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Bridget Liszewski, Kat Jetson, and Valerie Anne take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

Episode 1: Cool Rider - Transcript

Mar 3, 2018

We recently were approached about whether there were any transcripts of our episodes available for those who are hearing impaired. Since we're still getting used to the fact that people besides us want to listen to us, we definitely weren't prepared for this inquiry. That being said, a call was made to volunteers who may be able to help out with this side project, and we truly were blown away that people jumped at the chance to help out! We already knew we had some really rad listeners, but the fact that they were willing to help out others really and truly touched us. 

So since these are done on a volunteer basis, we can't really promise how often we'll be able to post these full transcripts of our episodes, but when we do get them we'll be sure to update our website with the information.

We'd like to give a huge shoutout to Liz for helping us with this Episode 1 transcript. Please throw some thanks her way if you're on twitter at @Earpnado


So without further ado, here's Episode 1:


Feminist Thrilljoys – Episode 1 – Cool Rider


BL = Bridget Liszewski

KJ = Kat Jetson

VA = Valerie Anne

/ indicates that two or more people are talking at the same time


VA: Welcome to Feminist Thrilljoys, a podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

KJ: Hello, I am Kat Jetson.

BL: I’m Bridget Liszewski [laughs]

VA: And I’m Valerie Anne… /and we are Feminist Thrilljoys

KJ: /I like that we just think your last name is Anne.


VA: Actually I’ve had people that literally asked me if that was my last name…it is not.

KJ: It’s a good last name. It’s the…it’s the last name we’re gonna use.

VA: Well and then I usually go well no it’s like how Lea Michele is just Lea Michele, and then they’re like “wait Michele’s not her last name?”, and I’m like “oh boy”.


BL: I actually didn’t know that, now I’m gonna look like the dumb one. [laughs]

KJ: Wait a second, I didn’t know that either.

VA: Yeah, it’s just, she’s Valerie Anne, Lea Michele, you know. We’re exactly the same in every way.

BL: I did not know that/

KJ: /Wait – I…

KJ: My mind is kind of blown…

VA: I know.

KJ: Right now. Hmm.

VA: [laughs] Yeah, her last name is…Safrati…Sarfati.


BL: Wow.

KJ: That’s…she’s not allowed to have that last name.


BL: You learn something every day.

VA: I am here to teach you/

KJ: /Wow.


VA: About people who use their middle name as their last name.

KJ: The end.


BL: Valerie Anne and Lea Michele. That’s it.

VA: [laughs] That’s it.


KJ: Ohhh I meant to tell you guys I…it was…it’s a surprise for you, I have a theme song for…our podcast are you ready?

VA: What?!

KJ: Yeah, you ready?

VA: Yes.

BL: Ok.

KJ: [singing] Feminist Thrilljoys, FUCK YEAH


KJ: I did it.

BL: I love it.

VA: Oh my God that’s beautiful.

KJ: Which I just, I ripped off from uh…ohhh South Park. Did you ever see that movie they’re just like [singing] America, Fuck yeah.


KJ: So.

VA: It’s perfect.

KJ: Yeah, never let it be said I haven’t added something to this podcast.


VA: We wouldn’t dare.

BL: We told you you were in charge of music, so. You took it and ran with it.


KJ: I’m not very good music-er, I just like it.

BL: It’s way better than what I could’ve done, so.

KJ: So…[singing] ladies

BL: Welcome to episode one/

KJ: /I think the first…YES, oh that’s nice that we finally got to welcoming people to our episode one.


VA: Is…Do you think people can tell it’s our first full episode?


KJ: Yeah, they’re gonna be able to tell it’s our…beginning for maybe like five or six episodes. Like, is this their first one, because it sounds like they’re not quite sure what they’re doing.


BL: We even have an outline, and I feel like it’s hindering us now. Now I’m questioning. [laughs]

KJ: Well I think the first thing that we want to talk about, just because we wanted to just touch on this a little bit was the Ocean’s 8 trailer….which I feel like this movie has been in the works literally I think that picture, or photo [VA laughs]…I say that word weird…that pho-to of them sitting on the train.

VA: Oh yeah.

KJ: All eight of them. I feel like that’s been in my brain for like, three years or something. [laughs]

BL: Yeah.

KJ: And I’ve just been waiting for this movie to come out. Uh, so I have this, this idea that they were like “OK, we’ve hired you all, you’ve all been cast, everybody get on a train in New York and take a picture. That’s it, we have no idea what we’re doing”…but.

VA: That’s all they needed to sell it, honestly.

KJ: [laughs] That’s right, that really is, is they just needed those eight people. So.

BL: So, I guess…a way we should just like preface like all this, like we’re talking about the Ocean’s 8 trailer that they just dropped, was that this week? Um, Sandra Bullock/

KJ: /It was this week.

BL: Yeah.

KJ: Uh huh.

BL: Yeah, and it’s coming out in June, right?

KJ: Oh/

VA: /Seems so far away.

KJ: We, none of us did that homework. Did we?  I don’t even know when that’s coming out. I was just like “it’s happening!”


BL: I think it’s in June. [laughs] But with Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett and everybody. I guess if you have all those people, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling like/

VA: /Rhianna

BL: They’re all very busy, yeah, they’re all very busy. So that’s probably why it took them forever to film it. To get everybody together seems like a big task.

KJ: The only person I didn’t know from this cast was Awkwafina? Is that how…am I saying it properly?

BL: Yeah, I didn’t know who she was either.

KJ: Yeah, Valerie do you have any idea?

VA: Um, no, I’ve never heard of her either.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: She has no middle name so Valerie. [laughter]

KJ: Her last name and her first name and her middle name are Awkwafina. Which would be great if it was just Awkwafina Awkwafina Awkwafina.

VA: That would be a good name.

KJ: Or Awkwafina squared. Squared is her last name.


KJ: Anyhow, this woman’s probably like... [sadly] “Why doesn’t anyone know me?” I’m sure she’s done her homework on that.

VA: I’m sure people know her.

KJ: But I am excited about it, and I…I feel like these movies that come out like there’s always like this immediate backlash. Uh, you know, Ghostbusters oh, the…the lady reboot of Ghostbusters was just like panned like before it even happened everyone was just so angry, and like everybody calm down.

VA: Yeah.

KJ: They’re just…the interesting thing with that movie was the trailer did not work for me at all. Like whoever cut the trailer for the most recent Ghostbusters. They, they didn’t win me over. I was like “I don’t know, I want to love this like all of these people that are in it are amazing”. And then I saw it and I howled. I was, I was crying, crying, crying. Same thing with Bridesmaids too, like I feel like people just are not…trailers are so important to me/

BL and VA: /Yeah

KJ: Like you have 90 seconds or two minutes to really…uh…to get me interested, and I went because there was no way I wasn’t going to see, there was no I was NOT…gonna not see? [laughter] There’s too many negatives like wrong…negatives in there. There was no way I was not going to see/

VA: /Right

KJ: Ghostbusters, but what did you think of the trailer?  Did the trailer get you interested?

VA: I, I think that I was just blinded by the Kate McKinnon of it all and I didn’t ask any more questions. [laughter] I was just like Kate McKinnon playing a very gay looking goofball I am here [laughter] for it. And I didn’t really, I, I was afraid that it was going to be a little bit like hokey or like, too ch…I was excited that it existed but I didn’t, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did when I actually saw it. Cause I don’t have any like, emotional attachment to the first one either/ 

BL: /Right.

VA: Which, it turns out I guess maybe, helped? I don’t know, I just, I watched it when I was little, but maybe once or twice, like I didn’t have any feelings about it one way or the other. So I was just like I have no idea if I’ll like this even, concept, but I loved it. I loved it so much more than I thought I would. But yeah, the trailer…I only remember Kate McKinnon in the trailers [laughter]. I don’t know that I’m much help in that regard. [laughter]

KJ: I applaud your honesty. [laughter]

BL: (inaudible)

KJ: I’m old enough to have seen the – sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you off Bridget.

BL: No, go ahead.

KJ: I’m old enough to have seen the original Ghostbusters, and…it, it didn’t mean anything to me. Like I was like, oh, like I just…

BL: I just remember Sigourney Weaver being in it. [laughter] Awesome.

KJ: Right, and Annie Potts was in it too, who was on Designing Women, um…but same, like I just…I just would never…so many people are like”Oh, you have to see Caddyshack or you have to see Animal House” all these like 80 dude movies/

BL: /Yeah

KJ: I’m just like why do I need to see those? I don’t know.

VA: Yeah.

KJ: So. Yeah, I/

BL: /But with Ocean’s um…with Ocean’s, I like fully remember like when Ocean’s 11 came out/

KJ: /Mhmm

BL: And being like super excited about that, and thinking that was a really good, like I really like that movie. Um…but this, I don’t know, like I don’t, I don’t think they’re doing…like yes, they’re doing the same thing but with women, but I don’t know, it felt…it feels different or, maybe I’m just like too super excited [laughter] that it was like all these awesome ladies that I, that I like, I don’t know…but…

KJ: I hope Cate Blanchett is the one that just…eats all the time. [laughter] Do you know? Rusty?

