.

VA: And she was also just so generous with her stories.  She’d be answering one question, she’d go “Commercial break!”, and then tell a whole side tangent.  And then go “Wait, another commercial break!”, and go on another tangent.  She wanted to tell us all the things she loved about the show, she wanted to tell us these fun stories.  She wanted to share the joy that she has with us.  And she wanted to share the heartbreak that she felt for losing Sanvers the same way the fans felt it.  She was very honest and open about how she understands why it hurt and how it hurts and that she hurts…it hurt for her too.  She said she fights for us and for the representation, and she said that she made the writers promise her that if Alex was gonna get another girlfriend it was gonna be for good.  That it wasn’t gonna be a like, half a season fling or something that would hurt the fans because…she explained that it was beyond their control in a lot of ways.  There’s a lot of behind the scenes things that they didn’t have control over, but she said that she wants to make sure that there’s plenty of time to play a story out if that’s what’s going to happen next.  She made them promise that they wouldn’t hurt us so soon. 

BL: Yeah, that whole conversation about Sanvers felt like, very cathartic.  It feels like it was her first chance almost, to really address it.  She’s done a few interviews and stuff, but this was the first time she could really let all of us in about how Sanvers and all of that hurt her just as much as it hurt the rest of us.  And it was really a very healing…it was like we were all friends talking about this breakup and how it affected her as much as us.  Yeah, it was very, very powerful.  And I just think that’s why events like ClexaCon are so awesome.  I don’t think you would…I don’t know.  I feel like the people on the CW do interviews a lot, but it’s always more with the big mainstream sites.  It just felt like we hadn’t heard Chyler Leigh actually talk about this part of Alex as in depth as she did at the panel.

VA: I agree.  And also she’s beautiful. [laughter] 

BL: And also I was glad she was as wonderful as Valerie wanted her to be, cause I was like…[laughter]

VA: Thanks.  [fangirl voice] I just love her so much!  I didn’t even get in her autograph line because I was nervous about it.  Even though I’ve met her once before.  But she’s just…she just feels like this higher being that I don’t want to jinx it by getting in her light too many times.  I don’t know.  I don’t know what it is.  I respect her as an actress and a person very, very, very much.  And an ally especially.

BL: So we started crying at One Day at a Time in the morning and then we ended up crying more.  So it was a lot of crying.  [laughter] And then that night was the big Carmilla panel which we didn’t end up going to.  Because our friend Sally was published as an author.  She got selected by ClexaCon.  They had this contest with Sapphire Books and her story got selected and she got published, so I felt like it was important to go/

KJ: /that’s rad/

BL: /Support Sally.  So, we went to that instead.

VA: Also, there’s no way we would’ve gotten into that, because it was right after the Chyler Leigh panel, and the line was out the door, but yes.  Especially Sally.

BL: So, that was our Saturday.

KJ: I did watch that Hollstein one on YouTube.  So, it was fun.

BL: I watched it too, after the fact.  It was a good one.

KJ: That’s all.  That’s all I have to add about that.  [laughter]

BL: Then, so Sunday.  The last day.  We started…oh no, this is where Valerie left me to go to Legends of Tomorrow, so I’ll let her talk about it.

KJ: [singing] Legends of Tomorrowwwww. [laughter]  I don’t know.  I just felt like singing that.

VA: Yeah, that panel was also really great.  It was Caity Lotz and Maisie talking about their characters Sara Lance and Amaya from Legends of Tomorrow.  It’s cool because Sara Lance is a queer character and Maisie is queer in real life, so they both had very different kind of experiences to share and talk about.  That show is so fun, and they seem like they have a lot of fun.  They were making fun of how Maisie has to touch her necklace and pretend an animal is jumping out of her chest, but when they’re actually filming it nothing is happening.  She was like, they make fun of me a lot.  Caity Lotz was like mimicking that ridiculous motion. They seem like they have a lot of fun together.  It’s really nice, because we have a lot of fun watching this show.  But they talked a lot about like, bisexual representation and queer representation.  I don’t know.  That was a really fun panel, I liked it a lot.

BL: Yeah, I watched that one after the fact.  It was really good.  The girl that moderated it was a lot of fun.  You could tell she was a really big fan too.

VA: Yes, for sure, for sure.

BL: I didn’t go to that because I went to Kat’s panel about empowerment through fandom.  That was really lovely.

