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Bridget Liszewski, Kat Jetson, and Valerie Anne take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

Episode 3: Do Chicks? - Transcript

Mar 10, 2018

We continue to try to make the Feminist Thrilljoys podcast accessible to all who'd like to Thrilljoy with us. Given that, we present the transcript for our Episode 3 - "Do Chicks?" 

In Episode 3, the Thrilljoys talk about a rocker chick, a singer/songwriter chick who wrote a musical about chicks, and some badass musicians who are arguably the most famous "chicks" of all.

We'd like to send a huge Thrilljoy THANK YOU to Fiona for helping us out with this transcription. Find her on Twitter at @CosplayFi.



Feminist Thrilljoys - Episode 3 - Do Chicks?


BL = Bridget Liszewski


KJ = Kat Jetson


VA = Valerie Anne


/ indicates that two or more people are talking at the same time

VA: Welcome to Feminist Thrilljoys, a podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about the feminist-y things they love. I’m Valerie Anne.


KJ: I’m Kat Jetson.


BL: And I’m Bridget Liszewski. Welcome to our episode three. [group: yay] A musical themed episode is in store for you, but uh (laughter) first we wanted to, we’re trying to hit some news and notesy type things that we’re excited about, and, but before that, we just wanted to say thank you again to everybody who has rated and reviewed us in iTunes, or people that have tweeted at us with comments about the episodes. We love hearing from you guys and it’s a lot of fun to get everybody's thoughts.


VA: Agreed.


KJ: / Right.


BL: And then-


KJ: I would like to say something about (laughter) no one did respond to my, uh, Dana Scully was supposed to be gay (more laughter) in one season of the X-Files or bi or whatever soo...probably just a fever dream so, (VA laughter) and then someone, our editor actually, was just, “I don’t know about what you’re talking about BUT there is some fanfiction” and she did send me the links of fanfiction (gay laughter by all) and I was like oooh my, okay so that-


BL: You bookmarked it for your upcoming trip? (laughter.)


KJ: (Laughter) Yeah.


BL: Then the other thing we just wanted to do, ah, do before we get into the ah, items we’re excited about, is we, we do plan on having some interviews on this podcast. We are already looking into a few guests that we would like to have on and “thrilljoy” with us. Uh, we won’t say their names now because we don’t want to jinx them(concerned tone-background laughter) We are looking possibilities of ah having some people on in upcoming episodes, so.


VA: (Singing) It’s gonna be so goood.(group chuckles.)


KJ: Ahh, so good. And I also like to add that we have like little notes for our notes and (chuckle) we were wondering if we should tease that, and Bridget had a note and was just like “should we tease this” and my note is “I say yes,” and hers is “okay, I agree” (group laughter) those are our notes for that, that’s how we decided. (laughter.)


VA: I like it. That’s very official.


BL: Well and then I was thinking I don’t know if I’m the best tease, I probably shoulda let Kat, take it. I feel like you’re a better tease than me but it’s okay.


VA: What?!


KJ: (Serious laughter happening.)


VA: Is that a compliment? I don’t even know.


BL: It is a compliment. (giggling.)


VA: Okay..


KJ: I’llll take it, so I’m gonna resolve this, Look it, right now as we’re recording. It's resolved.


BL: This is what people are here for, Google Docs.


KJ: (Laughter) I feel really excited that I just resolved something.


BL: (Giggles) Give you some satisfaction on the end of your day.


KJ: VERY end of your day.


BL: I should already apologize if I say anything crazy this episode since it’s very late at night here, for me, for a grandma. (group chuckles.)


KJ: Cute. Dogs should start barking any minute now.


BL: Yea. (sleepy giggles)


KJ: Oh wait! Did we, we talked about that off-air. Forget it!


BL: Yeah. (giggles by all.) /


KJ: / Okay.


BL: No I, am I hitting all of these uh, news and uh, note things or you guys..wanna..jump in? (chuckle.)


VA: I’ll do the one I added but I don’t even know about this next one.


KJ: (enthusiastically) Yeaah, Bridget, keep gettin’ em.


BL: Okay, soo. It was uh, announced earlier this week that Meryl Streep is going to be joining Big Little Lies for season 2. At $800,000 an episode???  I mean..


KJ: That’s true!  (group chuckling) Hollywood Reporter.


BL: Dammmn.


KJ: Yeah.


VA: Riight?!


BL: I was like whaaaat, Meryl Fucking Streep. Wow. (group chuckle) Did you guys see the first season of Big Little Lies?


VA: Yess.


KJ: I watched it sort of, like it was on..and I was around for, that’ I wasn’t sitting down on the couch, but I was probably cleaning around the couch. (group laughter)


BL: Well I don’t wanna say like who she’s playing because if you do, you SHOULD watch the first season, but.


VA: You should also read the book.


BL: I did not read the book.


VA: I looved the book. That’s why I watch the series, I really really loved the book. And the...I really, unusually I really liked how the show adapted it. Usually I’m like every one of those snobby like (mocking voice) “the book was better” but, and obviously the book is always better BUT I did actually really like the way that they did it for TV.


KJ: I’m always curious about that. Was there one book and then they did...they adapted that book in its entirety for season one, or is there still stuff that’s happening in the book that has not been…?


VA: It was supposed to be a limited series so they cover the entire book in Season 1. Did we talk about this? I’m having déja vu. They did work with the author of the book to create the second season, so it’s like they have her blessing and like they have some of her like ideas, like she’d already been thinking about if she did a sequel what she would do, so they’ve been working with her to to create the second season of the show.


BL: Yeah and I heard now it’s like officially a second season and cuz some people thought it was going to be an anthology possibly with like the same cast so.


KJ: Oh I see.


BL: It’s officially though, just they’re all playing the same characters and just continuing the story like Valerie said.


KJ: Yeah someone's makin’ bank.


BL: Mm-hmm.


VA: Yeah.


BL: I love m-I mean who doesn't love Meryl Streep though so.


KJ: I...I’m with you.


BL: Yeah, it was very exciting. But I felt like it was like...the news that day was like if my mom could put all of her wishes into the atmosphere because it was like Meryl Streep was coming to TV which is my mom’s favorite and then like within the hour I feel like they announced that they were rebooting Murphy Brown ( group giggles) and I was like “is Barb suddenly in charge of all of TV?” that's what it felt like (group laughter) but yeah. So yeah I was surprised, I actually really...they are rebooting Murphy Brown, I guess was my other comment, just because it happened right as the Big Little Lies news came out and they said they're bringing it back with the same creator and then Candice Bergen is gonna be in the title role again. And I don't know how I feel about it, but.


VA: Can you give me a very brief description of what Murphy Brown is? I've heard of it like I know like...and people reference it as an old TV show all the time but I don't actually know anything about it. Like who IS Murphy Brown?


KJ: I watched it and I couldn't tell you what it was about like, I don’t remember her title like, it was a...she was a television…?


BL: She was a news anchor, right?


KJ: Yeah, yeah.


BL:  And so it was about a news desk I think, like a news team.


VA: For some reason I always thought she was a detective.


BL: Noo. /


VA: / Having the never ever seen it.


BL: They just wore those blazers I guess (all laughing) a brown blazer or something must have given (chuckle)


KJ: And she might’ve had a badge for whatever to get on the television set thing.


BL: Yeah.


VA: Wow.