BL: Yeah, yeah the Brad Pitt character.

KJ: Mhmm. Just sitting there…eating…quesadillas from Taco Bell at, you know, 2 o’clock in the morning or something [laughs]

VA: That would be amazing.

BL: I was in, um, did we know before, maybe I just missed it, um, did we know that Anne Hathaway was like the villain, or…or their mark, um. I guess it must be like the Andy Garcia character of Ocean’s 11/

VA: /Right, right.

BL: I, I didn’t know that she was in it. Um, I thought.

KJ: I did not either. I just thought this, the, the main was Sandra Bullock, so. /I didn’t think that there was a bad guy.

VA: /I had heard that she was in it, but I didn’t…when like we were, I was watching the trailer and I was like I thought Anne Hathaway was in this movie, and cause like they when they were introducing all of her, like the people she was recruiting, and then so then when they got to the fact that Anne Hathaway was the mark, I was like oh ho ho, interesting.

KJ: Mhmm.

BL: Yeah, I liked that twist. But, but yeah, I love Mindy Kaling and I love Sarah Paulson too, so um, in addition to like Cate Blanchett and everything. Yeah, I/

VA: /Also, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock look very in love in that trailer, just saying.


BL: I was waiting for someone to bring that up. [laughter]

VA: I was trying to resist, but I couldn’t. It’s, cause I was like I just said that I watched a movie because it looked gay, so I can’t say it again, but nope, this one too.

BL: Be true to who you are, Valerie [laughter]

VA: I know, I can’t help it. [laughter] I am who I am, I like what I like. And Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock should be in love. The end. [laughter]

KJ: I saw someone was just like, you know, everyone in this movie should be…gay and in love. You know like, and someone was just like “You don’t have the balls to do it, do it”. OK, let them just re-shoot an entire movie that already took three years to make [laughs], but I, I mean I wouldn’t say no to it.

VA: Right.

KJ: If you wanted to just re-shoot a scene.


KJ: Basically just Cate uh, Blanchett…just…playing gay in every movie would be, [laughter] I would be fine with that.

VA: Yeah, I’d be OK with that too.

BL: I feel like we’re about to go down a whole separate rabbit hole [laughter], and this isn’t even like one of our main topics. [laughter] Um.

KJ: I mean, that’s fine.

VA: Is there anything else before we dive into our topics, is there anything else we wanted to talk about?

BL: What was I, I was going to say something, but I forget, um. OH, someone was saying “Well, there’s only eight in this one because women, women get shit done, or they’re much more efficient” [laughter] “They don’t need 11, we get it done with only eight” or something, and I thought that was funny. I liked that, um.

KJ: I love people.

BL: [laughs] Um, I guess the only other like, news and note-sy thing was, um, like just I had wanted to thank like everybody that already listened to us like [laughter]/

VA: /Yeah.

KJ: /Mmm.

BL: Before we get going, like we were just kind of like blown away by the response when we said we were doing this crazy thing, so we appreciate like everybody who’s followed along. And, um, also that we got Dani Fucking Kind to follow us. [laughter]

VA: We sure did/

KJ: /There it is.

BL: Yeah, was pretty exciting, so.

VA: And people actually emailed us “Dani Fucking Kind” when we said if you want to email us just “Dani Fucking Kind”, just do it. And they did it [laughter] so it was very exciting. [laughter]

BL: It was, you guys made our day, so thank you. [laughs]

KJ: Absolutely, very joyous occasion, and uh, yesterday I got my uh Dani Fucking Kind tank top, so. [laughter]

VA: Yes!

KJ: I should’ve, I’ll take a picture and maybe we could like throw it on the, theThrilljoys whatever/

VA: /Instaaa

BL: I too have that tank top, so are we going to have to do like…a model off again?

KJ: Yeah absolutely, hands on hips. [laughter]

VA: I’ll, I’ll put a yeah, I’ll put a who wore it better on Instagram. [laughter]  I’m just kidding I would never/

KJ: /No, don’t put us next to each other.

VA: I would never.


KJ: And then we’ll just have Kevin from Black Badge, uh, podcast come in and try and up us.

BL: [laughs] Yeah, so, if you have Dani Fucking Kind shirts, feel free to send us pictures of those too. Of you in your Dani Fucking Kind shirt.

KJ: I think Dani Kind asked if it would be weird if she got one herself, and I wonder if she ever did or if the person who made that shirt, uh, Sam, ever got one to her. We’ll have to – Bridget pose that question, [laughter] ask your friend Dani Fucking Kind for us. [laughter]

BL: We’ll, we’ll try that, that I’ll make a note to try to find out for episode two. [laughter]

KJ: So yeah, sorry, 15 minutes into the podcast, I am also going to say thank you for listening to us and making us feel like you care about what we have to say. So, we’ll try and, try and do a good job here. So, [singing] topics. We have topics. We have three of them, and as Valerie pointed out, uh, we’re each talking about something different. I mean, we could all just…piggy back on everybody’s conversation, but uh, I decided to talk about Grease 2, a movie. [laughter] Valerie, uh is talking about uh Buffering Podcast, a podcast. And Bridget is talking about…oh my God/

BL: /Mary Kills People

KJ: Right.

BL: TV show, yes.

KJ: So, without even realizing it, we’re a really well-rounded group of ladies.

BL: Movie, a television show, and a podcast, yes.

KJ: Mhmm.


VA: (inaudible)

KJ: And a trailer/

BL: /And we’re all just gonna, we’re each gonna just like tell the other per…tell the other two about it is, I think is the plan [laughter]

KJ: We should’ve discussed that beforehand. [laughter]

VA: It’s kind of what I thought it was going to be like, or like just yeah, like what we, like why we picked it. And then we can talk about it. And if someone doesn’t know anything we can tell the other people about it. It will be a listening and learning and discussing adventure. [laughter]

KJ: So why don’t we um, start talking about, I think…uh, Bridget, do you, I don’t mean to put you on the spot. You listen to Buffering.

BL: Yes.

KJ: And I think/

BL: /I’m…I’m behind, but yes.

KJ: Mhmm.

VA: And do you Kat?

KJ: We all listen, and uh, yeah, for sure. They, uh, two things, there was a, uh Mo Welch did a little sort of stand-up thing here in LA, a few months ago. And Jenny was back there with her, her guitar, and I went and fangirled, and told her…um how much Buffering meant to me. Like, I don’t want to take away from what you’re going to talk about Valerie Anne, but uh/

VA: /That’s awesome.

KJ: I fangirled. And it was sweet. And then I watched them, they did a live podcast a few weeks ago. Maybe like a month ago and I went to that, so yes, I’m a, I’m a huge fan.

VA: I’ll start at the beginning just for anyone who doesn’t know what it is/

KJ: /Yeah.

VA: Um, Buffering the Vampire Slayer is a podcast run by Kristin Russo and Jenny Owen Youngs, uh they do episode by episode, they are going from the beginning and recapping episodes of Buffy. And at the end of every episode they create an original song recapping the episode. Which when I found that out, I almost lost my mind before it even started.

KJ: Mhmm.

VA: Because it was like all of my favorite things mashed together. It was like, TV, music, musical-type recapping. I don’t know, it was great. Um, and they, yeah they’re married, Jenny and Kristin. And they are, are watching it…I, I really like the way that they, they go through every episode and they talk about what they love about it. What they loved about it back then, and what doesn’t hold up now.

KJ: Mhmm.

VA: So it’s kind of like watching it through a feminist lens, and, and even though they still love love love the show, they’re not afraid to like, hold it accountable for the things that are not cool, or that were oversights or stuff like that.

KJ: Right, they’re not just completely fangirling, they/

VA: /Right.

KJ: They have opinions and, and my [clears throat], excuse me, re-watch with Kevin, cause Kevin, uh Bachelder [laughter] did I say that right? [laughs] Poor guy. [laughter] Uh, and I do the Buffy Earpers podcast and we’re watching it. And I think that Kevin is, has…a bit more better grasp on it as a whole. Like I’m re-watching it for the first time again, just once over with him. And I’m like wow, there is a lot of stuff here that I am so upset with, and it’s mostly just Xander. [laughs]

VA: Yeah.

BL: Yeah. [laughs]  That’s the biggest lesson, is Xander is the worst. [laughs]

VA: Especially, especially in those first two seasons. Like, when they have his character just focus so much on how much he likes Buffy and how mad he is that Buffy doesn’t like her back…like him back, it’s so frustrating to watch. Like he says so many gross things. And that are played off and not addressed in the show, so.

KJ: Right. But, to go back to the actual, actually talking about the, their podcast. What an undertaking to/

VA: /Oh yeah/

KJ: Do a new song every single time.

VA: I know.

KJ: And even if they do it only once a month, that’s still so much.

