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Bridget Liszewski, Kat Jetson, and Valerie Anne take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about feminist-y things they love.

Bonus Episode 2 - Q&A Transcript

Oct 22, 2018

Join the Feminist Thrilljoys as we break format, get into bed together, and answer some listener questions about everything from feminist icons to duck-sized horses.

These transcripts would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of our amazing listeners. Huge thanks once again to Liz for helping us out on this episode! Find her on twitter at @Earpnado.


Feminist Thrilljoys – Bonus Episode 2 – Q&A


BL = Bridget Liszewski

KJ = Kat Jetson

VA = Valerie Anne

/ indicates that two or more people are talking at the same time

VA: Welcome to Feminist Thrilljoys, a podcast where three women take a break from smashing the patriarchy to chat about the feminist-y things they love.  My name is Valerie Anne.

KJ: You’re one of our hosts.

VA: I’m one of our hosts.  [laughter]

KJ: Valerie Anne. 

VA: Sorry, I didn’t say my line exactly right.

KJ: It’s OK.

BL: I’m Bridget Liszewski.

KJ: And I’m Kat Jetson.  Or Valerie Anne. [laughter]

VA: Alright, today we’re doing a special bonus Q&A episode.

BL: Cause we’re all together!

KJ: We’re all together, we’re all in bed together.

BL: We are, we’re actually sitting on a bed together in our friend Nic’s house.

KJ: It’s a very tiny bed in a very big house. [laughter]

VA: Bridget has challenged us to actually make this a 30 minute episode, so we’ll see how that goes.

BL: We can do it.

KJ: OK. Wait.  Wait did we explain enough what this is?  This is just a little Q&A. [laughter]

VA: Q&A, we’re taking questions.

BL: We put a call out to Twitter and said that we were going to be together and did anyone have any fun questions for us.  We got a lot of fun responses, that Valerie only knows the answers…like Valerie’s the only one that has the master list, so

VA: Bridget’s freaking out because she doesn’t have an outline this time.

BL: I have no outline. 

KJ: It’s good, it’s good.

VA: And we definitely won’t get to all of these questions this time, but hopefully we’ll be able to do another Q&A eventually to get to the rest of them.  We have a lot of great ones.  I’m going to start right from the top, this one’s already a hard one.  It’s from Christine Mclaren on Twitter.  Who are you favorite feminist icons, and why?

BL: [groans]

KJ: [singing] Silence for five minutes.

BL: I feel like I talked about Dixie Chicks.  I feel like they were very, very early for me.  I’m trying to not answer in a long way, but they have always been very prominent in my life so I spoke about them on the show.  Then I think Buffy as well as I very early remember Sarah Conner and Ripley in Aliens

KJ: I think mine is gonna be Shirley Manson.  I love Shirley Manson from Garbage.  I just think she says whatever is on her mind and I love that, and that just seems really empowering to me.  I mentioned this too, she just feels very comfortable or may not feel very comfortable, but she is vulnerable too, so I love her.  And also, one of the new feminist icons for me is Tracee Ellis Ross and I would love to/

BL: /Yes, I like her a lot/

KJ: /talk about her at some point, so yeah.

BL: Good choice.

VA: I’m gonna sort of cheat and pick just the general concept of lately a lot of celebrities have been really using their platform to speak out.  Like Sophia Bush is really vocal and really awesome.  Her activism.  She’s also doing what she’s talking about, she’s not just like posting on social media.  She’s out there doing the hard work too as well as calling people to do the same.  Even this week Anne Hathaway made this awesome Instagram post about white privilege and checking your privilege and showing up for minorities.  I feel like more and more lately celebrities have been using their platform to really speak out about what they’re passionate about and how we can make a difference, giving people resources.  And I think that that’s really awesome.

KJ: Keepin in fresh.  I didn’t go back to like, Stephanie Zinone for mine. [laughter] 

BL: I still can’t believe that was the episode one topic.