KJ: Isn't that crazy that I, I watched that show legit, and I thought it was funny. I do remember she had a..someone who was fixing her house like a carpenter or something. /


BL: Yes Eldin. /


KJ: / And he was there for like seven seasons, it was like the joke that he was like working on her house for seven seasons or however long it was on so, that’s all I remember and that JUST came to me right now but I don’t remember anything else.


BL: Yeah I don’t wanna be a downer, but I think that guy might’ve died in real life so, that’s what I saw someone tweet like “oh we’ll never see Eldin, we’ll never get to see him finish the living room” or something and I was like. *sucks in breath.*


KJ: Aww.


BL: But uh, she uh, I think it was kind of known for being feminist-y because she had a baby and on her own, and then she went back to work, and things like that which were super progressive I guess for late 80’s early 90’s, but.


KJ: And she was on SNL right? Candice Bergen?


BL: I don't know.


VA: III don’t know.


KJ: I believe she was, yeah, so.


VA: That sounds right, let’s say it, yeah! She was on SNL, cool. (BL chuckles.)


KJ: But if we’re getting wrong information then, sure. But I believe she was.


BL: I don’t know how I feel about this but ah, I'm generally against reboots like I just want, I don’t know, I feel like they should just lea-… can't we come up with new ideas? But I don’t...I don’t know.


KJ: Were people clamoring for this though?


BL: I think I’ve heard this every now and then, like I’ve heard rumors of this before this actually happened so I feel-


KJ: Like I’m just wondering how this wen- got through? Do you know?


BL: Right, yeah I don't know.


KJ: Do you know, like, in order for an older female actor like I'm all for it but, just what did they promise to get this?


BL: Grace and Frankie.


KJ: Right? There you go.


VA: I do love Grace and Frankie, so if it’s gonna be like Grace and Frankie then yeah, okay, fine I’m in.


BL: Yeah, so, I don’t know. And then like the other thing was it was always known for because… she had a new secretary every single episode.


KJ: Oh right yeah yeah yeah!


BL: So that was like the gimmick, was she always had a new secretary and she’d get rid of ‘em for whatever reason so.


KJ: Riight, you're bringing it all back.


BL: (Laughing.) Like I said I remember watching this with my mom when I was little so.


KJ: What’d you say? Barb?


BL: Yep.


KJ: Is she a fan of our podcast?


BL: She has listened, I don’t know if she’s up to date. She gets very confused with the iPhone and the podcast app and all that.


VA: I thought you were gonna say that she has listened but you’re not sure if she’s a fan or not (group laugh) I was like ooh Barb is withholding judgement until she gets a few more episodes.


BL: Yeah.


VA: Hi Barb!


BL: (Giggles) So...that was all i had on that though. (giggles.)


KJ: Okay.


VA: Another thing we wanted to talk about since we talked about Buffering the Vampire Slayer podcasts in our first episode, I saw today on twitter that they just wrote jingles for the Syfy show for The Magicians like Syfy is posting them with this beautiful artwork and the jingles and I love The Magicians I love Buffering so I am very excited.


KJ: So they hired them? They got hired to write jingles for this?


VA: That’s what it looked like.


BL: That's amazing.


VA: Yeah or the, or the, yeah I remember seeing they had some Game of Thrones ones that they did just for fun so I don't think it was like oh they had these Magicians jingles and they bought them from them I think that they just they like commissioned these jingles is what it seems like. Which is amazing.


KJ: Alright.


VA: Yeah so.


BL: The Magicians had really fun Buffy references earlier this season so, yeah. that’s a really fun show.


KJ: Tip of the cap, always Buffy Buffy Buffy. You Gotta love it. I’m into it.


BL: As far as shows that I don't want to be rebooted please leave Buffy alone. (group laugh.)


KJ: Pleease. Yess. /


VA: / (Sing songing) Leaave Buffy alooone.


KJ: Yeah, I don’t, I don’t want to see it. I’m so happy the way it is and I was actually really excited about the comics that happened afterwards. Did you read those?


VA: Yeah I thought, I think that’s a great way to like, continue something that is beloved without like, tarnishing what exists. Like instead of a reboot, like do a comic that extends it a little bit like.


KJ: And you can still keep them kind of young.


VA: Yeah.


KJ: I mean not to say that, you know, middle age people cannot act in television shows but like how you fell in love with Buffy was a certain age you know, bracket so, yeah.


VA: Right and then like the, what, the story you want to tell isn’t dependant on which actors are still available or still wanna do this for two more years and you can just tell the story because the characters, they've built these characters already for however long it was on TV and that you can do whatever you want with them now, in comic form.


KJ: Right, yeah. I’m sure Alyson Hannigan’s like “I’m fine, thanks”  (group laugh) I don’t know I just imagine you know from, I think after you get to a certain number of episodes  of something and it , doesn't it go into syndication or something? and then you make more money, like I don’t know how that works but its like...I feel like its a hundred episodes and I’m sure How I Met Your Mother and for sure Buffy went over a hundred episodes so, she’s good. And do we want to tease?


VA: Let’s do the tease! (laughter.)


KJ: So we were just considering, thinking about, that maybe we should make some T-shirts. Soo, this isn’t like “Hey buy a t-shirt from us,” this is like “we’re excited about wearing our own t-shirts” (group laughter) So, we’re working on it and we think that they’re gonna be, this is a horrible tease, we think they’re gonna be made available. Uh, from TeePublic and we’ll let you know, we’ll just put that on social media when those are available. I believe that the three of us will be the first three to purchase those (laughter had by all) uh.


VA: We just love the logo Krystal made us so much! We wanna wear it.


KJ: Yeah.


BL: I think the first time we saw the logo we were all just like “oh that would look so good on a t-shirt!” (all laugh.)


VA: We have NO chill. (BL laughter.)


KJ: But I did want...and we were wondering, I was like,“is it weird that we're going to wear our own shirts?”


VA: Yeah, I felt like maybe it was weird, but I also don’t care that much cuz I want one.


KJ: I have a funny little story about fans wearing their own shirts. My friend used to deliver pizzas in LA, she’s a pizza delivery person. She went up to the Hollywood Hills and *ding dong* opens the door is C.C. DeVille from joke version of Hollywood Glam rock. Like he’s got a hot tub full of ladies and he’s wearing his own shirt. The big, like, it wasn't just Poison it was-they made their own shirts for each individual member and his was the C.C. Deville one. He’s like (rasp) “back here” So.


VA: I love that.


BL: See I would at least be wearing your or Valerie's shirt, I wouldn't wear my own. (All laugh.)


KJ: I don’t know, I don’t know. Have they made shirts for you yet Bridget?


BL: (Laughing) No. Let’s not talk about that.


VA: I do have two different Lisewski pins so...


KJ: I have one! (laughter.)


BL: This is audio so you can’t see me starting to turn red.


VA: It’s so fun to make Bridget blush.


BL: (Sarcasm up the wazoo) soo fun.


KJ: Soo, are we ready? That’s, that’s it for our newsies things right?


BL: Mm-hm.


KJ: Okay, I, I guess I’m going to go first and then (singing) Valeriee and thenn Bridget?


VA: Yeah.


KJ: Annd, I went first last time too so now I’m a little nervous going first again but...


BL: Well I feel bad because I never went first guys are letting me go last this time because I might go on and on and on so. They’re being very kind and letting me ramble.

I’ll be first in episode four. (chuckle.)