KJ: Yeah, it was so nice.  Bridget and Kevin and Bonnie were right in the front row, and I kind of kept….it was the first panel I’ve ever been on, so I was extremely nervous.  And also just nervous about the content, which is really important to me.  I obviously have strong feelings about fandom and how people get made fun of a lot for liking a television show so much, or whatever.  So I felt like I had my rock over there, and those three humans were sitting and cheering me on.  I did that panel with Sally from Fangirl shirts, B Dailey, and it was moderated by Danielle, @angstynerd.  And yeah, I got to get some stuff out.  I got to cry, I got to make Bridget cry, I guess.  One of the great things was a new friend of mine, when I was talking about the article I wrote for Hollywood Reporter, she didn’t know that was me.  And she said that…it was the feminist article I wrote, the Wynonna Earp feminist article.  She said she didn’t know it was me, and she wasn’t even on Twitter beforehand, but she had found out about that article and started watching Wynonna Earp because of that…and then ended up meeting her now girlfriend, so it was just really sweet.  She kind of freaked out during that little panel.

BL: Awww.

KJ: And that made me feel really good, obviously.

BL: That’s lovely.

VA: I love that.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: That panel was so good.  That was like, one of the highlights, I think of the whole weekend was that panel.  And I think Kevin recorded it/

KJ: /He did.  He’s working on it now.

BL: Yeah, he’s gonna have it available on Tales of the Black Badge I think.  Because you guys…well all three of you are Earpers, so a lot of the talk turned into the Wynonna Earp fandom. 

KJ: It sure did. [laughter] It was Buffy and Wynonna Earp mostly.  So that was really nice of Kevin.  He asked me and I’m like, no.  He’s like are you sure, I’m like yes, do it.  So thank you to Kevin, and thank you for everyone who showed up at that.  Yeah, I was really nervous.  It was so nice to see faces, there were people nodding in unison over some things that were said.  Not just me of course.  Other people on the panel had really powerful things to share and discuss.  I loved it.

BL: Yeah, Sally had me sobbing, and then I finally had recovered from Sally making me cry and then you were making me cry.  I was like AH.  [laughter]

VA: Aww.

BL: You had a whole other fan section on the other side of the room too, so.

KJ: I did, I did.  Yeah, it was hard for me to look to the left because there was something blocking me.  There was a big tall thing blocking me, so yeah.  That’s probably best.  A lot of musicians, they say that they look at a light in the back of the audience.  They’re not even looking at the audience.  That’s how I felt at some point.  I just looked all the way to the back of the room.  Or at Bridget, Bonnie, and Kevin.  [laughter] 

BL: That was me looking at Valerie in the Wynonna Earp panel, so I feel it.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: But it was great, so everyone should listen when that comes out.  Like you said, I think being in fandom is something we can feel embarrassed about.  Like I know I’ll go to a party or something with people, and they’ll be like you do all of this because of a TV show?  And then you explain what the crazy TV show is, and that it’s about demon hunting and blah blah blah, and they just don’t get it.  I used to feel that way even saying that I watched Buffy, I used to feel embarrassed to say that.  It was just nice to highlight all of the awesomeness that comes out of being in fandom.

KJ: Think about the two things that you say.  Even literally  just last week when I got back, someone was just like, oh was this an Earp thing?  I was like c’mon man, don’t be like that.  People don’t even realize how much that kind of hurts.  It’s like I just wanna be like, oh is this like a stoner thing for you?  I don’t know, do you make fun of….oh, is this a drinking thing for you?  People do whatever to make them happy.

VA: I’m going to start asking people, oh is this like a straight person thing? [laughter]

KJ: Oh, are you a breeder? [laughter]  Yeah.  Anyhow. 

BL: So that was then, and then I reunited with Valerie and we went to the Doccubus and Valkubus Lost Girl panel.  Did I go to…I went to that with you, right?

VA: Yeah.

KJ: Woah, woah, woah.  What is this?  It sounds like Doc Holliday and Valkyrie or something. [laughter]

VA: No, it’s from Lost Girl.  It’s Bo, Lauren, and Tamsin. 

BL: It’s their ship names.

VA: Doc and succubus and Valkyrie succubus were the smooshes.

KJ: I thought this was something to do with Tessa Thompson and Tim Rozon. [laughter]

VA: I mean, I would watch a panel with those two on it.  That would be ridiculous.

