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Bridget Liszewski, Kat Jetson, and Valerie Anne take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

Episode 9: Glow Up Transcript

Sep 26, 2018

Join the Feminist Thrilljoys as we discuss a lady-centric Netflix show that shines, new royalty on the pop star scene, and a show about bounty hunters IN SPACE.

These transcripts would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of our amazing listeners. Huge thanks once again to Liz for helping us out on this episode! Find her on twitter at @Earpnado.


Feminist Thrilljoys – Episode 9 – Glow Up


BL = Bridget Liszewski

KJ = Kat Jetson

VA = Valerie Anne

/ indicates that two or more people are talking at the same time

VA: Welcome to Feminist Thrilljoys, a podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about the feminist-y things they love.  I’m one of your hosts, Valerie Anne.

BL: I’m Bridget Liszewski.

KJ: And I’m Kat Jetson.  I miss us fucking up our intro. [laughter]

VA: I know, and now we have it all down pat.

KJ: Ugh, we’re so boring.

VA: It’s OK, you can just listen to Deb’s little montage of us messing up.

KJ: Yeah, aww I miss it.

BL: It’s not like we don’t fuck up in other places throughout the episode. [laughter]

VA: That’s true.

KJ: You’re right.  You right.

BL: Just give us some time.  Like when we have to do awkward transitions into newsy notesy. [laughter]

KJ: I feel like we should just call this the Wynonna Earp corner for the next like, four months or something. [laughter]

VA: We’ll need a whole separate thing.  Newsy notesy, Wynonna Earp update.

KJ: Yeah.  Can we have a little gun sound going off? Pew, pew time for the Wynonna Earp corner or something.  I don’t know.  Just roll with it. [laughter]

VA: Maybe we need a newsy notesy jingle.  Maybe that’ll help us get into the…

KJ: Yessss.  Wait, you know that there’s someone who can do that, right? 

VA: There’s gotta be.  Just like, even just like we can maybe find public domain news blotter noises.

KJ: [imitates news blotter noises – beeping] [sings] Newsy notesy, yeah. [laughter]

VA: That sounds like our theme song, Kat.

BL: It’s just a variation. 

KJ: I’ve just kind of…yeah.  One trick pony.  That’s all I got.

BL: It’s a good trick, it’s OK.

KJ: Thanks.  Thanks, thanks.

BL: Yeah, so to kick off Wynonna Earp corner/newsy notesy, Wynonna Earp was in the New York Times. Woo-hoo!

VA: Yeah yeah.

KJ: Incredible, right?

VA: So insane, so awesome.

BL: Yeah one of our favorite authors, who we talked about last episode, Maureen Ryan, she wrote a piece about Wynonna Earp and the success of it because of cultivating this great relationship with the fandom, and building like...making a lot of noise on Twitter and social media and how that has created this really positive space around the show and also how SYFY looks at it.  As a success even though it’s not really great in the ratings.  It was just a really nice piece from Mo Ryan.  It’s a really nice picture of Melanie Scrofano.

KJ: And Bridget is quoted and our friends Bonnie and Kevin from “Tales of the Black Badge”.  What a huge deal.  Did you ever think…

BL: First off, I was shocked to be getting to talk to Mo Ryan because that’s like my writing hero.  So I was like just play it cool Bridget.  [laughter]  So I was excited just to be talking to her let alone for the New York Times.  So then I was like OK, don’t fuck it up.  This is really big for the show.  No, I really never thought I’d be in it.  And talking about one of my favorite things, so it was really awesome.

VA: Yeah, of all things to be in the New York Times for, that’s a great one.

BL: Yeah, but I thought she did a great job too of…I knew she was a fan before the show…before the article of the show.  But I think she did a really great job of really trying…a lot of this didn’t go into the piece, but just when I spoke to her I think she really went the extra mile in understanding the fandom, the things that we do in the fandom, the hangouts on Friday nights or the livetweets.  How it all kind of started as this smaller group and that we’re growing.  Just the whole attitude that the fandom has about kindness and stuff.  I think she did just a really great job of really understanding that.  I think it came across when she was writing the piece, so thank you for that, Mo Ryan.

VA: Yeah!

KJ: It’s hard not to fangirl.  You want to reel it in and write a piece that is…it kind of walks the line a little bit, but you also just wanna be like just watch this fuckin show. [laughter]

BL: Yeah.  I think it was great too in like, OK, you don’t have to go…if you read the piece you don’t need to necessarily go watch Wynonna Earp, but here’s maybe stuff that Wynonna Earp does that other shows could take and do to be successful.  Like really engaging with fans online in a genuine way.  I know a lot of times, there’s some shows where you feel like the people are live tweeting, but they’re made to be doing it, and they don’t really want to do it.  So I think highlighting how that really genuine interaction with fans online is really beneficial, and doesn’t really cost the show anything.  I don’t know, I think it a good job with that.

KJ: I think that’s part of what Emily’s always talked about too, is wanting to hire people that are just good people that work really well with each other.  Trust me, I don’t want somebody to like…force feed tweeting about a show that they’re watching.  It’s like who cares about that?  Don’t bother if you’re not into it.  So, I don’t know.  You just feel it from all of the actors that do that in Wynonna Earp.  They get excited about it.  They’re excited about it, they’re like hell yeah, we’ll be there.

BL: Yeah, so it’s nice to see them get recognized for that.  While I know that they love it, that’s also a lot of work that they’re putting in extra to do all that on social media.

VA: Right, because they’re already done filming.  They’re working on other things.  They’re with their families.  They’re doing all these other things, and they don’t have to.  I mean, maybe they do now, maybe it’s in their contract now.  But it doesn’t feel like they…it is, like you said, it’s work and it’s time.  And also not all actors like watching themselves on TV, don’t like watching the episodes after they’ve…in completion.  They do it so that they can play with us.  They seem to really enjoy it.  I mean, they’re also actors so they could be pretending to really enjoy it. [laughter] But they’re doing a great job.

KJ: And they look great pretending then.

VA: They do, exactly.  They’re doing it very well.

BL: So, yes.  Yay for them getting that recognition, cause that’s huge.

VA: And it’s in the print version.  Whole page spread.  So excited.

KJ: That’s what you want to see when you’re cracking open a New York Times[laughter]

VA: I guess me next.  Moving out of Wynonna Earp corner. 

KJ: I don’t have an outro for that, I’m sorry.  It would sound very much like the intro if you want me to try. [laughter]

VA: No, I’m gonna do more newsy notesy, don’t worry.  I’m just moving out Wynonna Earp corner. 

KJ: That’s what I’m saying do you need me to come up with an outro for out of the Wynonna Earp corner.  [laughter]

VA: Yes, I need intros and outros for all of these sections.

BL: Pew pew.  Out. [laughter]

VA: Ok, so…I just wanted to shout out, I saw Mary Page Marlowe, which is a play that’s in New York City right now.  Tatiana Maslany is in it, who is one of my favorite human beings and actors.  I mean she’s fantastic in it.  I literally only went to see it because she was in it.  It took me forever to even remember the name of it.  I was like Mary something something, I don’t know.  Tatiana Maslany is in it.  People were like what’s it about?  I’m like I imagine the person it’s named after, but I don’t know.  It’s just Tatiana Maslany’s in a play, what’s so hard for you to understand?  [laughter] I don’t always like straight plays, my attention span doesn’t tend to allow for things that don’t have musical outbreaks every once in awhile.  But I genuinely really loved the play overall, even if she hadn’t been in it.  I genuinely loved the play.  It was indeed about Mary Page Marlowe, and it was kind of just snapshots of her life throughout…it was non-linear, but it was just kind of like scenes…very important scenes in her life.  It kind of bounced around the timeline to kind of put together a picture of who this person was.  It was really interesting.  I was like I want to watch this play, but like…for a just a ton of different kinds of characters.  I loved the format of it, it was very cool.  And also it turns out Meryl Streep’s daughter, Grace Gummer, was in it.  Which, she walked on stage and we were like…what?  That’s how little we had been paying attention about anything about this play besides the fact that Tatiana Maslany was in it, was that we didn’t know Meryl Streep’s daughter was in it.

KJ: That’s amazing.

VA: But she was wonderful.  It was a pleasant surprise, for sure.  And also a woman from Orange is the New Black was in it.  It was just really…it was a great show.  I just wanted to give it a quick shout out.

KJ: Honestly, when I saw that you had posted about that – Mary Page Marlowe – I just assume that Tatiana Maslany just plays more than one character for everything.  I really just thought it was going to be her playing someone named Mary, someone named Page, and someone named Marlowe.  [laughter]  I was like, spilling over girl.  You can never be anything where you’re just a character.

VA: Well it was funny because she did technically play her at two different ages.


VA: It was like all the scenes were from different periods in her life.  Each actress played her at two different ages.  She could’ve played her at all ages, even nine.  It would’ve been fine, she would’ve been great. [laughter]  That’s really funny.  She plays Mary, Page, and Marlowe.

KJ: I don’t know, it just shows you how even littler I knew about it.

VA: And also I wanted to let you guys know that I finally saw Ocean’s 8, because we talked about the trailer when it first came out a million years ago.  I had not seen the movie yet.  I saw it, and it was fantastic.

BL: I feel like Kat has a different opinion. [laughter]  I feel like Kat has a different opinion and then I am in the middle somewhere.  I actually did see Ocean’s 8.  I never get to the theater.  I went one afternoon by myself.

KJ: I think you and I went the same day by ourselves.  Both you and I went.  Oh man, we should live closer, that would’ve been great.

BL: We had a Feivel somewhere out there moment.  We were both watching the same movie.  [laughter] 

KJ: Yeah.  Bridget, how did you feel about that movie?

BL: I thought it was entertaining.  It wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but it wasn’t bad.  I thought it was a fine I’m getting away from my kids and going enjoying a movie on a summer afternoon movie.  But it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

VA: I guess I really didn’t have very high expectations.  I mean I knew what kind of movie it was. It was a heist movie.  How good are heist movies ever, you know?  I think for me it was just for a heist movie it was really fun.

BL: I thought it was entertaining.

VA: I mean, Sandra Bullock can do no wrong in my eyes.  I thought it was just really fun. 