KJ: Okay, and yeah. We talked about this upfront, we're all covering something music related. So I thought I was going to be the only person who ever covered music on this so I’m very excited. Uh, mine is uh, Shirley Manson from the band Garbage and right up front in my little notes I just put in all caps RED HEAD so let’s just start right there with the appreciation. Last week, you know, Gillian Anderson-Scully. This week...who knows next week maybe another red head.


BL: Do you have a whole section of your c-scroll list of topics that’s just “read heads.”  (giggle.)


KJ: I kinda do, Yeah. (all laugh.)


BL: And those are all like at the top?


KJ: And then there’s like little parentheses and it's just like an R next to it in case I forget. (all chuckling.)


VA: I like it.


KJ: So, I mean, I guess I wouldn’t normally do this, but I totally just want to straight up read a quote from her, and uhh, just because I think it’s so badass and awesome. It’s kind of a long quote but it gives you an idea of what you’re dealing with with Shirley Manson. So here it goes, beginnnnnn quote (giggles) don’t make me laugh! “To me feminism is about equality. It’s nothing to do with whether we like makeup or don’t like makeup. Feminism has nothing to do with whether you have children or not. It’s really just: How about you pay me the same fucking amount that you just paid him? I just did the same fucking job. If your husband gets this, so do you. If your boyfriend is doing this, and you want to do that, then you go do it, too. It’s that simple.”  Do we all just want to get up and start applauding for that?


VA: Yeah, that’s amazing.

BL: It is that simple, that’s great.


KJ: Yeah, and that’s what I love, what I’ve always loved about Shirley Manson is she’s so  outspoken and fierce and like, she’s not afraid to say exactly what she means and I mean for one she’s in a band with, you know, all men and she just really holds her own. I mean besides the fact that she's...I mean Butch Vig is the drummer for Garbage and, I don’t know if you know, he like produced like three of the most incredible iconic albums of all time.  He produced Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream, uh and Nirvana- Nevermind, you may have heard that record, uh, and Sonic Youth- Dirty. So I mean he’s produced like hundreds and hundreds of amazing records but.


BL: Even I, a non-music aficionado, have heard of all those, so yes.


KJ: So, I mean, she really just kind of holds court with the boys and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them live. She kind of like stalks the stage and really is very commanding and you know, they’ve had a really long career.  They’ve been a band for over twenty years, they’ve sold like altogether 17 million records. I had to look, I didn’t know that fact off the top of my head.


VA: That’s a good fact.


BL: / Come on.


KJ: And they they also did a James Bond song, did you know that?


BL: I remember that/ I remember that.


VA: / I did not know that.


KJ: “The World is Not Enough” soo hmm?


BL: I actually remember them because they used to...(chuckle) back when I was in high school and would watch TRL  (chuckles) it was all the boy bands, and I remember they were like one of the only like super rock bands that would always be on TRL, so like when you say how she performs with that like stalking whatever, I can remember watching those music videos like when everything else was just boy band pop and.


KJ: Saturated with grungry. and it was just, it stood out, the music, because it wasn’t just like guitar, drums, bass. There was a, a verry, moody sort of electronic feel to them so I thought they were, they still are, very unique and all of their albums are still really quality. They put out an album just last year and it’s fucking awesome. And I think the other thing that I wanted to comment on is that she is that woman that has sort of navigated the music industry which in the 90’s was, pretty toxic right? I mean, and she didn't really change the person that she was and at some point she did stop uh, she decided that she didn't want to play or be in a band anymore and it did get to her, I think, just sort of seeing how women were being treated and what they needed to do to be, to continue to be, uh, paid attention to or whatever. and she just wasn't falling for it, she was just like “fuck you I’m out” and as you two other TV people she did, she was on a television show,  she was on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, did you ever watch that?


VA: I did but I don’t remember.


KJ: Yeah it was like a terminator thing


BL: I did watch that and I was doing research for your topic before this, but I don’t know if I...I feel like I might have stopped watching by that time, I don’t know cuz I can’t remember her.


KJ: I did not watch it, I have to say (chuckles) I love that you did the research for that part and I didn’t watch it but...


BL: No I just saw that in my research. (all chuckles.)


KJ: I think I was just bummed that she wasn't playing music anymore because I loved seeing Garbage live and yeah. And she’s also super supportive of other female musicians, like she’s done collaborations with Brody Dalle from the Distillers and they have an amazing song together, Garbage and Brody Dalle, and then Garbage covered another song by Patti Smith, another feminist. Uh, this band called Screaming Females and that was so good they did ‘Because the Night’, uh, I don’t know they're just, she, yeah. And if you ever go to Garbage’s instagram it is clear that that is all Shirley Manson and it’s just full of like sass and positivity . You know, after the elec- , you know I saw Garbage after the election, and she just was like, she just ripped into everything. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and there’s no silence in between, you know, the songs. She’s got something to say and she says it. Uh and they toured, I once saw The Distillers, No Doubt and Garbage on tour.


VA: Whaaat, come on!


KJ: Like I almost melted into a puddle.


BL: Yeah. (giggles.)


KJ: And at one point, because uh Gwen Stefani always does push ups on stage, while she’s singing.


VA: What!?!


KJ: At one point they got Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle out and they were all three of them doing push ups.


BL: Oh my god. (chuckles.)


VA: I love that.


KJ: And just recently they went on tour with Blondie, so like that was kinda like these two other, and Deborah Harry she, again, you know late 70s early 80s, she was just this strong female front woman in a sea of men especially in New York, a bunch of CBGB’s punk crusty whatever and she’s like “no I’ve got this, I can handle it” and you know there’s just still like very, Shirley Manson’s still very feminine but it’s not like she feels this need to like play out to whatever is need to like, I dunno. And she’s just got a sense of humor about herself like she posts these pictures of her little kid self with her fuckin tooth that her parents couldn’t afford and it was like a yellow front tooth or something. (all laughing.)


BL: The one thing I saw that I thought was cool, I found some article where she was talking about how, she’s been getting like more known as a feminist the older she gets, and she's like way more outspoken about feminism the older she gets and she was, you know, saying how when she was younger she felt really lucky to be given all the opportunities, so she really didn't say something when she saw something, but as she got older she realised she had these tools at her disposal and she needed to use them. Which I thought was really cool and also relatable because I feel like that’s how I feel just even like speaking up whatever I look back at stuff I sat through early in my career at offices and stuff where I didn't speak up for myself or whatever because I was afraid, and I do think as you get older you get bolder and, you know, less afraid and I could relate to it and then, it’s funny because you had that quote and I had wrote down a quote that’s like ooh I wonder if we’re gonna have the same quote (all laugh) but we didn’t (chuckle) but ah she was talking about, her mom and the things that she learned from her mom, which I thought was cool and her quote was that she said “she would always say to me you must engineer your own happiness, it’s down to you that’s one of the most important things I’ve learned, there’s nobody gonna come in, there’s no prince on a white horse is gonna come in and fix my life, I have to fix it for myself” so I was like that’s cool.


VA: I love that.


BL: I was like, excellent pick Kat.


KJ: Yay.


VA: Well, I don’t have a Shirley Manson quote, I failed.


KJ: Noooooo nonononono. That’s fine. You could find one and then just post it on twitter if you feel like it. Just be like “Shirley Manson quote”.