VA: Yeah, I don’t know, I mean they’re just, the genius pouring out of them at all times is, is astounding.

BL: And they’re like really well produced songs, like with tons of different instrum…like it’s not just Jenny playing like, acoustic guitar. 

VA: Right.

BL: Like, it’s amazing/

VA: /There’s a glockenspiel in one song. [laughter] Yeah, and I love it, and I love that they have like, like they had um their friend Jess do Faith in one song and then come back when they did um, they did Buffy It’s Cold Outside, which is my new favorite Christmas song [singing] ever.

BL and KJ: Mhmm.

VA: Cause I, I love Baby It’s Cold Outside, but it’s so problematic, and so the fact that they may…gave me a reason, like a way to love it again, made me so happy.

KJ: Right, right/

BL: /And it’s so good, yeah. But like, I like, my kids like request the songs in the car. Like we’ll, we’ll play them and sing in the car and have sing-a-longs, um to…to the Buffering songs. Like, they’re so good.

VA: Yeah, I listen to the soundtrack all the time. Like, they’re yeah, they’re like legitimately really amazing songs, on top of being about one of my favorite topics of all time.

KJ: Does anyone know, has Joss gotten in touch with them at all about this/

VA: /I don’t/

KJ: /Cause he’s, he’s a music guy.

VA: Yeah, I don’t know. They, I know that they’ve been interviewing so many awesome people lately, like they got, they got Joyce, they interviewed Joyce. 

BL: I saw that [laughs]

VA: So they, they’ve been talking to a lot of amazing people. I don’t know if they’ve talked to Joss or if Joss has, has been made aware…I know, I do know that um, uh, some I heard that at DragonCon, um, Charisma Carpenter was there, and they/

KJ: /Mhmm.

VA: Someone at the panel played the Cordelia jingle for her, uh from the podcast, so I know that she knows about it at least. [laughter] Um, but and speaking of jingles, also uh, the patriarchy jingle is one of my favorite things. Because now whenever someone’s like “Why is this happening”, I just, I like do that Jenny Owens Young voice and I’m like [singing] The Patriarchy!

KJ:  Patriarchy! [laughs]

VA: Yeah, and, and they tackle like, serious topics. Like I remember um, Prophecy Girl aired right after the election, or like not aired…their, their [laughter]

KJ: That would be amazing. [laughter]

VA: Their, their episode they were set to talk about Prophecy Girl right around the time of the election, and so the song Prophecy Girl, um, with the “just keep fighting”, and it was just like perfect it felt so healing to be like “Oh, this podcast I listen to and love every week, that I go to for laughter and joy, is now also giving me this like support and healing that I need for this totally separate reason”, and it’s just like, I feel, it just, I don’t know. I, it’s the only podcast that I listen to the day it comes out every week. Like I refuse to be behind on it, because I need it at all times.

KJ: That’s really sweet/

BL: /I’m sorry, some people have to be behind on things, I’m sorry/

VA: /No, I know. No, no I under…I wasn’t accusing you, I’m just saying for me personally. I have other podcasts that I love, but I love hoarding episodes. And I love, like, like My Favorite Murderer, I always try to keep at least like five of them on hand at all times. Like I don’t totally like totally catching up/

BL: /Yeah, I get afraid if I’m like within ten on that. I get afraid/

VA: /But Buffering, I, I can’t wait. I’m like, I need it immediately. So.

BL: I like on Buffering though, when you were talking about um, like talking about current events. I think they do a good job though, of not bringing like too much of the political stuff into it. Like I think they do a good job of keeping it as like a fun, like escape place as well.

VA: Yes, yeah.

KJ: I also think that’s kind of what we would like to do…here.

VA: Yes.

KJ: Like it’s, it would be so easy to be like “Fuck everything”, but a reason for this is that we wanted to bring some positivity and just sort of shine a light on the good feminist stuff, so, yeah. Those two ladies, without getting too heavy, did help me after the election. I don’t know, it just, it was good timing. And I’m sure that was, nothing of that was planned, because who would’ve ever fucking guessed anyhow [laughter] that this is where we are, but yeah, that’s what I told uh, Jenny when I was just, I was like [tragic fangirling voice] bleh bleh bleh bleh thank you. [laughter]

BL: Aww.

VA: Yeah, and they, they both are just like genuinely wonderful people. Like I’ve been lucky enough to, to like, I work with Kristin sometimes through Audostraddle stuff, and um, I’ve gotten to meet Jenny at, at some of the live events or, or cons and stuff or just things that I also am seeing Kristin at. Um, and they just are just such like kind, like you can feel the kindness radiating off of them.

BL: [laughs]

KJ: Mhmm.

VA: It’s, like they’re just such warm, happy, loving people, and it’s, it’s…I think that them sharing their gifts of joy with us is, is I’m really grateful for it.

KJ: I am too, and I like that they’re a couple/

VA: /Yeah/

BL: /Mhmm/

KJ: And that they, you know not just a couple that are dating and get together for this. They’re like a married couple, and they live together, and it just, that chemistry. There’s something there that you don’t, you wouldn’t get just from two friends obviously/

BL: /Right/

KJ: /Or whatever, so. It’s an extra added bonus/

VA: /Also, and this is just something that’s going to sound super cheesy, but um…when I watched Buffy from when I was 11, like I, it aired when I was 11, and I watched it live like through it’s whole thing. And then I re-watched it a mil…like I re-watched all the existing seasons before every new season started. I re-watched it every year, like I was obsessed. But, um, I couldn’t really tell anybody because my friends would all be like “Uh, that’s like a dumb nerd show”, and I was like “Oh, OK nevermind then”. 

BL: Same.

VA: Yeah, so like/

KJ: /Yeah, same/

VA: So I was hiding the fact that I loved Buffy, I was hiding the fact that I was gay, I was a little angry mess. And so [laughter], now to fast forward twenty years later to have, like to be talking to my friends about this podcast that I love that talks about this show that I love that, and they like will be talking about Buffy and Faith are in love and like [laughter] funny things that like, that I don’t know. It just feels, it feels like they’re watching the show the same way that I watch it now as an adult. So, it just, I don’t know, it feels nice to have people like you guys to talk about it with, uh, through the lens of Buffering, um to kind of rekindle all of my love for the show that I loved my whole life.

KJ: That’s amazing. I don’t, I know so few people that watched it from the beginning. Like I watched it as a, a real adult, like 30’s, that’s the first time that I finally got to it. And I felt like I had to apologize or keep it a secret [laughter] and I did. Like I didn’t tell anybody, and um…and I, I got to it because I knew that there was, you know, a gay storyline and…even as a woman in her 30’s living in total liberal Los Angeles, I still needed it. And, yeah, so.

BL: I think Valerie and I discovered we both had came in on the same episode of Buffy, like when it was airing. Season one, like The Pack, I think was both of our first episode/

VA: /Yeah/

KJ: /What?/

BL: Why we thought, how we thought, saw that, how young 14 year old, 15 year old Bridget saw that and thought that was a good episode [laughter]

KJ: Right/

BL: /And I needed to watch that show. But, somehow I did, yeah.

VA: I mean, I was with my Dad, and he, yeah it was, I was 11. But he was, you know, my Dad, and he also I was like “This sounds, this looks great”, and he was like “Yeah I agree”. So, we watched it. That was like our show, we watched it together/

BL: /My Dad watched….my Dad watched, we didn’t watch it at the same time. But he jumped in later, like season three or something. He loved Faith and the mayor, and um, but yeah my youngest sister and I always watched. Which it wasn’t not appropriate for her. She was probably like seven watching it with me [laughter], but she was the youngest and she saw everything anyway too early, but um. And then I think I had like one other friend at school that watched it, but yeah, it was like a secret thing. [laughs]

KJ: Mhmm.

VA: Yeah, my Dad recently told me that when, cause I was like, he was like “I guess you were really young when that started”. I was like “Yeah”. And he was like “No wonder your Mom was so mad I let you watch it”. I was like “Oh, I didn’t, I didn’t realize that”. He was like, he was like “Yeah”. I was like “Well what happened, like were you just like oh she’s already into it we can’t make her quit?”. And he was like “No, who else would I have watched it with?  I just told her I needed a TV buddy”. And I was like “Oh, OK”.

KJ: Who else would I watch it with? [laughter] That’s so genuine.

VA: Yeah.

BL: Where are they at in Buffering now?  They’re in season three aren’t they, like late season three?

VA: Yes, they, they just did…I think…Amends/

KJ: /Oh my God I just listened to it the other…/

VA: Right, or?  Oh no, cause they went past, they did the gingerbread episode…

KJ: It was the one after gingerbread…it’s the one where um, uh Buffy and Angel can’t get it on.

VA: Oh, Helpless.

KJ: Helpless, yeah.