KJ: Man, we really…we were all…three Thrilljoys with three varying opinions on it.  I am the complete opposite.  I thought that movie sucked. [laughter]  Yeah, I know, right?  This is not to dismiss.  I’m not trying to be a shit, that’s not it at all.  If someone’s gonna enjoy something I’m super happy for them.  I’m learning that as I get older not to be a total shit about those things.  But yeah, I’m just opinionated.  I was so bummed. 

BL: Not even Cate Blanchett could distract you.

KJ: Nope.  No, I felt…my opinion of…she seemed kinda just bored or something to me.  I don’t know. 

BL: Yeah, I’m not really sure what her job was that much.  It seemed like she was the right hand man, but like, woman.  Yeah, I don’t know.

KJ: Anyhow.  Three very different opinions from your Thrilljoys.

BL: I would’ve liked more Sarah Paulson.

KJ: Mhmm.

BL: I don’t know.  I saw that like a month ago and I feel like now it’s out of my brain and I can’t think of what happened in it exactly.

KJ: I think my tastes are changing for movies.  I don’t have too much patience.  I used to love…I couldn’t wait until summer came along.  I just saw movies where people spent a ton of money on production and blowing stuff up, and now I’m like the complete opposite.  Now I can’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to see all the Oscar movies.  That being said, I cannot wait to see the next Mission Impossible.  I will see all of those movies. [laughter] 

BL: You still love Tom Cruise.

KJ: This is not the podcast to be talking about Tom Cruise for sure.  [laughter]  But yes, so yeah I don’t know.  I’ve seen a couple of movies this year.  I didn’t even see Avengers, and I’ve seen all of them, or whatever that last one was.  What was it called?

VA: Age of Ultron?

BL: The war. [laughter]

VA: Oh, the Infinity War, you’re right.

BL: I have seen none of them. [laughter]

KJ: So I haven’t even seen that.  I don’t know.  Yeah.  I think I also just get tired of very formulaic things, like all those Avengers movies, I feel like they’re just really…also we shouldn’t be talking about this right now here anyhow.

VA: Yeah, never mind guys. [laughter]

BL: I think Ocean’s 8 succeeded for me in being a fun summer movie that I wanted to go, and giving me lots of fun lady characters.

VA: Yeah.

KJ: No.

BL: But it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. 


KJ: Really glad you enjoyed that, Valerie. [laughter]

VA: Sure.  Doesn’t feel like you’re glad that I enjoyed it.

BL: I really enjoyed being away from my kids for like two and a half hours and just chilling. [laughter]

KJ: What did you do, were you just like peace out Matt?

BL: My sister was actually visiting that weekend.  Matt had taken the girls.  They had a birthday party or something.  I was supposed to be visiting with my sister, but both of her kids were napping so she was like I’m gonna rest.  I was like well I don’t have anything to do, I’m gonna go see Ocean’s 8, so I just left and came back two hours later.  They were like that’s fine.  [laughter]

KJ: That’s pretty great.

VA: Alright. 

KJ: Well…that’s it for that.

VA: Now I’m afraid to talk about my topic.  What if I start to talk about it and you guys hate it?

KJ: This topic, I have not seen your topic.  But Bridget has.  So you’re all good.  Even if I had seen it and I didn’t like it, I would just listen to you and smile and be like Valerie loves this.

VA: That’s not what just happened, Kat! [laughter]

BL: People are allowed to like different things.

VA: I know, I’m just kidding.  I just thought that was going to go over differently, is all. [laughter]

BL: If they just would’ve made Cate and Sandra kiss, Kat would’ve been like fine, I forgive you guys.

VA: I mean they were basically dating the whole movie. [laughter]

BL: Whereas I was like can’t George Clooney just show up for two seconds real quick?

VA: No!  They showed a framed photo of him, wasn’t that enough?

BL: George Clooney in Ocean’s 11 was one of my favorite George Clooneys.  This is another…we better..

VA: Yeah, cut that out.

KJ: I agree with you Bridget.

BL: George Clooney in Ocean’s 11 and then Out of Sight with Jennifer Lopez.  Those are my George Clooneys.  OK.

VA: This is getting out of hand.  We have lost control of this conversation.

KJ: Were you just editing the doc?  Were you going to take away some of the exclamation points?

VA: No, but I’m going to delete the Ocean’s 8 note and pretend that ever happened. [laughter]

BL: She’s gonna tell Deb after this episode, just cut all the Ocean’s 8 talk.

VA: Cut it out. [laughter]  I just was following along the doc to make sure I knew what was going to happen next.

BL: We’ve crushed her spirit. [laughter]

KJ: OK. 

BL: I mean if they do Ocean’s 9 or something, I’ll totally go see it.

KJ: I’m adding a couple more exclamation points below for you in our doc.  Is that something I can do without help? [laughter]

VA: Do you have transition music into the topic section?

KJ: No, I don’t.  That’s too much pressure.  I have too much going on.  [laughter]  Have Deb do it.

VA: OK, well then here I go.  Totally excited about talking some more.  OK, so my topic this week is the show GLOW.  Which Kat has not seen, but Bridget you’ve seen most of, right?

BL: I’ve seen sixteen of twenty episodes so far.

VA: So GLOW is a Netflix original series that is about the gorgeous ladies of wrestling, is what it stands for.  It was created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. 

KJ: Had no idea that’s what it stood for.

VA: Yeah I know, me neither up until I started it! [laughter]  The gorgeous ladies of wrestling.  So the second season was just released last month on Netflix.  So people have been talking about this show for a year.  It just never appealed to me because wrestling is not something that I was really ever into.  I played the WWE Playstation game when I was little.  I never liked watching it, I wasn’t really into it.  So I just didn’t…I was like oh that, it looks like a fun show I’m glad everyone’s liking it, like whatever.  I’m moving on with my life.  But then more and more people were talking about this season. They were like season two is even better than season one, you have to watch it you have to watch it.  Even my boss…I called out sick Friday, I wasn’t feeling well.  My boss was like feel better, rest up, and watch GLOW.  I was like what?

KJ: GLOW up!

VA: I was like OK…I do have an entire day ahead of me and not much energy to get out of bed, so I will start this show for my boss.

BL: See I would’ve thought…I wasn’t big into wrestling either.  But I was like woah, it’s ten female characters all in it.  That was the lead, all women.  So I watched it last year, season one.  I wasn’t into the wrestling either.

VA: I just didn’t know.

BL: I would’ve thought you would’ve just been drawn by the fact that it was a big, huge female ensemble cast.

VA: I was drawn by that, yes.  But I wasn’t like I’m not watching that show.  I was like I’ll probably check that out someday, it just wasn’t very high on my priority list because of all the wrestling.  I was like it’s just not something that appealed to me originally.  But then…

KJ: My interest is in the music.  I want to see it because I hear the music’s awesome.  It must cost so much money.  [laughter]  Just to get the rights.  All I hear is like ca-ching, ca-ching every time a song plays.  But everyone has told me again, same here, not really into wrestling at all.  I’ve never…that was kind of even after…if Cyndi Lauper wasn’t part of it, I was just like eh.  I don’t know if anyone of this age would even remember Cyndi Lauper or the fact that she was involved in the wrestling phenomenon in the 80’s.

VA: Wait, I obviously know who Cyndi Lauper is, but I didn’t know she was involved in wrestling. 

BL: Yeah.

KJ: Yeah, in the 80’s she had a whole thing.  If you’ve ever seen “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” the video.  And then there was another video after, there’s a bunch of wrestlers in it.  Her dad who played in the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”…what’s his name, Captain Lou Albano or something.

BL: I think I learned that from a Pop Up Video once.

KJ: Yeah, he was really involved.  I don’t know if her manager was like just get latched onto this somehow?  I don’t know the whole story, but she was very attached to the wrestling of the 80’s, and it was part of all of her videos.  There’s tons of pictures of Hulk Hogan lifting her up, it’s a whole thing.

BL: I remember watching Hulk Hogan a lot.  I don’t know why.

KJ: I understand all of that.  Rowdy Roddy Piper…I wish I knew better to explain. 

BL: You just have flashes in your brain of the images.

KJ: I do remember there’s something about either her boyfriend at the time was her manager…and, whatever.  I’d have to do some research on that, but trust me.

VA: OK, I believe you.  I trust you.

BL: Someone’s yelling at you right now that’s listening, and they know the whole story.

KJ: They know the whole story.

VA: We’ll do some research on that after.  So yeah, the show has four EP’s that are all women.  Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch – the creators – and then Jenji Kohan who is part of Orange is the New Black and a bunch of other awesome stuff, and then Tara Herrmann.  The show is about fourteen women who are originally show up to this audition not knowing what they’re auditioning for really, just knowing it’s going to be some kid of TV show.  And then it ends up being a wrestling show.  It’s about wrestling, obviously, but it’s not really about like…it’s not a wrestling…it’s not the same as watching wrestling on TV.  It’s kind of about these women and their journey.  It’s about their relationships with each other, it’s about the entertainment industry.  It really highlights a lot of issues in the entertainment industry.  The sexism, racism, all the stuff that…especially since it’s the 80’s it’s a lot more obvious and blatant than it is now.  It’s like…it’s really interesting because it’s all the same problems that there are now, but it’s just out in the open and blatant.  People are like we didn’t invite you because you’re a woman.  Whereas now they just don’t invite them, you know what I mean?  So it’s really interesting to watch them all navigate that.  Since it is these fourteen women, them finding this empowerment through this project to kind of stand up for themselves.  The characters play these wrestling personas.  And the wrestling personas are all broad strokes stereotypes.  At first the women are like no, we don’t want to do this.  They’re like you have to if you want to do this because that’s what’s gonna sell.  But what’s cool about it is instead of just then being…GLOW, the show GLOW…instead of GLOW being offensive about the stereotypes, being like here’s why this is offensive.  You’re painting these girls with these broad strokes stereotype characters, but then look at these women who are playing these roles and how complex they are.  So for example, there’s one character, her name is Cherry Bang.  She’s a black woman and she plays a character Junk Chain in the ring, so she’s just this stereotype of a rapper.  But when Cherry is not being Junk Chain, she’s a stunt double.  She helps teach the girls the moves.  She has a husband who plays the ref in the show.  She wants to be a mom someday.  She has all of these other characteristics about her.  They just really, really highlight the racism in a very obvious way.  They’re like this is not OK.  While still letting the girls have fun with those characters and kind of own them and make them their own.  I don’t know, it’s very cool.  And then another thing that I really love about the show is that the two main characters, Ruth and Debbie, played by Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, their friendship is kind of a through line throughout both of the seasons.  Them trying to figure out how to work together.