BL: But, yeah you’re in charge of. /  


KJ: / I do have to say. /


VA:/  Sorry, go ahead. /


KJ: / No, that’s okay. She’s in charge of social media yes, we know (Kat laughter) one of the things I think about when I listened to a lot of Garbage songs is, you know, there’s a lot of heartbreak in those songs and there’s a lot of songs about breakups and “I hate love and love kinda sucks”, and this and that and sometimes when I go through really hard times, or if I get broken up with, or busted up over something, I’m like “Shirley Manson is fucking gorgeous and amazing and awesome and she gets her heart broken too” and I swear that’s a thing I think about and I’m like “if Shirley Manson can do it so can I”...I wish I could write a song though.


BL: Aww.


VA: I like that.


KJ: Yeah. And I guess I should end on the cereal story, did you see that Bridget when you did your little research?


BL: Noo?


KJ: This does not have anything to do with feminism. (laughter by all) This is real, this isn't I made it up, just because I thought it would be cool in my brain, which I feel really bad about still, but anyhow. And she like freely admits to this like “yes I did it, it's true, I probably shouldn't have but whatever he deserved it.” She totally shit in her boyfriend’s (losing her shit laughing) cornflakes (gasping for air laughter) this is not the person she's with right now, but I think it's kind of amazing.


BL: Yeah I don’t think you come back from that.


KJ: No! (still losing it.)


VA: Noo.


KJ: Yeah, and it was a long time ago, but yeah it was like...its been...and she was like “yes, I get it, yes.”


BL: That did not show up in my Google search.


KJ: I knew what to search for, I did “Shirley Manson cereal” and I got it so.


VA: That’s hilarious.


KJ: Yeah, in conclusion, Shirley Manson’s amazing and she looks awesome.


BL: And she has red hair.


KJ: So, yeah. Much love for Shirley Manson and, like you said, the older she gets yeah the more vocal she gets.  She’s like “fuck this, I have shit to say and I’m pissed off about it” I love her.


VA: I love that.


KJ: So, um. Sweet genuine hugs for Shirley Manson.


BL: Very cool.


VA: So, I’m going to go next and my topic that I picked is specifically Waitress but kind of Sara Bareilles also in general cuz I just saw Waitress the musical this past weekend with some friends and Sara Bareilles wrote the music for it and also starred in it. Like she’s kind of been like, “fuck you I’m doing what I want to do” and like even when she quit because the industry was pressuring her to do things she didn't want to.  Um, one of Sara Bareilles’ first if not, I think it might’ve been like her first like hit single, one of her first singles was “Love Song” which she actually wrote because, um, she had been submitting all these songs to her label and they kept being like, “ah, we’re not sure we want to record this one” and like, kinda pushing her to do things that were more quote like “radio ready.”


KJ: Yeah they hold people like hostage with that shit, yeah.


VA: It wasn’t like ‘poppy’ enough, or this isn’t like a cheesy love song enough, and so she finally got frustrated and wrote “Love Song” as a retaliation to that. And luckily for her they actually really liked it and weren’t like, “okay we’re not working with you anymore” and actually iTunes released it as their free single of the week, and then it just like blew up so that’s kind of how she got her herself in the spotlight, and I love that that’s what it was, it was a “fuck you I’m not doing what you want to do, this is who I am” and that ended up being the thing that worked the best.


KJ: Did she just release it as a single from an album that she had already done, or did she release it as one song, like “here’s a song, now go fuck yourselves.”


VA: I think that she had had like a bunch of songs ready and they were like ”we need one like hook before you can record this album with us” is what I gathered from the one Wikipedia article I read on the matter. (group chuckles) they wanted one more like, one guaranteed hit, before they would let her like record with them, and that’s what she got kind of fed up and threw at them and they were like “okay, great,now you can record with us”. Which is cool.


BL: Thank goodness she didn't have to resort to cereal. (all laughing-but mostly Kat.)


VA: Very true, so yeah, and that was, that was, um over ten years ago, and then about a couple years ago she moved on from just writing all of these badass songs to write the music for this musical that went to Broadway and its based on the movie Waitress, but starring Keri Russell it was written and directed by Adrienne Shelly in the, I believe, the 90s that it came out and I don’t know if you guys have seen the movie.  Have you both seen the movie?


KJ: I’ve not. I knew Adrienne Shelly but I did not. Keri Russell’s in it right?


BL: Yeah it’s Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion.


KJ: Ohh what?!


VA: I keep forgetting Nathan Fillion was in it.


KJ: Bring it back to Buffy.


BL: Yeah but he’s like super nice. He’s like the nicest guy ever so it’s kind of jarring if you’re just coming off Buffy-Nathan Fillion. (laughing.)


KJ: Right. /


VA: / Yeah I was scared for years after Buffy soo, that yeah. I remember seeing Waitress but I didn’t really remember what it was about until the talk of this. Once I saw Waitress the musical I went back and it is literally the same exact plot as the movie there’s just singing.


BL: I didn’t know has she, you said you just saw Sara Bareilles in it?


VA: Yeah.


BL: Was she, did she star in it like when it opened or did she just…?


VA: No.


BL: Okay sorry, you were probably getting into that.


VA: Yeah, no. Yea cuz when she first wrote it she did the music and Jessie Nelson did the book and, yeah no, the original cast was a bunch of Broadway veterans and also actually the girl who plays Soso on Orange is the New Black is also in the original cast, and also a woman who was just recently in The Greatest Showman. But, so yeah. She wasn’t in it and I read once that she like...originally that wasn’t ever in her head. She wasn't ever like “oh and then someday maybe I’ll also do this role” like she just didn't really think about it. But then eventually got I don’t know, talked into it. (giggles) or she did a run last year and I didn't go see it then, because I had seen her do Sara Bareilles Sings Songs from Waitress, so it was like a Sara Bareilles concert but it involved some of the songs from the musical before the musical was actually released, um, and it was so amazing and she like gave little histories like she talked about her song ‘Brave’ was written for her friend that wanted that was struggling with coming out of the closet.  She told some really fun stories behind these songs that I’ve loved for a really long time, and then these new songs I didn’t know from this musical that was going to come out and uh, when she...her performance of “Gravity” at that concert was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced, it was unreal. Anyways, moving on. (giggles.)


KJ: I applaud the fangirling over feeling, when I yeah, music.. It changes lives. But go on...


VA: I love her so much (giggles) so uh, so yeah, so I’d seen that and then I saw the original cast of Waitress when Waitress first came out cuz I was like “oh I love Sara Bareilles music so I’m obviously going to love this musical, I love musicals and I did, I love it so much, and then when she was in it, I was like “I don’t need to see it because I saw like I saw her sing the songs and then I saw the cast, I don’t need to see Sara Bareilles in Waitress, it’s fine.” But then as soon as her run ended I was like, “I have soo many regrets” (group laughs) like immediately, like literally, I was like “oh she just took her final bow”, and I was like “nooooo!”


KJ: Your arm, just hand, just reaching out.


VA: Yeah I was I was so upset. So then a couple months ago when they announced that she was gonna do another run I was like I neeed to seee this, and it just so happens that me and some of my friends got tickets and it happened, we didn't know it at the time, but it happened to fall also during Jason Mraz’s run. So it was Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz in a Broadway show, which like, if you had asked me ten years ago if I wanted to see that, I would've been like “no those are pop stars” or “I don’t want to see them I want to see Broadway people on Broadway and I want to see singers in concerts, like I don’t want that”, but it was...


KJ: Drawin’ the line.


BL: That’s how I felt when I was going to Cabaret and they said Debbie Gibson was going to be in it. And she was going by Deborah Gibson and then when I walked out of the theatre after seeing her, I was like “I will always call her Deborah Gibson because she was amazing.” (all laugh.)


KJ: She got your respect, right?


