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Bridget Liszewski, Kat Jetson, and Valerie Anne take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

Episode 4: Dani F*cking Kind - Transcript

Mar 20, 2018

In Episode 4, the Feminist Thrilljoys welcomed their first guest to the podcast as Workin' Moms and Wynonna Earp actress Dani Kind joined the ladies. Check out a full transcript of the shenanigans below!

These transcripts would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of our amazing listeners. Huge thanks once again to Liz for helping us out on this episode! Find her on twitter at @Earpnado.


Feminist Thrilljoys – Episode 4 – Dani F*cking Kind


BL = Bridget Liszewski

KJ = Kat Jetson

VA = Valerie Anne

DFK = Dani Fucking Kind

/ indicates that two or more people are talking at the same time


VA: Welcome to Feminist Thrilljoys, a podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about the feminist-y things they love. I’m one of your hosts, Valerie Anne.

BL: And I’m Bridget.

KJ: And I’m Kat Jetson.

DFK: And I’m Dani Kiinnnddd.

[everyone cheers/general freak out over DFK]

DFK: We did it guys.

VA: Yay!

KJ: Welcome our guest everyone!

BL: Dani Fucking Kind!/

KJ: /Dani Fucking Kind/

VA: /Dani Fucking Kind.

DFK: First time I’m officially wearing my Dani Fucking Kind shirt as well.  Not that anyone can see it on the podcast, but I’m wearing it.

BL: We can see it and it’s glorious.

VA: Truly.

KJ: Yeah I missed the seeing of that because I was busy fidgeting.

DFK: I’m going to show you again because we’re all on video chat.  I got it printed on the back

VA: Nice

DFK: Because I didn’t want to be like the biggest douchebag in the world and wear my own name on my shirt.  [laughter] But if I wear it on the back then I forget about it and I don’t feel like such a douchebag.

KJ: If wear it on your back it’s almost like you’re a superhero then, so.

DFK: Yes!

VA: And it’s like if you ever have a conversation and you like mic drop and walk away, the last thing they see is Dani Fucking Kind. [laughter]

DFK: Amazing.

KJ: Oh wow.

DFK: That’s amazing.  I’m going to do it. [laughter]

BL: That’s how we felt about our own shirts, but then we decided we didn’t care and we were going to wear them as well, so.

KJ: And we wear them on the front. [laughter]

VA: I’m literally wearing it.

DFK: Those are great.  You are right now. [laughter] Those are great shirts though, and lots of people got them.  I saw lots of people tweeting pictures about them.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: Yeah, we thought for sure it was just going to be the three of us buying them, but [laughter]

DFK: People love you guys.  It’s a great podcast, guys.

VA/BL/KJ: Thanks.

KJ: We’re into our logo, that’s for sure.  I mean, it’s got lightning bolts.  When we asked the person to do them for us, this girl Scary Krystal…I was just like, I want lightning bolts.  And I think someone else was just like I just want purple.  So those were our two prerequisites.

DFK: Who said I want purple?

KJ: Valerie/

BL: /I think I said Valerie really likes purple./

VA: /I think Bridget said Valerie likes purple. 

KJ: Right, right.

VA: My brand is strong.

DFK: What does purple mean?  Doesn’t it mean something?

KJ: Royalty.

VA: Royalty and sometimes it’s like royalty/loyalty.  It’s kind of like a combo.

KJ: I didn’t know the loyalty part, but it rhymes so let’s go with it. [laughter]  So I guess that was our first newsy notesy thing, was we were going to plug our own shirts and other merchandise.  There’s stickers and what else…mugs…

VA: Yeah, notebooks.

KJ: Everything.  Pillows. [laughter]

VA: Tapestries.

BL: I do need some new throw pillows.  [laughter] What’s the etiquette on having your own stuff as your throw pillows.  That would be interesting.

KJ: Yeah.  I think there is no etiquette yet, but create your own.  So all of that is available through TeePublic, so if you feel like being a superhero or you know…having some pillows to sleep on that are thrilljoying, that’s where you can get it.  Yeah.

DFK: Or make out on.  Can you imagine?  People are making out on your pillows. [laughter]

VA: Oh my God.

KJ: Thank you for taking it up the notch that I needed it to be.

DFK: You’re welcome. [laughter]

BL: She fits right in. [laughter]

KJ: So you’ll be here next week then, right? [laughter]

DFK: Yeah, every week.  Every week guys. [laughter]

KJ: Every week.  The fourth Thrilljoy.  And the other thing, a Spice Girls reunion.  Is everyone excited about this, or…right, everyone should be excited about Spice Girls reunion.

DFK: I only saw the photo of them together.  I don’t know the story.

VA: I guess that they’re going back on tour, and without any new music.  So they’re going just all classics on a tour.

BL: Like Dixie Chicks!  They’re just like Dixie Chicks.

KJ: I think that’s the best way to go on tour though, after you’ve not been doing things for a long time.  Because every time someone comes back after…not every time, but a lot of the time when musicians come back, they’re like “Let’s play a new song”, and everyone’s just like groan.  And X, the band X has been touring on their five albums or whatever.  The last album they put out that was new was like 1986 or something.  They’ve been touring for 30 years and it’s still so good.  Don’t fuck it up X.  Don’t try to write about kids or…

DFK: They haven’t made any new music?

KJ: Nothing.  Zero zero zero.  And they’re so good.

DFK: Their record labels must be like “Fuck you!”  That’s crazy.

KJ: I think they just still sell a shit ton of records.  They’re a seminal LA punk band, and they don’t need to.  They go on tour and they sell out all of the time.  I just can’t believe…yeah.  Do you know that Exene was married to Viggo Mortensen? The singer from X was married to, you know, Lord of the Rings dude?  How crazy is that? Just thought I’d tell you.

VA: I did not know that.

BL: What is her name?  What’s the first name?

KJ: Exene Cervenka.

BL: How do you spell that?

KJ: E-X-E-N-E.  Exene.  Get it.  X, Exene.  Yeah, well.  Anyways. When I talk music everyone just gets silent. [laughter]

VA: I’m learning.

KJ: So, yeah.  They haven’t written one new song since the 80’s.

BL: Are the Spice Girls doing a world tour, or is it just in Europe?

KJ: There’s just no way, I mean half of them must live in LA, so.

VA: Yeah, I think it’s a world tour.

BL: Will that one girl wear pigtails? [laughter] Will she be like 40+ and wearing pig tails.

VA: Did you just call Baby Spice “that one girl”? [laughter]

KJ: Bridget, come on/

BL: /We’ve established I’m not the music one.  Sorry.

VA: But it’s the Spice Girls.  Come on.

KJ: Yeah, and Geri Halliwell looks better now than she did as a Spice Girl.

DFK: I agree.

KJ: Smokin redhead/ [laughter]

BL: /Yeah.

DFK: What is your thing with gingers? Can we talk about that for a minute? [laughter]

KJ: [audibly blushing] I can’t believe we’re on video chat for this right now, honestly. [laughter]

DFK: At what age did you discover this? 

KJ: [laughs]

DFK: Did you happen upon a ginger one day, and just…you’re mine? [laughter]

KJ: Yeah, well…I didn’t know I was gay, but then I worked at this radio station, and these guys that I worked with were horrible.  They were like “Are you gay?”, and I’m like “No…” whatever.  I didn’t know…I don’t know.  I think, maybe.  And so they had some woman come in, I don’t think she was hired, I think she was a friend of theirs, and she was a redhead.  They had her come in and just sit during the 3 hours of our radio broadcast, sat in my lap. [laughter] I was just like, what’s happening right now?

DFK: As like an experiment?

KJ: Yeah, just to be dicks.  It was a hard…it was like a morning show but at night.  These guys were pretty rough.

DFK: Yeah.

KJ: But I survived it.  And she was gorgeous and she was a redhead, and after that I’ve just been obsessed with redheads.  And I’ve actually never even dated a redhead.  How is this even possible? [laughter]

BL: Dani Kind’s getting deep on this. [laughter]

KJ: Yeah, redheads are great.  I don’t know.  And also I like drummers.  They’re always the person in the back that no one is paying attention to.  I feel like the redhead is also, everyone’s just like “oh the redhead”, and I’m like get the fuck out of here, the redhead’s rad.

DFK: My husband is a drummer, and I feel like everybody always wants to sleep with the drummer.  And I think the drummer’s always competing with the lead singer…but I feel like they’re always, they’re like the showmen.

KJ: Know why the drummer is the most wanted?  Because they have really good rhythm.