BL: It gets strained.  It’s a strained friendship. 

VA: Yes.  Very, very strained.  It’s like an ex-friendship.  It’s almost like working with your ex.  The way that they have to figure out how to mend their friendship while working together.  It’s all very stressful, but I think very funny overall.  Some of the things…and the actors all legitimately learned wrestling.  They do all their own stunts.  So these actresses playing actresses who are wrestling.  [laughter]  I’ve read some interviews with them and they said they’ve found empowerment through that.  Alison Brie was saying that she went to the makeup artist one day, and they were like oh we don’t even have to paint bruises on you, we’ll just highlight these bruises you already have.  And she was like that felt really cool.  I thought Betty Gilpin had a thing where she was saying even though they’re running around in these little tiny 80’s outfit…

KJ: Leotard thing, yeah.

VA: Leotard, she said she was never thinking about what she looked like, she was thinking about doing the moves safely.  Making sure the moves looked good, not what her body looked like, which she said was very refreshing.  They were talking about how they were thinking about their bodies as tools instead of as pieces of art.  They felt more like athletes than actresses sometimes, and how that was a nice refreshing change, which I thought was very cool.

KJ:I do want to see this show, I do. I also have been following Alison Brie for a really long time.  I think she’s really funny.

BL: I love her.

KJ: She was on Mad Men, she had like a very small/

BL: /And Community.

KJ: Role, and she was in Community.  She’s just really sharp and clever and funny. 

BL: She also voices one of my favorite characters on BoJack Horseman

VA: Yeah.  I never saw Community or Mad Men, so I only know her from her voiceover stuff.

KJ: Wow, that’s crazy.

VA: Yeah, which is funny.  But I knew who she was, Community is pervasive.  I’ve heard of it obviously and I’ve seen clips of it because it’s everywhere.  I was actually talking to our mutual friend Cat Zimm about the show while I was watching, she was saying that she has been re-watching some clips from Community and that it doesn’t really age well in that a lot of it…Alison Brie’s character they talk about her boobs constantly.  They’re always talking about how hot she is.  It’s kind of just the whole point of her character is just to be hot.  And she was saying that a lot of Alison Brie’s characters are like that, so it was nice to see this character she’s playing who her looks…in the beginning the director keeps being like I can’t tell if I like your face or I hate your face, I don’t understand you.  But that’s the extent of it.  None of these girls…it’s about their characters and their wrestling moves and their relationships.  It’s not really about like, how hot is this one?  We can’t put her in the ring because she’s not hot enough.

BL: Yeah, they have all different body types.

VA: And actually yeah, Carmen is one of the women who…her wrestling name is Machu Piccu, which is special.  But she is so sweet.  Her character has wrestlers in the family, and she’s just this sweet girl.  She’s plus sized, and the only time anyone really ever mentions it is one time she had a panic attack so they called the ambulance, and he was like well if you don’t want to have a heart attack, lose some weight.  Which is the only time it’s mentioned, but also a very realistic…like I’ve gone to the doctor for my foot hurting and they’re like well you should lose weight.  And I’m like OK, that’s gonna take longer, like if my foot’s broken that’s not gonna help.  That’s maybe a long term solution, but can we talk about if my foot’s broken or not before you shame me.  That’s a real…people see bigger people and they think that’s the main source of all of their health problems.  That was realistic, it wasn’t like we’re going to make her the butt of all these fat jokes which is what other shows do. 

BL: They don’t even have just one…she’s not just the token big one.  The lady that plays Welfare Queen is close to middle aged even.  She’s like a middle aged woman and doing it.

KJ: I don’t mean to take away from this, but do you think that when men go to the doctor and other men…and they have a male doctor, the male doctor’s like well you have to just lose ten pounds or something?  Do you think that’s ever said?  I’m dying to know.  I don’t have any men in my life really, so I can’t ask any of them.

VA: I don’t know, but I will tell you that I don’t go to male doctors, and I’ve had female doctors do the same thing.

KJ: Same.  I had a female doctor literally say if you lost five pounds, you’d be perfect.

BL: Oh my God.

KJ: I never went ot her again. That was the exact wording.  It was like holy shit.  And still it sits with me.  It happened like ten years ago and I’m still really hurt by that.  Anyhow, I just wondered if that’s a thing that’s just said to women.

VA: I would imagine that men have to get very overweight before anyone starts talking to them about it medically.  Anyway.  Yeah, I think that’s just…generally it’s very female focused and feminism power.  Great show that I think is…I think it’s interesting, it’s based on a true…GLOW is real.  The gorgeous ladies of wrestling were a real thing.  They had a real variety show in the 80’s.  I haven’t done a ton of research on them yet.  There’s a documentary on Netflix about them that I want to watch that I haven’t had time to watch yet.  It’s such a cool thing that I had no idea…it’s this whole world I had no idea existed.

BL: But also keeping in that trend that we’ve talked about on here where you can have female characters that are unlikeable.  Because Alison Brie’s character a lot of times is very unlikeable and irritating.

VA: She’s so embarrassing.  Actually one of the message I sent to Kat I was like Alison Brie is very good at being very embarrassing. [laughter]  Sometimes Ruth will be doing things, and you’re like Ruth why are you doing this?

BL: Yeah, but also she just can be very grating at times.  More so I think in season one than in season two.  But it doesn’t….she’s always interesting.  She’s always super interesting to watch, but you’re just like man, I kind of hate her right now.  She’s so annoying. 

VA: I really want to root for you Ruth, what are you doing?  And it’s also like, I know I’ve talked about how it’s empowering, but it’s also really funny.  The whole thing about grief-ercise, where people are crying and exercising at the same time. [laughter]  It’s just like really, really funny.

BL: Something I love is the episodes are like 35 minutes long.  I love the episode length.  Get your show away from me if you’re going to go on for 55 minutes.

VA: Also, there’s only ten episodes per season.  I know I said I banged it out in 24 hours, but it’s really only like…it’s ten hours of content, so it’s not that crazy.

BL: That’s what you’re telling yourself. [laughter]

VA: I have no shame.  I would’ve stayed up until 3 am to watch it, but I thought maybe I should get some sleep.  Yeah, no…it’s just really fun.  And also something that I didn’t know about it but would’ve gotten me to watch it way sooner was that Kate Nash is in it.  The singer.  I don’t know if either of you know who she is.  Well obviously Bridget does now, she is Britannica.  Kate Nash is a British singer.  She sings a song called “Merry Happy” that’s been stuck in my head for 3 days now.  She’s very…I’ve loved her music for a long time, and she’s gorgeous.  I didn’t know she acted, but she can act, and it’s great.  She’s very funny.

BL: Yeah, she’s very good in it.

VA: And also what’s funny to me…so she’s a really good singer in real life…on the show they keep having her rap, like really badly.  The joke is that she keeps trying to sing and can’t, and it’s really funny, which I appreciated.

KJ: That’s such a bonus.  If something is happening a season, two seasons, three, whatever…and then someone’s like oh God, you know whatever is in this show.  You’re like woah, woah, woah.  Wait, what?  That’s how I feel with Gillian Anderson.  People are like have you seen Gillian Anderson, and I’m like woah, woah, woah.  What?

VA: Right?  Like why didn’t anyone tell me?  That’s funny.  I was reading interviews before this to see if there was anything I had to make sure I definitely included, and there is one quote that I want to read for you from an actress Ellen Wong who plays Jenny, her wrestling persona is Fortune Cookie.  This whole article is about how Jenny is Cambodian and she says that a lot.  Out of the ring she’s this really funny, enthusiastic…she does all the costumes, she’s a little boy crazy, she has all these layers to her.  But then in the ring she’s Fortune Cookie which is kind of like an amalgamation of all different Asian cultures.  It’s things that don’t even go together.

BL: All the Asian stereotypes.

VA: All of them, all of them rolled up into one.  It’s just bad.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: But she was talking about how the show does address – like I was saying – out of the ring these girls are all very complex and different and have unique things about them.  And how the cast being diverse help…the fact that they were talking about it on screen, they were talking about it off screen.  She felt comfortable being able to bring things up.  Not being the only Asian person in a room was really awesome for her and stuff like that.  So I’m gonna end with this quote.  It’s a little bit long, but I thought it was really nice.  [reading quote] I think with every show, just because you have a diverse cast, it doesn’t grant you an award for representation.  The prize comes from looking into these stories together, and I believe when women of color are represented, all women are represented.  It elevates everyone and it knocks down this place of benefit and privilege.  It knocks down these walls that have allowed one race to sit on a higher pedestal because it creates this equality that is validated through the transparency and honesty.  It allows story to thrive in a much more digestible way.  I think anyone can see themselves in any one of these characters.  We’re all just human.

KJ: I’m so jealous of people that are so quotable like that.

BL: I know.

VA: Yeah.

KJ: Yeah.  That’s great.  I do want to see the show.  I really do.

BL: I do think you’ll like it.  It’s a really fun show.  It’s just a really fun watch.

VA: And the music is really, really good.

KJ: Yeah.  I also…as an aside…I met Alison Brie on the last day of shooting of Community.  I knew somebody who was working on the show.  She was so rad and spent so much time talking to me, and was like I hear you’re a super fan.  My friend Russ love, love, loved her.  We both loved her on Mad Men.  She wrote this great story, which was real, about the first time that she had sex was with a gay man in an actual closet.  So I brought that up because it was one of our favorite stories.  It was so funny, and she wrote it and it was so clever and stuff.  I was like can you say hi to my friend Russ…actually I just said can you sign something, and she did.  But then she’s like do you want me to say hi to him, and I’m like OK.  She’s like OK just record me.  And she sang.  On the spot made up a song and sang this song to my friend Russ. 