BL: Yes.


VA: I mean like so many times when they do the like, they bring a big name into a Broadway show to like, boost sales, it doesn’t always go very well, like they don’t pick the best people. I love Brooke Shields, I love Brooke Shields but she was in Chicago and I was like, this is just Brooke Shields in Chicago. Like it took me out of it too much and it felt very strange to me, so so, sometimes its hard, but I mean, it helps that Sara Bareilles I mean wrote these songs, so it - even when Sara Bareilles isn’t singing those songs, if you know Sara Bareilles’ music you can tell they’re Sara Bareilles songs. Um so it helped that they were like built for her voice but even just her acting, I just didn't know she was even more amazing than I already thought she was, and also the story itself, the story of Waitress, um, it’s it’s so empowering and it’s about this woman and her two women friends that are supporting her, and trying to get out of this abusive relationship, and trying to figure out what she wants from life, and who she is, and making mistakes on the way and being messy. Like she’s not like, this perfect, like has all the answers girl, like she’s, you know, she makes some mistakes she’s just trying to figure it out and she’s honest about it. Yeah.


KJ: Sometimes the best comes from the sloppiness, all those mistakes there you know. So I have to ask, I have a question about this, I don’t know if you know Valerie but at the beginning was this an instantly - I feel like right from the beginning, right from the get go, this was an instantly popular play, right? People were really into it right from the beginning.


VA: Yeah it got a Tony nom its first year out, um, and I think that, I think that Sara Bareilles’ name being attached to it did help it at first, but Jessie Mueller was in the original cast and she had just come off her run in the Carole King musical Beautiful, so I think people were really jazzed about that also. But yeah, no, it picked up popularity pretty quickly and even now still there are ads all over New York. I think they had a really good marketing push for it and I’ve only ever heard really great reviews and like people being excited about it.


KJ: You went for your birthday didn’t you?


VA: I did!


KJ: That was my way of being like “Everybody wish Valerie a happy birthday!” (group giggles.)


VA: Yeah it was really fun.


KJ: That’s awesome.


VA: Yeah it was really great, and as a segue into Bridget’s topic, uh the abusive boyfriend in the musical, uh, his name is Earl and “Goodbye Earl” happens to be one of my favorite songs.


BL: Wow, look at you.


YA: IIII know! Its just happened to work out this way, Bridget what’s your topic?


KJ: Aaaand Val.


BL: Yeah so, um as I’ve said from the beginning, I’m not a huge music person at all, but the one like music act that I am all about and have forever been about, is the Dixie Chicks and (all laugh) I had said to Valerie and Kat this week, I was like, I don’t know, I don’t know if I can take it on, it’s gonna be, it's gonna be a big topic for me, and you guys are so nice and were like we’ll do real quick and then you can go on as long as you want so thank you.


KJ: Yeah! I’m so excited about this, I’m so excited that you’re excited about music.


VA: Me too, me too.


KJ: I mean if I do think of the bitchin’ ladies I’m thinkin’ Dixie Chicks.


BL: I, I was trying to think back and I can’t believe like I’ve been listening to them for like over twenty years like that's, they’ve, I feel like I’ve grown up with them and as their sound has evolved, like, I feel like it’s followed my life so I, I don't know, I’ll get into that I guess. Yeah, but when we started the podcast like immediately when, I was thinking, like what are we gonna like feminist things are we going to thrilljoy over, like they were probably like at the top of my, if I had a c-scroll, they would’ve been on it.


KJ: Dead Sea scroll.


BL: So I guess for those that don’t know the Dixie Chicks are like a country pop trio and they’re made up of Natalie Maines and then sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer.  They were originally founded as a bluegrass group but then Natalie joined and they got a lot more rock and bluesy and what I love about them is they all sing but they’re all super super talented as musicians on their instruments. Like they have songs, if you’ve seen them in concert, where they’ll just like rock out. They're so good on the on their instruments, like I’m always just like “what??” cuz I have no musical talent at all. So  I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I have no rhythm, so.


KJ: Awwww.


BL: Like when I when I go to musicals, I love musicals and Valerie’s going on about musicals, I love those cuz I’m like in awe of people that can do that. Like I tried zumba a few times and I was horrible at it. (others dying of laughter.)


KJ: Did they just show you the door, they’re just like, this is the time “and you’re the only person we’re ever showing the door.”


BL: I was in the back. I made my mom come, I made Barb come, and we stood in the back.


KJ: Awe.


BL: But we were there, I had fun! No one cared, I stopped caring what I look like when I worked out long ago so it was fine. I had fun but it just was further proof I have no musical talent. (laughter by all.)


VA: That's very endearing.


BL: But, uh so Dixie Chicks, uh as of 2015, I think was the latest year I saw they are the top selling all female band in the United States.


KJ: Nice. I did not know that.


BL: Yeah, so um, one thing that I like now, uh too, as I mentioned they’ve been playing like 20 yrs, um, I really like now they’re all three like working mothers now. So I think they have like nine children between them. So I know they’ve taken breaks and stuff here and there, but um, they’ve always like made music while they were pregnant, and just I think it’s really rad that they’re all working moms. (group chuckles) Well I was like looking over their career and I was like “oh yeah I remember when she was pregnant with that one” and then yeah and then I saw pictures of how old some of the kids are now and I was like oh man I feel so old (all laugh) but ah yeah, so basically the other thing I love about Dixie Chicks is it’s something like my mom and my sisters, I have two younger sisters, we've always, all of us together have always loved them. We kind of have varying music tastes, um, or don't listen, like, I don't listen to much obviously. (laugh by others) Well I listen to so many now I just listen to podcasts but my youngest sister’s a very musical person. Actually she actually works for a company that puts on musical shows in New York City and around the world, um, so she is very musical, but Dixie Chicks is something all of us loved from when we were small, so um, you know we, we've gone to see them every single time they’ve you know, went on tour. Um, we uh, like we actually two summers ago they went on tour after not not touring for like ten years. And my my mom and dad, you know, flew my sisters in so we could all go to the same show together and like it was a big thing. You guys will laugh because I actually went to Lilith Fair to see them (all laugh) like I specifically went to Lilith Fair but just just because I was like (mocks self) “Dixie Chicks are playing we gotta go!”


KJ: You got there at 5:45 and left at 6:45 and paid like $150 for your ticket or something.


BL: I was like this is great it’s all women acts yeah so Dixie Chicks were there (laughing) my mom swears like Martie, the girl that plays the fiddle, my mom swears that one concert she waved to us, and that's like so.


VA: Awww.


BL: But like we, we like I said, we’ve always gone. We, we laugh cuz for the concert like two years ago I just got the tickets obviously online. Ah, but we used to go to the grocery store with my best friend and her mom who’d go to the concerts with us, and we would wait in line at the customer service desk at the grocery store, because that’d be where you’d have to buy TicketMasters.


VA: Grocery store?! Where’d you live?!


BL: I don’t know! That’s where we went! Who knows, it was like early 90’s.


KJ: Sounds like some black market shit. (VA laughter.)


BL: No they had the TicketMaster, they had the TicketMaster!


KJ: Picture a guy named Roger just has some scalped tickets at the- (laughter) a pound of cheese and some scalped Dixie Chicks tickets.


BL: No it was a the desk! it was official! Cuz we would, he would pull it up on the computer and like we’d have to pick out our seats (Val still losing it) it was hilarious like I remember.


KJ: Did you also have to enter your social security number in this computer that was mysteriously in the back of your grocery store?