KJ: Wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t you just…Tim Rozon and Tessa Thompson.  Just on a stage together.  Oh my God. [Bridget laughing as Kat speaks]

BL: [still laughing] But Tim Rozon has to talk in Doc Holliday…has to be as Doc Holliday. [laughter]

VA: And Tessa Thompson has to be in character as Valkyrie. 

KJ: How complicated.

BL: But yeah, that panel was really good.  Like we said, Zoie and Rachel were crazy again, and Anna was again nice and calm. 

VA: My favorite part of that panel was when they were recreated what it was like for them to get their chi sucked.  And they were like standing there with their mouths hanging slack like ahhhh.  It was really funny.  They were just goofing around on the stage.  They have a lot of fun.

BL: Yeah, so that was a good one.  Then we had our panel, the Wynonna Earp fan panel, which was insane.  Valerie moderated it, then it was Kevin and Bonnie, the girls from Fangirls shirts Sally and Rebecca, and Diana Benitez, who is an awesome fan artist.  I think Bonnie and I went to the bathroom before the panel.  We’re like we’re gonna run and go to the bathroom, and we’re walking back down to the room and there was this huge line.  We’re like what is this line for?  We thought it was for whatever was in the main hall at the time, cause I think it was Shethority or something.  So we’re like oh, this is Chyler Leigh and Caity are on a panel, it’s gotta be for them.  And they’re like, no, we’re all waiting for you guys.  We were like…what?

KJ: This is the only panel I went to, was your panel.  This is the only one I got to.

BL: I’m so honored.  You stopped brunching to come to our panel.  [laughter] I’m just kidding.

KJ: I legit, I was like no joke.  This is the panel that I must make, and so, yeah.  I brought my friends, and I was like we’re here for this panel.

BL: And you barely made it, you were standing in the back, cause it was so packed.

VA: Some people tweeted that they couldn’t get/

KJ: /No, they couldn’t.  Krystal couldn’t get in.  They noped her at the door.

BL: Oh my gosh, do they know that she’s THE Scary Krystal?  C’mon.

KJ: I know!

BL: Clearly they didn’t.

VA: That was wild and awesome.  That was a very cool experience to have so many Earpers in the room.  We kind of opened the conversation to them.  I think we had a really good discussion.  I always get nervous about moderating a panel.  This is the only one I’ve moderated.  This one at ClexaCon last year, and this one this year.  But this group of people is so easy to moderate.  I just have to ask a three word question and they go off running with it.  So it’s a good group of humans.

KJ: Definitely/

BL: /It was very cute.  Kevin got emotional, which was cute.

KJ: I think each of you said something that really resonated with everyone.  It’s so hard to put into words your feelings, but I think all of you did a really good job of that.  Sort of was able to put in a nice neat little package what this fandom means.  So yeah, thank you guys.

BL: It has been hard, I think, because the fandom has grown so big.  People are feeling left out, which breaks all of our hearts to hear.  But it’s really hard because as much as we all wish Earping was our full time job, we can’t Earp all of the time.

KJ: It’s not, no.

VA: I truly do wish.

BL: We got lucky to be put into the positions that we…where people do look to us in the fandom.   I feel really grateful for that responsibility.  I also feel like I can’t keep up all of the time.  I think and I hope what we got across in the panel is how awesome it is that people in the fandom just feel empowered to take things upon themselves and start initiatives, and go out and include other people or be kind and do giveaways on their own or whatever.  So I hope that got across that it’s so awesome that everybody takes ownership I think in that fandom.

KJ: Mhmm.  Earp it Forward is a way of life now.

VA: There are Earper meetups popping up in every city basically.  It’s very cool.

BL: Yes, but that was a lot of fun.  Those are some of my best friends, so it’s really nice to be up there with all of them on the panel.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: Yeah.  And then we all kind of marched together to another room for the live taping of the Tales of the Black Badge podcast. 

BL: That was the last thing on the last day.

VA: It was a nice way to end it, I think.

KJ: Can I do a little shout out?

VA: Of course.

KJ: On a personal level.  So I did not make it to the taping of the Black Badge.  Sorry.  But if Wynonna Earp fans would know, Diana, who was on your panel.  Diana Benitez and Scary Krystal did the 12 Days of Haughtmas.

BL: Yes, I wanted to talk about this, so this is good.

KJ: Every day they alternated drawing a different, you know, Nicole Haught.  You know, firefighter Haught or terminator Haught…

BL: Tomb Raider.