KJ: [Grease voice] Stephanie Zinone. [laughter]

VA: You’re like Joan of Arc.  It’s like god damnit Kat. [laughter]  Our own Deb, the Deb-itor, Snyder asked us, she wanted to know how we each reacted to the season four Wynonna Earp renewal.  Did anyone spit out what they were drinking, jump and up and down out of sheer happiness, cry tears of joy, punch someone? [laughter]

KJ: When I saw the video I actually legit starting tearing up.  It was such a real feeling.  I was just so excited for the actors to continue doing what they obviously love.  I was so excited for Emily.  One of the first things I did think was oh my God she has to write…she’s gonna freak out. [laughter]  She did post that too.  But no punching.  I felt like it was going to happen, not to like, put that on them but it just seemed like they were getting a lot of really good press and attention.  Of course the New York Times article.  Everywhere.  You could tell just from the season before, all the stuff that came out and that was written…it just seemed like it tripled or quadrupled.  There was so much content to read I couldn’t quite get to it.  So yeah, definitely teared up.

VA: I was with a bunch of people who don’t watch Wynonna Earp.  I was with my co-worker friends.  I like dropped my phone [laughter].  I was like [gasp] and they were like what?  I was like Wynonna Earp got renewed.  They were like oh.  One of my friends was like I’m really happy for you!  I was like it’s not my personal success, but thank you?  My first feeling I felt was relief that we weren’t gonna have to watch the rest of the season with that hanging over our heads.

KJ: Oh God, I never even thought about that.

VA: Yeah, I just like live every day afraid it’s gonna get cancelled because it’s my one bright spot lately. 

KJ: Yeah.

VA: It’s just nice to know that we have another year of this.  It just felt like a relief.

BL: Yeah, we had been pushing, with my friends Kevin and Bonnie who run Wynonna Earp Pod and Wynonna Fans to get the renewal.  But I didn’t really think that we would because you just don’t get renewals this early in the season.  I really kept telling myself this is all great press but I don’t know that we’re gonna get it.  So we got it and they were the first people I texted, Bonnie and Kevin.  Every year my friend Kevin, he will only say fuck when Wynonna Earp gets renewed.  So I believe he texted back like fuck yes or something.  That’s his yearly tradition is he will only say fuck when Wynonna Earp is renewed.  And he did! 

KJ: On our podcast we can say it over and over again. [laughter]

BL: Yeah, we say it all the time.

KJ: Fuck yes.

VA: Yes.  To stay on the Earp theme for another question, Heather Hogan, my editor at Autostraddle.

BL: THE Heather Hogan.

VA: My personal friend, THE Heather Hogan.

BL: Bridget’s hero.  [laughter]

VA: She asked if you could take one character out of any other universe and put them in Earp-verse, who would you choose and why?

BL: Heather, we’re trying to have a short episode.

VA: I told her that.  She sent me a second question today and I was like Heather that is for the second Q&A episode.  These are great questions, they’re too long.

KJ: I wish I had read this one and planned a little bit.

BL: Obviously you could take Buffy people but I feel like that’s too easy.

KJ: Mhmm. 

BL: [groans]  And I also like Killjoys, which is paired with it, so I feel like that’s a similar tone, but I don’t want to take that either.

KJ: I would want April Ludgate from Parks and Rec to show up [laughter] just cause she would maybe just sit there while everyone is just doing everything.  She’d be like ughhh I’m out of here or whatever.  I just would love her facial reactions to everything.

BL: Her and Melanie Scrofano could have a face off. [laughter]  Facial expressions.

VA: That would be amazing.

BL: Oh, I know who I want.  I want, as a villain, because I love the Wynonna Earp villians…I want Villanelle from Killing Eve.

VA: [fucking giant gasp] Ooooooooo, good answer.

BL: Because she’s super snarky and she would totally fit the really fun Wynonna Earp villians thing, and I think she would be really fun to have.  I’m obsessed with Jodie Comer that plays her.