VA: Oh my gosh!

KJ: It was like a minute long, and I sent it to him.  He brings it up a couple times a year.  Like do you remember when?  And I’m like yes I do.  So I have such a great love for her.  I’m not watching this show but I follow her on Instagram, and I think she’s really cool.

BL: That’s awesome.  I love when like, people that you really admire their work and they turn out to be super cool.  So I’m glad you told that story.  I’ve liked her for a long time.  And honestly, she only does voice work on BoJack Horseman but the work…in season two of BoJack Horseman her character has this whole depression storyline, and she’s like fabulous in it.  It’s just her voice, but it’s a really powerful storyline that she does.

KJ: Well, fuck yeah Alison Brie. [laughter]

BL: Go watch BoJack Horseman too, but that will really fuck with your mind too.

VA: Yeah, don’t binge that one.  I made a mistake and I binged it, I got so upset.

KJ: Yeah, there’s no time for me bingeing anything honestly.  Especially now, especially now.  But yeah, as soon as we are done on here I’m going to look into the Lauper, Cyndi Lauper thing.  I want to know the actual origin of that.  But yeah, anyhow.

VA: That’s it for me.


VA: Kat’s turn.

KJ: It is my turn.  Mine’s actually going to be quite short just because there’s not much.  This is what I always do, I know it my head what I want to talk about, and I’m so excited about it. And people are just like wait, will you tell us what you’re doing.

BL: That’s why I have that outline, Kat. [laughter]

KJ: I never look at my outline until it’s time to like, read a quote. [laughter]  And usually I like to quote something, someone from whatever.  So I’ll talk about King Princess.  That’s her…her real name is…I don’t even know how to say this name.  Mikaela Straus.  She’s pretty…she’s young.  She’s like 19, and she plays these sort of torchy…smart…queer pop songs.  She’s out and it’s just really refreshing.  It’s 20gayteen.  Like legit 20gayteen. 

VA: Yeahhhh 20gayteen.

KJ: Her songs just sound really like…like familiar?  But also really fresh.  And she’s produced by Mark Ronson.  If you don’t who he is, he is kind of the reason that we know Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse.  Which I guess you could sort of say the same thing, very strong female voices that sort of like…they have that sort of familiar sound to them. 

BL: And he did “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars.

VA: I only know Mark Ronson’s name because it’s usually attached to Amy Winehouse’s version of “Valerie”.  Usually it’s like “Valerie” by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse and I’m like yeah.

KJ: Do either of you know his sister?

BL: Samantha?

KJ: Yeah.  And also his sister…maybe she still is a DJ, but she was always attached to Lindsay Lohan…they were dating or whatever.  I have no idea what that was about, I really really don’t. 

VA: But I remember it.  It was talked about a lot.

BL: I remember it too.  [laughter]

KJ: So she kind of just…I don’t want to say that she just burst out on the scene.  But probably the reason that most people went to check her out or know about her is she has this song called “1950”, and Harry Styles who apparently just everybody loves across the board…I don’t know a Harry Styles song.  I know that he was in, what was he in, One Direction?

VA: One Direction, yeah.

KJ: So he tweeted out a lyric from one of her songs and then I guess it just blew up. 

VA: Harry Styles will do that.

KJ: Yeah, I guess.

VA: He’s got a cult following.

KJ: Does he?

VA: Of teenagers and also twenty something lesbians, I’m pretty sure.

KJ: Why?

BL: Weird, really?

VA: Yeah.  He looks like a lesbian.

BL: I guess he is very pretty.

VA: There’s a a joke that Harry Styles dresses like lesbian chic.


VA: He’s a style icon, is what I guess they say.

KJ: He has the worst tattoos in all of the universe. [laughter]

VA: Does he?

KJ: Oh God…he got a bunch…they look like prison tattoos.  But they’re done…they’re so tiny and just random.  And so junky.  I’m like why do the richest people who can get anything done have the worst tattoos?  If you just look at baseball players, mostly.  Miley Cyrus has some really bad tattoos too.

VA: I hate Demi Lovato’s lion tattoo.  I think it’s so weird.  It’s on the back of her hand.  It’s just a lion on the…I don’t know, it’s just weird.

KJ: I’m gonna look at that.

BL: I’m looking at his right now.  They’re not great.  They’re weird.

KJ: Yeah, let’s all just stop in the middle of this and look at…yeah.  What did you do man?  The butterfly…whatever.  So, I think what drew me to her…I didn’t find her through Harry Styles.  Someone on Twitter just said it was you know, your new summer jam or however they put it.  I was like alright, I’ll listen to that.  It just sounds so familiar, and her voice is so strong.  She plays every instrument on all of her songs.  All of them.

VA: What?

BL: How is that possible?  She has one of those one man band things.

KJ: No, recorded.  Live she’s got a great band. [laughter]  [making fun of Bridget]  She’s like Bob Dylan with the harmonica attached to her shoulders.

VA: Like Bert in Mary Poppins.

BL: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, Mary Poppins[laughter] 

VA: Oh boy.

BL: I’m sorry.

KJ: No worries.  Recorded.  She plays all of her instruments on a recorded version of her songs.  She got a record deal when she was 11 but turned it down so she could go to school and not be some probably f’d up whatever.  She seems really grounded.  I saw her live, and in all of her interviews and stuff, she seems really…I don’t want to say mature for her age or whatever, but I don’t know.  I just expect every 19 year old to be kind of like not quite getting it, or so prone to just spiraling or something.  But she just…I guess when you have so many great songs, I don’t know.  Maybe you feel that confidence.  Being out is a huge deal.  I’m gonna read my quote now.  Valerie and I love a quote.

BL: I have some quotes too this time, so it’s OK.

KJ: And mine is the same.  It’s a long quote, but I think it’s important.  [reading quote]  I reached a point in my life where I was like, well, am I gonna gender my songs?” she recalls. “And I decided, yeah, I’m gonna put fucking female pronouns in my songs. It doesn’t make any sense for me to hide that part of myself. I needed to do it to help love myself and get through shit. I needed to be true to it and be like, ‘Yeah, this song’s about a lady’. [end quote]  So me personally, I’m going to just be attached to that.  I’m going to want to listen to that, because I feel like it speaks for me a little bit.  This song, “1950”, which is I guess the single that’s getting the most attention, was inspired by the book The Price of Salt, which later turned out to be Carol.  So it’s kind of a tribute to that, but also has a fresh spin on things.

BL: Is she from the US or where is she from?

KJ: She’s from New York.  Brooklyn, I believe.  She moved and lives in LA now.

BL: I was gonna say you probably would’ve been able to go to a show.

KJ: I did, I just saw her.  I went by myself.

BL: You’re welcome for that lead in. [laughter]

KJ: She only played like four shows.  She played 2 in LA and 2 in New York.  I just went by myself one night after work.  I drove into Brooklyn and saw her and I was so excited.  I was so excited to see her, I was so happy.  The entire room was just so warm and loving.  Everyone was singing songs back to her.  She only has an EP out right now, which is five songs.  And she sang some new ones, but the songs that people knew she barely had to sing, which is kind of a huge deal.  At one point she was like how many people here are gay?  Everyone was screaming.  She was like my brand is strong.  And I was really excited about that cute little comment.

VA: That’s amazing. 

BL: [starts to speak]

KJ: I don’t usually…what, go on?

BL: I was just going to say, I think it’s so…how you just took yourself on a date.  I was thinking that when I went to the movies by myself.  It used to seem like this weird thing to go by yourself to the movies or whatever.  Then I was thinking how nice and enjoyable it was that I could do that.  I think it’s cool you’re just like I want to see it I’m gonna go.

KJ: I have to be honest with you, I live here in Connecticut.  I just don’t have the friends I had in LA.  But even then…so I wanna still do stuff.  I don’t want to just sit here and go to work and just wait for Krystal to be here.  But yeah, it’s kind of…it’s a little lonely here and stuff.  But I refuse…so everything I do I literally do by myself.  I go to the movies by myself.  I have a couple of friends here and I do see them and we go to dinner and stuff.  But yeah, I went and saw the Yankees by myself.  It’s kind of a huge deal to trek in from Connecticut to go into the city and find parking and do whatever, but I was just like I’m doing it.

BL: No I think that’s awesome.

KJ: I really wanted to see her.  I feel like that was an experience that I wanted.  She’s gonna be huge, she’s gonna be a big deal I think.

VA: I was bummed I couldn’t go to that.  I was at a Broadway Princess Party, but.  [laughter]  But I would’ve also liked to go a King Princess concert.

BL: I was gonna say you should’ve told Valerie you were going.

KJ: I did.  I asked Valerie and Nic and I asked a couple other of my friends.  My other queer friends, I literally was like she’s 19, she’s out.  Both of them were like [incredulously] nineteen?!  Because those other two friends are in their 40’s and they’re like oh my God.  I’m like I’m not looking at her like that, I just think she’s rad.  I’m so happy that…I fucking wish I was 18 going to a show and there was someone on stage that was my age.  But it’s not even in your face, it’s so just this is it, this is the way it is.

VA: That’s how I felt at the Hayley Kiyoko concert.  It was like, just a bunch of queer teenagers that are just like throwing their bras at her.  I was like man, if I had had this when I was a teenager, it would’ve been a lot different.

KJ: Yes!

VA: It was very cool.

KJ: Yeah.  I really just wanted to talk about her because I feel like when I first started watching Buffy.  I watched Buffy as a middle aged adult, when I was 35 or something.  But I was still so moved by this, you know, early college gay love story, do you know?  It meant so much to me, it spoke so much to me.  That’s kind of how I feel about this.  I’m just like this is so cool that she’s so positive and sure, and feels so comfortable.  Yeah, I just think it’s really inspirational.  The music’s awesome.  It really is.  It should be everybody’s summer jam. [laughter]  And I don’t really read comments on YouTube or whatever, but one of the comments on her YouTube…one of her videos…literally just said if she murdered me, I’d apologize.  [laughter] 

VA: I love that.

KJ: I’m gonna end on that.  King Princess. And also what a fuckin great name.  King Princess.