KJ: Tomb Raider!  It was so clever and so fun.  They made a calendar, and they donated all of the proceeds I believe to Kat Barrell’s humane society…Toronto Humane Society.  Or Trevor, I can’t remember.

BL: I think it was Trevor Project.

KJ: OK, so it was Trevor.  And I guess fans on their own decided to cosplay their drawings.  So right after the Wynonna Earp fans panel, they were all getting together.  It was so wild to see.  People had their outfits in different bags and had to like check bags on their flights and stuff.  They were so creative and fun.  One of them was nixed, because Disney…it was Rey from Star Wars.  Then they had to remove that, so Diana created another one and it was skater Haught.  So they had 13.

VA: Oh hey, can I say, we were sitting in the lounge that last night.  Somebody tweeted a picture of it was skater Haught and punk Waverly, and the cosplayers posed like the drawing.  I screamed.  I legitimately shouted out loud.  I was like this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

KJ: Those are my friends.  That was Terran and Heather.  So, yeah.

VA: So beautiful!  It was so precious, and I loved it.  I literally lost my mind in front of everybody.  It was very not cool.  I had zero chill about it.  I have no regrets!  It was so cute.  [laughter]

KJ: They were so excited.  They just couldn’t believe it.  It was so fun to get pictures with all of…I did not get pictures.  I got pictures with Diana and Krystal with all of their fans, so.  All of their Haughts.

VA: I love that the Earp fandom has gotten so big and so creative.  We’re cosplaying inside jokes.  We’re cosplaying fan art, we’re cosplaying the Whiskey and Doughnuts hangout.  Emma cosplayed as Emily’s favorite gif of/

BL: /The chihuahua/

VA: /The picture of the chihuahua in the bathtub. [laughter]  I love it so much.  It’s all so wild and a little out of control, but in a good way.

KJ: Cosplaying your showrunner’s. Favorite. Gif.  What? [laughter]

VA: It’s perfect!  I love it so much.

BL: It was perfect. 

KJ: [laughing] I don’t know. I didn’t see that, but I wish I had.

VA: There’s a side by side, and it’s absolutely perfect.

BL: We’ll have to send you/

VA: /I will send it to you.

KJ: How? How?

BL: She had bubble wrap around her to look like the bubble bath.  [Kat losing her shit laughing]  We’ve lost Kat.

VA: Uh oh. [laughter]

KJ: [barely able to speak from laughter] This image of the fuckin chihuahua. I remember when she posted that.  I’m sorry.  [laughter]

VA: The best thing is you know exactly what chihuahua we’re talking about.

KJ: I do.  I do.  Ok. 

BL: Yeah, if you don’t know, just go to Emily Andras’ Twitter page because it’s on their all the time.  A chihuahua in a bubble bath.

KJ: OK.  I don’t have waterproof mascara.

BL: We made it.  That was the end of all the official events. 

KJ: Yeah.

BL: Sunday night we just hung out with some of our friends.  Just didn’t want to let go. I think we were up way too late.

KJ: Didn’t want to let go.  That’s true.

VA: It was overall just such a great weekend.  Kat, you said it felt very safe.  It’s a very safe space to be just out and queer, and to be a fangirl, and to just kind of be the truest form of yourself.  It was very fun.  I joked to Bridget at one point, I was like, it’s like we’re living in Twitter.  There’s some people you’re spending a lot of time with and there’s some people that you recognize and you see from afar and only see for a minute.  It was just all very cool and it did feel like we were at this giant family reunion where we knew some people, and we were excited to meet other people.  Some people we were just happy they were also there even if we didn’t ever talk to them.

KJ: Or I’m the person that talks to you online about…blank.  And you’re like oh, I know you.

BL: Yeah, and like I have people come up and say thank you…I just enjoy you on Twitter.  I was like [gasp] that means so much to me because I did a whole feelings blog post, I’ll put it in the show notes.  I was on the plane riding back.  Lynn, one of the nicest Earpers, nicest people you’ll ever meet.  Lynn ended up being on my flight, and she was sitting right in front of me.  It just got me emotional because we were talking about it.  I just ended writing this whole…she looked back at one point, and I’m like I’m writing all my feelings out, Lynn.  I just felt so emotional.  The fact that people just come up and say thank you for doing this, or I just really enjoy you and what you put on Twitter.  It means so much, because I feel like in the last year…the start of season two of Wynonna Earp, I had this whole thing where I was like I’m a professional.  I’m supposed to be running this website.  I get to talk to people.  What kind of professionalism do I have play versus this is my personal Twitter, can I fangirl about stuff?  I just started saying fuck it in season two.  I’m just going to fangirl and be part of the fandom.  I’m gonna scream about sweatshirts if I want to. [laughter]

VA: Yeah you are!  Yeah, you’re gonna scream about sweatshirts.