DFK: Yeah, totally.

KJ: Think about that, right? [laughter]  They know what they’re doing.

DFK: They can hump you, rhythmically.  [laughter]  That’s what you’re saying, right? [laughter]

KJ: Yeah. [laughter] They can do a lot of things at once.  They’re using their hands and their feet, and they’re doing all kinds of stuff.

DFK: They’re washing the dishes. [laughter]

KJ: Oh boy.  I guess Spice Girls, we don’t need to talk about that anymore, they’re going back on tour/

DFK: /Right, back to Spice Girls.

KJ: Yeah, no it’s fine.  Let’s talk about humping rhythmically. [laughter]

BL: She’s making sure we earn our explicit rating this episode.

DFK: Yes.

VA: I mean her name is Dani Fucking Kind, of course we earned our explicit rating. [laughter]

DFK: I enjoy every time you guys swear on this podcast. [laughter]

KJ: Well, originally we were like should we…some podcasts they don’t swear because they’ll get an explicit thing, and then you can’t listen to them in certain countries, so whatever.  [laughter] The first thing we talked about was we’re definitely going to be swearing, and then well of course we’re going to be swearing we’re going to have to say Dani Fucking Kind.  And we’re not beeping that out every single time.

BL: There we go.

KJ: That’s bullshit. [laughter]

VA: Exactly.

BL: It’s not The Good Place here, yeah. [laughter]

KJ: That’s right.

BL: So the next thing that we thought was exciting, and since you’re on here, is that they finally announced who’s playing Mama Earp on Wynonna Earp.  It’s going to be Megan Follows.

DFK: I saw that.  What a great choice.

BL: Now way back Dani and I played a game of who do we want as Mama Earp, and she was not one of our picks, but I still think it’s an excellent choice. [laughs]  We were more focused on darker haired people.

KJ: Right, yeah yeah yeah.

DFK: I wanted Kyra Harper.  Do you guys know who she is?  She’s on Orphan Black.  She played the mom of the boy clones.

VA: Oh yeah, she’s good/

BL: /The crazy doctor.  Dr. Coady.

VA: Yeah.

DFK: So good.  She’s good, and she’s just an incredible human being.  She’s such a great actress.  So, Bridget and I had dinner with Emily, and I was forcing/

KJ: /Oh drop it. [laughter]

BL: She’s embarrassing me even more now.

DFK: I was forcing Bridget to say “Tell her, tell her”.  She was like “Yeah, we think Kyra Harper”.  I was like “No, come on” [laughter]  But you wanted somebody else, who did you want?

BL: I wanted Amanda Tapping.  I just, I mean I ultimately trusted Emily.  I feel like she can always hear if I say something [laughter] so I ultimately trust Emily.  But I thought Amanda Tapping would be good, but I’m fine with Megan Follows.  I admittedly have not seen Anne of Green Gables, which always seems to come up with me covering Canadian TV.  I always feel ashamed that I haven’t seen it, so.

DFK: I think you’re doing just fine.

BL: [laughs] Thanks.

KJ: You watch enough Canadian TV for the earth/

DFK: /Yeah.

BL: I know, but I feel like Megan Follows is like Canadian TV royalty because of that, so.

DFK: But that one screen shot of her next to Melanie.

BL: Yeah.

DFK: They’re like to the side or something.  That shot looked awesome.

VA: /Yeah/

BL: /Yeah. And I do like I tweeted this…but I remember at DragonCon that we went to last fall, she had a panel for Reign and talking about Anne of Green Gables, and afterwards a bunch of the Earpers went and came over and were like [excitedly] “Megan Follows was talking about Wynonna Earp in her panel, and she just brought it up, like no one asked her about it she just brought it up and said that she was like a really big fan” and at the time people were like wouldn’t that be cool if we got Megan Follows?  So now I just think it’s really fun because to get someone that was obviously a fan of the show first.

DFK: Mhmm/

VA: /That’s awesome.

KJ: I feel like everyone’s a fan of Wynonna Earp now at this point.  Or I just do not associate myself with anybody that doesn’t know Wynonna Earp at this point in my life.

VA: I always joke that there are two kinds of people…people who love Wynonna Earp and people who haven’t seen it yet. [laughter]

KJ: Yeah. [laughter] That’s clever, Valerie.

VA: I’m a little biased, but whatever.

BL: Before you were on Wynonna Earp Dani, had you watched Season 1 at all or did you just…

DFK: I didn’t watch it, but I knew Melanie.  Like Melanie and I knew each other before the show, and who else?  Ryan, obviously I knew Ryan.  There was a couple people/

BL: /He played Dr. Murder on Wynonna.

DFK: Dr. Murder.  What a fun role for him.  He’s so not a bad guy.  So funny.  No I didn’t, and then I booked and I crushed through season one.

KJ: Yeah.  That’s how you do.

DFK: But then I feel like every episode I was like “What is happening?!  What?! This is crazy!”  And then every time I got a script it was the same thing.

KJ: Yeah.

DFK: Like what are we doing?  She was like, I can’t talk about it.  Just…we’ll just figure it out.

BL: Well because what did they tell you…like they didn’t tell you that you were going to turn into the crazy widow or anything when you got it.  So like what was it when you got it, was it the fun friend Mercedes or whatever?

DFK: No, it was none of those characters. [laughter]  It was a character that they made up with a different name that worked at a bar with her brother.

KJ: Oh/

BL: /Did she work at Pussy Willows?

DFK: No.  It had nothing to do with Wynonna Earp.  They just gave me a scene that the writers had just written.  They didn’t want to give anything away.

BL: Yeah they are like, locked down.

DFK: Yeah.  This year though, I feel like they’re leaking stuff way more.

BL: Mhmm.  Yeah.

VA: I was surprised we found out who was cast as Mama Earp so early. 

DFK: Oh yeah.

KJ: They have a master plan maybe, who knows.

DFK: Oh yeah.

KJ: Or maybe they just feel like because maybe the fandom has gotten up a notch, to sort of capitalize on that.  And be like, ok well if it’s going to get more people to watch then let’s do it.  I mean I’m sure they’re being very cautious and cherry picking very specific things for specific reasons.  Yeah, I’m sure some thought went into why they were doing it this way.

DFK: Yeah.

KJ: I also…when your character showed up, like every single time…I…yes! I cheered.  I don’t remember ever having a reaction to a character so instantly and, there was always a smirk on my face.  Mercedes is so fucking good.  Such a great little character.

DFK: I didn’t know that.  I wasn’t even thinking about how she was going to be received.

KJ: Mhmm.

DFK: So when everybody was like “Oh she’s so great”.  I was like, oh yeah of course, cause Wynonna’s never had a friend.  It made so much sense after but while I was doing it, like never thought of it.  And then was like really, really shocked by how much everybody was like “Mercedes is so cool”.  I was like oh. 

KJ: Yeah.  I mean, what a thrill.  What a crazy awesome bitch.  Like what a fucking great line that is, you know? [laughter]  And it’s just these little snippets that are so memorable.  You don’t need to be in every scene if your one little scene for that week is that line.  Then you’re like, yeah.

DFK: After she punches that guy in the face.  What a great thing for a woman to say about another woman.  [laughter]

BL: Yeah I generally like them only having like twelve episodes, but the fact that we didn’t get to see more of just Mercedes was a little sad.

KJ: You never know, the Mercedes story.

BL: I have told Emily, I don’t care.  Just explain it away, be like “Cause she’s there, she just doesn’t have her face”.  I’m like just tell me she went to Beverly Hills and got the best plastic surgeon and she’s back!  I don’t even care.  I’m not one of those people that are a stickler for the mythology rules or whatever.  If Dani Kind’s back, I don’t care.

KJ: Yeah.  You could do the Dallas thing.  Does anyone remember how they figured out a way…the character of, I can’t remember his name, but the actor was Patrick Duffy and he died/

BL: /Bobby Ewing/

KJ: /Yes!

BL: Barb!  Barb for the win/

KJ: /How did they like fix Bobby Ewing being dead, because everyone wanted him back.  They were like “It was a dream!”.  The shower dream scene, do you know what I’m talking about Dani?

BL: That was JR.

KJ: Yeah, I don’t know.

DFK: Just kidding.

KJ: Just kidding, or just it was a dream.

VA: Her face was fixed by magic!

DFK: Yeah yeah yeah.  Imagine they just draw on crazy eyebrows [laughter] she’s back

BL: It could happen.  It could totally happen.