BL: So she has an album coming out soon though?

KJ: She does have an album coming out, but she has an EP that’s out right now.

BL: Cool.

KJ: I love her.  I love it.

BL: I’ve seen you tweeting about her, I’ve seen you doing stuff about her.

KJ: I wanted to just get it out there.

BL: You’re gonna look like the smart one.  You knew about her early.

KJ: Oh yeah.  I watched this show by myself, yo.

BL: I think that’s cool.

KJ: I mean if lesbian Harry Styles gets it, then…I don’t know.  [laughter] I didn’t realize he’s a lesbian icon.

VA: Maybe it’s just some of my friends. [laughter]  I feel like, I don’t know.  Maybe I made that up.  Maybe it’s just like some of my friends are really into him.

BL: This is Valerie’s “I swear I bought my tickets at the grocery store” moment.  [laughter]

VA: Cause now that I’m thinking about it…I know my friend Jen, but she’s bisexual, but she loves him.  But I don’t think it’s in the same way that teenage girls love him.  But it’s really hard to tell I guess. [laughter]  But also I have other friends that have called him a style icon.

BL: Listeners, tell us.  Tell us about your Harry Styles opinions.

VA: I mean I don’t know much about him.  These are the only contexts that I’ve heard about him.  I’m just telling you what I can tell you.

KJ: Same thing, I feel like maybe whoever is listening to this is just like no, Harry we love him and they want to whatever.  I don’t know.  Maybe not.

VA: So sorry to all of the One Direction fans listening.

KJ: I don’t know.  Are there any? [laughter]  There can’t possibly be.

BL: Let us know.

VA: I mean, they’ve got some good summer jams.  They’ve got some bops. [laughter] [no really, Kat laughs A LOT at this]

KJ: Bops! [more laughter]

BL: If nothing else, you made Kat happy.

KJ: I’ve never heard that term before.  They’ve got some bops.  I like it a lot.

BL: Wow.

KJ: Alright.  I’m all done.

BL: OK, I’m up next. And I am going to talk about a TV show that, when we came up with this podcast, I pretty much knew – after Wynonna Earp – I knew this was going to be a topic for me.  So it’s probably no surprise if you follow me on Twitter and stuff that I’m going to be talking about Killjoys.

VA: [excited woo sounds]

BL: I think I said I just really wanted to shout about Michelle Lovretta and her little show on SYFY that I love so much, so that’s what I’m gonna do this week.  Because Killjoys is coming back to SYFY and Space Channel in Canada on Friday, July 20th.  And it airs right after our beloved Wynonna Earp.  So if you watch Wynonna Earp you should stick around and watch Killjoys right after.

VA: They make a good duo.

KJ: IF you watch Wynonna Earp?  Pffftt.  [laughter]  Go on.

BL: I know.  We probably don’t have many that aren’t under that umbrella. [laughter]  So Killjoys is entering season four, but there’s only ten episodes per season, kind of like GLOW so I do urge you to go back if you haven’t watched it and try to binge it.  The only problem with it is it’s not on Netflix.  I don’t know why.  But the three seasons were on’s website, but right now for whatever reason…the SYFY website says that it has all of the episodes, but only season three is up there.  So I was trying to figure out what was going on with that.  If you do have to like, buy the episodes on Amazon, I would say it was worth it.  Anyway, it’s entering season four, they’ve been renewed already for season five which is when they’re going to end.  They’re actually filming right now, seasons four and five together.  But it’s really nice because then the writers are gonna be able to end it how they want.  But that’s going to end next year.  Anyway, it’s an easy catch up if you haven’t watched it.  I’m not gonna spoil any big plot points in my talk about it.

KJ: I’m curious, I’m sorry Bridget, they were given season five because they were like please let us have…let’s finish this out?

BL: SYFY was basically like we’re giving you seasons four and five so you can go and end it how you want to end it.

KJ: OK, that’s cool.

BL: It’s a show with a very complex mythology, so I think it was really nice of them to be like here you guys can give it a satisfying end.  It’s kind of like Orphan Black, they need to kind of know that ahead of time.  But the show itself, it’s a show about three space bounty hunters.  In the future.

VA: Three hot space bounty hunters.

BL: Yeah.  Dutch is the main character and she works with the Jaqobis brothers.  D’avin and John.  And they are like a trio of space bounty hunters.  The first few seasons of the show really follow a formula of the week where they’re going out – it’s called The Quad – is the galaxy where they’re at in space.  The first few seasons it’s about them having to go and chase the warrant of a certain person and bring them in.  But as the show went on, as I just alluded to, the mythology grows and grows and grows.  It’s…I can’t even remember the last time they were really out serving a warrant anymore.  It’s just really about Dutch, and she has this really complex back story.  She was raised as kind of an assassin.  Then she was supposed to marry a prince but she ended up killing the prince on her wedding night and she became this killjoy and started working with Johnny and D’avin.  It really does get a little confusing admittedly, the mythology.  But me being a person who doesn’t always follow mythology, I love that it’s a very grounded show in the characters.  These characters are so my jam.  They made Dutch and the two boys so…they’re just such great characters.  The other thing that I think that they do, being a SYFY show, is that they can tackle a lot of like big societal themes through [phone sound]…sorry, I thought I turned off all my alerts.

KJ: It’s OK, it’s just a reminder how popular you are Bridget. [laughter]

BL: That was a text from my husband.

KJ: Is he downstairs?

BL: No.  I don’t know where he is.

KJ: Is he watching Ocean’s 8?  [laughter]  Did he just leave you to watch Ocean’s 8 maybe? [laughter]

VA: I thought you were going to say it was a text from Dani Fucking Kind.

BL: No, sorry.

KJ: Oh what a great way to just say Dani Fucking Kind.

VA: I know, I just had to do it.

KJ: Oh, I miss her.  I’m sorry, go on Bridget.

BL: It’s OK.  So yeah, so they use the fact that they’re this science fiction show based in this galaxy called The Quad to really cover a lot of big societal themes.  And there’s a lot of stories about the haves and the have nots that are going through the show.  But it’s also a just a really super fun show.  They have really awesome action sequences that are like, the shoot-em up stuff.  Kind of like what you were talking about Kat with the summer movies, how you just want to see really fun action stuff.  But I think what they do so great on the flip side is they have all that, but the stories are so based in the characters and they really pay attention to the characters that you are willing to have all this crazy and unreal stuff that you are suspending your disbelief for because at the end of the day they have these characters that are really genuine and real and that you really can relate to.  That’s the basic premise of it.  It’s kind of confusing to talk too much more about it other than there are three space bounty hunters that go and get stuff because it gets really deep in later seasons.

KJ: Can I ask you – just seeing as our podcast is also kind of a play on that name, Killjoys.  What is the reason for the name?  What does it have to do with like…do you know?

BL: They’re job, the space bounty hunters are called Killjoys.

VA: The money that they use is called joy.  Instead of the dollar or the Euro, whatever, they exchange joy. So they kill for joy.  They’re hired kills, so it’s Killjoys.

BL: That’s all the intricate stuff I don’t pay attention to. [laughter]

KJ: That’s the first thing I want to know.  I want to know why every show is named…you know what I’m saying?  I want the reasoning behind the name for every show.  But go on.

VA: That’s what they called hired head hunters.  They just called them Killjoys.

BL: I’m sure, knowing Lovretta too, the creator, I bet it’s probably also a play kind of on feminist killjoys.

VA: Oh, for sure.  That’s just why within the mythology.  I’m sure they specifically orchestrated that so they could be called Killjoys.

BL: So, speaking of Michelle Lovretta, she was one of the main reasons I wanted to do this topic.  She is the creator of Killjoys, but she also created Lost Girl.  But yeah, her and Emily Andras are my favorite people in all of TV.  I think she never really gets the credit that she deserves for creating Lost Girl, and I think Emily would probably even agree with this.  I think Emily Andras gets credited with a lot of stuff that was great about Lost Girl, and the representation and things like that.  But I don’t think a lot of people know that it was actually Michelle Lovretta that created it and set all that stuff in place.  So while Emily deserves a lot of credit for Lost Girl for sure because she showran it two seasons, I think Michelle Lovretta was the main person behind it and was like we’re gonna do…she was the one that set it all in place.  But with Lost Girl and Killjoys, Michelle puts a lot of things that are important to her personally I think, into her work which is really cool.  All of her stories have LGBTQ representation, they have really important platonic friendships and relationships.  She talks a lot about consent and body autonomy and having your own agency.  I think those are all really big things in her work, which is awesome.  Also, her writing is really smart and funny.  It’s quick witted and it’s just really fun.  The action sequences, she just…it’s just a lot of fun to watch.  Even though she’s exploring all these really deep themes and important themes.  I just…Emily actually quoted one of the things that Michelle Lovretta taught her, because Michelle was one of her mentors, was like when I doubt, just make it awesome. [laughter]  I think that really comes through in Michelle Lovretta’s shows. 

KJ: That’s a good thing to be reminded of, especially when you’re kind of stuck, right?  You know, when you’re stuck coming up with words or writing or whatever, especially writing.

BL: She’s said even working with lower budgets and stuff.  Yeah, you have to deal with all this.  At the end of the day, just make it as awesome as you can.  I don’t know.  I think the only thing I hate about Lovretta is she comes up with these character names on her shows just to like, fuck with us all because they’re really hard to spell.  They have like apostrophes in their names and different weird things.  So that’s my only fault against Lovretta.

KJ: You have an apostrophe in your name?  [angry sound]

BL: She once told me she was going to name a character Bridget on Killjoys, but it was gonna have like a semi-colon in it’s name and a hypen and all this stuff.

KJ: Umlauts!  [growling] Bridgettt. [laughter]

BL: But yeah, she just has talked about too, she wants to make shows where she sees that females aren’t typecast into roles.  Just being the teacher or whatever.  One of her quotes, she said I don’t want to be a teacher, I don’t want to fantasize about being a teacher.  That’s not me.  I want guns, I want a ship, and I want a sexy guy and a sexy lady and I’m not gonna apologize for that.  [laughter]

KJ: Imagine getting out of bed in the morning.  Nice stretch and a yawn.  I want a ship.  I want some guns.  Sexy guy and lady.