VA: That would be so fun.

BL: I would want to see her versus Melanie Scrofano. 

VA: My answer is probably obvious…but once I was writing one of my Supergirl recaps and I was realizing that there are a lot of parallels between Alex and Kara and Wynonna and Waverly, but sort of…and it went both ways.  It was mostly reversed, and I thought that would be a really interesting dynamic, the four of them together.

BL: So you’re cheating and bringing two. [laughter]

VA: Oh, damn.  Up I sure am.  Or, fine.  Alex I think would be the one I would pick if I had to pick only one of them.  But they come as a pair, they’re sisters!

BL: Fine.  Allowed.  [laughter]

KJ: Also I’m really happy that we’re all here together.

BL and VA: I know!

KJ: I’m just looking at you both and I’m really excited and it’s so sweet.

BL: We barely got to say hi before we started this recording.

KJ: Yeah.  There’s beers in hands though.  [laughter]  And chips in faces.

BL: I was noticing your wedding ring, which is so exciting because Kat’s married now.

VA: Yay! [laughter]

KJ: I know.

BL: That’s so cute!

VA: I love it. [laughter]

BL: Pause. 

KJ: I know, God…go on.

VA: Liz, Earpnado, one of our very dedicated transcribers.  How she puts up with our chaotic overspeaking…

KJ: Have fun with this one, girl. [laughter]

VA: She asked how many items are on a typical Bridget outline?

BL: Oh God, it depends.  [laughter]  They don’t actually…Kat and Valerie don’t see my outline because I keep it private.

VA: For her personal topics, yeah.

BL: I feel like it would get made fun of.  [laughter]

VA: Are they as organized with bullets and everything as our group outline?

BL: More, yeah.

VA: Oh!

BL: They’re very organized.

KJ: They have bullets.  I don’t even know how to do bullets on ours. I just give up because I don’t know how to work whatever that is.

BL: Google Docs. [laughter]

KJ: Gogole Docs.  Yeah.

BL: It depends how into the topic I am.  I don’t mean to say that because I like all of the topics.  So like, The Bold Type I really like, but it was probably like a page and a half.  But Killjoys was easy four pages probably.  I’m always afraid I’m going to forget something.  Get excited and not say a point that I really wanted to say.

VA: Is it like complete sentence?

BL: Yeah. [laughter]

VA: She looks so concerned.

KJ: That’s not what bullet points are about.

VA: No.  That’s not an outline, that’s an essay/

BL: /It’s very planned/

VA: /Is it a five paragraph essay.

BL: It is.  You could probably easily turn it into an essay, yes. 

VA: Nice.

BL: This is how my brain thinks, I think.

KJ: We appreciate you, Bridget.

BL: Very long, Liz.

VA: Yeah, our group outline is a couple words in the newsy-notesys and then just the name of our topics.  Then we kind of go from there, but we each have our own/

KJ: /Personal/

VA: /Yeah, way of/

BL: /Kat just flies by the seat of her pants.  [laughter] 

KJ: I do have a notes doc that I go to every single time, but it’s got maybe like ten bullet points, that’s it.

BL: You have your good quote.

KJ: I have my one good quote, yeah.

VA: Mine is usually just copying and pasting facts that I don’t want to forget, like dates that I definitely won’t remember off the top of my head and quotes.  Direct quotes.

BL: Nope.  Full sentences. [laughter]

VA: This one is from Ana, @tiny_skeletons on Twitter.  What music album or artist/musician sort of helped you growing up?

KJ: The look was to me…The Bangles first album, All Over The Place, just because they talked about…when I got into them, someone was recording them doing interviews for me and send them to me.  I was in Connecticut and someone in LA would send me interviews with them and just sent them to me.  It was really cool.  It was like audio penpal-ing about another band.  They always talked about other bands.  I scoured, I went to record swap meets and stuff.  I would find all these other bands just from this one band.  I felt like they were the core and everything else just branched out.  They got me to record fairs and I was really shy, and I was able to talk to people.  I think that album/band, so yeah.