DFK: I will literally do anything with that show. 

KJ: Yeah.

VA: When Widow Mercedes kind of started to disappear, I was like “Her face!  No, we need that!”.  [laughter]

KJ: But it’s so great when it was just sort of melting away.  Waxy, melting away.  Yeah, and then you turned into like, I don’t know…Storm from X-Men or something.  The white hair.  I was like “Oh!”.

DFK: What was that about?  I don’t know.

KJ: Yeah.

DFK: Yeah.  They told me, they were like “We just need you to stand here in this frame, and then we’re gonna do all of the special effects and you’re going to burst into a million spiders”.  And I was like “Sorry…what?”. [laughter]

KJ: Don’t worry about it.  You just shhh…

BL: We were talking about that the other week, like how you guys have to do stuff where they put in the special effects and how talented…what is that like for you guys when you’re standing there cause you’re not seeing all the stuff to play off of.  They just say something crazy like that.

DFK: That was the first time I had to do green screen…anything.  They did the green screen where after I came out of the cave and turned into whatever, that was the first time.  So I didn’t really have to do too much….my doorbell is ringing and no one is answering it. [laughter]  My husband is somewhere, my kids are sleeping…someone is pounding on the door downstairs.

KJ: We can’t hear it, so good.

DFK: No one’s getting it.  Ridiculous.

KJ: Do you want to fetch your package or whatever?

DFK: Absolutely not.  [laughter] Someone’s on fire outside, and I’m just like…

KJ: Please let me get this.  [laughter]

DFK: Yeah, I didn’t have to do much.  I just had to stand there, and I had to match a certain look.  But I don’t know, I think the stuff that happened in the script was so much crazier than any kind of special effects I had to do.  I think other people on the show have to do more stuff.  But I haven’t had too much experience with it.  Every time I work, every single time I work, I’m like I can’t believe this is our job.  It’s so crazy.

KJ: Yeah.

DFK: I just wrapped on a movie yesterday, and I was just like this is so weird, huh?  This is so weird what we do.  Like fighting and crying and breaking our hearts, and then we’re like at the craft table eating chips. [laughter] 

KJ: Is that what you always wanted to do?

DFK: Eat chips? [laughter]

KJ: Yesss. Mhmm.

DFK: Yeah it is what I always wanted to do.

KJ: You had to have some idea that that was what it was going to be like though, right?  Like, oh I wanted to…

DFK: I didn’t because I started…it happened in high school that I found out.  I was on the improv team and then this woman came in, this girl came in and did a monologue.  And I was just like blown away.  I didn’t understand.  She morphed in front of my eyes into another human being, and when it was over she was herself, and then she left.  And I was like that is so fucked up, [laughter] that’s a thing?  You can do that?  And then I went to theater school.  So it was theater for a long, long time.  So I didn’t really understand TV and film and how all of that kind of stuff works.  And then your time…the time you put in to getting on set is so long, it’s such a long journey that I still feel like I’m figuring stuff out.

KJ: Right, mhmm yeah.

DFK: Like Workin’ Moms and red carpet stuff.  I don’t know any of that.  And Kat Barrell has helped me out so much, and she’s so good at that business side of stuff and so gracious with me.  There’s so much shit I still don’t know. Yeah.

KJ: Yeah. We saw your reel.  Are we supposed to say that or no? [laughter]

DFK: What? Why?

VA: I was doing a little research, just to make sure I knew things and I saw it and I was like this might be fun, and I clicked on it.  And then I was like you guys have to watch this immediately.  It was amazing.  You were like, you were ten different people with ten different hair colors, and it was like ten different voices entirely.  It was really amazing.  I was like “It was a great reel, I’d hire her”. 

DFK: Where did you find it?

VA: I just Googled it.  It just popped up, it was on Vimeo.

BL: She’s like where’d you find that, I need to take that down immediately. [laughter]

DFK: It has such old stuff on it that I don’t even…

VA: It was just the first thing that popped up, it was on Vimeo.  I don’t know.

KJ: And the most amazing thing is the first thing that showed up is you getting choked.  I was like this is a lot of range.

BL: It was Joe Dinicol…

DFK: I just saw him in New York and I was like “Joe, that was like one of the greatest sex scenes I’ve ever had with anyone”.  He was like “Dude, I think so too”.  Cause we’re good friends, we’re very good friends.  Between scenes, like my boobs were out.  And in between scenes he was perched over me like this and they’d be like cut, and he wouldn’t look at me.  I was like right here and he wouldn’t look at me. [laughter throughout this story] I’d be like “So Joe, uh, after we’re done shooting”.  And he’s like “Mhmm, mhmm”.

KJ: Aww, that’s sweet!

BL: And then he liked redheads for the rest of his life. [laughter]

KJ: Mhmm. 

DFK: I did sit on his lap that day.  [laughter]

KJ: Stop

BL: Just saying.

DFK: I’m glad that that’s the first thing that popped up on Google and not something else.  Not that I have incriminating stuff (inaudible) [laughter]  I never really Google myself so I don’t look, but now I’m gonna have to.

KJ: Can talk about Workin’ Moms for a second?


KJ: Yeah, because…one, I don’t actually watch that much television.  I think these two ladies watch a shit ton of it. [laughter]  But Workin’ Moms…there’s such, like…realness.  I love that your face for the most part is just like are you fucking kidding me.  That’s your face throughout like two seasons of this show.  I think it’s wild.  It just goes off the rails all of the time.  How fun.  Everything from you’re like oh, we’re just all sitting here with a bunch of babies, and everyone’s just saying crazy shit. 

BL: Talking about anal sex.  With babies.

KJ: Which I was just like…hmmm.  Yeah those babies don’t know what’s going on.

DFK: They don’t give a shit. [laughter]

VA: I loved Kat Barrell’s faces in those scenes too, cause she was like “Oh no, why are we talking about this”.

KJ: She’s like drunk Haught, but like…rigid drunk Haught, with those faces, you know what I’m saying?

DFK: Yeah.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: I like about Workin’ Moms that I can send it to anyone to watch.  Like my mom has watched it, I know men that have watched it, you guys have watched it – Kat and Valerie.  And everybody loves it.  It’s not just like…cause I personally connect to it so much cause I feel like so many of the mothering things on it.  I feel other stuff, but I also am like, Catherine Reitman got in my brain and she read my diary, and she’s playing out my worst fears about with my kids and all this stuff.  But then there’s other people I know who don’t have kids who watch it, and they’re just as into it.  Or men or whatever, so.  That’s what I think is so awesome about it.

DFK: I heard recently that we have a pretty good male following, which makes me so happy.  I feel the exact same way, like I know I’m in it, but every time I read a script or every time I talk to Catherine about it, I feel the same.  I feel like she got inside my brain.  I mean, that was pretty much my story.  I found out in my own life that I got pregnant six months after I had just given birth.  And so when I got the script, I was just like “Holy fuck man, really?”  [laughter] Everything she wrote I was like “Yup, yup, yup”, like this all makes sense.  I got it, I got it.  It was like, I don’t know.  She just writes so well.  And Anne’s such a great character.  She speaks what everybody wants to say all of the time.

KJ: Mhmm.  No filter.  Brain to mouth gone.

DFK: Gone.  Doesn’t give a shitttt

KJ: Yeah.

DFK: Catherine was on the phone last night, and we were talking about Anne’s wardrobe, and how I said something to her last year.  There was a discussion over what shoes Anne was wearing, or something like that, and I was like I love these shoes…because they’re like I don’t care if you want to fuck me or not.  [laughter] That’s what these shoes say to me.  And she was like “I remember you saying that.” And I was like “I don’t even remember saying that”.  But, I think her whole wardrobe is that.  She doesn’t dress for men, she dresses for herself.

KJ: Yeah, yeah/

DFK: /And that show is just like…you know.  And then there’s Kate, who’s wearing….she’s just trying so hard, she’s trying so hard.  And Catherine wrote all of those.  I’m like “How do you do…”, I don’t know how. I’m not a writer.  I don’t know how she does it. [laughter] Amazing.

KJ: It’s a joy to watch.

VA: It is.

KJ: I am howling with laughter for so much of it.  Some of the time I’m blushing.  I’m pretty open about a lot of stuff but sometimes I’m just like [audibly blushing].  [laughter]  No one can see my face but I actually am blushing right now. 