BL: Listen, Millennial, this is how we did it back in my day.


KJ: I’m not the Millennial, I’m older than you!


BL: I know but tell her Valerie (all laugh) But anyway, I just, I whatever the process was, I can remember us waiting in line and like having-


KJ: This is my favorite part of the story so far but go on.


BL: And so like, that was how you bought tickets! How how did you buy them before there was online?


KJ: Online happened in the 90s.


BL: Not in Ohi-not, not, not I guess widespread enough I guess in 1997.


VA: Wouldn't you have to like go to the venue to buy the tickets if you weren’t like...get will call AT the venue..


BL: No that’s why we went to the grocery store’s customer service desk it was also a TicketMaster desk,  I don’t know.


KJ: I hope everybody that listens to this picks up on that and that’s it.


VA: Yeah.


BL: Where did you buy your tickets in the 90s? Tell us. (to listeners.)


VA: Definitely not the grocery store, I’ll tell you that.


BL: I’m telling you! Guys are making me question myself but I'm very, I’m pretty sure about it, I’m gonna have to check.


KJ: Gillian Anderson really was a bisexual, season nine of X Files.


VA: We each get to make up one fact per episode. (all laughing.)


BL: I'm going to have to check with my, with my  best friend from high school, and ask her but anyway they’ve been a part of my life for a very long time and I went to drastic measures to see them. (all laughing) I also may have danced to “Cowboy Take Me Away” at my wedding, but moving on. (chuckle) So, anyway, why are they feminist-y, well I told you guys I have so many notes for this one. I think when I decided I was doing this I just like sat and banged out 800 words or something.


VA: That’s amazing.


BL: But ah, so what I like is a lot of their songs have big like feminist bent to them and I think it was really rare, um, at the time when they were coming out with them, um, especially early on in country music especially to have those type of songs. Yeah so we’re seeing like a little bit of more feminism creep into Country, but it definitely was not when Dixie Chicks started recording. Um, I think they have a lot of songs you know like “Wide Open Spaces” and “Taking The Long Way” um where they’re talking about journeys that women go on and self-discovery and giving yourself room to make mistakes. Um other songs like “Ready to Run” and “Sin Wagon” where you’re challenging this idea that you know we all need to get married and women can’t go out and just have some good...dirty, fun. obviously “Goodbye Earl” like Valerie had mentioned where they were detailing the two friends that conspired to kill one of their abusive husbands. Um I remember when that came out it was I was actually at Lilith Fair the first time I heard that song.


VA: That’s amazing. So much of everything about you makes more sense to me now. (lots of laughing for all.)


KJ: My eyes are OPENED.


VA: Some days, some days I have days where I just listen to every version of Goodbye Earl I can find in a loop.


BL: I went down a deep rabbit hole when I started listening to stuff for this podcast but uh, no, it was it was at Lilith fair though cuz they hadn’t came out with the album yet and they were like we’re going to play you this new song that we have blah blah and we’re listening to it and we’re like blah blah blah and when she first did that “Earl had to die” it was like whaaat like it was so crazy like the crowd went nuts we were like did she just say that it was really cool so I always remember that.


VA: That’s awesome that you were there for that! That's very cool.


BL: I mean I’m sure it wasn’t the very first time that they sang it but yeah.


VA: No I know.


KJ: We'll give you two made up things for this one. It was the first time they played it. (All laugh.)


BL: I am telling you, TicketMaster.


BL: But um, uh, so I don't know. I just, I've, I feel like I've always related to their songs and what they are saying in their songs. And I think like especially over the last couple of years, like I mentioned through the writing that I've gotten into, and then doing things like this podcast, um, I feel like I’ve really been finding my voice. Um and realizing you know people aren't always going to agree with it. Um, and sometimes if you are speaking up and speaking your truth, it could make it harder on you, but um, it's worth sometimes not taking shortcuts and standing up for what's right and I think like that's what they say in a lot of their songs. Which I really relate to. Um, it was really weird, because I always loved their songs, and when they went back out on tour, um, they hadn't recorded any new music. They went, it was after 10 years, and I mean, I had listened to them, but I hadn't really went like deep. Like deep dove back into their music, but when I was getting ready for that concert, I was like really struck by how things hit me listening to it as like I'm in my 30’s versus when I used to love them. You know, like in my late teens and early 20’s. So I felt like I connected a lot more to them even once I re-listened to them. Um, but I think you were talking a little about this with Garbage. I think the shift of their music started to really take shape when they started writing their own songs. Um, and taking control of that. And um, uh, I found like a quote from Natalie and she said that, “It's easier to write songs that are about other people, it's much harder to put yourself out there. But the songs are so much better and mean so much more when you can let yourself be vulnerable and be honest with your emotions and your beliefs.” So that's something that they do now with most of them. They seem to have a hand in like every song. Obviously they haven't put out songs lately.


KJ: I think it's cool / oh, go ahead.


VA: / I remember / I remember when “Not Ready to Make Nice” came out, um, and being like, “this is like, this is like soo personal and directly speaking to us and how they feel” and like you were saying earlier in Country music that's almost unheard of. To be like, so directly responding, um, in this little like different way that like basically the Country community. No, we're not gonna shut up and stop saying how we feel. And um, I remember thinking that was so badass. I love that song.


BL: Yeah, I know. I had a whole section for that.


VA: OH! I'm so sorry.


BL: No, you're fine. NO,  there's - cause there's, I think it's in “Taking the Long Way”, they talk about, like, you know, ‘I open my mouth and I heard myself. It can get pretty lonely when you show yourself. And I could've made it easier on myself, but I couldn't ever follow.’ Like I thought, I always think that part is really cool.  Yeah, so, a lot of their songs, but yeah, “Not Ready to Make Nice”, that was like a giant (sucks in breath) middle finger to everybody. (group laughs) um, but.


KJ: And we love the middle finger. (more laughter) I just think of / sorry / I just think of Wynonna.


BL: / No, go ahead.


BL: We like the middle finger. Dani Fucking Kind, we haven't mentioned her yet. / Meryl Fucking Streep.


KJ: There it is.  (all laugh)


KJ: in the SAME breath.


BL: I know. But um yeah, like they obviously, they had that big incident that led to “Not Ready to Make Nice”. Actually before that happened, um, in 2001, they had a big controversy with Sony, their record label. They sued them for underpaying them. And, and they openly criticized Sony for disrespecting them. And they did end up settling all that outside of court. But part of that was they gained all control over their music. Um, so they ended up reprinting their next album Home while - while they had all this court stuff going on. They recorded it independently and they took it as an opportunity to really change their sound from the first two albums. Um, and so they, their, this album Home that was in 2003 it sounded a lot different. Um, they had songs on it, like “Long Time Gone” which was really cool cause it sort of criticized modern Country music at the time. Um, for sort of ignoring what the genre was really about. Which, I remember my Dad always saying, “All this country music is so poppy. It's all poppy now. It doesn't sound like real country” And then it was funny, cause “Long Time Gone” came out and it was like exactly what my Dad had said. You know, they were saying, you know, doesn't sound like Johnny Cash, doesn't sound like Merle Haggard. So it was, I just remember that song. Being like, “oh, look Dad, guess you're right.” (group chuckles.)


KJ: And at some point, you just want to, like maybe you just don't want to write a quote unquote “country” song. Like, (exhales heavily) you just, some people don't want labels as human beings. So just chill out with the labels sometimes do whatever the fuck you want. Right?