VA: Nice.

BL: I talked about Dixie Chicks so I won’t talk about them.  I feel like [laughs] you guys are gonna laugh at me.  In college I listened to a lot of Sarah McLachlan [laughter]

KJ: That’s OK.  A lot of people…

BL: And Michelle Branch, I really liked Michelle Branch.

VA: Oh yeah.

BL: That might be better.  When I was in college, Felicity the TV show was on in college as well, and she also listened to Sarah McLachlan and I was like hey, see?  We’re both listening…I know.  I have no music…it was always just Dixie Chicks.  That was like my big one.

KJ: If you like five things, that’s still five things that you like. [laughter]

VA: I liked Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton…

BL: I really liked Michelle Branch.  And then I liked when she did her country album.

VA: Mhmm, yeah.  The Wreckers.  That was great.  I was just an angry, sad teenagers.  Which I guess probably a lot of teenagers were.  So a lot of like, angsty…Avril Lavigne and P!nk.

BL: Oh yeah, I liked P!nk.

VA: My family, we didn’t talk about our feelings ever, so any music I could find that expressed feelings in a way…I was like oh, I didn’t have words for this before so now I do because of this very angsty song.  It’s funny because now listening to them I’m like wow, that was so dramatic.  [laughter]  At the time it was exactly what I needed.

BL: My dad is also a really big old school country fan.  He hates the new country, the pop.  It was a lot of Reba McEntire and Dolly.

VA: My dad loved Reba.  Garth Brooks was his favorite.  My first concert was Garth Brooks when I was nine.

BL: The Judds.

KJ: I thought you guys were going to Hank Williams.  You guys are in the 80’s still. 

BL: Martina McBride.

VA: My dad was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.  I don’t know how he ended up liking country music.  He said he got it from his mom, but his mom was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.

BL: And now both of our dads watch Wynonna Earp so it’s fine.

VA: It’s true.  And loves some Doc Holliday.

KJ: But your mom won’t, huh?

BL: I hope she listens to this and is SHAMED.  [laughter]

KJ: No!  Oh man.

VA: Never.  We need a time check.  How long have we been going?

BL: We’re only like 15 minutes.  We’re good.

KJ: Oh gosh.

VA: Great!  We have so many more questions, so let’s do it.

BL: I feel like my music question is gonna be such a letdown, I’m sorry.  I’m also blank on what I listen to.

VA: Fiona wants to know how marriage life is treating you?

KJ: I turn into like a little puddle.  It’s amazing and awesome and she’s downstairs right now while we’re recording this drinking rum and coke.  It’s awesome, not to get too into it, but there’s immigration and that’s a lot to deal with. Your heart just sinks every time you have to think about leaving or little snafus or whatever.  It’s awesome.  Our wedding was filled with Earpers.  We got married in Los Angeles.  Literally there 35 Earpers and like 10 of my friends, Krystal’s parents and one of her very good friends also.  One of our Twitter friends, Julie.  It just felt good.  It just feels like what a great way to get married amongst all that love, and all those people did so much for us.

VA: That’s awesome.

KJ: I could go on forever about it, I think I have stars in my eyes.  It’s awesome.

BL: I thought Fiona was asking me.  I’ve been married for 12 years and it’s still going great.  [laughter]

VA: Oh, it actually does say how is being married, so I was going to turn the question to you next and I was going to say I wouldn’t know, thanks for bringing it up.

BL: Wonderful.

KJ: Oh damn. [laughter]

BL: I’m married to a saint.  Literally my aunt calls him Saint Matthew, and I agree.

KJ: I love Matt.