DFK: My sister was so pissed about the masturbation scene.  She was like “I never want to see you masturbate ever again”.  [laughter]

KJ: I was not pissed about that.  [a LOT of laughter]

BL: I got that, and I was like oh God, I can’t wait until Kat has to watch this and see what Kat says about this episode.  [laughter]

DFK: My sister was so mad.  I was like “Dude, I was angry masturbating”.  I was doing it for everyone. And she was like “NEVER!”. [laughter]

KJ: Wait, what did he say?  What was the word…tepid?  Like I’ll never hear the word tepid again.  That’s what the guy said, right, your…I can’t remember his name.

BL: Spoiler alert. Brad.  Dr. Brad/

DFK: /Brad./

KJ: /Yeah, yeah yeah.  Tepid, tepid, tepid/

BL: /What do you do when you read that?  Like I’m gonna have to do that on screen. 

DFK: Freak out. 

BL: Yeah/

KJ: /Yeah, for sure.

BL: Cause there’s a lot of people on set.

DFK: Yeah.  I freaked out.  A little.  I freak out inside.  I call my coach, my acting coach.  She coaches me through the whole season.  She’s incredible.  And then, Molly was directing, and Molly was so beautiful.  She checked in with me when I got to set.  She checked in with me throughout the day, as we were gearing up to the scene she checked in with me.  Just like very quietly, was like “How are you feeling, are you OK, do you need anything?”.  She was really beautiful about it, gave me notes.  Like they watched.  Video Village, they have these huge monitors set up where the producers and the writers and Mya the DOP and the director all sit, and they watch, and then they’ll come and give the actors notes.  They set up a special tent so that people weren’t all standing around watching the monitors that didn’t need to be.  And Molly got into the tent with Catherine and they watched, and then they would step out and privately give me some notes.  They were…it was easily the most well handled situation of a sexual nature that I’ve ever experienced on set.  They were so kind to me.  It was like 40-50 people there watching me masturbate and it’s…I don’t know, crazy.  But nobody was cracking jokes, nobody was being inappropriate, everyone was being so lovely.  I was cracking jokes, and they were waiting for my cue on everything.

KJ: Did they all have their heads turned?

DFK: They’re just like [vomiting sounds]

KJ: No, no not that! [laughter]

DFK: They’re barfing. [laughter]

KJ: They’re like this camera will film itself.

DFK: Enough masturbating. I’m like “Wait guys, just let me do one more take”, they’re like “Noooooo”.  [laughter]

VA: That’s so awesome to hear that it was a nice, supportive set for something like that.

DFK: Yeah, it’s a really good set.

KJ: When I see things that are filmed without music, that’s the part that freaks me out the most.  Because even the subtle things when you see a show completed, that music is sort of like a comfort, or some gauze over the lens a little bit.  But you’re doing it, and it’s quiet on set, so even more so, everyone is silent, and you’re masturbating…or you know, masturbating.  I put that in air quotes.

DFK: Just grunting like a motherfucker, yeah.  [laughter]

KJ: Yeah, so that has got to be a little maddening. That would be the part of acting that I would never be able to do.  I’d be like it’s too quiet!

BL: She had Let’s Get It On playing.  They were playing that for her during it.

DFK: Yeah, Bridget was there.  She was singing it for us.  [laughter]

BL: I was not there that day.  You had warned me about that though.  When I went to set, you were like “Bridget, this season is crazy.  I masturbate on my ex-husband’s couch”.  And I was like what? [laughter]  She just like, slid it in.  And I was like OK…so I knew it was coming at some point.

KJ: You knew it was coming at some point. [laughter]

VA: Eyyyyy.

KJ: Eyyy. [laughter]

BL: I was like OK, that’s happening, alright. 

DFK: Speaking of coming…no I have nothing. [laughter]

BL: Dani Fucking Kind. [laughter]  No but I think that’s what’s really nice about Workin’ Moms, is you have so many women behind the scenes, which is really cool.  Like you said, your director of photography is a woman, and even like the camera women…you have camera people that are women and everything.  Way more than other sets.  So I’m sure that has to add to the feeling.

DFK: It adds so much.  Yeah.  It does.  More than I had expected.  More than I…I had not put enough thought into it, cause I was just like oh this is the norm, this is my career, this is how it’s going.  Until this show, and then I just got overwhelmed on the regular, and would cry and just be like [imitating crying] “This is so awesome.” [laughter]

KJ: And every character is getting fleshed out.  There isn’t just like, oh it’s just one character is sort of the charge and then there’s friends.  I’m excited about everyone when they show up.  Everyone that shows up I’m just like what crazy shit is this person gonna say right now?

BL: And speaking of the guy following, I thought it was cool that they switched things up in season 2.  So now we have the one dad, the single dad that’s in the group with the ladies and I think that’s good.  And Dennis who plays him is so good I think, he’s so cute.

KJ: Dimples.

BL: Yeah.

KJ: Those dimples are killin me every single time.  I’m just like who is this guy? [laughter]

DFK: He’s huge.  We have a great scene coming up that I can’t talk about.  I think it’s in the next episode that airs whenever…in two weeks?  We have two weeks off because of the Olympics, but after that.  We have a great scene together.

KJ: Can’t wait.

VA: I feel like a lot of times in comedy shows like that, the dads are shown as being absolutely useless.  So it’s nice that he’s in his relationship with his ex-wife, he’s the only that actually cares about parenting and doing it right and going to this group, and I think it’s really nice to watch.

DFK: Yeah, I think so too.

KJ: [imitating character being discussed] Can I touch you? [laughter] Everything he did was just like, can I say this?  Super cute, yeah.

BL: Going back to the women thing, one thing I wanted to ask you about, because you have worked with Catherine and Emily Andras now on two shows.  So you have two ladies that are running their shows and putting their money where their mouth is, because they both really hire and speak to the things that they preach.  Like giving women a shot.  Catherine I know has hired a lot of people that maybe didn’t have a ton of credits directing or whatever in the past, and then she’s given them a shot.  I guess I wondered what it was like working with both of those women, and what you’ve learned from them.  I feel like I got super serious, I’m sorry.  [laughter]

KJ: [deadpans] Bridget.

DFK:  Thanks for getting serious, geez.  No, man…so much.  So much.  So Catherine hires a lot of people who have super small resumés.  Even with her casting, she has an intuition, that I’m like…every time she picks somebody, I’m like what is that.  She sees things, or vibes on some level.  I don’t know how she does it, it’s such a gift of hers.  What did I learn?  I mean so much.  Emily…the way Emily handled Melanie getting pregnant is next level.  It’s just unheard of.  I still don’t think a big enough deal was made about that situation.  And I didn’t see a lot of Emily on set last year because they were writing as we were going because they had to re-write a bunch of stuff.  So she was in Toronto flying back and forth nonstop.  They’re both just like…bosses.  You know?  They’re like boss ladies that aren’t trying to prove themselves.  They don’t lead with their ego on set.  There’s just a vibe that they create, and it does start at the top and trickle down to everybody else that it’s gonna be fun and it’s gonna be respectful.  I don’t know.  Both are smooth.  Both sets are really smooth to be on.

KJ: When I talked to Emily, a couple times that I did, she was always so proud of the people that she cast for her shows.  She was so specific about it.  I’ve not talked to Catherine, so I don’t know, but in talking with Emily, I think because that is the part that’s so important to her…just because everybody is so supportive.  It’s just going to show, and you’re gonna be so excited about it.  And she’s like we’re really choosy about who we pick, and they have to work really well with everybody else/

DFK: /Yeah/

KJ: /It’s not because – oh we’re going to hire this person because they were the best in that scene or whatever.  It was just like, no this is going to work because they’re gonna work with everybody else.

DFK: Yeah, rumors going around Toronto that she would, when she cast Wynonna Earp, she would always ask.  If it came down to two actors, she would ask around “Who’s the nicer person to be around?”/

KJ: /Yeah, I love that/

DFK: /And she’d always go with that person.  I don’t know if that’s well known in Toronto, but I definitely heard it when I was auditioning for the show.  I was like “Fuck, she doesn’t know me, I don’t know”.  Melanie sent me a little sneaky email after my audition and was like “Heard you killed it” or something/

BL: /Yay/

KJ: /Aww/

DFK: /I was like I booked it then.  If she’s messaging me I booked.  It was very sweet.

KJ: I love it.  When everybody else knows that, then you’re excited about being on a set because you know that everyone was chosen not just because of their abilities, but because there was going to be some camaraderie.