VA: Season three/

KJ: /The cheese plates/

VA: Season three, episode 12 is what they, I just looked it up I didn’t just like know all of that off the top of my head I promise. [laughter] I wasn’t like, oh Angel and Buffy couldn’t get it on, so it must’ve…no I just looked it up. Yeah, so they’re halfway through season 3 now.

KJ: Right, and they, they said a lot about uh…old white men in tweed jackets. [laughter]  Which is pretty much, America [laughter]

VA: ‘Murica.

KJ: Or Britain. I don’t know. 

VA: Alright, I think that’s all on my little…I made an outline so Bridget didn’t get mad at me. 

BL: Aww [laughter]

VA: But that’s all, that’s all I’ve got on Buffering, if…if anyone else has…

KJ: It’ll come up again/

VA: /Oh yeah/

KJ: I mean it’s just such a…I mean…everything that we talk about, there’s just no way it won’t come up in other things. For one, Buffy’s going to come up…endlessly I’m sure/

VA: /Yeah/

KJ: Wynonna Earp is gonna come up endlessly/

VA: /For sure/

KJ: Uh, they all just kind of…you know, ping. Like there’s just so many different references we’re going to make to it. But, yeah, we’re, we have some things that we’re going to talk about specifically that just happen to be of interest to us, or that whatever.

VA: That’s one of the reasons that I wanted to do that topic first. I’m like I’ll probably start like quoting and referencing Buffering a lot [laughter], so I might as well just let people know right off the bat. [laughs]

BL: Well they do a good job too um, like Buffy Earpers is trying to do, where if you haven’t watched Buffy before, um, their episodes…their podcast episodes are all spoiler free. Um, I think up until that…so like if you haven’t watched Buffy before, you can go back and re-watch with Buffering.

VA: Although I do really like the Buffy Earper that’s like “Get out of here if you haven’t seen it”, and then/

BL: /Yeah/

VA: /Cause I, I also do enjoy that, the way that you guys do the um, like, you look at it knowing what you know of the future too. I like that part also.

KJ: Thanks. 

VA: Welcome.

KJ: I straight up, when we did a, um, a live tweet of Angel, because I know everything/

VA: /Yeah/

KJ: /It’s really hard/

VA: /So hard/

KJ: /Uh, the literally the first thing I typed was, it’s like, I was like “Angel is a vampire”. I was like “Wait, shit, no one knows that”, so I deleted it immediately that tweet [laughter]. I was like/

VA: /Oh man/

KJ: /Aww, I know, I was just…what a jerk.

BL: Now you just spoiled anyone else who..

KJ: Ohh [laugher]

VA: Well Buffy Earpers and Buffering are both past that point, so.

KJ: Yeah, sorry people.

BL: Also, Buffy’s like 20 years old, and that’s early in season one, so it’s OK.

VA: The statute of limitations for spoilers is up [laughter]

KJ: [laughing] Yeah, twenty years. Sheesh.

BL: If somehow you went that long too without knowing Angel was a vampire, wow.

KJ: Wow is right. And also if you’ve gone that long without knowing that there’s a gay storyline, because that is why, like 100% of the reason why lesbians watch that show. [laughter] I’m…kidding, no, there are other things too. They watch it for Faith, and uh Buffy, and fan fiction dreams or something, I don’t know [laughter].

KJ: So who wants to go next, do uh…does Bridget want to go next/

BL: /I don’t care/

KJ: /Or does Kat want go next?

BL: I don’t care. I don’t care.

KJ: Ok. I’ll, I’ll go/

BL: /I can go, OK, go ahead. [laughter]

KJ: This is very, I think this is a pretty freakin strange thing to come at and be like oh, feminist, Grease 2 is what I would like to talk about. [laughter]

VA: I was surprised, so I’m, I’m very intrigued. Go on.

BL: It’s a bold episode one choice as well. [laughter]

KJ: It’s, one, it’s like the total bastard like step-child of Grease. Like people are like “Did anybody see”. Well one, someone asked me, “I didn’t know there was a Grease 2”. So, ding. One. Kinda screwed there. Um, but yes, there was a Grease 2. It came out, I don’t remember how many years after. It was in the 80’s, um, I should’ve done some homework and actually found out when it came out. I think it was like early 80’s, like 82 or 83 or something. But, if you know Grease, the original, it’s, you know John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. Uh, they kind of fall for each other before they go to school. Like they’ve realized they’re both at the same school and they’re all in love, and then he’s kind of a, you know, cool dude that’s in the T-Birds and then she’s just like little I guess timid, mousy Australian girl. And she tries to change for him, because she’s…

VA: She’s too pure to be pink [laughter]

KJ: Yes. So Grease 2 just kind of flips it on his head, and the guy changes for the girl. Michelle Pfeiffer is in it, Maxwell Caulfield, um, who was really fucking handsome.

VA: He has very pretty eyes/

BL: /(inaudible)

KJ: Yeah, oh my goodness, I’m…yeah. So, I, uh, I don’t even know how I came up with…oh I know why. Because…I’m obsessed with that song Cool Rider in Grease 2/

VA: /Me too/

KJ: There’s…it’s such a, one it’s a good song. It’s well done. Two, the visual that went along with it. The whole thing, the way Michelle Pfeiffer looks when she’s talking about wanting a dude who’s a cool rider. She’s not, um, she’s not settling for anybody. She wants a very specific guy. Uh, kinda changed a lot of my life. Like, I was so hot for Michelle Pfeiffer. [laughter]

VA: Is Michelle, is Cool Rider your root?


KJ: So, I went to go watch it cause I had referenced it to someone. I was like “You don’t know Cool Rider?” so then I watched it, and I’m like wait a second, I should talk about this movie, so. [laughter] Basically, I think what originally happened was they wanted everyone back for the second one, and everyone was just like “No way, I’m not doing it”. Um, except for like a couple of choice people like the/

VA: /Frenchie/

KJ: The principal, and Frenchie, yeah. She’s like “I’m not doing anything”. [laughter]  Um, and it’s also directed by a woman, which is Patricia Birch. Uh, which was kind of awesome.

BL: Cool.

KJ: Mhmm. And, there are just so many great little uh…one liners in here. Like she shows up to school the first day, she’s the head of the Pink Ladies, but…she’s wearing likes pants and a sweatshirt/

VA: /Pants?!/

KJ: Yet she’s like…she was wearing pants, and then she just like scooches them up and puts them under her skirt, which…is a pretty great scene. Uh, she works at a gas station. [laughter] Um, and she breaks up with her T-Bird boyfriend like right in the beginning, and proclaims many things. One, he ain’t no trophy, which yes, it’s such a great line. She can kiss who she wants when she wants, this is part of my outline because I would never remember all this stuff. [laughter] She says she’s free, and that it’s in the constitution, which is kind of pretty debatable these days. I don’t know if we are anymore here in America, [laughs] and probably the best is, she says there’s gotta be more to life than just makin out, right?

VA: Wow, that is some profound shit right there/

KJ: /Do you remember any of this Bridget?  [laughter] And she reads Road and Track Magazine.

VA: Oh gosh.

KJ: During class [laughing]

VA: So good.

KJ: C’mon.

VA: No I love it, I love it so much. Wait, what was her character’s name, I don’t even remember.

KJ: Stephanie Zinone. [laughter]

BL: Stephanie Zinone. That’s what I think of when I see Michelle Pfeiffer. [laughter]

KJ: Ms. Zinone [laughter]

VA: That’s, that’s, I mean that is, if someone was like how do we make Danny Zuko sound like a girl’s name. And then it was like yeah, it’s Stephanie Zinone [laughter]

KJ: Yeah, so.

BL: I feel like I’ve seen pieces of this movie, but never all together as one.

KJ: Mhmm. I mean, there’s a lot of things wrong with this movie. It is super problematic in a lot of ways, as most movies are from the 80’s or 90’s, or even right now…you could have a ton of things wrong with movies. But, this is really problematic in a very 80’s way that’s, um, you know you’re telling a story of something in like probably late maybe 50’s early 60’s, I’m not certain what year this is intended to be. Or it would have to be 50’s, because it’s one year after uh, Grease. So yeah, there’s like, there’s a lot of stuff. And it, it’s cheesy, and you’re gonna cringe watching a lot of it. But, as a whole, I kind of applaud it for a lot of the things it said during that time. Like, I just, it’s pretty rad that she’s not trying to be…like this vision of what some dude wants her to be, do you know?

VA: Yeah, I thought, I really liked that she was like the tough…I like that they flipped, they did, like you said, they flipped the story of Grease on it’s head. And it was um…like that she was the, the tough guy archetype, and he was the like, like, mooning over her. So, I did like that.

KJ: Mhmm.

VA: But yeah, it, I mean I didn’t discover the movie til college. And uh, I don’t even know how or why, but I think we watched it every weekend for like six months. [laughter] We were, we thought it was the funniest thing that had ever happened to us. Um, and like, like we, uh yeah, I mean Cool Rider, there’s a whole song about reproduction…it’s like…

KJ: Right, it’s so cheesy. So bad.