BL: And that’s basically Killjoys[laughter]  I think she just has this really fun way that comes through in her show.  I’ve been privileged enough to get to interview her a lot and meet her, see her off camera.  Who she is behind the scenes.  She’s much the same way.  She’s just a really, really nice person.  It’s kind of like what we were talking about with Alison Brie.  When they say don’t meet your heroes.  I was like oh, I love her so much she’s just the best.  She’s even better off screen.  She’s a really great person.

VA: You know what I always say to that, don’t meet your heroes.  Say if you think that you shouldn’t meet your heroes you need to get better heroes.

BL: I love that.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: I’ve met so many.  Specifically Wynonna Earp. I’ve met so many of them now, and I’ve been very lucky.  They’ve all been just absolutely even more than I could’ve hoped for.  So I think that if you meet someone who was your hero and they suck you need to find a new hero.

KJ: I’m gonna tell everybody right now, don’t make your hero Billy Corgan. [laughter] 

BL: Oh God.

KJ: And I’m gonna tell you that just based on the fact that he’s Billy Corgan. 

BL: I don’t think anyone listening to this would’ve made Billy Corgan their hero.

KJ: Cool.

BL: That’s a name I haven’t heard for a long time.

KJ:  You’re welcome.  You’re welcome for nothing. [laughter]

VA: Bridget I don’t want to jump your outline, but you mentioned briefly the platonic relationship between Dutch and Johnny…

BL: I have a whole section of that, yeah. [laughter]

VA: OK great.  Cool, cool, cool, cool.  I thought so, but I just wanted to make sure.

KJ: Should I make some tea? [laughter]

BL: No, but first I want to talk about Hannah John-Kamen, who plays Dutch.

VA: Yes!

BL: Yes.  She’s amazing.  And I truly believe she’s one of the best actresses on TV.  Fight me, I don’t care.  [laughter]

VA: I agree with you!

BL: No, I was saying to other people.  It’s so funny because every time that I interview her I forget how young she actually is in real life, and she’s got this really bubbly personality off screen.  It’s so…she’s one of those people it’s just crazy how they can transform.  Dutch is so badass and so awesome.  So it’s funny when you then see her off screen and you forget how young she really is, it’s just amazing.  So, sidenote.  But I think she’s also gotten better every season of Killjoys and they’ve really given her a lot more to do on the show, which is awesome.  I think there’s a reason why she is in all these blockbusters all of the sudden.  She was in Ready Player One and Tomb Raider and now she’s playing the villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp.  I think everyone else is starting to see how awesome she is, which is really cool. 

VA: One of my favorite things was when someone on the show will be like oh, look at this tiny pretty girl and then she kicks their ass.

BL: Yeah, they play with tropes like that.

VA: She’s kind of unassuming and pretty and small.

BL: One of the first scenes, I think it is the first scene of the whole series, is a play on that.  Which I don’t really want to give it away but it’s a play on you assume that this is the weak girl and all this stuff.  But, yeah.  I just get really mad with all the blockbusters when they don’t credit that she’s on Killjoys.  They’ll say like, Black Mirror’s Hannah John-Kamen.  I’m like she’s the fucking lead of Killjoys, which is going to have five seasons.  It’s not like a small show.

VA: She was great on Black Mirror though.  But I agree.

BL: She was.  But she’s only in like three episodes on that, and she’s like, the lead.  It makes no sense. 

VA: I agree.

BL: She also has a really great voice.  She was a theater actress, which Killjoys has allowed her to sing a couple times, which has been fun.  Fun side note, she was in the Spice Girls musical with Dominique Provost-Chalkley in England.

VA: Yeah!

BL: So if you want to find a really fun YouTube video, go and find that YouTube video where they’re doing Spice Girls on a West End production.

VA: Also I just looked up how old she was because you were talking about how young she was very aggressively.  She’s not.  I was like man is she 21 years old?  She’s 28.

BL: I don’t know, she comes across as younger when you’re talking to her.

VA: I’m sure, because Dutch is so serious.  So I could see her seeming younger than Dutch for sure.  But I just wanted to lay that out there, that she’s a respectable age. [laughter]

BL: Fine.  But yeah, she’s so awesome.  And then in season three they kind of doubled her role.  I don’t want to give away spoilers, but she starts playing this other character as well on the show in season three and it’s crazy the transformation that Hannah John-Kamen can do and the way that…it’s very Tatiana Maslany-esque.  She completely transforms into this other character where everything is different.  Her posture is different, the way she talks is different.  Even the look in her eyes is so crazy.  I was actually on the Killjoys set this last spring and I got to see her filming a scene and it was insane because she literally just changed characters within a matter of minutes of what I was watching her film and it was even more phenomenal the way that she could just switch back and forth between them.  Anyway, Hannah John-Kamen is amazing and she should be enough for you to watch Killjoys.  Just for her.

VA: And it does get gay. [laughter]

BL: Oh I have, one of my notes is – what I know you guys are asking, OK, but is it gay?  That was one of my bullet points.  I know that’s always a question.

VA: I’m gonna stop talking because you apparently have everything/

BL: /I told you I had a lot of notes for this one.

VA: I keep thinking you’re done, that’s why I keep bringing something else up/

BL: /I’m so not done.  [laughter]

VA: OK, go on.

BL: No, you can jump in.  I don’t care.  I don’t want it to be like I’m lecturing you guys about Killjoys[laughter]  So…the boys.  Dutch is great, but I think the boys are a lot of fun too.  Aaron Ashmore plays John Jaqobis, and his brother D’avin is played by Luke Macfarlane who…I love Luke Macfarlane.  He was on Brothers & Sisters as Scotty.  I loved him on that.  But they’re both so great.  When we first meet them, they are brothers but they have been estranged because D’avin has been in the military.  He’s kind of dealing with some stuff but he joins Dutch and Johnny as these bounty hunters.  The first season is a lot about them trying to figure out their relationship and try and be on good terms again.  They’re a lot like the Wynonna Earp men in that they always defer to Dutch and support her, and believe in her.  They never question her or that she’s in charge.  I just…I think they’re really great examples of how you can have these really strong male characters that don’t fell threatened by the women in the stories.  I like that they have big moments of vulnerability and it’s something that I don’t’ think that we see enough in male characters.  I just really like that.  I think that Michelle Lovretta and the Killjoys team does a great job writing those guys.  And Johnny Jaqobis is one of my favorite characters on TV, hands down.  As much as I go on about Hannah John-Kamen, I love love love Aaron Ashmore as Johnny Jaqobis.  He’s kind of the nerdy tech guy, but then he can also go out and be really bad ass.  I don’t know.  His character has this really big heart.  It’s gotten broken sometimes and now he’s kind of trying to come out of that.  I love Johnny.  One of the reasons I love him is because of his friendship with Dutch. There you go, Valerie.

VA: Friendship.  Emphasis on friendship.  It’s never a will they won’t they romantically.

BL: Never.

VA: And I love that.

BL: Yeah, Johnny and Dutch are the most important people in each other’s lives.  They’re each other’s soulmates, but it’s just a friendship.  One of the other quotes that Lovretta did in one of my interviews was ‘Their stupid friendship owns my stupid heart’.  [laughter]  And I feel like that sums up how I feel when I watch Killjoys because that relationship is so great.  But yeah, she has straight up come out and said they’re platonic soulmates and on a lot of other shows you would just be waiting to one of those moments where Dutch would be like no, but wait, I’m actually really in love with him.  But she has straight up vowed and gone on record and said they’re never going to go there with them, and I think that’s so awesome.  And something that a lot of shows wouldn’t do.  I will say in the season four premiere, as like a tease, it’s a really fun premiere that really focuses on their friendship.  We get to see the early days of the Dutch and Johnny relationship which is a lot of fun if you’ve been watching the show for awhile, so it’s a really good premiere in that respect.

VA: Plus, Johnny’s in love with his spaceship. [laughter]

BL: That makes it sound weird.

VA: I know.  But the spaceship is one of the best characters.

BL: Yeah, they have a ton of really good side characters.  The three main people are great, but then yeah.  And one of them is the ship, Lucy, who’s really snarky and has some really good lines.  She’s a lot like the ship on Legends of Tomorrow

VA: Yes.  I think that Lucy and Gideon would get along very well. [laughter]

KJ: Are you guys talking about ships right now?

VA: Spaceships.  Technically the AI’s within the spaceships.

KJ:  OK.  OK.

BL: Lucy has some of the best lines.  But yeah, she loves Johnny Jaqobis.  The ship is really in love with John.  It all makes sense if you watch Kat, I promise.

KJ: So you ship ships.

VA: I do ship ships! [laughter]

BL: But there’s a bunch of really fun characters on this show.  They do a great job with it.  There’s the bar that they all hang out with has this really fabulous bartender guy that owns it.  His name is Pree.  But everyone on the show is never just like one thing.  You also find out he’s not just a bartender, he used to be a warlord.  He’s just fabulous.  Then there’s other Killjoys that they run into like Fancy Lee.  There’s this really great doctor lady Pawter that she used to be a pretty pretty princess.  She used to be one of the rich families that run The Quad, and her family has cast her aside.  She’s living in Westerley which is the poor city.  She’s trying to help people there.  She’s amazing.

VA: I love Pawter.

BL: Yeah.  Speaking of the rich families, that’s one of my favorite characters is named Delle Seyah.

VA: Yeah!

BL: They do an awesome job.  There’s the rich people that run the whole Quad is called The Nine.  There’s nine ruling families.  Delle Seyah is head of one of The Nine.  When we first meet her in season one, she’s just a really fun character that they run into on one of their warrants or whatever.  I instantly loved her.  She’s such a bitch.  She’s evil and she doesn’t make any attempt to hide that she’s evil.  I think the show kind of saw what they had in her and how delicious she was.  This great snarky back and forth that she had with Dutch, and they’ve slowly made her into a much bigger role.  She’s one of the examples where they have a lot of different kinds of women on this show.  They have Dutch who’s pretty and kicking ass, you have Delle Seyah and Pawter who are doctors…Pawter’s a doctor.  But they fight more with their brains and making strategical moves.  I think it’s really cool how they show women can be strong and brave in lots of different ways.