DFK: Yeah, and this business doesn’t really pride itself on being a good human being.  Like it really doesn’t.  You know.  It’s not like actors are known for being super awesome or whatever.  They’re known for being egotistical and blah blah blah, and self-centered and all this, so the fact that she’s creating that environment, Catherine’s creating that environment on set is changing things I think.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: Yeah.

KJ: I’m for it.

BL: Like at least through TV or movies and stuff we’re always told that if a woman is in charge or is the boss, it’s always like The Devil Wears Prada mean.  She has to be mean to get up to the top/

KJ: /Right, yeah/

BL: /And they are both proving yeah, you don’t have to be like that.  You can be supportive and encourage.

KJ: And also really funny.

BL: Yeah.

DFK: Or the opposite.  I feel like women are either like bitches and bossy or whatever, or they’re like “Oh, sorry sorry sorry sorry”.  Catherine and Emily are neither of those things.  They’re so different, and they also have a thread of just being good humans, kind people.

KJ: Can I ask Dani, are you doing any Cons?  Does it make you nervous, or did I ask a question I wasn’t supposed to ask?

DFK: Nothing’s been confirmed.


DFK: [laughter]

BL: We have to start the Dani Kind to EHCon.  It’s in Toronto!

KJ: I will make it happen.  What do I need to do, do I need to have a shirt made up?

DFK: I don’t know anything about this, this is a Canadian con?

BL: They’re having a Wynonna Earp specific con in Toronto. 

DFK: That’s pretty awesome.

BL: You could just like go down the street.

DFK: Imagine I’m not invited, but I’m just like umm…Hi guys.

KJ: Do you know who I am?

DFK: I just wear my shirt.  Yeah, I look like a loser.  I’m just like uhhhh Dani Fucking Kind here.  [laughter] You weren’t invited Dani, thank you very much. 

KJ: Well, we’re gonna have to make that happen.  Because I know for a fact.  One, I want a picture like Bridget has with you.  The sort of prom picture. [laughter]  We can make that happen.  But there’s so many people that love Mercedes and love you.  I want this to happen.  What can we do ladies?

BL: We just have to..twitter…twit.  No chill, no chill/

KJ: /Yeah, take it/

VA: Get the Earpers on it.

DFK: You guys are so nice.

KJ: Just need to like have Emily just say, “Hey, can we get blah blah blah”, and then DING!

BL: You haven’t done anything like that before, right?  You haven’t been to any cons or whatever.

DFK: Never, never.  Nope.

KJ: Have you ever been to any as just…as you?

DFK: We went for our first one.  My husband was like “Let’s go to Comic Con in Toronto”, or is it Comic Con?  Something Con?

BL: Fan Expo.

DFK: OK, in Toronto.  That’s what we went to with our kids.  My kids are little, they’re 3 and 4, and they were just like what the fuck is this?  Everyone’s in costumes, it was super crazy.  And then a couple people were like “You’re on Workin’ Moms!” and then they took photos it was very sweet.

KJ: That’s awesome!

DFK: Yeah.  It was very sweet.  But it was fun, it looks like a great time.  Everyone’s so happy and everyone’s taking photos of each other.

BL: And this one is an Earp specific one, so.

DFK: That blows my mind, that those even exist.

VA: I know.

KJ: She’s created something really special.  I’m blown away.  Fandom has not meant anything to me until Wynonna Earp.  Slightly embarrassed about it a little bit at first, and then I’m just like fuck that.  These people are nice.

DFK: Yeah.

KJ: They make things happen, and Emily Andras totally deserves it.  She’s so rad.  I’m in.  She responds with fans all the time.  I mean they love it.

DFK: How does she do that?  I don’t know…she’s the busiest woman on the planet/

BL: /I don’t know/

KJ: /I don’t know.  No sleep.

DFK: Extra arms.  She has an extra arm like hidden in her vagina or something like that/

KJ: /I wish/

DFK: /It just like comes out and tweets for her while she’s like, writing scripts.  [laughter]

KJ: What a great superhero that would be. [laughter]  Oh my God.

DFK: That’s her superpower. [laughter]

BL: Wow.

KJ: What do we talk about after that?

BL: We talk about Dani Fucking Kind.  What did you think…people often credit me with Dani Fucking Kind, which is incorrect, it was Kat.  Kat Jetson was the one that came up with it. [laughs]  I remember I used it in a few tweets, and then I remember asking you Dani, are you sure you’re OK with this?

KJ: I didn’t even ask, I just did it. [laughter]

BL: But now it’s like taken on this whole life of it’s own.  The Workin’ Moms official social media accounts are using it, which…every time Kat and Valerie and I are like “Oh my God, they just Dani Fucking Kind the tweet from Workin’ Moms”.

DFK: They asked me. The people who handle our social media from Workin’ Moms asked me this year, like hey are you OK if we…I’m like am I OK?

BL: Yeah.

KJ: Hell yeah. [laughter]

DFK: Do that.  It’s so cool, because also it’s linked to CBC, which is not known for ever saying fuck, you know?  I think it’s so cool that everyone’s just backing it.

BL: I know.  I was like Kat, this is the national broadcaster of Canada, and they’re using Dani Fucking Kind in tweets!  [laughter] I was like what’s happening.

KJ: I think your husband…is it your husband, you have a husband, yeah?

DFK: I have a husband, yeah. [laughter]

BL: He’s a drummer, remember.

KJ: Well I didn’t know if it was husband or boyfriend.  I didn’t want to assume just because they had kids that they were married.  He did for your birthday…Dani Fucking Kind.

DFK: Yeah, he did.

KJ: Instagram. [laughter] He’s on board.

DFK: He’s on board.  Everybody’s on board/

KJ: /Who wouldn’t be/

DFK: /It’s so great.  How did that happen?  How did you…what happened?

KJ: It was just joy/

BL: /Just joy/

KJ: /I was so hyped by you that I was just like Dani Fucking Kind.  And then I started singing a song, I sing songs by myself usually to my dog.  But it was to like….Heart’s ‘Never’. 

DFK: Sing it now. [laughter]

KJ: [fangirl blushing so loud that her actual voice can barely be heard] No, I cannot, I’m just embarrassed.

BL: [helping] Sing it now on video with Dani Fucking Kind.

DFK: Can it be the song intro to the next podcast?

KJ: [trying desperately to change the subject, but failing] I don’t know.  And it just is so fun…

VA: [hilariously patronizing] Wait, sorry.  You’re trying to change the subject, but you haven’t sung the song yet? [laughter]

KJ: I am not singing the song. [laughter] I’m not doing it.  Please don’t make me, please don’t make me. 

VA: Alright.

BL: Kat’s so cute and embarrassed right now.  People can’t see it.

DFK: What if I came over and sat on your lap, would you sing it?

KJ: [audible gay panic, whispers, laughing] Stop.  Stop right now.

DFK: She’s leaving the podcast. [laughter]

VA: She’s done.

DFK: She’s putting her shoes on and walking out the door.

KJ: I have to charge.  But please don’t make me.  Now I’m just gonna hang my head down for the rest of this.  I play it pretty cool, but right now I am not cool.

VA: This is fun.

BL: Yeah, but I think every time we started talking about you on Twitter Kat would say Dani Fucking Kind.  And I was like yeah, Dani Fucking Kind.  And then you got on board and it became crazy, so.  It works though.  Every time we see it on Twitter we still laugh.

VA: I was watching an episode of Workin’ Moms, and every time you did something awesome, I was like it fits.  It’s like exactly what I wanted to say.  It’s Dani Fucking Kind, she’s so good. [laughter]  It just works.

KJ: I hope this is your nickname for life.  To the end of your days.

DFK: Me too.  It’s all I want on my tombstone.  I don’t even want like – she was a mother – like nope.  Just Dani Fucking Kind. [laughter]  That’s all I want.

KJ: No years.  Nothing.

DFK: No.  Nothing.  Even with the hashtag.  Even hashtag.  That’s all. [laughter]

KJ: Oh God.  When headstones have hashtags I want out of this earth.  [laughter] I want out of this realm.  Oh boy.