BL: [laughs]

VA: Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock and roll is one of the best lyrics of any song that’s ever been written. [laughter]

KJ: You literally can’t go bowling…

VA: No you cannot.

KJ: And have seen that movie. As someone who’s seen that movie, go bowling, and not think, when you’re bowling…[singing] You bowl me over, get a strike [laughs] I mean, c’mon. [laughter] We’re gonna score tonight.

VA: Oh yeah.

KJ: It’s just the double entendre. [laughter]

VA: So good, and it’s like like, it’s that song like, it sounds like it was written for a musical for a high school. Like high school students wrote that song for their musical/

KJ: /Mhmm/

VA: /That they were putting on in drama class. It’s so good.

KJ: Right right.

VA: So, deliciously bad.

BL: Yeah, I was gonna say, it sounds like the, it sounds like the High School Musical songs, like when you’re saying those right there. Like that’s, because my kids watch High School Musical, that’s what it sounds like, those lyrics.

VA: Sounds about right.

KJ: And I’ll bet Lea Michele/

VA:/Oh, brought it back around!/

KJ: /Could sing it. Whoop whoop. Lea Michele Sardosky or whatever her last name was that you said, I don’t know. [laughter]

VA: Sarfati. Thank you very much.

KJ: OK, there you go.

VA: Uh, I recently made, I was at work and I said something about Girl For All Seasons. And someone was like, “What do you, what do you mean?”. And I was like, I started singing it, and they were looking at me like I was crazy, and I was like “Oh no, you all need to watch Grease 2 immediately”.

KJ: And then I feel bad, like I want people to watch Grease 2, but then I’m like, I feel really bad about asking you to watch Grease 2. And then I just want to just, fast forward to choice parts. Or just the parts where, um, Michelle Pfeiffer has red lips and is chewing gum, which she’s doing the entire movie and looks really good chewing gum. [laughter]  It’s a very specific, I guess it’s a very specific thing in the book of Kat Jetson, is Michelle Pfeiffer chewing gum.

BL: Is it on like Netflix, or something even?

KJ: Hulu. I’ve watched it like three times in the past week. I have no time in my life whatsoever, but I’m like, hmm gonna settle in and watch Grease 2 tonight.

VA: I’m gonna have to do that again soon. I haven’t watched it in so long.

KJ: It’s a joy. You will fast forward through a lot it, but [laughter]  I don’t know, it’s fun. And…there are just, there were those things that I just pointed out that were so specific and…

BL: Sometimes you just need like, a fun movie where you don’t have to think and it’s gonna just be a good time, so.

KJ: But also fun…where you’re just like “Fuck yeah, she was badass. She didn’t let anyone push her around, and…” yeah, I don’t, yeah it’s good.

VA: I mean the whole, yeah, like you said Cool Rider, the song itself just like that whole like visual sequence like her just like walking around. Like, I don’t even know, I just remember her in a lot of leather/

KJ: /Yeahhh/

VA: /walking around singing about how she wants/

KJ: /She’s wearing all black/

VA: /Yeah, she wants, talking about how she wants, basically just like…a…I don’t know. It’s just, I don’t even know what a cool rider is, but [laughter] but she wants one real bad. That’s all she’ll accept, is a cool rider. [laughter]

KJ: She’s looking for a dream on a mean machine.

VA: Right.

KJ: With hell in his eyes. I can, I’ll sing the whole song right now for you.

VA: We don’t have the rights to that, don’t sing the whole song [laughter]

KJ: Oh, right. OK, well there you go. We’ll get a mechanical license and do it next time [laughter]  I know, so and also (inaudible)/

BL: /You’re like, you’re like I don’t know if I want to tell people to watch this, but instead I’m gonna bring it as my podcast topic. [laughter] Maybe we can just find, like, the songs on YouTube.

KJ: Mhmm, yeah.

VA: Yup, that’s an option.

KJ: But you don’t see her chewing gum, Bridget [laughter]

BL: Oh no, I’m sorry, somehow my microphone went real low.

VA: Technical difficulty.

BL: [barely audible] Fall apart for cutting out, sorry, I’m back.

KJ: OK. Deb, snap snap. Fix that [laughter]

VA: But hey, if yeah, if…if Grease 2 is I mean it was…it starred a woman, it was directed by a woman, and it brought you joy, I think that this was a wonderful topic. Thank you for bringing this to us.

KJ: Thank you, thank you very much/

BL: /I agree.

KJ: I am going to have many more things that are…all around powerful [laughter] and strong. Not just like little bits, and also…it turned my heart cherry red. You know, as an 11 year old or 12 year old or whatever, so [laughs]

VA: I mean I didn’t know it was directed by a woman until you told us/

BL: /I know, yeah/

VA: /and it was 1982, so that’s awesome. 

KJ: Yeah, she’s basically a choreographer. She did like uh some, Cyndi Lauper stuff, and…it’s, the funny thing is, that I, I did check to see what else she did, and most of it was choreography. And that makes sense because it’s a very choreographed, uh film. But she choreographed…which I didn’t even know you needed a choreographer on a television show honestly, but uh, Boardwalk Empire?  And, the guy who is one of the T-Birds in Grease 2 was in, uh had a very big part also in Boardwalk Empire, so.

BL: Hmm.

KJ: Mhm, so interesting. You know they just/

VA: /Was that a musical show?/

KJ: /No, no/

BL: /I know, I was like wasn’t that a mobster show or something/

KJ: /Yeah/

VA: /Was she, was she a fight choreographer?

KJ: I, I didn’t get past choreographer. Comma choreographer. [laughter]  And there were a lot of episodes that she choreographed, but I don’t remember anything requiring…I mean maybe some dancing sequences when they were…cause they, I mean it was during the time of prohibition, so.

VA: Oh, interesting.

KJ: There was a lot of dancing in there, and so maybe it was, it was that stuff.

VA: That’s awesome.

KJ: Mhmm. I am all done. I bow. 

BL: Oh gosh.

KJ: Grease 2, complete. Perhaps it will come up in another podcast. Probably just for Cool Rider [laughter] or bowling. If any of us go bowling. [laughter]

BL: I need to go like, at least YouTube this Cool Rider after this.

KJ: Please do.

VA: Please.

KJ: Please [laughter]. I don’t, it’s not gonna have the same effect.

VA: That’s your, that’s your homework assignment for this, for this week Bridget. Watch Cool Rider [laughter]

KJ: Also, her hair looks [singing] amazing. And I really want, the Pink Lady jackets went up a notch in Grease 2.

VA: Yeah.

KJ: They kept the same T-Bird jackets, but…oh shit. They were amazing in Grease 2.

BL: I was gonna say, I feel like I’ve seen Grease 1 millions of times, but. Never.

KJ: Of course you did, yeah, cause it’s, you know, it’s everywhere. 

BL: Yeah.

KJ: Do you know who else was in that movie? Was, uh…Lorna Luft. Do you know who that is?

VA: Uh, nope.

BL: No.

KJ: Yeah, um…she is, uh, like her…Mom?  I believe is, um. 

VA: Judy Garland.

KJ: Judy Garland, yeah.

VA: I just looked her up, sorry. That’s awesome.

KJ: Yeah, yeah, and yeah.

BL: She’s in Grease 1 or 2?

KJ: Two. 


KJ: So, that’s pretty crazy too, right?

BL: Legacy. Does, she obviously sings, I’m sure.

KJ: Mhmm, yeah. [laughter] Way.

VA: It’s funny, cause I always think of Judy Garland being Wizard of Oz aged, so I, I always, whenever I remember that like, Liza Minnelli is her daughter or that she daughters/

KJ: /Mhmm/

VA: It…it I’m always like, wait what?  What do you mean?

KJ: Yeah. 

VA: Such a crazy powerful family. 

KJ: Well, what was her name on…I can, on…on Arrested Development. Liza Minnelli. She was something, something two. Not Lorraine two. Did you see that show?

VA: Yeah, I watched it.

KJ: Oh God, the mother is…what’s the, what’s the mother’s name in Arrested Development?

BL: It’s not Elaine or something, is it?

KJ: No, it’s…

BL: It’s something like that though.

KJ: Yeah. And then her name is…Liza Minelli’s character name is whatever 2. [laughter] Whatever the Mom…like they…

VA: Like instead of a junior, it’s like the second.

KJ: She’s not even related. Her name is just, also happens to be [laughter] whatever. I love that show and I can’t believe I can’t remember…OK.

BL: It’s cause you’re on the spot.

VA: Lucille?

KJ: I am on the spot. Lucille [laughter]

BL: Yeah, Lucille, that’s right [laughter]

KJ: They’re like “Lucille 2?”. [laughter] Maybe two is her last name, you never know.

VA: Amazing. 

KJ: Yeah, I’m all done talking about Grease 2. [laughter]  That’s it, I’m folding my arms. [childlike] Mm I’m done. You talk Bridget.