BL: And so like, I feel like I just started really putting who I am out there.  So for people to come up and just say thank you, or I really enjoy you.  It meant so much.  It was just awesome.  So thank you to everybody who came up and said…

KJ: I think that’s what makes people connect more.  Is when you break down that barrier of I’m just gonna be professional.  If you’re the person that you are.  Then I want people to like the person that I am more than the person that I should or am supposed to be or whatever.

VA: And actually I had a lot of people come up to me and say that they really like this podcast.  I was like, I can’t believe…for me it just feels like I’m having a fun conversation with Kat and Bridget.  And they’re like no, I think that’s what works about it is that you guys are just having this really great conversation and you’re just being yourselves.  And I think that’s what works for us.  I think that people who…like Bridget said, it feels very validating to have someone be like oh I like this thing you do, even when that thing you do is just you being you.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: I think it’s a very cool feeling, and I was so excited every time someone said they listen to the podcast.  I kept asking Bridget if they were related.  I was like Bridget, are you related to this person?  Why are they wearing our shirt? [laughter]

BL: I know, I got too excited.  Every time I saw someone in our shirt I was like ahhhhh, then I was like sorry. [laughter]

VA: It was just such a surreal experience.  I half the time forget what we’ve recorded and what we just talked about because I have so much fun talking to you guys.  It was very cool to hear that people are enjoying.  I had a few people be like I keep trying to talk out loud to the podcast because I feel I’m just having a conversation with you guys, so that made me feel really good about what we’re doing here.

BL:  Yeah, that was one of the reasons I wanted to do this short recap, ha. [laughter]  Because I did just want to make sure to say thank you to everybody who came up and said nice words.  It really meant a lot to me.  Especially after the Wynonna Earp panel when I was feeling very down on myself, so.  I did go back and watch the panel, and I feel better about it after the fact.

VA: Good, cause it was great.

BL: Thanks.  So I really appreciated everybody saying nice stuff.

VA: Me too.

KJ: Same. Same.  And I also wanted to…and I don’t know who these people are, but thank the organizers of ClexaCon and all the people that volunteered.  They volunteer.  They give their entire day.  Whether you’re a handler, or answering someone’s question, or just whatever.  I couldn’t even imagine being awake and volunteering all day long, taking care of all that.  So again, the word volunteering.  Just doing this for the love of something.  And also again, thank Bridget for even bringing it up.  This is something that I will go to every year, I believe.  I am, I’m still learning too.  I’m in this community and I’m still learning about this community. 

VA: I feel like, yeah, there’s no better way to learn about it too than just immerse yourself in the people who are in it and learning about these people and their experiences.  The older I get, the more I keep going to these openly queer inclusive spaces.  And I’m like oh, this feels different in a good way.  Not just like, queer only spaces.  Just places that are like this is a place where queer people are welcome, very blatantly.  It’s just a very surreal and awesome experience.  I don’t know.  I think that/

BL: /Yeah…sorry, go ahead.

VA: I think that anyone can experience…even if you’re building your own little community in your own town, I think it’s an important thing to experience at least once in your life.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: It’s just not the way the world is yet.  So it’s a very cool thing to live through.  To have people there that are like, no I’m not part of this community, but I’m here openly supporting you is also very awesome.

KJ: Definitely.

BL: That’s what I was going to say.  If you’re not in the queer community, I would highly recommend still going.  I found it invaluable.  As I said earlier, I can’t relate obviously to what people in the queer community go through every day, not being able to be themselves.  As I talked about, I’m embarrassed to say at parties…I like Wynonna Earp or I’m really big into TV.  I totally nerd out in TV.  I get embarrassed to reveal that part of me to someone, let alone have it be something that is part of your actually identity and feel that you’re not safe to reveal that in the every day world.  To have a place like this, where we can come and feel safe is just amazing.  I just…I put this in my post, I was so impressed and in awe even more of all of my friends and how brave you guys are.  That you live out loud, say this is who I am and if you don’t want to accept it that’s fine.  As a person that doesn’t have to go through that it’s just eye opening and it makes me want to do better to help and fight for each and every one of you guys as well.  I mean I feel prejudices as a woman and different things, but I can never know the battle that you guys have to go through all the time.  This is such an awesome event.  You won’t feel like, oh I’m a straight person at this event, it’s a little awkward.  I never felt like that once.  It’s an amazing event.  I echo you guys that you need to go if at all possible.  It’s life changing.  It really is.  It just opens your eyes to so much that we’re all so unaware of and need to do better.  Little things that you can do that make huge differences to people.