BL: I was telling them a little bit about when I met you on the set of Wynonna Earp.  Because I said when we went there, I was excited because I had heard you were gonna be on.  And I went with Kevin and Bonnie.  My friends Kevin and Bonnie went with us to set, and they had never seen Workin’ Moms.  They had no idea.  I just kept going “You guys, Dani Kind’s on season 2, this is gonna be so good, you guys don’t even know, she’s so good.” I wish I had Dani Fucking Kind to exclaim that day, but I didn’t.  Because I would’ve been.  And we got to set, and Allison Baker, who is the IDW production…does all things Wynonna Earp.  She was like “Oh, you know Dani Kind?”.  I was like “I’ve seen her on Workin’ Moms, I love her”.  She was like “We’re gonna embarrass you, I’m gonna embarrass you Bridget.  I’m gonna make sure you meet her” and all this stuff.  So I said we went and you were filming a scene with Kat Barrell and Dominique, and most normal people would’ve been like “WayHaught is here!” [laughter] And I was like “I don’t care about WayHaught”, I was like “Where is Dani Kind?”. [laughter]

KJ: That’s amazing.

BL: Kevin and Bonnie were laughing at me so bad.  Like we get it Bridget, she’s gonna good or whatever.  I was like you guys don’t know!  Workin’ Moms, like Dani Kind.  And I said I was so happy I met you, cause we had interviewed for Workin’ Moms, and you were like “I know Bridget”, and I was like “Oh my God, she knows me”.  And I said it was love at first sight, then we took our prom picture together and it was so great.

DFK: Our prom picture is so great because I’m full body hugging you and you’re just like…[laughter]

BL: That was my internally freaking out.

KJ: An unwilling partner in that hug [laughter]

BL: I was internally freaking out.

DFK: I sexually assaulted you that day.  [laughter]

KJ: Man, what a way…what a way to go.

BL: And now I’ve liked redheads forever.  I’m just gonna keep saying [laughs]

KJ: Did someone say redheads? [laughter]

BL: But it was funny.  Because Kat and Dom were there and were like [enthusiastically] “Hi Bridget!” and I’m like [less enthusiastically] “Hiii” and I was like “DANI!” [laughter]  And now all the Wynonna Earp fans like hate me.

KJ: Yeah.  Everyone will be fine.  But I feel the same way, seriously.  If those two women were in front of me right now, but Dani Kind was over there, I’d be like…right in your corner Dani Kind, there you are on my screen, that’s where I was pointing.  They are lovely/

BL: /No, they are so lovely/

KJ: /One of them even has a British accent.

BL: Yeah.

DFK: That woman.  That woman is everything.

BL: No, I love them.  It was just, I was very excited to meet you Dani.

DFK: I was excited to meet you too Bridget. [laughter]

BL: Aww, now I’m blushing.

KJ: What can we do to make Valerie blush today?

BL: I know.

VA: I don’t like that game, that’s not a good game.  [laughter]

DFK: [imitating Valerie] I don’t like that game.

BL: Should we go into Dani was kind enough…we told her that we wanted her to bring a topic to Thrilljoy over.  So what did you bring Dani?

DFK: Well, I wanted to talk about Reality Bites, but then I switched it to Big Little Lies.  I wanted to talk about Reality Bites because it was my favorite movie in the 90’s of all times.  But I feel like Big Little Lies is so much more current.  I know Reese Witherspoon’s getting a lot of attention for the show, but I don’t think she’s getting enough attention for what she’s doing for television and women.  And I was reading something that that show showed an age range of women from 25 to 50 or 55 in all their female characters on the show, and they had an average of 8.5 million viewers per episode.

VA: Wow/

KJ: /Wow.

DFK: It’s crazy.  The storylines were incredible.  The fact that she…I didn’t read the book, did you guys read the book?

VA: I did.

DFK: Oh you did?  So she added the affair, right?  That’s not in the book?

VA: Yes, I think that’s right.

BL: Wait, should we not…should we not give away spoilers?

VA: We can to give away spoilers, we have to talk about it.  We’ll tell people in the show notes what minutes are spoilers, but I think we have to talk about the whole thing.

DFK: Yeah, and if you haven’t watched the show, get the fuck on it.  It’s so good.  Although I will say, I watched the first episode and I was like what the fuck is this?

BL: That’s kind of how I was.

DFK: I don’t know…

BL: I was like I don’t need to watch these rich/

KJ: /Rich/

BL: /Bitches with their problems.  Like oh sorry…even though they were all mothers, and it was gonna deal with that, it didn’t feel like Workin’ Moms to me.  It was like, oh they have rich white people problems.

DFK: Yup, totally agree with that.  It was hitting all the wrong chords in me.  I was like these chicks are just fucking whiny [laughter] I was so judgy about it.  Everyone around me was like “No Dani, you’ve gotta watch it, especially for the acting”.  Did you guys finish it?  Did you watch the season?

BL: Yeah.

DFK: Kat, did you?

KJ: I…vacuumed while it was on.  [laughter] I explained this last time. 

DFK: God, it’s so good.

KJ: I know, I know.

BL: You can go back and watch.

VA: You should read the book and then go back and watch it.  If you had a hard time latching onto the show, read the book first, cause I was afraid…cause I loved the book.  I was obsessed with it.  I read it before I even knew they were making it a show.  So I was like where are they going into it?  There’s no way it can be as good as the book was.

DFK: Yeah.

VA: But they really brought it, and I think they did a really good job translating it to screen.  The casting was great…I was really impressed.

DFK: Me too.  And even the way that they portrayed the male roles.  Like that struggle with Nicole Kidman’s husband.  I was like oh, all of these traits that I see in so many men that struggle with perfection.  I could just see in his character, I could see his upbringing, I could see how his relationship with his own mother.  I could see where things went off the rails.  It’s just such a brilliantly acted show.  It’s nuanced, and that director Jean-Marc Vallée is my all time favorite director.  He directed this movie called Café de Flore.  Have you guys ever seen that?

KJ and VA: No.

DFK: It will change your life.  That movie will change your god damn life.  It’s so incredible.

VA: I’ll have to check that out.

BL: Well, cause Meryl Streep in season 2 is going to play his mother.

DFK: That’s so crazy to me.

BL: Yeah.  So she’s playing Nicole Kidman’s mother in law.

KJ: Well the age range will definitely grow then with Meryl Streep, right?  So, even badasser.

DFK: She’s like 105, yeah. [laughter]

KJ: Still looks good.

VA: An ageless witch, yesh.

DFK: She’s a goddamn vampire.  She never ages. [laughter]

KJ: I hope she’s with us forever. 

VA: Yeah.  I’m excited too because they covered the entire book in the first series, so it’s gonna be all new territory, so it should be really fun.

DFK: And I heard that…who are they…they’re getting the actual novelist to write?

VA: They’re working…I don’t know if she’s writing the whole script, but they’re working with her to expand the story.  So it should be like very authentic.

DFK: Everything they’re doing is so smart.  I just think Reese Witherspoon is doing so much for women right now.

VA and BL: Yeah.

KJ: Did she bring this to the table, then?  This was her idea?  She was like this is the book that I wanna…it was Reese Witherspoon that…

DFK: Someone gave her the manuscript.


DFK: Yeah, and said you’ve gotta read this.  And her and her producing partner, who are no longer producing together, but they brought it.  They brought it to Nicole Kidman, and Nicole Kidman was like we’ll do it, but you have to tell them that we’re doing it, don’t shop it around.  Don’t.


DFK: /They were all in from the beginning, yeah.

VA: Very cool.

BL: Yeah cause I really liked going back to saying, what it seemed like at the beginning, you thought it was going to be this Mean Girls stuff of…but just grown up.  So all these mothers in the PTA, whatever.  By the end, it ended up really being this thing about…and I think we saw that as you just mentioned with Nicole and Reese, it was really about women coming together and supporting one another and lifting each other up.  So, yeah by the end it was like wow.  And then, like I said, that it all happened off screen as well was really cool with all of them.

DFK: Yeah.  And I like how different all the women are.

BL: Mhmm.

DFK: And I mean, you know, it’s funny that we all said we didn’t like that they were all just like…I mean we’re four white women sitting here talking…you know, we’re just like “Fuckin white people”.  [laughter]  And that’s something that Catherine gets a lot too, but a lot of people are like where’s the diversity in your show, or there’s not enough or whatever, and she’s just like if I write for everyone I won’t be writing an opinionated, specific show.  Just, that’s no my job, you know?  And yet she’s on a beautiful show like Blackish, she does that.  It’s happening.  It’s slow, but it’s happening for everyone.

KJ: I think that with us also talking about, the beginning, how we weren’t really into these women just sitting around talking about their problems…I think also the actors as people probably get that a lot as well.  Oh, you’re rich, and do we really want…and I feel like at some point these actors have been so pulled apart just as humans, as women usually are…so now I’m interested even more because I did not like that first episode.  That they were able to get over that hump and sort of prove themselves.  Cause now these women, now we’re like – oh, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman – we could be like supercharged for them.  So, I think a lot of hurdles were…

VA: Yeah, I think you’re right.  I think that Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman are both people that have been in the tabloids for years.  And I think Shailene Woodley too, was like a lot of…she was on tabloids and everything for a long time.  So I think it is interesting that the three of them kind of worked together to create this cool thing.