VA: Amen.

BL: But yeah, Delle Seyah, you will hate her sometimes.  But I always want more of her.

VA: She’s so great.

BL: So yeah she’s a really big part of the show now going into seasons four and five too. 

VA: My favorite, in her first season, she just hate flirts with Dutch the entire time.

BL: Yeah, they hate flirt so much.

VA: It’s so great.  I love a good hate flirt. [laughter]

BL: Then she was like, something about we are one hell of a snapper.

VA: Oh yeah.  Yeah, cause she said when I snap, you come.  And she goes well then you must be one hell of a snapper. 

BL: So one of the things Valerie was talking about with GLOW is they are a really diverse cast.  I think Lovretta and her casting director they really make an effort to make this a really diverse world.  It’s evident…obviously you have a woman of color as the lead with Hannah John-Kamen and then…but they also have a lot of their guest stars each week are very diverse people.  One of the quotes that I have from Lovretta about that and why she always wants to build worlds with a variety of different characters that are very diverse is she said [reading quote] I don’t want to just meet myself.  I don’t want to meet people who look like myself.  I don’t want to meet people who just have sex the way that I do.  There’s nothing more boring and bland than sameness. [end quote]

KJ: That is really true.  Really.

BL: I like when Kat comes in to just interject every now and then.

KJ: Well, I’m picking up on the things that speak to me.

BL: Yeah.

KJ: And shipping ships. [laughter]  And people being the same are things I’m gonna pick up on.

BL: One of the biggest examples of what they did that was really cool with bringing in diversity was in season three they had this whole story with this Hackmod society where it was people that had modified their bodies with different pieces of tech.  They had one girl with a machine gun arm.

VA: So badass. So badass.

BL: I remember saying to Lovretta, I get you’re doing this whole Hackmod thing because it’s awesome and you’re showing…they cast a lot of people that actually had disabilities or that had some kind of physical limitation in real life.  They made a very conscious effort to go out and find these people, and they ended up getting a lot of people who had never acted before, but they wanted them to be authentic and to find the real people.  I remember saying to Lovretta I get why you’re doing that, but I think you also just really wanted a girl with a machine gun arm, and she was like hell yeah I did.  It was funny.  But it was cool because they showed these people that were disabled but they also got to be these action super heroes too.  That was a really cool thing I think that they did in season three.

VA: Yeah, I liked that whole storyline a lot.

KJ: I want to comment just really quickly on having to write and shoot two seasons at the same time.  That’s a lot of pressure.  For someone to just be like well now you have to come up with twenty scripts as opposed to ten.  You don’t get your eight nine months in between or however long it is.

VA: And also I hope this works because they’re not gonna get feedback from one before they go into the next.  If they’re committed to a two season arc that starts to fail after one, they’re gonna have to commit to it.  This show, I doubt will have that problem.  I feel like a lot of shows kind of take what people are responding too – theoretically and hopefully – what people are responding to and kind of lean into it.

KJ: I guess that’s what you do every time you have a movie, right?

VA: Yeah. And I guess by the fourth and fifth season they kind of know what works and what doesn’t for the most part.

BL: I know they took a eight week or six week or something hiatus in the middle.  They finished season four, shooting it, and then took a break.  A little haitus before they pick up filming season five.  But it is gonna be this summer when they’re filming it.  I’m sure the writers were working straight through.  I know Lovretta had a ton of it planned out at the beginning where she wanted to go with the stories and stuff, but I also remember her alluding to stuff she had first thought being in a season four or five and ended up using it way earlier in season two or something.  Because of the pace of TV and how fast you have to keep stuff moving.  I don’t know.  I have faith in them.

VA: Yeah, I’m sure whatever it is is gonna be amazing. 

BL: OK, but is it gay?  Yes! [laughter]

VA: I’m glad we reached that portion of your outline.

BL: I always thought, as diverse as the show was…even though I talked about Pree, the bartender.  He was always a gay character from the beginning.  I always thought as diverse the casting choices was, it could’ve always upped it’s game a little bit as far as queer representation.

VA: I kept being like I want to write about this show, just give me a goddamn lesbian. [laughter]

KJ: That’s how I feel about drummers.  I’m always like band, give me a lady drummer so I can write about you.

BL: So they did that in season three, I think they really upped their game in the queer representation part of it.  Now there’s queer men, there’s queer women, and multiple representations of those kind of relationships.  I don’t know…I can’t give away who is in relationships, but there’s one that’s called the Green Queens.  It’s the coolest ship name ever.  They’re a lot of fun.  I find their relationship a lot of fun, but you’ll have to watch to find out who they are. [laughter]  I think it’s just like with the queer representation and the diversity I think Killjoys does this really cool thing where they’re using science fiction to tell stories of the world that we all dream of being in where it’s inclusive and it’s diverse and people in the Killjoys world are so busy trying to stay alive and fight this war that they realize it’s not important at all who is sleeping with who.  They’re like whatever, you love him, good, go for it.

KJ: [sigh]

BL: I know, I’m even tired now guys. [laughter]

VA: Is that the end of your outline?

KJ: So tired, that you don’t even say her first name ever.

BL: Lovretta?  Yeah I just always call her Lovretta.  I don’t know.  I think she does that whole thing too where she is really good about hiring women in a lot of positions.  She not only puts a ton of interesting women on screen, she hires a ton of women behind the scenes in different positions.  For my women behind Canadian TV series we always have a ton of people that have either worked on Killjoys or are going to work on Killjoys that are in it.  We’ve had camerawomen, their stunt coordinator is a woman, they have assistant directors that are women.  April Mullen has directed them in the past.  They’re having my beloved X Company creator, Stephanie Morgenstern, is directing a couple episodes in seasons four and five so that’s really exciting.  And then they have a ton of women in the writing room too, so it’s really cool.

VA: I meant to mention that about GLOW too, there’s a ton of women directing and writing episodes in that one.  I feel like especially directors, you don’t see a lot of women directors on things. As much as you would like too, but it’s nice that it’s…I want to say…I didn’t count them exactly but I think it’s majority women directors and writers, which is very cool.

BL: Yeah, Killjoys has a lot of really good male directors.  They have a lot of crossover with the Wynonna Earp directors.

KJ: [sarcastically] You’re not bad for a dude director. [laughter]

VA: I think that’s the thing, right?  It’s the balance. The sameness.  Having the same type of person direct every episode is not going to be interesting.  Mix it up!

BL: So yeah. Oh, the music is amazing too Kat, because guess who is the coordinator.  Andrea Higgins.

VA: Our hero!

KJ: Yeah yeah.

BL: So yeah, it’s peak Andrea Higgins too.  She’s just as good as she is on Wynonna Earp, that’s how the Killjoys soundtrack is.  It’s so fun.

KJ: I want her to be like, my very good friend. [laughter]  I would love to just sit down and talk with her.  Maybe she doesn’t have to be my very good friend.  I just want to find a way to sit down and talk with her.  I want to talk shop with her.

BL: At EHCon.

KJ: Oh God, I’d love to meet her.  She just seems so cool.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Any time that you’re going to say her name, I’m gonna be like aww she’s so cool.

BL: She’s really really good on Killjoys.  Her music selection is really good.  They couldn’t have those super fun action shoot-em up scenes without an awesome song.  She always picks the best ones.  I think that’s all I really have to say.  I just really like shouting about Michelle Lovretta because she’s so awesome and she doesn’t get maybe as much recognition as she should.  But she’s just a super rad lady and she’s so nice.  She’s helped me a lot behind the scenes with different things I’ve had questions about.  She’s just always open and really nice.  I just think she’s a rad person and I want to shout about her.  I wish that her show was more easily accessible.  I know that’s always the thing that people yell at me – I really want to watch Killjoys but it’s not on Netflix.  I don’t know that that’s in her hands or who controls that.  I’m sure that she would want it to be accessible too.  If you can…I mean like I said I think it’s worth paying for the first two season if you have to.  For ten episodes of joy.

VA: Of Killjoy.

BL: I emailed, I’m trying to find out why.  I know that as of last week all three seasons were on the SYFY website/

KJ: /Could be a glitch.

BL: /Yeah, why they’re not there right now.  So if you have SYFY or you could watch on SYFY maybe keep checking there.  They might show up.  But it premieres July 20th on SYFY and Space, season four at ten o’clock.

KJ: Bridget got to Thrilljoy about the Killjoys.  Finally got to do it.

BL: It’s my most favorite show after Wynonna Earp, if that tells people anything. 

KJ: Mhmm.  It does. [laughter]  It tells us a lot.

BL: It’s not even Michelle Lovretta.  It’s the whole Wynonna Earp thing.  I just think the people that are making it, from the writers to the directors and the cast, I just think they’re really great people.  They really care about the show and have a lot of fun making it and I would like you all to support them if you can by watching.

KJ: Well I’m sure we’ll be getting lots of comments on Twitter.  So many people end up watching or talking about the shows that you talk about Bridget.  They get so excited.  They’re like Bridget, I started….have you noticed that?  It’s really sweet actually.

BL: I will say admittedly I started Killjoys and I liked it right away.  It was similar to Wynonna Earp where it’s around episode five of season one where things I feel really get cooking for them and it starts getting really interesting.  If you watch the first couple and you’re like hmm, I don’t know, just keep at it.  And Emily Andras wrote a couple of episodes of season one if that entices you.

VA: Oh, I don’t think I realized that.  Season one was a long time ago, so I didn’t really go back and pick that up.  That’s awesome.

BL: And actually on Wynonna Earp, the baby is named Alice Michelle, and the Michelle is Michelle Lovretta.

KJ: What?

BL: Yeah.

VA: Yeah.

BL: Isn’t that cute?  And there’s a similar type nod, I won’t tell you what it is, but there’s a similar type nod back to Emily in Killjoys.

KJ: Is someone just named Wayhaught?

BL: Their stupid friendship owns my stupid heart. [laughter]  And now I’m done.

VA: The perfect way to end it.

BL: I just think Killjoys does so many good things.  They actually do have better ratings than Wynonna Earp, but I feel like people on social media don’t shout about it as much.  I’ll never stop. But watch Killjoys.