BL: Yeah, so we’re going from um, something that was what, 1982. I guess I tried to keep…I’m not always going to bring something timely, but I wanted to do this um, was semi-timely because season two is premiering in January. But um, I wanted to bring a topic that let me, that would allow me to talk about three of my favorite things. Um, Canadian TV, um really talented women who make great TV, and then Charlotte Sullivan. [laughter]

VA: So on brand! [laughter]

KJ: And, in conclusion.

BL: Yeah, I…I didn’t go risky for my first episode like you Kat. I, I played it safe. [laughter]  But um, so I’m talking about the Canadian drama series uh, Mary Kills People. And it airs on Global in Canada, and it airs on Lifetime in the United States/

KJ: /Oh wow/

BL: So, it is available in Canada and the US. Um, season two premiers in Canada January 3rd, um, and then it will be later this spring, um, on Lifetime sometime in the US.

VA: Spring? That’s so long from now.

BL: I’m sorry. Oh, I think, I mean that’s when it was last year. That’s all I’m basing it off of. I, I don’t know. And season one is available on Hulu, so, if you’re in the US. Um, but anyway, it’s about, um, it’s going to sound not very joyous, but I promise it’s not depressing. It’s about [laughs] um Dr. Mary Harris, and she is like an ER doctor by day. And she runs this side business, um, at night, where she performs assisted suicides um, for patients that are terminally ill and they want to go on their own terms. So, she gets, um, a large fee for her services and she works with a partner named Des, and…um, as you kind of watch the first season, which it’s only six episodes, which is also a plus I think?

KJ: Mhmm, mhmm.

BL: Especially since I don’t have a lot of time. I don’t know if other people do, but [laughs] I like that it’s six episodes and it’s only 45 minutes. Like, I can’t take these shows that are like here’s a 65 minute episode, so this is nice/

KJ: /Right/

BL: /Um, it’s a good catch up. [laughs]

VA: It is, it is very good though, so I do always wish that there was more. But, you’re right, it does like/

BL: /Yeah/

VA: /It does a very good job of, of being a very succinct little…show.

BL: Yeah. They have like several arcs, uh different arcs that they manage to go through in the six episodes, so.

KJ: I think it’s important for people to realize that they don’t need to do 22 episodes/

VA: /No/

KJ: /of things all the time, or have nine seasons. I mean, as much as I love certain shows, and I’m like “I want it to keep going”, like, it just doesn’t have to be like, um, I don’t want to take away from what you’re talking about, but/

BL: /No, that’s OK/

KJ: /I think, someone…a show that did this really well was The Fall, I don’t know if you’ve ever/

BL:/ Mhmm, I saw that/

KJ: /seen that, it was with Gillian Anderson. And, and it was a BBC show. 

BL: It’s so good. It’s so good and so creepy. [laughs]

KJ: It is. But it was, it, you could, it was easily…it was really heavy, but it was easily digestible in a sense that, I think they gave you like maybe eight episodes?  And then like six, and then four or something like that, um.

BL: Yeah.

KJ: But I like when people just go outside of those molds, and don’t feel this need to…put a lot of filler to be quite honest with you.

BL: I would’ve liked, maybe like eight for this?  But, it’s OK, six, six worked [laughter]

KJ: Mhmm.

BL: But it quick…so it quickly becomes clear though as you’re watching it, like Mary is doing this, she says she’s doing it for the money. But she keeps taking more and more risks, and she has um…she’s separated from her husband. She has two like, teenage daughters that you learn about. And, so it’s like, you’re seeing that she’s putting all of this at risk. Um, and you’re like “Why is she doing this” because it gets very dangerous. And um, you kind of learn throughout season one that she has a past that um, sort of compels why she wants to do this. Um, I won’t say what it was. I won’t say what it was, but, you learn more about that and um, what’s driving her and why. Cause, I mean at certain parts you’re like “Why is she getting so far, um, into this and, and being so dangerous and reckless?”, um, but you, you start to learn that. And then, I think, being that it’s a show about assisted suicide, um, you think like it’s going to be very depressing. But they do a good job, especially with her partner that she works with, of working in like some moments of dark comedy, and…they don’t make it depressing, um, but they also don’t really tiptoe around the subject of assisted suicide?  I think like, that’s something that’s always been very taboo for TV to talk about. But they kind of tackle it head on, and they go right at the subject, um. But they do it with a lot of heart and I think grace. How they, how they talk about the issues, um. But like I said, it’s not depressing, which is [laughs] a plus.

KJ: Key!

BL: [laughs] Well cause every time I like bring it up to my mother or something, she’d be like “Oh, I can’t watch that, sounds so awful”/

VA: /No, yeah/

BL: /and I’m like, but it, it isn’t. It’s not, I don’t know, I didn’t find it depressing at all.

VA: Yeah, I think it’s, it’s really well done. And it, like, it does, it’s very thoughtful in the way that it, it talks about things. And it, like I agree with you that it balances the dark humor with the serious topics very well. 

BL: Yeah. And obviously I love shows that are fronted by like, a really strong female character. And um, Mary is actually played, she’s played by Caroline Dhavernas, who was Dr. Alana Bloom on Hannibal/

KJ: /Mm/

BL: /And she was on the short lived, but I know like beloved series Wonderfalls back in the day?  Um, so she’s like really really good. And she does a really good job of um, with Mary. Like Mary, as I said, she’s not sometimes the easiest character to root for?  But I think Dhavernas like keeps her…I don’t know she keeps where like you still want to root for her, and I think it’s also really cool because we so often see like TV shows where male characters are allowed to be unlikeable at times. And or like, dirty…and uh, I don’t…and we don’t see that as much with female characters. So, I think it’s really fun to see that here, um.

KJ: Right, because women would just be, a bitch.

VA: Mhmm.

BL: Yeah.

KJ: You know, just automatically, it’s like, well we can’t watch this because she’s just a bitch or whatever. And guys are like, “Oh, it’s so cool, he’s so bad and awful”. But, yeah.

VA: Yeah.

BL: Yeah.

KJ: So Bridget, what…um, I have not seen this show, so…what, what got you to watch this?  Was it just, you read a/

BL: /Well, I cover Canadian TV. I love…I really liked Caroline Dhavernas, like, I loved Hannibal. Um, so I was excited when they said that she was attached to it, cause I was like “Oh, she’s a really good actress”. And then it’s also, um, it was created by Tara Armstrong, but the showrunner, um is Tassie Cameron, who created one of/

VA: /[quietly] Tassie!

BL: Yeah, one of my favorite shows ever, which is Rookie Blue. 

KJ: Mhmm.

BL: She also created Ten Days in the Valley that’s on right now with Kyra Sedgwick, but um, and Tassie is like, like one of my most favorite people in all of TV. I think she’s, she’s like so nice. Um, she’s I, well, first and foremost I really like her shows [laughter], like I think like her product is really good. [laughs] And, but like she also um, does a really good job of bringing like a ton of lady power, like with her behind the scenes. Um, I think…so I just, I heard Tassie was attached to it. Um, she started, she actually started a production company with her sister, Amy Cameron, um called Cameron Pictures and Mary Kills People was the first project that they sort of backed under their new um, production company. So, I heard they were attached to this, so right away that’s why I got interested in it…um.

VA: Bridget, who from Rookie Blue did she bring with her as far as lady power goes?

BL: I’m, I’m not there yet. I’m there yet. [laughter]

VA: Oh, I’m sorry.

BL: /I’m trying to be very good/

KJ: /She’s not that, the bullet list goes further, give her a minute/

VA: /Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize there was an outline within the outline, go on.

BL: Oh yeah, I have outline…I have outlines for days. [laughter]  No, but like um, cause like, well on Mary Kills People I think they had one guy writer. But it was a whole female…all the rest of the writers were women. Um, which is like I said something Tassie has done her whole career. Cause I think on Rookie Blue, which was on the air for six seasons, I think like 74% or something of the episodes were written by women, so.

VA: That’s awesome.

BL: Um, all of season one was directed, all of season one of Mary Kills People was directed by a female director, Holly Dale. And then I know they used three directors in season two, and one of them was a woman, so there’s that too. But, but I think like, what’s cool is you can really see all of the women power like behind the scenes kind of comes forward onto the screen when you’re watching it, and into Mary herself, um, so. I just, I think it really helps in showing this really complicated central female character. I think it really helps having, um, the female gaze sort of behind it behind the scenes, so. 

VA: Yeah.

BL: Yeah, but. The best part/

KJ: /I’m always so impressed that people name characters Mary/

BL: Yeah, [laughs] Mary Harris. It’s very plain/

KJ: /You know what I’m saying, it’s like…Joe Smith.

VA: [laughs]

BL: Yeah.

KJ: You, you have this like great opportunity to name your character something that is just [laughter] right?

VA: Yeah.

BL: They don’t.

KJ: Stephanie Zinone [laughter]

BL: They don’t want to be asked “How do you spell that?” over and over. [laughter]

KJ: No, of course not, but yeah.