BL: (laughs) Right / Yeah.


KJ: / Yeah.


BL: But um, then obviously the big thing that happened in their career was in 2003 when Natalie um said during the concert in London that. It was happening. They were at a concert in London, the Iraq War was going on, and she said, you know, “We're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas”. And um, everyone got like crazy over her saying this. Um, they received death threats, they were banned by like all these country music radio stations. / I mean can you even imagine this in / Can you imagine this NOW in 2018? (laughs.)


KJ: / So puritanical! / Such bullshit!


VA: Well in the country music community, yeah, still, / probably.


KJ:  / Yeah.


VA: Probably, but now they would have so much support in social media from other genres that they would definitely be a very different situation but yeah they were pretty ostracized for a while.


BL: Yeah they were.


KJ: Death threats, legit.


BL: Yeah they were saying how like some like these radio DJs that would dare to play their songs would get fired and I mean they weren’t even the most controversial, that’s what they said, they weren’t even the most controversial people at the time but it was something about it being three women that were speaking up and speaking out and going against this industry I mean the one article was like the country music industry was so ridiculous they were shunning Dixie Chicks and then at the same time they were like supporting someone like Tracy Lawrence who was a wife beater but he wasn't uh three women so they were fine with him even though uh you know they had won all these country awards like Grammy’s they had been named like Entertainers of the year by the Country Music Academy but she made those comments and it was like oh well we’re turning our back on you so. Some bulllshit (all lauhing) but while all that was going on they actually filmed a documentary while they were getting all this stuff like death threats all documented in this film and it was called Shut Up and Sing which I don’t know if you guys have ever seen but it’s a really good documentary film and it shows them recording dealing with all those threats and then recording their album Taking the Long Way while they were you know being shunned by country music but what I really loved was like you really saw in the film the friendship that was between the three girls uhm because I think like that happens it has the potential to really cause fractions but uhm you saw in the film how it really just made them stronger and just made them want to be more political and speak out more for stuff they believe in.


KJ: Yeah, got emboldened.


BL: Yeah so the end of the documentary actually shows them taking, it’s three years after the event it, the film ends like three years after the event happened and they go onto the same stage in London, and Natalie just like saying her comments again and like is smiling through the whole thing so. (All laughing.)


VA: That’s awesome.


KJ: Close the loop.


BL: Yaas but like what I really like is how they, like I said, they never apologized for saying any of that stuff or being outspoken and I really love that Martie and Emily who were actual sisters you know like could’ve gone against Natalie really easily but they never ever wavered in support of her they kind of circled the wagon instead and got even stronger as the three of them I read a comment that Martie had said “I’d rather have a smaller following of really cool people who gets it who will grow with us as we grow and are for life than people who have us in their five disc changer. we don’t want those kind of fans.”


KJ: Yeah, five disc changer. Shout out. (all laugh.)


BL: I am killin it this week! (laughing.)


KJ: Supermarket tickets and five disc changers.


BL: Don’t forget Lilith Fair. But I also like one of the things that happened around that time I don't know if you guys remember they did that interview with Entertainment Weekly where they appeared on the cover and they were naked except they had like all the words written on their bodies like the death threats that they were getting so.


VA: Mhm.


KJ: I remember that.


BL: Yeah, so that was like their first like thing but so the three years after all this happens that’s when they released Not Ready to Make Nice, like Valerie said, .where the words clearly state, you know how everybody’s expecting them to apologize and they just were like fuck that.


KJ: Yeah nope.


BL: And it was so nice because I feel like as women we are always supposed to be the ones that are the peace makers that are likable that say yeah let’s just smooth this over and make sure that we’re all getting along but I love that the song was like you know what no we still believe what we did was right, we’re not going to apologize just because you think that that’s what we should do.


VA: And I always loved the part where they said forgive sounds good, forget I’m not sure I could because I feel like it’s like I’m very willing to like move on from things like I like I’m ready to forgive and move on but I’m not, I’m not going to forget the shit you put me through just because it’s convenient for you, you know what I mean? and I always loved, I feel like that was one of the first times like yeah you know what yeah! (all laughing) ,what they said!


BL: Yeah I think of that line a lot and stuff i also like how they are like it turned my whole world around and I kinda liked it because they always like really, you know, back that up I don’t know so for the that was on the album where they ended up actually going kinda more hard rock with it they worked with a producer named Rick Ruben which Kat probably knows.


KJ: Totally know.


BL: Yeah he’s worked with like bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers before. their, they ended up debuting that year, 2006, as number 1 on pop and country and then they won song and record of the year Grammys so it was like again ha ha to everybody.


KJ: Yeah.


BL: Which I like but yeah I just I don’t know, I just like how they never since then like they never went back or like budged at all they just they still are really about sharing their political views and standing up like they said they went back on tour in 2016 for like the first time in ten years and they had no new music it was all of their old songs and they still ended up being like the second highest grossing country tour that summer and it was so successful that they ended up like extending the whole tour through 2017 and I know it was like worldwide and they went to Europe and even I think like New Zealand and even Australia and stuff so it was like clearly everyone was like super excited to have them back even though we weren’t getting any new music.


KJ: Yeah, nine babies, nine kids.


BL: Yeah (laughing) but it was, it was cool too like, on their tour they played it was really funny cuz they would play Goodbye Earl and then they’d have this giant picture of Trump that would come down and he’d have like four horns and a goatee and looked like the devil and stuff. (all laughing.)


KJ: There’s nothing more terrifying to like men than women doubling down on, you know what i’m saying, like cuz like they just expect them to like be terrified that people are making them feel bad about stuff and then for them to just be like mm-mm so we just replace Bush with Trump and yea...doing it all over again.


BL: Yeah well they like play ads before their shows for like Planned Parenthood, human right campaign, i know they did like stuff around the Orlando nightclub shooting so they’re still very big advocated in different stuff and then it was really exciting in 2016 at the Country Music Awards, like we said a million times now how they got shunned by the country music industry they ended up coming to the awards with Beyonce and they did that great like collaboration of Daddy Lessons which I don’t know if anybody saw.


KJ: Noo.


VA: Yeah.


BL: Yeah it was really good they came on and because they had been kind of they’d been covering Daddy Lessons on tour and so then they ended up uh Beyonce coming out on stage at the awards with Beyonce and they did the song and so.


VA: It’s like, I was going to make a really cheesy metaphor but I’m not going to, but it is really badass that they were basically like kicked out and they were like okay fine and went and got Beyonce and came back on (all laughing) pretty badass.


KJ: If you’re gonna like blow through the doors with anyone…


VA and BL: Yeah.


BL: Well and it was really cool too because in the middle of Daddy Lessons they switched to Long Time Gone which was like the song that got iced out of all the country music awards in 2003 so they like switched specifically to that and then went back to Daddy Lessons, it was pretty funny.


KJ: They’re sassy.


VA: I love them.


BL: I love them so much like I was like reignited I was like “Oh my god, I love them so much.” I love Natalie like I could listen to Natalie sing anything, she does lots of videos on her instagram if you’re not following her.


VA: OooOOoOo good tip.


BL: But uh yeah so she oh! The other song I always think of too uh this is kind of a downer but whenever there’s a-they have this song called More Love that talks about you know laying down weapons and being still and opening your heart with more love and I always think of that song whenever there’s like a mass shooting or anything. Downer, sorry (chuckle) but.


VA: Give us another FUN fact.


BL: I know, I don’t have any. Beyonce.