KJ: Yeah. But also not just you, Bridget.  I’m gay, but I’m also…and I’m a woman, so there’s prejudices.  But I’m also white.  And I identify as a woman, so I have things that I’m always learning about too.  There’s always someone above you that is feeling something that you can’t fully understand, or you’re not involved in.  It’s so great to have your eyes open to that.  For me, I’m in this community, but I’m still also learning.  I’m echoing you too Bridget.  You had to come out as straight this weekend.  [laughter]  It’s OK.  It’s safe.

BL: It provided a moment of great amusement for Valerie, so it was OK.

VA: It truly did.  That was quite delightful for me to be on the other end of that.  I loved watching that happen.  But yeah, everything you said was great guys.  I’m glad we got to talk about it.  Even though this ended up being like…you know how you get mini cupcakes so that you don’t eat a full cupcake, but then you end up eating like 12 mini cupcakes, so maybe you should’ve just had one cupcake.  [laughter]  That’s what we did here.

KJ: That is exactly right.

VA: But it was very sweet!

KJ: And I’m gonna hang up with you guys at some point soon, and I’m gonna miss you.  I mean that.

BL: Aww, me too.

KJ: But I’m gonna be driving across country soon, and I’m going to stay with Bridget one night.  It’s gonna be great.  Our dogs are going to meet, that’s probably the most exciting part.  And then, once I’m settled in.  We drive across country, and then whatever.  I’ll be ready for our full episode perfect seven.  This was like six and a half, as Valerie said.

BL: Even though we went over an hour, we’re still calling it six and a half.

VA: Yeah, it’s no longer a mini episode.  It’s more like a bonus episode. 

BL: Yeah, there you go.

KJ: Yeah.  And also, I don’t know if maybe I was calling her out on this, but Dominique did say at dinner that she would love to be on our podcast.

VA: I wasn’t gonna say it, but you said it!  [laughter] It’s true.

KJ: Oh, do we need to cut that out?

BL: Maybe it’s one of those things that you have to put out into the universe that you want to happen.  So you’re just putting it out there Kat.

KJ: Yeah.  She said it.

VA: And like you said Bridget, they’re incapable of not being genuine.  She seemed to genuinely be like wait, can I be on your podcast?

KJ: She liked the idea of fangirls/

VA: /Yeah, and we told her to bring something you’re passionate about, and she was like can I talk about environmental stuff?  And we were like of course you can.  So, it might be a cool place for her to talk about Start the Wave.

KJ: Yeah.  I think so.

VA: If her schedule allows.  I know she’s very, very busy.

BL: People should know by now not to hold us to anything that we say. [laughter]

VA: We’re just dreaming here too kids.

BL: Yes.

KJ: Yeah.  OK.

BL: Alright, well I guess we will let Annie take us out.  Unless you guys have anything else to say.

KJ: Uh, Beychella?  I don’t know. [laughter]

VA: Hashtag Beychella.

BL: We gotta…

KJ: OK, we gotta what.  What do we have to do?

BL: I was going to say, if we start onto Beychella, we’re going to be over an hour and a half. 

KJ: OK.  I did stay up way late to watch that, and it was fuckin awesome! [laughter] 

BL: If you have thoughts on Beyoncé at Coachella, just message Kat on Twitter.

KJ: Please.

BL: Hey, you should be proud I knew what the hashtag was.

KJ: Yes, Bridget.

BL: I generally don’t know what’s happening with Beyoncé, so. [laughter]

KJ: Please let this end on that.

BL: OK.  But thank you again to everybody who said hi to us at ClexaCon.  We all look forward to when we can be together again at another event and hang out with you guys.

VA: I agree. Bye bye!

KJ: Take it away Annie!

BL: Bye!  Go Annie.

Annie: Follow us on social media.  We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @FemThrilljoys.  If you have any more thoughts on this episode or in general, you can email us at  And last, but not least, if you’re feeling extra generous, please rate and review us on iTunes.  Thanks!

[end podcast]


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