VA: Have I told them the birthday cake story on the podcast?  One of my favorite Matt stories…quintessential Matt was at DragonCon last year.  At the Earper meetup we were celebrating Bridget’s birthday, so we had a huge birthday cake for her.  Tim was there.  And Bridget went over to talk to Tim/

BL: /Tim Rozon/

VA: /Yes, Tim Rozon.  Bridget went up, and I look over and to my left is Bridget kissing Tim on the cheek, and to my right is Matt cutting Bridget’s birthday cake and giving it to people. [laughter]  Just like, the sweetest.  Just smiling.  Big smile.  Happy as can be.

BL: And he worked with Sally Heaven that runs Fangirl Shirts, they worked to surprise me with this nice cake and everything at the Earper meetup.  I was off kissing Tim.

KJ: Can I just tell you seriously, Krystal is like the only person that gets to sit on your lap or you get to sit on their lap is Dani Kind, so I get it.  [laughter]

BL: And Dani Kind…Krystal is downstairs wearing a Dani Fucking Kind shirt. Awesome.

VA: Amazing.  Yeah, you get one, right?  That’s the rule?  Anyone can sit on my lap. [laughter]

BL: Valerie’s lap is open, you heard it.

VA: Wait, with consent.  No one just sit on me randomly. [laughter]

KJ: Calm down people. [laughter]

BL: You didn’t see that was where that question was going.

KJ: No.

VA: The second half of Fiona’s question was what are you looking forward to most in season three of Wynonna Earp

BL: Tim.  No, I’m kidding.

VA: You’re not kidding.

BL: I am kidding.  I want Mama Earp.  As I said, I’ve seen the light on Anne of Green Gables when I watched that.  I was like, in awe.  And so…what we’ve seen so far, we’ve only seen episode one.  But I think Megan Follows on screen with Melanie Scrofano is very magical.  I’m looking forward to Mama Earp and learning more about her.

VA: I want to find out more about Waverly.  Where she came from, what’s her deal?  Is she an angel?  Probably. [laughter]

BL: She is to Valerie.  She is an angel to Valerie.

KJ: There’s a candle.  There’s a Waverly candle downstairs that’s probably going to be lit and she’ll just be the angel.

BL: We should say we’re recording this prior to episode 302.

VA: Like an hour prior to.

BL: There’s a lot of tense people here.

VA: Me included.

KJ: I’m looking forward to, and this doesn’t even have to do with plot or storyline.  [dog barking]

VA: Hold on, Kaylie is coming.

BL: I think our pizza that we ordered is here, probably.  Our friend Nic’s dog is going a little crazy.

VA: Oh no, that’s our friend Kaylie. She’s a little excited.  [laughter]  OK sorry, go on.

KJ: No that’s OK.  It doesn’t have to do with plot or anything.  I’m just looking forward to whatever episode it is that…no it’s not the potato one…it looks like Nicole and Wynonna are handcuffed.  Whatever that is, I just want those shenanigans.  That’s what I want.

VA: Yes.  I love Nicole/Wynonna shenanigans.  That clip in the trailer that’s like “Stop quipping and run!”.

BL: I didn’t know that’s what they said in the trailer.  I literally watched that part ten times and I had no idea what they said.

VA: Am I right?

BL: No, you’re right.  Then it was released and Earpers are like stop quipping and run, and I was like ohhh that’s what she says. [laughter]  I don’t know why.  It was like I couldn’t hear that frequency or something.

VA: No, the first time I heard it, she’s just yelling it.  OK this one is from our friend Cat Zimm.  If you could make a movie that is decidedly not feminist and make it so that it is, which would you choose?  Her choice is The Expendables.

BL: I actually just watched The Sandlot with my daughters for the first time.  We watched it and they really enjoyed it, but I said to my husband, I was like [gasp] wouldn’t it be so cool if this was with all girls though?

KJ: Little scrappy girls.