KJ and DFK: Yeah.

BL: But then the non-likability, them being unlikable, I think actually ends up like working…was something I liked in the show, because I think we don’t see enough, I think we’re starting to see it more, where we’re seeing lead female characters that are allowed to be unlikable.  We’ve always had the male anti-hero for so long, and now we are getting to see more characters that maybe you’re not really rooting for them all the time, but it’s OK.

KJ: Yeah/

BL: /I mean we’ve seen that for a long time with women/

KJ: /Men get away with that all the time/

BL: /Yeah, and Reese’s character/

KJ: /They get awards for it/

BL: /And Reese Witherspoon’s character in Big Little Lies, sometimes you’re just like ugh, she’s the worst [laughter].  I think it’s OK.  I like that trend of not being likable with our female characters all the time.

VA: Yeah, even Renata.  Her character, the whole first half of the season, you’re like “Why are you doing this, please stop”, but then as you get to know her character more you’re like “Oh, I totally understand why you were being so horrible”.  It doesn’t mean I like what you did now because I understand you, it’s still very horrible.  But it’s like, oh I get it now.  They really developed her.  That’s one thing the show did even better than the book, cause I feel like I hated her the entire book [laughter]/

DFK: /Really?/

VA: /Yeah.  I don’t think they redeemed her as well, or…went to her point of view enough as they did on the show.  On the show you got to see kind of more inside her head, and I was like yeah, I get it.

DFK: And how much she loved her daughter.  How all of that psychotic behavior was because she was just like desperate and loves her kid.

VA: Right yeah, I think in the book it kind of…it didn’t get as much…you just kind of thought that she was just trying to be the best parent, but in the show I think they really tapped into that love for her daughter. 

DFK: Yeah.  Yeah, I think it says a lot about Reese Witherspoon not liking her character.  If I don’t like you, you’re doing a great fucking job as actor.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: Yeah.

KJ: Yeah, yeah, you’re right.  And how hard it is to play that.

BL: And opposed to some of the roles we’ve seen her play.  Actually, one of my favorite roles of hers is in Election, where she plays the student body president.

VA, KJ, DFK: Yeah.

KJ: You’re just like “oh, girl”, the whole time.  I love that movie/

BL: /I love that movie too.

KJ: Let’s just silent it for a second.

DFK: And…scene.  [laughter]

VA: Also, Zoë Kravitz is perfect.  Just saying.

DFK: She’s pretty great.

VA: Yeah, she was so good/

KJ: /I didn’t know she was on that show.

VA and DFK: Yeah.

DFK: Watch the god damn show Kat.  Just watch it. [laughter]

KJ: That’ll be six shows in my entire life then.  Oh my goodness.

DFK: Here’s a question…are you guys all wearing pants right now?  Because I can only see you from like the neck up. [laughter] And I just…tadaaa. [laughter]

KJ: Yeah, I’m in my work office right now.

DFK: Work office at home, or like at work?

KJ: At work work.  Cause it’s quiet here.  There’s dogs and like a mewing cat at the other place, so no.  I’m at work work.

VA: I’m at home, but I am wearing pants, I promise.

DFK: [laughing] I promise.

BL: You caught me, Dani. [laughter]

KJ: Are you not wearing pants?

DFK: I knew it.

BL: No I have jeans on. [laughter]

KJ: Are you wearing pants?

DFK: Can you imagine I stand up and it’s just like pubes everywhere. [laughter] Like…uhhh, sorry? [laughter]

KJ: Wow.

BL: That’s really why she didn’t answer the door earlier.

DFK: I couldn’t get up.  Like I can’t.  I fucked myself. [laughter] Bad choice, bad choice.

BL: My favorite thing is how much Dani has embarrassed Kat this whole recording. [laughter]

DFK: And I like how chill Valerie is…you’re just like uh huh, pubes.  [laughter]  Heard it.

VA: I’m trying really hard to be chill. It’s very difficult.

DFK: I saw that an hour ago, Dani.  I already. [laughter]

VA: I’m afraid of turning as red as Kat’s turning.  I’m trying to just like, keep it in. [laughter]

KJ: It’s cause my hair’s so dark, the red shows.

DFK: Yeah, that’s it.

VA: I will say I’m glad I showered today because I was like it’s just a phone call, I don’t need a shower.  Then I was like….mmm I have time, I’ll just shower.

DFK: I can’t believe you guys don’t look at each other when you’re doing this.

BL: Well now we may have to.

VA: I know, this is kind of nice.  I like it.

DFK: Yeah, it’s like you get to hang out/

KJ: /It is nice. 

DFK: I feel like you guys are in my house [laughter]

KJ: That would be great.

BL: Well I was knocking earlier, but you didn’t answer. [laughter]

DFK: Pounding.  There was a pounding on the door.

BL: So, did we have anything else that we wanted to ask Ms. Fucking Kind? [laughter]  You have Dani Fucking Kind.

KJ: We have her in our clutches, what can we ask her?

DFK: Who edits this for you guys?  You guys, you record this, and then you send it to somebody.

BL: An angel.

VA: An angel named Deb.

KJ: The crazy thing is, we had no intentions of doing this podcast.  Someone messaged me on Twitter, and they’re like Kat, I think that you and Bridget and Valerie, who I did not talk to that much actually, at all maybe…I knew who she was…should do a podcast, I would totally listen to that.  And I just messaged all three of them, and I was like haha, someone said we should do a podcast. 

VA: Bridget was like I absolutely do not have time for this.  I absolutely could never do a podcast/

BL: /I was in New York visiting Valerie when we got that Tweet.  And I remember, Valerie said someone on Twitter thinks we should do a podcast with Kat.  And I was like that’s hilarious, I definitely don’t have time for that, no fucking way. [laughs]

KJ: And then Valerie came up with a name/

VA: /A week later, yeah, then I said – I was joking – I was like we could call it Feminist Thrilljoys, and Bridget was like I have secured the domain and all of the handles for social media. [laughter] 

KJ: She did it.  She was like I have no time, but then she did everything.  She does everything for us.

BL: No, I do not.

DFK: You guys are a solid team.

BL: But I was like, I’m absolutely not editing it.  I don’t have time for that.

KJ: So we literally just put out…I just tweeted something.  I was like would anyone be interested in editing a podcast, and this lovely woman just does it for free.  Her name is Deb Snyder and she just does it for us/

BL: /She’s amazing.

KJ: Thanks, every two weeks or so we’re like here’s a hour and fifteen minute file, do shit for us.  And she does it, and it’s so sweet.

DFK: Wooowww.

BL: Yeah, she’s an angel.  An Earper.  An Earper.

VA: And it ended up working out…I think that we ended up having a really good dynamic, which to Kat’s point, we didn’t know each other really before, and so it, it’s been a lot of fun.

DFK: Thank God.  Can you imagine you started this and you were like I fucking hate that chick.  How awful would that be? [laughter]

VA: That would be terrible.

KJ: And it’s so…it’s like the complete opposite. I wear my heart on my sleeve all the time, but I love Bridget and I love Valerie.  It’s just fun for me. 

DFK: You jive so well, like listening to it.

BL: Yeah, the part that I’m always surprised at…Valerie and I are pretty close and then I knew Kat pretty well before this, but like…and I thought, oh we’ll do good. But the stuff behind the scenes I feel like we’ve always been very in sync on how we make decisions about stuff, which has surprised me some. I didn’t think we’d be that in sync, so that’s what’s been nice.

DFK: So good.

KJ: Equally sassy.

DFK: You just came up with Feminist Thrilljoys, like no big deal.

KJ: Valerie.

BL: She’s in charge of all the coming up with/

DFK: /Brilliant mind.

VA: Well thank you very much.

KJ: When I wished you happy birthday Dani, from our Feminist Thrilljoys account, I didn’t have enough room for all of the words I wanted to say. I used a ‘u’ instead of y-o-u, and Valerie flipped the fuck out.  She was like “Who tweeted from the account?” [laughter]

VA: I wasn’t that mad, I was just like what’s happening right now?

BL: Who used the ampersand and the u?

VA: The ampersand is fine. I can deal with ampersands. It was the ‘u’.  I’m a writer, it’s in my…I can’t, I’m sorry.