VA: Did anyone ever teach you about the oreo affect? You’re supposed to keep the bad stuff in the middle. (Kat laughter.)


BL: I know! I just saw that at the end of my notes I was like what.Yeah, I don't know I just I love them like their concerts are great they play for like almost two hours it’s always full, high energy I don’t know they’re a really good show. I’ve seen them in small arenas, I’ve seen them in big huge stadiums and it’s a good time every time.


VA: Are they uh, are they still on tour now or was that just for their ten year come back and then that was it?


BL: No, yeah I don’t know what they’re doing right now. They’re done for now. Hopefully making new music. (chuckle.)


VA: That’d be awesome.


BL: My mom always jokes like we’re going to have to take her, roll her up in the wheelchair and (all laughing) to the one concert. Hopefully they’re still going on tour when that happens.


KJ: Wheels up!


B: Yeah, but.


KJ: Did you ever see the SNL skit where uh I mean it does, I don’t think, whatever. It’s called Damn my Dixie’s on Fire. (all laughing.)


VA: No, I don’t think so.


KJ: Forget it (all laughing) they just tried to do this like behind the music thing.Brittany Spears was the host and yeah. They had like geminis twin but they were like doing like whatever they had like violins and it was outta control. So that’s what I think about every time the Dixie Chicks I was *imitation voice* “Damn, my Dixie’s on fire” cuz that’s how they say it, like the voice over’s like damn (all chuckle) So, there’s your oreo center at the end or, no, your oreo, no. There’s your oreo cookie. I don’t know.


BL: Yeah, I think I’m done. But. I love them, I love them so much. They’re one of my like big things in fangirling so. (chuckle.)


VA: I love that you love them.


BL: I do.


KJ: I do too, I love that Bridget talked music.


BL: Well, it’ll never happen again cuz I don’t know.


KJ: Awee.


BL: It is funny because Matt asked me, he goes, “oh what is your topic for this episode” and i was like “oh I’m doing Dixie Chicks” and he was like “I swear to god like I almost said to are you going to do Dixie Chicks you should totally do Dixie Chicks” and I was like ahh so. It’s well known that I love them.


KJ: Nice, noice. We did it. We did another one.


VA: We did it.


BL: Yay. Thank you guys.


KJ: Post episode 7.


BL: I know I debated saving them for episode seven cuz I was like “they’re so good!” but (VA chuckles).


VA: I thought we were going to have to like cut you off at some point Bridget the way that you were like “I have 800 words!” but you did great! You did it perfect, it was the perfect amount of time to fangirl about the Dixie Chicks.


KJ: (Chuckling) Right?! At some point Bridget was just like oh it’s coming up in another section I was like “oh boy” (all laughing) like finger lick, page turn.


BL: You know how I like my outline.


VA: Page 5 of 72.


BL: I like a good outline! (all laughing.)


VA: I’m sorry I tried to make you skip around your outline.


BL: I did, I went in a huge uh spiral though on youtube though of like Not Ready to Make Nice, and then I was like into Earl and like the earl video is such a late 90’s video you know masterpiece. It has like all those cameos from like tv stars and it’s funny.


VA: God, I haven’t seen that in years. I’ll have to rewatch it. As soon as we hang out. (VA and BL chuckles.)


BL: But.


KJ: Which, that might take some time because we’re not very good at hanging out but we’ll try.


BL: I know.


VA: Yeah.


BL: So, back to the other notes. Now that i’m done with my Dixie notes.


VA: (Singing) Dixie nootes.


BL: Maybe I’ll have to talk one day all about my Lilith Fair experiences.


KJ: Oh boy.


VA: Pa-lease . I need to know every detail. I have, I’m , I need everything. I need you to tell me everything.


BL: I’m just glad I made you guys laugh. That’s always my goal.


VA: You sure did.


KJ: I will never forget where you bought those tickets. It’s never going to be forgotten. I’m going to ask people that I meet.


VA: I’m gonna go ask people in the grocery store next time I go grocery shopping. Uhm excuse me do you know-tickets here?


KJ: Where are the tickets?


BL: I bet you can still buy them there if you really didn’t have internet at home.


VA:, Bridget, no.


BL: The customer service desk can do a lot of stuff, they have stamps, they have lottery tickets, they have tickets. It’s not like New York grocery stores Valerie.


VA: What is that supposed to mean!


KJ: It’s not a thing.


BL: It’s like a super store.


VA: If anywhere had tickets in a grocery store I think it’d be New York but I’ve never heard of such a thing.


BL: I stand by it. Sorry, Kat was actually trying to reign us in and wrap it up so I’ll stop now.


KJ: No, it’s fine. So do you wanna talk up our social media seeing as it’s your little tiny feminist.


BL: Who enjoys Dixie Chicks “Taking the Long Way”. My five year old tends to like “Sin Wagon” and I’m like ‘Oh no we gotta talk about that’ but... (all laughing.)


KJ: Take it easy.


BL: ‘We better skip that one!’ So anyway you guys seem to like Annie doing our social media so much that we are going to let her handle it again uh this week so without further ado here is Annie once again with all of our social media handles. Take it away Annie.


Annie: Follow us on social media, we’re on twitter, facebook, and instagram at @FemThrilljoys. If you have any more thoughts on this episode or in general you can email us at and last but not least, if you’re feeling extra generous please rate and review us on itunes, thanks!


BL: Okay, thank you.


VA: Yay.


BL: Yay Annie, she loved hearing all the comments that you guys tweeted at us so thank you very much for indulging her.


KJ: That’s adorable. Did you say encouraging her or enabling her?


BL: Indulging her.


VA: Neither of those things.


KJ: Neither of those words. it’s adorable I love that we have our little tiny feminist so.


BL: I’d be like ‘they said the podcast was great but the best part was Annie” and she’d just be like “mmhm, yup.”


VA: She’s like “that’s what i expected them to say.”


KJ: So, just really quickly I would like to say yesterday uh we posted the thing that Bridget's aunt gifted to you right?


BL: The sign that says “girls can do anything.”


KJ: Girls can do anything and then there’s like a little kid that’s doing a handstand, a one hand handstand.


VA: Yeah she’s doin a little one handed , yeah.


BL: Yeah.


KJ: And then one of our little, very little, tiny, young and tiny she’s an acrobat and she did the exact pose for us. Heather.


VA: It was soooo cute.


BL: It was adorable.


VA: It was perfect.


KJ: I just wanted to thank her for that, that’s so, it was so sweet so. She reenacted the sign.


VA: Yeah we retweeted it on our twitter so you can go look at it, it’s awesome.


KJ: And as always we’d like to thank our editor Deb Schneider, you can find her on twitter at Debega01 d-e-b-a-g-e-0-1 annnd badass logo scary Krystal at scary krystal k-r-y-s-t-a-l and yeah so her, you know,  logos and stuff will be on the shirts that the three of us will be buying. (all laughing.)


BL: Thank you Krystal, thanks Deb.


KJ: Yeah and I think that’s it, right? Do we have anything else.


BL: I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough this week. (laughing.)


KJ: There’s no embarrassment.


VA: No embarrassment!


KJ: Like, that’s love! You were so into it, I love it. That’s how we’re going to be all three of us when we get to, you know, Wynonna Earp.


VA: Oh gosh yeah.


KJ: It’s going to be bad. Recording til 1am (chucking all)  so thank you both, I love my thrilljoys and yeah we’ll see you again next time.


VA: Bye!


BL: Bye!