BL: Yeah, they really liked The Sandlot, but I think…I don’t know.  If they would remake The Sandlot and have it be a little girls little league, that would be so fun.  I don’t know.  I don’t know if The Sandlot is anti-feminist.  [laughter]  That’s the first thing that comes to my head because I just watched that with my girls and I was like this would’ve been so much better if it was a team of little girls.

VA: That’s a good answer.  I want an Indiana Jones movie.

KJ: [very excited] Ohhhhhh yesssss.

BL: With the hat.

VA: Yeah. 

KJ: That would be so good/

BL: /That would be really good.

VA: I remember somebody/

BL: /You could even keep it Indiana Jones because that’s a female name!/

VA: /I was literally about to say somebody recently was like we should have a Indiana Joan, and I was like Jones wasn’t his first name. [laughter]  It can still be Indiana Jones.  There’s no need for that.

BL: I’m generally against reboots and all this stuff.  I don’t like all the reboots coming out, but I would like Indiana Jones.  That would be so good.

KJ: I don’t even want to answer now.

BL: I know.  Can we all just take Indiana Jones as our answer?

VA: Well, Kat has to give one her answers first.

[dog barking]

KJ: I love this dog just barks when I want to talk, just like shut up. 

BL: [still fantasizing] Indiana Jones.

KJ: The first thing I thought of was Beverly Hills Cop.

BL: Ohhh yeah.

KJ: Just because I thought it would just be awesome to have some sort of sassy, foul mouthed…

BL: Yeah, that would be good.

KJ: You know, cop from Detroit just being, I don’t know, whatever, wowed by Los Angeles.  I thought it would be fun.

BL: I’m dream casting it.  And Indiana Jones

KJ: Mm mm mm.

BL: A good one.  That and the Top Gun remake that Rebecca talked about.  Our friend Rebecca one time was like what if we remade Top Gun with girls.  [whispering] It would be so good.

VA: I know this is a controversial topic, but when Ocean’s 8 came out…sorry.  [laughter]

BL: Valerie’s still not over it. 

VA: I was scarred.  But I was like oh, this is great.  All of those dude heavy movies from that time that were just all very popular.  Redo them all with women.  Not obviously the exact same script and plot like they do when they reboot a UK show to be an American show and they literally just take the same exact show and put Americans in it.  I want a new plot but the same general premise.

KJ: Just ladies for everything.

VA:  Yeah.  And then if you asked me what would I make gay, that list is much longer and that would be a whole separate episode.

KJ: Oh my goodness.  I’d make everything gay.

BL: REALLY? [laughter]  Shock.  This is my surprised face. [laughter]

VA: Listeners, let me tell you that Bridget’s face does not look surprised. [laughter]

BL: Oh, back to Liz’s questions about my outline, there’s always a like…gay section. [laughter]

VA: Give the people what they want, Bridget. [laughter]

KJ: A few little gay morsels. 

BL: We’re doing good.  I just want that Indiana Jones movie but with a girl.

VA: I have another one from Heather Hogan.  If you could re-read or re-watch one book series or TV show again and experience it like it was the first time ever, what would it be?  If you could erase your memory and re-experience it anew.

BL: I’m cheating and saying Harry Potter because we’ve been waiting forever for our girls to get old enough to read Harry Potter.  My youngest is six so we decided that that was old enough.  Even though I forgot how hella dark it gets in book four, but they didn’t seem to really…well my oldest did cry.  I feel like it’s been long enough removed from that…this isn’t feminist-y at all…but whatever.  But Harry Potter, and it’s been so fun/

VA: /Um Hermione Granger begs to differ.

BL: Yeah, I know.  But it’s been really fun to see it, first for myself, I forgot so much of it.  We’ve talked about my memory. [laughter]  But then to see it through their eyes and I know something is coming and then I get to see when it happens and stuff.  I’m kind of doing that with them through Harry Potter. We read it all together as a family every night before bed.

KJ: What was the second part of it? 

VA: Just anything you would re-watch like it was the first time ever.