KJ: I was like, but there was so much to say and I couldn’t get it all in.

BL: She was like it was the Dani Kind tweet, so I’ll forgive it this time. [laughter]

DFK: I’m glad that this is the shit that you guys fight about. [laughter]

KJ: That’s it.

VA: That was the closest thing to a fight we’ve ever had.

DFK: So feminist, guys. [laughter]

KJ: Yeah. So, you’ll be with us next time then, Dani?

DFK: I’ll see you every week until my tombstone’s ready. [laughter]

KJ: And in the meantime, we are going get you at EHCon.

BL: Yeah, EHCon/

KJ: /It’s the Earp Homestead Con.

BL: The Toronto Earper Con.

DFK: Alright.

VA: I do have one last question for you.

DFK: Hit me.

VA: You said you just wrapped a movie, what else are you working on or where can we look for you next?  Are you allowed to tell us what movie, or what you’re up to?

BL: Wynonna Earp Season 3, she can’t tell us. [laughter]

DFK: I can’t say anything about Wynonna Earp.  I just shot a movie called Between Earth and Sky. I don’t know if that’s going to be the final title of it, but the director is Veena Sud who’s incredible. She directed the TV show The Killing.

VA: /Ooh nice/

KJ: /Ohhh, shut your face, I watched that show too.

BL: Did you hear that they’re reuniting the leads. They’re reuniting the leads on a new show. They’re gonna be on a new show together.

KJ: Redhead.

DFK: Oh, I read that. But, so Mireille, who’s the lead on The Killing, was the lead of this movie/

VA: /Oooh/

BL: /So good/

KJ: /Fuck/

DFK: /You know Peter Sarsgaard, who’s on The Killing, I played his girlfriend on this movie.

VA: Oh, awesome.

KJ: What is happening right now?

DFK: It was amazing. I don’t have a big role in it. I had like only a couple days with them. But it was incredible. They’re so kind, and I had such a boner for his body of work. He has a career/

KJ: /Just his body [laughter]/

DFK: /I would dream of having.  His body, yeah.

KJ: I was just being silly.

DFK: He’s lovely.  He’s married to Maggie Gyllenhaal, they just have some kind of life that I can only dream of having in terms of work, you know?  So I was a little nervous about it.  And he showed up and talked about his kids every day.

VA: Awww/

DFK: /Like we sat around talking about our kids, and talking about work and whatever.  But they were soooo great.  They were so lovely.  Yeah.

KJ: This sounds awesome.  Oh my God.  Two redheads.

DFK: It’s gonna be a great movie.  I think they’re gonna do some fun things with it.  And as of today I’m unemployed.  [laughter] That was my last job.  I wrapped last night and now I’m unemployed.

VA: The life of an actor/

KJ: /That would be weird/

BL: /Hopefully Season 3 of Workin’ Moms soon.  That would be like fall though.

DFK: Hopefully.  I would love that so much.

KJ: Do you find out about that stuff…I have no idea how that works.

DFK: We find out in April.  They officially give us the go ahead in April, and let us know if we’re gonna do it or not.

KJ: Where do you go after masturbating on your ex-husbands couch?  Where does that show go?

BL: We haven’t even got to the end of this season.

KJ: I know but I’m just saying.  I feel like it can’t get any more…

DFK: You mean sexually, what could Anne do next? Is that what you’re asking? [laughter]

KJ: No.  But yes.

DFK: Well many things.

KJ: I know.

DFK: I could list them all, but.  Um, yeah.  The season gets…there’s some crazy shit coming up./

KJ: /Yeah, I can’t wait.

BL: I really like, I guess going back if we jump back, but I love the stuff they’re doing with Anne and Kate so much.  I love that friendship.  The last episode they had that big fight, that just aired this week.  That fight, like I felt it on so many levels.  I was just like oh my God.  Because I feel that right now, so much.  I feel like I do have all these things going, all these balls that I’m juggling, and I look to people that I was friends with forever.  My best friend moved, within the last year, has moved like…I could run to her house, and I don’t run far, so it’s not far.  I’m not a runner. [laughter]  But I could run there. I couldn’t run there and back, but I could run there.  And I don’t see her that often at all, and I’m like how is that?  We live right down the street, and so…I felt that when they were fighting, you just don’t have time, and it just…I don’t know.  That was one of the scenes where I thought Catherine was reading my private thoughts.

DFK: I feel that too.  I was talking about this the other day with my friend.  It’s like the older we get, it takes a different kind of effort to like show up for your friends or whatever.  But it is so fucking important just to show up.  You’re getting pulled in every direction from work, from your own passions that you want to do in your own time.  It’s time for yourself, time for your kids, time for your partner…it’s like how do you cultivate a friendship and keep that going?  I do think that friendships take as much energy as your marriage does, you know keep it alive and keep it healthy.  It’s so much work.

KJ: Yeah, and not many people tackle that subject, especially in a television show.  It’s either like you’re just friends and you show up at a coffee shop every morning at fuckin nine o’clock miraculously, or you know…

DFK: Like Sex and the City, or like how the fuck do you guys have time to go for brunches? [laughter]

KJ: Yeah, it is.  I felt that same thing.  The bicycle, just saying shit that you kind of really feel but you’re so sad about the fact that said it.  That broke my heart.

VA: Also the fact that it wasn’t like something happened, someone got mad, they had a fight.  It was like this slow buildup of like not answering phone calls and getting caught up in your own shit, and it kind of just boiled to a head.  It was very relatable.

BL: I knew it was coming and it still hurt me so bad.  I remember my mom always saying, as she had us when we were littler, it was a similar situation.  Her best friend lived nearby, and she’s like we just haven’t seen each other for years.  And now they’ve come back together and they do stuff all the time together and see each other a lot.  So I do think there are those friends you can have that they know you’re going through shit, and they just know you’ll come back around.  I always think of my mom saying that, like I haven’t seen Diane since who knows when.  But she’s busy, I’m busy, it’ll be fine. 

VA: Cats in the Cradle starts playing in the background.  [laughter]

DFK: Blood starts dripping down…[laughter]

BL: But it is.  It’s so nice to see…not older, you guys aren’t older women, but to see women that aren’t like 20 somethings going out.  We see lots of shows with 20 somethings always on the prowl dating or whatever.  I feel like Workin’ Moms is addressing a genre that’s not out there, like an age group.  That’s what I love.

DFK: Me too.

KJ: Way to go.  Way to be on some nice shit there, Dani Kind.

DFK: It’s funny I told my agent after I had my second baby, I was like don’t worry guys, I’m done.  I’m not having any more kids.  They were like you’ve never worked more in your fucking life, have as many kids as you want.  [laughter] Like shut upppp.  But it’s true, I got really lucky.  I feel like I became a mom and met myself when I gave birth, and you know, was just like oh yeah, I guess I’m a woman.  And then booked all of these beautiful things.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: That’s awesome.

DFK: Great stories I get to tell, yeah.

KJ: Smiling here for that.  [laughter]

BL: I was going to say we can wrap up before I dig back into more parts of my diary. [laughter]

KJ: We’ll just keep going, we’ll just stay here for three hours, Deb will be like girls..

BL: My like, therapy session.

KJ: Alright ladies/

BL: /I’m done.

KJ: Do you want to stay with us for the very tiny little outro, Dani?

DFK: Yup!

KJ: OK, good good. [laughter] Excellent, I appreciate that.  So Bridget, why don’t you get us out with little Annie.

DFK: She’s like IIIII am thinking about my best friend. [laughter]  She’s not here anymore guys.

BL: She is here.  Yeah, so thank you Dani for joining us.  This has been a blast/

VA: /Thank you so much/

KJ: /It was the best/

BL: /Beyond our wildest dreams.  You’re a wonderful first guest.

VA: I don’t think we can have any more guests, sorry guys.

BL: We said interviews were coming, this is it, we’re done.

KJ: This is the one.

BL: Unless Meryl Streep wants to come on and speak Big Little Lies Season 2.  We’ll allow it.  [laughter].  I guess that’s it for us, and Annie will take us out by listing where you can find us and reach us on social media.  So, thanks guys.

KJ: Thanks.

VA: Yay!

DFK: Thank you guys so much, this was so awesome.

Annie: Follow us on social media.  We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @FemThrilljoys.  If you have any more thoughts on this episode or in general, you can email us at  And last but not least, if you’re feeling extra generous, please rate and review us on iTunes.  Thanks!

[End podcast]