BL: They just want Mary Harris. [laughter]  But yes, the best part, maybe for some people, like me [laughter] um, is that Mary’s sister, um, has a younger sister, and she’s played by [said reverently] Charlotte Sullivan. Who I adore. I’m kind of a big fan of. [laughter] Um…

KJ: That was a really good laugh, Valerie.

BL: Yeah. [laughter]  But she plays, um, Mary’s younger sister Nicole. Um, and she has a very like unique look um, about her. She’s a hairdresser, and she kind of has all these like crazy tattoos. And she has this really like big bouffant hairdo, and everything, and it’s just like, it’s just like a really cool look, um, that they gave to the character.

VA: She’s got a little bit of like, a Kat Von D thing goin on.

BL: Yeah. So, um, when you meet her later on the season, that’s when you kind of uh start to learn some of that stuff that I was talking about like of Mary’s past and like why she’s doing this. Um, so…I personally wanted like, more of the sisters, um, but with it only being like six episodes, you don’t…I mean, [laughs] I’m just saying I would be here if it was called Sisters Kill People. [laughter]

VA: Same. [laughter]

KJ: I would too. [laughter]

BL: If they want to like, change the direction, and do that/

KJ: /Offshoot/

BL: /Yeah, I would watch, I would still watch that. So um, I know Charlotte’s in a couple eps, or I don’t know. I’m saying a couple, I don’t know for sure. I know she’s back for season two I guess. So, hopefully, we’ll get to see more of that relationship. Um…there are some things that I don’t, I mean I don’t think it’s like a perfect show. There was some stuff that didn’t work for me as well. Um, Mary kind of has this relationship all through season one with this cop that’s undercover.

VA: Blegh.

BL: And [laughs] and so, he…that romance didn’t work for me as much at times. I would’ve been happier if like, we didn’t focus as much on that. But um, I know he’s coming back for season two, so. I don’t know/

KJ: /What a jerk/

BL: /If I’ll get my wish. [laughter]  But I’m hoping it’s uh, less of a focus I guess, in season two. I would, I would prefer like I said if it was more Sisters Kill People. [laughter]

VA: I also thought the dynamic between her and her, her euthanasia partner there, um I don’t remember his name it’s been so long since I/

BL: /Des/

VA: /Des, you just said it . [laughs]  Um, I thought that their dynamic was really interesting, and I, I would’ve liked to explore that more than the romance also.

BL: Mhmm, yeah.

VA: Like how/

KJ: /A euthanasia partner [laughter]

BL: They’re kind of in a, they’re kind of in a weird, um, spot, their partnership/

VA: /Yeah/

BL: /when they come, when it’s coming back for season two. I don’t want to spoil anything, but um…I think that, that they’ll continue to explore that relationship. Cause they’re at a…uh, sort of a crossroads when season two comes up, so. And I know like season two, the other thing is they’re…they brought like um, Rachelle Lefevre. I don’t know if I’m saying that right. She has joined for season two. She was on like Under the Dome. I, I didn’t watch that, but I remember her being on that. She has red hair, I don’t know if anyone knows her. [laughs]

VA: I watched Under the Dome. I remember there being a redhead on Under the Dome, yes. 

BL: Yeah, it’s her. 

KJ: I can’t believe I’m not aware of it. There’s a redhead there. [laughter]

BL: But she’s joined for season two. And like the first two episodes I’ve seen of season two so far, um I, I really like her character a lot. Um, I think she’s going to be a good like opponent for Mary in season two, so I’m excited about that cast addition, but I think that was all. I think I went through all my bullet points. Oh, it’s Canada, so there is some gay in it. [laughter]  I know, I know that’s important to my two co-hosts, um. [laughter]

KJ: God, you’re so sweet, thank you. It is important.

VA: And it is always more likely when it’s a Canada, Canadian production.

BL: Yeah [laughs] so, there’s some of that, um [laughter] but, um yeah. So like I said, season two comes back on Wednesday, January 3rd in Canada. And then later, sometime this spring in the US. But like, um, like I said it’s a, it’s a good show I think to just with it being six episodes to go and catch up on. 

KJ: Yeah, that’s my kinda, that’s my kinda watching. You both watch so um, so much television, and I’m like really impressed that there’s…that much. You know, it’s, it’s nice for me to hear and know that there is enough quality content. And I think the stuff that’s kind of consumed by a lot of people, like…um, like Walking Dead or whatever. Like the like five shows that people talk about. That one, and like, um, what’s the huge one with the dragons and the blah/

VA: /Game of Thrones

KJ: Game of Thrones, it’s like, I don’t…I don’t, like I tried watching both of those. And I’m not gonna like slag or whatever, but I’m just like I don’t get why everybody’s like gets so obsessed with this. And like what Bridget talked about, like how there’s so much smaller content show that just means so much and kinda gets so many things right but doesn’t have eyes on it. Um, so yeah that’s obviously one of the things that we want to do as a group too, you know. I mean, there’s music that we want to talk about and podcasts, and things that people know. 

VA: Right.

KJ: I mean, but. Yeah, there is such good content. I mean…we scream our battle cry, Dani Fucking Kind. She’s on a show called Working Moms, and no one in America can even see it really, right?

BL: No, not yet.

KJ: Yeah, um. And it’s great. It’s great, it’s so funny. And…um, the smaller stuff just feels more rewarding to me because…

BL: Mhmm

KJ: And I don’t think it would change if it became popular. I don’t think that the popularity or the eyes on it would change it. I just, I just think there’s a lot of good stuff that just…it’s like the same eight things get talked about and it’s really frustrating.

VA: Didn’t uh, Tassie’s other show that Bridget mentioned Ten Days in the Valley, that was so different than anything I had seen in a really long time. Like the concept, like even, even like just like the on story paper, like on paper story like is, doesn’t sound that different, but the way that it was done…like, I don’t know there was something about the way that it was framed, the way that it was shot. And like, the fact that she was a showrunner for a TV show, like that’s not even an everyday, like something you see every day on TV shows. I just thought that it was so well done, and then now, I don’t know if it’s definitely getting cancelled but they postponed it for a few months and now are airing it two episodes at a time, so I fear for it’s life. 

BL: On Saturday nights.

VA: Right, on Saturday nights. So, it’s not looking great. But it was so well written, and there’s so many like powerful women in it, and it’s run by some…like by Tassie. And, I don’t know, I am really sad that not enough, not as many people got in, got their eyes on that one. And I do think that, like you said, I think that it’s probably that not a lot of people heard about it for whatever reason. As opposed to people watching it and not liking it, is what/

BL: /Right/

KJ: /Right/

VA: /What I have to imagine. Because I think that, everyone I know who watched it, did really like it. But I just know so many people who, every time I’m like, I mention it they’re like “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. I’m like, I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s like, a, a advertising thing. Like they didn’t push, they didn’t do enough publicity for it. Or if people just wrote it off because it was…about a bunch of women. I don’t know. I don’t know, I don’t know what it was. But it, it is sad that the smaller things don’t get as much attention. So, I’m glad that we’re here to start shouting about them.

KJ: I hope that, I do hope that whoever listens to us…whoever decides to listen to this podcast, um if it does grow in any way, you know just even like one or two people that glom onto something that any of us have talked about…gets some more attention then, without sounding too sappy that’s kind of what I hope for. I mean, it’ll make me feel really good if/

BL: /Yeah/

KJ: /Someone starts watching the show that Bridget just talked about right now, I mean, yeah.

BL: Well especially, like, that this podcast is giving us a platform to bring things like Mary Kills People or Buffering where, we maybe are lucky enough to have insight into the people creating them. Where Valerie has, uh, know, or you have even met Jenny um, and Kristin. Uh, so the fact that we can like, we’re lucky enough to know them and know these are really good and talented people that maybe like I said, need to be shouted about, need to be promoted. Um, cause there’s so many awful people out there [laughter] as we’re seeing in the industry. 

KJ: Right.

BL: So, if we can help promote the good ones, um.

VA: Just be three more voices yelling about the good stuff.

BL: Yeah.

VA: And, and like you said Kat. Like I, I remember, um Orphan Black was the first new show that I wrote about. Like I had done some recaps for shows that had been on for a few years, but I started writing about Orphan Black in season one. So I was just telling everyone, I was shouting about it on Twitter, I was like [laughter] guys you need to be watching this show. And every person that was like, oh I started this show because of you and I love it, like just/

BL: /Mhmm/

KJ: /Mhmm/

VA: /Even more than, oh I’m glad that the show got another viewer, it was like, oh I introduced someone to something that made them happy. And like, that feels really good/

BL: /Right/

KJ: /Right/

VA: /And I really liked that, so.

KJ: I agree with you. Someone last week, who I haven’t spoke to in a really long time found me on Instagram, and was just like “I want you to know that you’re the reason I started watching Buffy” and I was like what?

VA: That’s so amazing.