KJ: Ok.

BL: Oh, so it can be like a show?  Well, I picked Harry Potter but I’ll think on the show.

VA: I mean you can do either or if you don’t have a show.  I remember in college I tried to do this by every semester I would find a new person who had never seen Buffy before, and watch all seven seasons with them.  Like watch them watch it.  Every time it was like a brand new experience.  They noticed things that maybe I hadn’t ever talked about, or just watching what they got excited about.  It was the closest I could get to/

KJ: /That’s like really giving a lot of yourself for that experience. [laughter]

VA: I mean, I would’ve probably been watching the whole series again anyways alone, so it was just more fun to have a buddy to do it.

KJ: Yeah.

VA: I really liked doing that.  But I think that right now what my answer would be is Orphan Black.  Because when that was on was one of my favorite show ever.  Every episode was revealing something new and it was so twisty and turny.  I can re-watch it, and I will.  But I feel like there were so many reveals and like…

KJ: Right, you miss that shock/

VA: /Cool things, yeah.  Like seeing Tatiana Maslany do something impossible for the first time was really awesome, and so now that it’s over I’m like I wish I could just go back and do it all again.  I miss it.

KJ: Just eternal sunshine of the spotless mind your brain or something?

BL: I’m really afraid that my girls are gonna watch Buffy one day and be like this is the worst, why did you think this was great?  That’s one of my biggest fears.

KJ: I understand how that could happen though.

BL: I know.  Well, yeah it’s so dated.

VA: Right, especially by the time they’re old enough to watch it.

BL: I know, I’m really scared. [laughter]

KJ: And there’s a lot of Buffy that does admittedly suck. 

BL: Yeah.

KJ: I mean there’s so much good, but yeah.

BL: I know, that’s why I’m really afraid about when we do that journey. 

KJ: You’ll get there.

VA: You’ll just have to let them know that they can just keep all of their negative overall thoughts to themselves.

KJ: Shut your face kids if you don’t like it.  I’m kidding.

VA: If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. [laughter]  I’m sure they’ll understand.  And let you down easy if they don’t like it.

KJ: The face Bridget’s…

BL: I legit have thought of this and worried and been like they’re gonna hate it.  And I’m gonna be like but it’s Buffy!

KJ: Well they’ll have a new Buffy to love maybe. 

BL: I know, I have mixed…we’re gonna go over if we start talking about that.

VA: We’ll do that in the next newsy notesy in detail.

KJ: Yeah.

BL: Oh geez.  OK.  Go ahead.

KJ: You’re allowed, Kat. [laughter]

BL: My outline says you can.

KJ: I would probably just watch Lord of the Rings over again. 

BL: Those are so long.

KJ: But I wish…I’m happy if I know that I should never see the Two Towers at midnight when I did see it at midnight.  So I would see it at a decent hour.  [laughter]  That’s it.  I really like Lord of the Rings.

VA: [randomly humming]

BL: They could redo Lord of the Rings with all women.

VA: Recently someone was trying to pitch me on Lord of the Rings, I just haven’t watched them yet.

BL: They’re so long!

KJ: No I totally understand why people would be so disinterested.  I absolutely…I don’t even try to ask anybody to watch that.  I’m like everyone’s dirty, there’s horses.

VA: I was like are there even any women in this series? 

KJ: Liv Tyler.

VA: Cat Zimm was like Liv Tyler. I was like you’ve listed one woman.  [laughter]

KJ: And what’s her name?

VA: Evangeline Lilly, right?

KJ: No.

BL: Mirando Otto.  Miranda Otto, is she in it?

KJ: Also Cate Blanchett.

VA: OK, so like three to five women/

BL: /I thought Cate Blanchett was in it, but I wasn’t sure.

KJ: She is.  Galadriel.

VA: I watched the first hour and a half of the first director’s cut movie, and I was like/

KJ: /Don’t worry.  Don’t bother.  If you love it, you just love it. 