KJ: Yay!

BL: And Hannah John-Kamen.  I’m so glad Hannah John-Kamen is about to blow up really big in Hollywood. 

VA: She’s amazing.

KJ: I mean it sounds like she already has.

BL: I heard one of the reasons Steven Spielberg wanted her for Ready Player One was he saw all the awesome stuff she was able to do on Killjoys.  The stunts and things like that because she does a lot of her own stunts on Killjoys.  So take that, Black Mirror. [laughter]

KJ: Oh, shit.

BL: I told you I get really angry about that.

KJ: What about Black Mirror?

BL: They always credit her as being on Black Mirror instead of Killjoys.  But Spielberg must’ve saw her on Killjoys.

KJ: My comment on Black Mirror is fuck that show.

BL: I can’t watch it.  I get too scared.

KJ: I saw that first episode and I hate…oh…

VA: Well that’s not fair, because all of the episodes are very different from each other.

BL: I liked San Junipero a lot. 

VA: Yeah.

BL: Yeah, have you watched that one?

KJ: Yeah.

BL: I’ve watched like seven or eight.  I get too freaked out by them.

KJ: Mhmm.

VA: That’s another one that I binged one of the seasons and I was like, this was a mistake.

BL: No!  Yeah, what are you doing? [laughter] You need to check in when you’re gonna binge something and be like/

KJ: /Check in! [laughter]/

BL: /can I do this?  And we’ll be like no.  You’re not allowed.  You get three episodes Valerie and then you have to walk away.

VA: I was gonna write about San Junipero so I only had so many days…and I didn’t realize at first/

BL: /[groans] oh, man/

VA: /that you didn’t have to watch all of them.  So I watched the first season in one season, and I was like I think I’m having an existential crisis.  It’s a lot.

BL: Yeah, you have to tell us next time.  Like I would’ve said GLOW, fine.  Go ahead and binge that. 

KJ: Yeah, tell us.  I mean, just Bridget. [laughter]  Don’t tell me.

BL: I remember when she was doing BoJack, and I was like Valerie I watch one episode of BoJack and I have to sit there and question what my life is.  How are you watching like, ten?

VA: Yeah, it was too much.  That’s not a binge show.  It hurt my heart. 

BL: But it’s really good.  Everyone should watch that.

VA: No yeah, it’s very good.  All of these shows are good, just some shows you don’t binge if you care about your brain and your heart.

KJ: I mean binge watch like, Parks and Rec. [laughter]

VA: I did do that once also.

KJ: That’s a binge watch.

BL: Seriously.

KJ: Yeah.  Otherwise it’s [singing like Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec] the wooorst. [laughter]  You’re welcome.  [laughter]

BL: What is it…oh, because the Wynonna Earp production company is SEVEN24 and I’m always doing [singing like Jean-Ralphio] Entertainment 720! [laughter]  That’s all I think of when I see them. Every time I see that.

KJ: I think it was Entertainment 360 though wasn’t it?

BL: No!  It was Entertainment 720.  People are shouting at us right now.

KJ: Oh God.  Yeah.  [laughter]  Music. Video. Everything.  All the lists of stuff they were going to take care of.

BL: Yeah, it was Entertainment 720.  Yeah I can see it/

KJ: /You’re right, you’re right, you’re right/

BL: /he’s going [singing like Jean-Ralphio] Entertainment 720!

KJ: Yeah. Right, right, right, right, right.

BL: We’re getting yelled at a lot right now by people that are listening.  How do they not know that?

KJ: I know.  Forgive us!

BL: Stuff just has to leave my brain every now and then to make room for new stuff.  That doesn’t mean that I want it to go, it just has to if the new stuff is gonna fit.  [laughter]

VA: I think one time you told me one time that you have to forget old stuff sometimes so you don’t forget your children’s names. [laughter]

BL: Once I had kids stuff just started leaving my brain. [laughter]

KJ: There it is.  There that goes. Oh man.

BL: So.  Good episode guys.

VA and KJ: Yeah!

BL: We don’t know when we’ll…Kat has a busy life coming up, and then we’re all three gonna be really busy covering Wynonna Earp, so.

KJ: Right, but we’re all gonna see each other, right?

VA: At EHCon.

BL: No, the end of July.

VA: Oh, right!

KJ: Yeah, we’re all gonna be in Connecticut! [laughter]  I think it would be cool if we try to do something.  I know it’s a nice thought and it may not happen.

BL: We’re not promising.

VA: We should try.

KJ: Yeah, who’s gonna mind if we whip out three laptops and just start recording. [laughter] Right?  I am really excited about seeing you guys at the end of the month.

BL: Well it might not be like a real episode.

KJ: That’s impossible, but go on.

VA: It could be a bonus ep, and maybe it’ll be a reasonable length.  Who knows?

BL: Yeah, we’ll see each other then and then we’re all going to EHCon in August.

KJ: I just keep buying tickets.  Especially when you’re dating a Canadian. My credit card isn’t…[laughter]  it’s nothing but airline tickets and car rentals.  I sound like I’m being a snob.  That’s not it.  We just bought our tickets yesterday to go to EHCon and I was just like oh my God.  It’s a lot.  I don’t know how all you people are doin it with all of your cons that you’re going to, but holy smokes.

BL: Luckily I can drive to EHCon.

KJ: I mean I technically could too, but that’s a lot to drive back by myself.

BL: Yeah, yours is a long drive.

KJ: Krystal’s gonna go back to Calgary after that.  But holy smokes.  Holy smokes!  Are you…forget it, I’m not gonna talk about that right now.

BL: But if people are going to EHCon and you see us at EHCon, please come up and say hi and introduce yourself.

KJ: Yes.

VA: Yeah, yeah.  Do we still have stickers to give out?

KJ: Where are those stickers?

BL: I have them. Well I don’t know if I have yours, but I definitely have a lot of them.

KJ: OK, good, good, good.  I only had a small handful for myself.  But yes, we still have stickers.

VA: Yeah!

BL: At least Bridget still has them. [laughter]

VA: I don’t remember if I gave mine to Bridget or if I still have mine.

BL: I do not have either of yours right now, I know that.

KJ: OK, well just drop some other things from your brain to make room for where those stickers are.

BL: I know where mine are.  I can see them from where I’m sitting.


VA: I’ll find mine between now and EHCon.  Maybe.

KJ: I know where mine are.

BL: At least Bridget will have stickers at EHCon guys.  Just say hi to Kat and Valerie if you see them.

VA: Yeah, say hi to us and then we’ll tell you where Bridget is. [laughter]

KJ: Oh God, do you see Bridget?  She’s the tall one over there.  The tall one over there wearing the Feminist Thrilljoys shirt.

BL: Just shout Dani Fucking Kind in her direction and she’ll probably look. [laughter]

KJ: Oh, Krystal actually had a brilliant, brilliant idea for our…what episode is this, nine?

VA: Yes.

KJ: OK.  Krystal had a brilliant idea for our tenth episode.  And I don’t care I’m gonna tell everybody now cause you’re gonna be jealous of it.  And by jealous I mean unless…whatever.  But doing our Thrilljoys shirt.  Maybe not even the whole Feminist Thrilljoys but the three lightning bolts but like in gold.  Actual like gold iron on or something.  Do you know what I’m saying?

BL: Like she’s gonna design it for us?

KJ: Yeah.

BL: Ohh.

VA: That’s sounds amazing.

KJ: I mean we also probably should have pogs too.

VA: Pogs!

BL: What? [laughter]  What is happening? [laughter]

KJ: Do you know about Krystal’s pogs, her Scary Krystal pogs that she made?

VA and BL: No!

KJ: They’re business cards, but they’re pogs.  It has her little face drawn on one side and all her information on the other side.

VA: You know what, I do remember hearing about that.  That’s amazing. 

KJ: We could get Thrilljoys slammers.

VA: Oh my God!

KJ: All Krystal’s idea.

VA: I love pogs.  Could our slammer just be Dani Fucking Kind? [laughter]

KJ: Oh God, that’d be good.

VA: She’d be a good slammer. [laughter]

KJ: Well, I’ll have to get Krystal on that.  For our tenth episode.  Yeah, in celebration.

BL: She’s probably yelling behind the scenes right now.

KJ: [imitating Krystal] I have no time for this!

BL: There’s no promises Krystal.  Everything we say on here has the caveat that it’s not a promise.  If it doesn’t happen you guys can’t be disappointed.

KJ: Yeah.  The next couple weeks I don’t know that we’re gonna have gold t-shirts, slammers with Dani Kind, and also pogs.

BL: Just have five bonus episodes in a row because Krystal will be like nope, Krystal’s not ready yet.  [laughter]

KJ: I mean we can barely even find our stickers, so don’t count too much on it.  But we have grand ideas.  And by we I mean Krystal had a really great idea for us. [laughter]

BL: Thanks Krystal.

KJ: Alright friends.

BL: She is part of team Thrilljoys.

VA: For sure.

KJ: Yeah.  Sometimes she said she looks at that logo, she’ll see it and be like man that’s a cool logo and then she’ll be like wait, I did that. [laughter]

VA: That’s awesome.

KJ: It’s really cute.

VA: Sometimes I say to people in real life, I have a podcast I know that sounds like a weird thing to say, but here look at our logo! [laughter]  And they’re like oh it’s legit, it’s not just like you guys on a blog.  I’m like no it’s basically the same, it’s just us, but look we have a logo!

KJ: Yeah.  Judge us on our logo, not by our content.

VA: Exactly.  It makes us look way more legit than we are.  Fake it til you make it, girls.

KJ: Yeah yeah yeah.  We’re at episode nine so we’re really pushin the fakin it til we’re makin it. [laughter]

BL: Just keep going.  Alright, we’re almost at two hours, like we’re getting close to it, so it’s time to get out. [laughter]

KJ: Who’s gonna take us out?

BL: Annie.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: Hit it Annie!

Annie: Follow us on social media.  We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @FemThrilljoys.  If you have any more thoughts on this episode or in general, you can email us at  And last, but not least, if you’re feeling extra generous, please rate and review us on iTunes.  Thanks!

[end podcast]