KJ: I was so, I mean…I literally haven’t talked to this person in years and years. And I was, I was so happy, I was so proud I kind of like walked a little spring in my step.

VA: Yeah.

BL: [laughs]

KJ: Um, I actually just started watching Orphan Black…because, um…of my gay boyfriend who I trust [laughter], uh, and I’m so excited to like…and I don’t even know, is that show over?

VA: Yeah, it was five seasons/

KJ: /Yeah/

VA: /And it ended on it’s own, like they chose to end it, so which always/

KJ: /OK/

BL: /Valerie is like your Orphan Black encyclopedia if you need anything [laughs], go to her.

VA: Yes.

KJ: I can’t wait, I’m only episodes in/

BL: /She’s downplaying it, but she is like a expert on it [laughs]

VA: I’m a little obsessed, it’s fine [laughter]

KJ: Yeah, I cannot wait. Like, I just haven’t had time to/

BL: /But that’s another one where, where it’s like ten episodes, it’s five seasons, but it’s only ten episodes a season/

VA: /Right/

BL: /So, that’s totally doable.

VA: When you finish, we should talk about it for sure, on this podcast.

KJ: Yeah, even, when I finish an episode, I could just text with you.

VA: Yeah, if something, oh yeah, me personally on the side. Definitely every time anything happens at all, just tell me. [laughter]

BL: She wants all your reactions.

VA: Just like live email me all of your thoughts.

KJ: I’m gonna, I’m gonna live text you every time I watch an episode/

VA: /Yes, please. That would be perfect, thanks so much.

BL: She’s not joking. [laughter]

KJ: But even that show, as…I mean from what I understand it’s, there’s a lot that that woman has done, I mean, she’s Tatiana right?

VA: Tatiana Maslany, yes.

KJ: Mhmm. Uh, and I think it won a couple of awards, and she has as well.

VA: Yes.

KJ: But your average person has not, is not watching Orphan Black.

VA: True. Do you know?

KJ: Yes, was it a sci-fi show?

VA: Uh, it was on BBC America.

KJ: OK, yeah yeah yeah. OK.

VA: But yeah, a lot of people that I, even when I was writing about it they’re like “Oh, what shows are you recapping now”, and I’d tell them Orphan Black, and they’d be like “I don’t…know what that is”/

KJ: /Mhmm

VA: I would give my spiel and force them to watch it [laughter] and it’s fine, but, but yeah. That’s, that’s…yeah, you’re right, that’s another one. That’s a, that’s a part Canadian production, I think. And um, yeah, they just…not, I think that by the end of it, it got a lot more popular. Um, but the first few seasons it, it was very like, it was like cult following almost. But, it, it definitely got a wider…like a lot of, a lot of celebrities started picking up on it and tweeting about it so it kind of spread. And like also, I mean, once Tatiana got nominated for an Emmy, a lot of people were like “Oh, like, look what she can do, this is actually magic”. Cause she’s very talented/

KJ: /I can’t wait to watch magic/

BL: /It is/

VA: /Yeah, she’s probably the most talented actress of our generation. Of her generation.

KJ: That was totally unscripted and unplanned, and none of us had that on our bullet points but we talked about it. [laughter]

BL: You made Valerie’s day. [laughter]

VA: Yeah, truly. 

KJ: I thought you said I made Valerie stay. [laughter] Like she would just like, totally hang up like I did last time/

VA: /I had one foot out, I had one foot out the door, but you know what, I’m here now . [laughs] No, yeah, no that’s another one that I’ll probably end up like referencing or like…I actually, I quoted it…I made a reference to it in a recap recently and didn’t even realize it. Like someone was like “Nice Orphan Black recap” and I was like “What?” and I had to like go back an look to see what I did, cause it’s just kind of part of my vocabulary now. Much like Buffy, actually.

KJ: Right. Just end all your in y and then you know you’re a Buffy person.

VA: Exactly.

KJ: You know, like stabby, woundy, whatever. [laughter] So, we talked for a long time.

BL: We did.

VA: Yeah.

BL: It’s OK. 

KJ: Yeah. [sweetly] I liked everything that we talked about. [laughter]. I liked both of you ladies as well. [laughter]

VA: [sweetly] I like you too.

BL: [laughs] I guess, um, I can do the socials if we want to.

VA: Do it!

KJ: Bridget.

BL: [imitating radio voice] If you want, if you want to continue to conversation with us, um, please find us on social media. Um, no we are at Twitter/

KJ: [laughs]

VA: /I liked your radio voice, what was that?

KJ: Yeah.

BL: I know, my kids are obsessed with watching these stupid YouTube, um, channels of kids like opening toys or/

VA: /Yeah/

BL: /Doing like truth or dare. Oh, but now all they do all the time is host their own YouTube show all the time around the house/

VA: /So they, do they go “Rate, review, and subscribe”.

BL: Oh yeah, I told, I told my oldest I was like, I’m gonna record you doing our podcast socials so we don’t have to, because she’s like “Smash that like button, hit subscribe”/

VA: /Oh my God, yeah, you should do that/

KJ: /Why isn’t this happening?/

VA: /You’re joking, but do it/

BL: /I know. So I gotta work on getting her to record the Feminist Thrilljoys uh, social media stuff. But until then, it’s just me. [laughs] Um, so you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I think/

VA: /Yes/

BL: /at FemThrilljoys. And then, we have the website, which is And if you want to email us Dani Fucking Kind, or you watched Cool Rider and [laughter] you have thoughts [laughter] email us at And then I think we’re supposed to say something like rate and review us on iTunes, so…if you feel like doing that, we would [laughter] we would appreciate that.

VA: It would help people find us, the more reviews there are.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: Yeah, and then, and then me personally, Bridget. You can find me @BridgetOnTv, or @TheTVJunkies. And then you guys. [laughter] I don’t know. Sorry. 

KJ: Oh, thank you, I’m @KatJetson [laughter] on uh Twitter and Instagram/

BL: /[laughing] Sorry/

KJ: /Just keep laughing over me, it’s perfect, I love it. Valerie, [laughs] you’re next.

VA: I’m @PunkyStarshine on Twitter and Instagram also.

KJ: Bridget, I have to go back for one second. I really want one of your kids, or both of your kids to do that for us. 

BL: [laughs] I know, I have to, I have to get her to, to film it. Because, it is. They’re obsessed with uh, the YouTube stuff. And I, I mentioned to them, that uh, we were doing the podcast and that they need to record it. And then they started having their own podcast, like/

KJ: /[whispers] Yes/

BL: /That they were, yeah/

VA: /That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

KJ: Have them do it, and then send it over to…[sings] this is gonna seg so perfectly [laughter] to our editor, Deb Snyder. Thank you so much for doing this for us. The thankless job, we really appreciate it/

VA: /Our hero.

KJ: And she is on Twitter @debage01, zero one,  not ‘o’ one, [sings] zero one. [laughter]  So that’s, debage, zero one? I said it French. [laughter]

VA: Debaaage.

KJ: I, I really wanted it to be DeBarge [laughter], but no one would get that/

BL: /Yeah, that’s what I kept reading it as, I know.

KJ: So thank you, um, Deb Snyder. Uh, and also all of our little branding and our logos that was done by uh…Krystal. And she is @ScaryKrystal on Twitter. That is scary and then k-r-y-s-t-a-l, thank you so much/

VA: /Thank you Krystal/

KJ: /For making us look good.

BL: Yeah, and then I wanted to say thank you to Kevin Bachelder for answering [laughter] uh, I sent him thousands and thousands of questions about helping uh, to get this podcast up and running, and so thank you Kevin. As we said, like he’s co-host with Kat for Buffy Earpers, and then he hosts the Wynonna Earp uh podcast, Tales of the Black Badge. So, thank you Kevin.

VA: And I was gonna say to thank Kevin and Bonnie for the little shout out they gave us on Tales of the Black Badge to help our little baby podcast grow.

BL: Yes.

VA: That’s sweet!

KJ: Yeah, that was sweet. Thank you Bonnie, that was Bonnie’s idea, so let’s thank, let’s thank Bonnie. [laughs]

BL: Thank you Bonnie!

VA: Thanks Bonnie!

KJ: It was Kevin’s idea as well, but [sings] Bonnie did it before him. [laughter]

BL: Those two are so in sync that they, they just.

VA: True.

KJ: Yeah, we don’t even need to finish that sentence cause Bridget didn’t [laughter] so let’s just let it go. [laughter] Thank you everyone for listening. I’m not certain when this will go up. After the new year or something right?

BL: I have no idea.

KJ: OK, well good, thanks. Good answer [laughter]/

BL: /We have no plans. [laughter]

VA: So I hope you either have a happy new year, or had a happy new year, depending on when you’re listening to this. [laughter]

KJ: And, um, we will see you next time. And in conclusion, our battle cry…Dani Fucking Kind! [laughter]

VA: Bye/

BL: /Dani Fucking Kind! Bye./

VA: /Dani Fucking Kind!

[End podcast]