VA: I think I just missed it.  I think I was too late to it, and no one else was new to it.  I think if I had gone in with all of my friends to do it, it would’ve been one thing.

BL: OK, one more.

VA: OK, good.  I have a good last question actually from Cat Zimm.  Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? [laughter] [a lot of laughter]

BL: Wait.  One horse sized duck or…

VA: One horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses.

BL: Definitely one horse sized duck.  You’d only have take one down!

VA: Have you ever been chased by a duck?

BL: You only have to take one out instead of 100!

VA: Picture a horse. Sized. Duck.  That beak is the size of a pickup truck

BL: I feel like you could injure it in some way to slow it down, and then you’d only have to worry about the one.  I’m going with the one.  One horse sized duck.  Firm.  I’m firm on that.

KJ: Wow.

VA: The first time I read this I was like I’m picking 100 duck sized horses, but I’m keeping them as pets./

BL: /Do you know how many 100 are?/

VA: /I’m keeping them as pets, I’m not fighting them!/

BL: /Good luck/

VA: /Because why would I be fighting an animal in the first place?/

BL: /Maybe they’re feral. 

VA: I would raise them as my own.  They would imprint on me like tiny duck horses, and it would be the greatest thing in my whole life.  Can you imagine me walking down the street with 100 duck sized horses?/

BL: /One horse sized duck.  Easily.  One.  One.  Versus 100.  A duck is still kind of big if you had 100 of them coming at you with their beak.  I’m just saying.

VA: They’re horses when they’re that small.

KJ: They’re horses.

BL: Well whatever, they could stampede you still.

VA: They’re so small!

BL: A hundred of them is a lot.  I was around horses a lot.  My daughter takes riding lessons and I feel like they would trample you.  I only have to take one out.  You could hit it in the knee or something.

KJ: Woah, woah, woah.

BL: One duck.  Ducks aren’t evil.  Maybe if it was a Canadian geese because those fuckers are evil.  Those fuckers are really evil.

VA: Swans are assholes.

KJ: They’re always yelling.

BL: But like a duck, that’s easy. Horse sized duck.  For sure.  Firm.

KJ: I’m taking the hundred horse ducks.

BL: Good luck suckers!  [laughter]  I’m gonna take out my one duck/

KJ: /Duck suckers!

BL: I’ll just be sitting back like, have fun with those, guys!

VA: Well then you don’t get to come play with my 100/

KJ: Two hundred.  You don’t get to come play with our 200.

VA: Yeah, we have 200 pet horses that are all very small.

KJ: Tiny Little Sebastians running around everywhere.  [laughter]

BL: Aww I do love Little Sebastian. [singing Parks and Rec song] Bye, bye Little Sebastian.  [laughter]  We sing that all the time at our house.

KJ: We could have a little concert with just a bunch of little horses.

VA: Yes!

BL: Have fun. 

KJ: Alright, so.

VA: That’s it.  We did it.  Thank you guys all so much for your questions. 

KJ: That was so sweet and fun.  It was great that no one had to prepare. [laughter]

VA: Yeah, we’ll definitely do another one of these sometime.  I don’t know if we’ll all be in the same room, but I think that next time…

KJ: We’ll just make it happen.  I’m flying to wherever I need to be.  No, I’m not.

VA: We’ll make her fly, we’re close to each other.

KJ: Oh right, yeah yeah yeah.  Bridget, you just do stuff for us.

BL: I’m gonna apparate.  That’s what I’ve decided reading Harry Potter.  I’m like oh, if we could apparate think how easy the world would be.

KJ: Let’s not get on that because we have to end this, Bridget.  We have Matt to think about.

BL: We’re under fifty minutes, so we beat his time prediction.

VA: Yeah, no one thought we could do a short episode.

BL: So I guess we’re done, and Annie will take us out.

VA: Bye!

BL: Bye!

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